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  • Jon_leong

    Cant wait… How about Infiniti ?? whens the G37 coming ???

    • Camry lover

      I am also looking forward to this model. This Lexus exudes rich levels of elegance and prestige.

  • Hung Low

    Impressive figures for the D.I engine. The only thing I can criticise the IS for is its cramped interior. A Lancer or I30 has more space! Other than that it is one of the better lookers from the Lexus camp!

  • Mr.29cm

    Wish Lotus can put this engine in the Evora!

  • lexus_guy

    My dream car coming real…another engineering masterpiece from Lexus…comfy inside, naturally aspirated six-cylinder performance engine and luxurious looking body…time to upgrade my GS300. Can’t wait.

  • lazza

    About time Lexus!

    • Joober@work

      Agree, how long ago was this car out in the U.S? Why now we only get it?, I thought when the IS300 came out, it went like hot cakes, so I thought it would be the same thing with the IS350?

      Also another thing, this engine is the DI of the current engine of the Aurion, I would assume in any next gen Aurion they would at least drop in the DI.

      • Camski


        They still the IS300 in some parts of the world, primarily the Middle East. I think Lexus Australia was interested in bringing the IS350 over however I think Lexus Corp. thought otherwise.

        Essentially it is a tweaked and DI version of the 2GR-FE. It would make sense to drop the 2GR-FSE into the Aurion, possibly in the upcoming model? Although once they do this, they need to up the game on their RX350, IS350 and GS350 engines.

        Definitely looking forward to this one though, apparently it’s a little rocket ship, a wolf in sheeps clothing.

  • milobob

    I am actually interesting in this car… would be a nice competitor to the likes of the BMW 330i and Audi S4 :)

    • tekkyy

      actually its interesting you would consider those two as competitors to the S4

      • PN

        These should be compared with the A4 3.2 Quattro, not the S4.

        S4 gets compared with the 335

        • Camski

          Straight line performance is verrrry close to the 335i.

          From what i’ve heard, the IS350 is very easy to get the quoted 0-100 times and with a decent launch, can hit 5 flat.

          The 335i I think is a similar story, however it can be a bit harder to get the quoted time unless you know what you’re doing.

          I’d class them all competitors in the straight line department and in general, but handling wise would definitely pit the 335i and S4 against each other, leaving (for the most part) the IS350 in the dust :)

  • Valet Dabess

    what’s the fuel like?

  • Neo Utopia

    This model should have been imported over a year ago, though it might have stollen some sales from the IS-F. Good car, just wish Lexus reduced some of the shine from their glossy but otherwise quality cockpits. In my opinion BMW and Audi have the best designed interiors, the C Class Mercedes-Benz interior is ok but usually have far too many buttons, much like Lexus.

    • Mythfrances

      Just to keep you busy and entertained when you are stuck on Westgate bridge due to indefinitely long road work.

  • Al Juraj

    Its handsome, chunky design is finally paired with the right engine. IS250 leaves a lot wanting for more and IS-F is too raw for everyday users.

  • Shak

    This will definetley blip on many people radar’s.


    Lexus try to be a competitor to Mercedes and BMW. They are. Very good quality, excellent customer service but sales are not there just like Jaguar. In April Mercedes sold 1813 and Lexus 449, Jaguar 92. Maybe with smaller cars coming sales will improve. Where is the diesel cars!! In Europe selling well. We should get it here too!!!

    • Mythfrances

      Mercedes and BMW have a lot more models here than lexus though.

  • yowza

    2 years late Lexus….

    still better than nothing I suppose, the states had these since the beginning (almost anyways) and they also have a 4WD version…

    4WD 233kW Lexus IS350….. Oz gets shafted again.

    • Adam

      Only the IS250 comes in 4WD that I’m aware of. The 350 is RWD only.

  • phil

    The IS line needs a few engines to compete against the Euros. The V6 sounds impressive on paper but a diesel would be nice too.

  • Hyundai Lover

    looks second rate compared to Hyundai Genesis!

  • hazyman

    I don’t think its exterior looks better than Aurion

  • Dan

    Any word on what the pricing will be like? Real keen for this car.

  • AAA

    This 3.5L 233KW V6 PHAILED coz it makes only 7KW more than the 2011 Merc 3.5L 225KW V6.

    • Joober@work

      You FAIL, read your comment. They are both 3.5ltr DI engines and the lexus engine makes more power, so go figure.

      Also, Merc engine is 2011 and the Lex 3.5 has been around for awhile now.

  • Kiyoshi Manabe

    Nice gift from Lexus,for Australian buyers.
    Her output and engine characteristics are worthy as a “poor man’s AMG”,yet her jelly-built dampers blunt such potential. So more supple dampers must be prepared until her official release here!