Early last month, BMW gave us a tantalizing taste of their new BMW M3 super coupe. Now making its sales debut alongside the Australian International Motor Show, all the juicy details have emerged on BMW’s first V8-powered M3.

As previously mentioned, peak power stands at 309kW at 8,300rpm, however now the ever elusive torque figure has been released.

The 4.0-litre V8 produces peak torque of 400Nm arriving at 3,900rpm with the new engine management system capable of processing more than 200 million operations per second.


The engine block is sourced from BMW’s light-alloy foundry in Landshut which builds the blocks used in Formula One by BMW Sauber.

Accelerating from naught to 100km/h takes just 4.8 seconds, using 12.4L/100km. The new M3 is the first in the M division to feature EfficientDynamics technologies including Brake Energy Regeneration and an optimum gear change indicator located in the instrument panel.


This makes the new M3 the first BMW in Australia with Brake Energy Regeneration.

Another Australian first in its class is the carbon fiber roof to reduce weight and lower the centre of gravity to ensure superb handling and dynamics.


This has resulted in perfect 50/50 front-rear weight distribution, and a complete redesign of the five-link rear suspension means no power is wasted during cornering.

BMW’s trademark MDrive is positioned on the steering wheel which can adjust the Steering forces, Electronic Damper Control and Dynamic Stability Control with three settings – Normal, Comfort and Sports.


Australian customers can – for the first time – order Melbourne Red or Jerez Black paintwork, which like other M colours, are named after famous Formula One circuits.

An aluminium bonnet with striking power dome, large front end air intake scoops and muscular, powerfully flared wheel arches complete the powerful look of the M3 super coupe.


New standard equipment includes Novillo leather upholstery, Electronic Damper Control (EDC), MDrive, Adaptive Headlights, High-beam assist, Voice recognition, Comfort Access system for keyless entry and starting with Start/Stop button, front as well as rear Park Distance Control (PDC), BMW Assist, sunroof (available at no additional cost), heated front seats, Brake Force Display, as ell as metallic paintwork.

Pricing and Options

M3 Coupé six-speed manual: $157,000

Electric sunroof – glass: No Cost Option
Electric rear roller blind: $550
BMW Individual High End audio system: $1,900
19-inch forged M light-alloy wheels: $3,800

  • Bavarian Missile

    Love the close up shots, cant wait to see the real thing next week.

    Looks weird with no fog lights though.

  • Me.

    FPV says they having troble with getting a 5.4L up to 320kw when this is a 4.0L with 309kw. I don’t get that.

  • Nik

    The FPV engine is a truck engine out of a F-150, thats why it doesn’t rev so hard (i think redline is something like 5900rpm). The M3 engine is derived from the V10 in the M5 which derived from their F1 engines. It is one of the most sophisticated engines every made. Hope that clears it up.

  • Tom

    I think if FPV had the same amount of money as BMW has to spend on engine development we would have FPV falcons with 350-odd kw with a redline at 8000rpm. Sadly they don’t.

    Hopefully the technology will trickle down the price range over the next 10 years, but more likely material costs of the engine will keep that sort of performance expensive, at least from a normally aspirated 4L V8.

    I’m not sold on the look, BMW’s styling has lost a certain completeness, like every panel looks really good and the interiors nice but all together it just doesn’t quite work. I don’t know, would be a phenominal drive though, would love to take one do a test spin!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Me ,you cant compare Ford against BMW for technology,remember Ford build there engines to a budget and they don’t bother comparing themselves against the top performance cars in world,their market is GM,Chrysler ect.

    Ford are capable of extracting loads of grunt but not commercially viable for them in the market they supply.

    The problem with the 5.4 in the Ford is the stroke is too long . In the old Cleveland 351 you had no problem revving the things to 8000 ,the HOs on the mountain would see it regularly and 140 MPH……

    Remember BMW is the EPITOME of engine builders in the world has been for 30 years,you have to compare Audi Merc Lexus {god that hurt saying the L word }

    This engine is great I have no doubts,I am sure it will win next Years best engine in the World,again!!!! What I am not sure of is the nanny controls this has, I love the rawness of my M3 , a free revving 6 no anti this anti that ,just scruff it by the neck throw it back a gear and have fun.Why they fixed a problems they didn’t suffer from in the past I have noooooooo idea. But what I can say 50% of these cars made will be sold into the USA and that is who the car has been made for .Oh F…K I hope it doesn’t have cup bloody holders!

  • Me.

    Nik, what you said was bull****, the FPV engine has nothing to do with trucks. I can’ belive that some one could be so stupid!!

  • Nik

    Wipe that sh*t from your mouth. The engine is called the 3V triton. Do a bit of research it may improve your IQ.

  • Me.

    The FPV V8 is not called a triton, it’s called a Boss and is made in Australia. The triton is not the same enigne as whats made in Australia, it maybe a 5.4 but they not same.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hahaha ,well said Me ,you should have replied improve your IQ MATE ,old saying “he with big mouth have little brain”

    Not our problem if Australia can extract more grunt out of it normally aspirated than then the Yanks!!!lol

  • Me.

    Yes, I should of said ‘Improve your IQ mate’ how could someone think a SOHC is the same as a Quad cam?

  • Toyota Paul

    Ah geeez now the Ford squad is taking over this place. A Ford is nowhere near comparable to a BMW. Its good for what its designed for…. a poor mans performance car.

  • Me.

    Toyota Paul, You just love Toyotas don’t you. I said it at least 3 times now you can’t just love toyota.

    Why are you diss’n the “Ford squad” because they are on a BMW page?

  • Me.

    PAUL, we don’t say “Ah jeez now the Toyota squad is taking over the place” when you go on to a Ford page. Even though you did diss Fords once.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Come on Paul ,the FPV range is great bang for your buck,”Me” didn’t imply anything except how good BMW was from his original post ,Nic started something and we just finished it. Hopefully Nik will nick off ,so the post can continue on this great car!

  • Toyota Paul

    Me. you dont say Toyota squad is taking over because they dont… especially in a BMW thread, trying to compare!!!

    Bavarian perhaps, but I think the part where its said he doesnt get why a BMW can get more power has fueled abit of the debate. Of course they are going to, one is a poor mans performance car (ie ‘bang for your buck’) produced on a budget while the other has endless reserves to draw in from and using the latest technology! FPV and to a lesser extent HSV do a good job for what they are (hey even TRD who are even more limited really), dont get me wrong, but Im not suprised why they get all that power out of a smaller engine just like Im not suprised how the Lexus IS-F and LF-A do similar things with less displacement.

  • Nik

    Yes the FPV V8s are called the Boss and yes they are made in Australia. However, they are made from the 5.4L V8 from the Mustang Cobra R. This engine is part of the Modular V8 family and when it was developed into a 3 valve from a 2 valve it was called the triton. The engine is a truck/car engine Ford America seems to throw it into a number of its vehicles, including its F-Series trucks which include the F-150. Ford Australia gets the mustang block and a few other “good” components from the US, combines it with a few locally designed and made parts and puts it all together.
    So yes its not 100% American but its foundations are. The M3 foundations are from F1. Like Tom said there is a huge difference in budgets. If Ford US let FPV and Prodrive make their own V8s I’m sure it would be a lot better. They currently have to work with what they get.

    Bavarian Missile you seem to have a lot of comments in every discussion. Big Mouth?????

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Paul ,I agree but I am yet to put the IS-F against the M3 saying it will beat it,like others with out both being tested against the other,who knows! What does it weight you ,know,I cant find anything on it! Power to weight is every thing ,I think anyway!My opinion!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Nik , your American I guess! Do you know where the USA is on a map of the world ? Oh here’s a clue the USA isn’t the World. HAHAHAHA

    What makes me a big mouth Nik,cause I am right and Me was right and you open your trap without knowing the facts,get back on track this a BMW post ,nothing to do with what America couldn’t provide Australia in a Boss 5.4 .Go away!

    Mate pick your battles cause here in Australia Ford enthusiast will stick behind our product you didn’t manufacture for us,we are a Country of 20 million not 300 million so I think per capita we have done BETTER than the USA. So far baby I don’t think you have an ounce of credibility on this site. Now back to the M3.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Oh and for future reference ,you imply the bottom end comes from the US but the top end of this motor thats makes all th grunt by the way is AUSTRALIAN,heads,manifold and camshafts,so stick that in ya pipe and smoke it!

  • Me.

    Yes Nik, Boss is related to the Triton that’s used in the F-Series truck, but not the same. You said before that the FPV’s engines are stright out of the F-Series trucks.

  • Bavarian Missile

    OOOWWWW,damn slam dunked!

    I wonder if the knob is lit up……………. in the new M3? Hahahaha. Sorry previous models gear knobs are lit up in RED real cool !

  • Jamison

    I dunno bout the styling still, engine no qualms about it, but the styling… I think its a step down from the E46… not sure, yes each component, (fender, bumper etc) all look invidually nice, but together.. just doesnt have the oommph. Well atleast the E46 M3s will go down a bit in price, maybe might see more second hands, always liked one as an everyday performance car.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Jamison,go test drive this first,and take a close look.The E46 is certainly is a great car and last in their category ,but lets all take a drive first to compare against the previous ! I will !

  • Chaser

    ok so that’s the interior of an M class… right….

  • Lexus fan

    Holden’s 6 Litre V8 is also from Chev trucks, so no comparison there. BMW, Audi, and Lexus V8s are in a completely different class, as they don’t share with their truck V8s.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Here is some useless info………Australia order more individual BMWs than any other Country in world per capita.I guess we like to be a little different,one guy optioned his 7601L up that it cost him over $400.000 grand…wow Average spent on and individual BMW model is $7000. I know Alborz………BMW are the option kings!lol

  • Chaser

    yeah what can you expect in a land where they have euro wanna be plates .. do I say Aussie plates back in europe? ..

  • Bavarian Missile

    Ok…….countdown is on! Less than 24 hour before I finally get to see the NEW M3 unveiled , whoohoo! You know the funny thing is going to these events..most of the people that rock up all dolled up to the nines ,there the ones that have the 8000 grand Kia Rio out the front ,they are the same ones that look down their noses at the guys that rock up in T-shirts ,thongs and shorts. So its amusing to see that their quiet often the guys that can afford a $160,000 car!hahaha I am sure once again the place will be full of pretentious people ! I just want my drive and I will be happy!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Been and seen…………..After oh course I argued with the other half of his attire beforehand ……no your not wearing a GT shirt,and take off the “I am The Stig,Wheres My M3 “!

    Beautiful looking car..very tough !Hahahahaha,I cant stop laughing…………your right I was rushing! A hundred and twenty five thousand dollars! Thanks Andrew …….love your scene of humor, god are you a Scorpio like me!

    David ..your right it is illegal! Ford hope your listening.

    Better in person for a start. Has all the M3 looks but lacks in the qualities.

    Spoke to another M3 owner whilst in it,he too agreed it has become a little budget. CUP HOLDERS!As he said this aint a $34,000 Commy! His words ok! Under the bonnet and boot that all FPV owners have complained about in the past is not cleared! FPV have addressed this but a $170,000 BMW M3 HASN”T. Sorry a bit budget! Also {sorry I am a little fussy}the CD player is STILL in the boot! Why? No M POWER LOGO under the bonnet ,disappointing! Back seat still no more seating than before ,sorry!Dash is lacking appeal!

    I await my drive !!!!!!!!!!!!! You had better ring tomorrow as promised!

    Have arranged a drive as they couldn’t do tonight let you know what I think! Oh the gear stick stick is lite up in red when you turn the lights on,still ,cool. Oh and for those that will sit in one PLEASE SHUT THE BLOODY DOOR!.They are heavy and will drop. F…..k I hate people that have no car knowledge!

    Sat in an M5 for the first time,too big for me to throw around ,sorry,he liked it though! Cool how the bolsters on the seat would suck you in on sides when you pressed the bolster button! No one is willing to touch open or see what works on these nights……….gets me! I was into everything,I don’t care!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Sorry had cut and past this previous on another post ,no idea how it turned up here.
    “hahahaha,I cant stop laughing…………your right I was rushing! A hundred and twenty five thousand dollars! Thanks Andrew …….love your scene of humor, god are you a Scorpio like me!

    David ..your right it is illegal! Ford hope your listening.”

    Seems like I am still rushing!

  • Neo Utopia

    A very kühl machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enough said.