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by Matt Brogan

Škoda Auto Russia today announced that it has begun full-cycle production of the new Škoda Fabia at its Kaluga, Russia factory.

The Škoda Fabia has become the second model in the Škoda range to be produced in full-cycle at the factory, which includes welding, painting and assembly.

The previous Fabia model was built at Kaluga factory by SKD. The first model to change to a CKD-production was the Škoda Octavia.

“Over the past few years, Škoda has been very successful and record sales were once again achieved in 2009, said Reinhard Jung, head of Škoda Auto board of directors.

“A main contributing factor for this market growth is the continued development in areas such as Russia, India and China.

“With our investments in Kaluga production, dealer network and products we will continue to strengthen our position in the Russian market.”

Fabia is the brand’s best-selling model in Russia and global markets. In 2009, 264,173 Fabia models were sold across the globe; an increase of 7.1 per cent on the previous year.

“Russia is one of the key markets for Škoda and we expect to see sustained future growth,” explained Petr Janeba, Head of Škoda Russia.

“One of our primary objectives is to increase our production capacities and we are already achieving success in this as all Škoda models are produced at the Russian factory in Kaluga; providing attractive price-quality ratio to our clients, faster reaction to the local market changes and to our Russian customers’ requirements.

“In October 2009, we started full-cycle production of the Škoda Octavia and today we are ready to announce the start of the second model production by CKD.

“The Škoda Fabia is such a popular vehicle in the Russian market and we happy to say that it is now the second all-Russian car of our brand. We are pleased to showcase it for the first time at our factory.”

The new Škoda Fabia will be available in Russian showrooms from this month alongside Škoda Octavia models. Both vehicles are participating in the state credit and scrappage incentive programs.

“Škoda Fabia is the third model in the Group to be produced in full-cycle including welding, painting and assembly,” concluded Dietmar Korzekwa, General Director of Volkswagen Group Russia.

“Our Kaluga factory with its wide model line-up is unique for Volkswagen Group and we intend to increase the number of models in the future.

“Most importantly, we produce all vehicles in accordance with the highest quality standards.”

  • F1MotoGP

    Skoda is building factories everywhere. In addition to the Czech Republic, Škoda cars are made in Ukraine, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, China and Russia. Cars are assembled here from parts and components exported from the Czech Republic.

    • jojo

      They should be priced a lot cheaper than they are if their being produced in developing/low cost countries.

      • Able

        If the Aus-spec versions were made in these developing countries then yes you’d think so. But they’re not :)

  • Hung Low

    Do they design by braille at Skoda?

    • F1MotoGP

      Than it is same as Ford and Holden.

      • Dave

        Keep it clean, remember when Holden won that design award for the sportswagon? I doubt Skoda will win any design awards.

        other comments are correct though, they do need to increase their range. and people here talking up Skoda, seem to be the closest thing to advertising i have seen from Skoda.

        • pete

          Everyone knows why Holden won the design award for the sportswagon, because it is actually only one product designed in Aus.

          For example Skoda won reddot design award for its Roomster in 2007

        • Tomas79

          Mate Skodas have won many international design awards over the years, while the awrd won by sportwagon was an Australian one… Hardly a suprise!!

          • jojo

            Hey Skoda spammer….Skodas are a sales flop downunder. Just 80 pathetic sales in March after nearly 3 years of presence in Oz.

            Imagine being the poor sales guy trying to flog one of these things to make a living….you would need a 2nd job to pay your bills.

        • broncoman76

          Skoda sales are up 23% on YTD JOJO and Skoda has been smashing the awards in Europe for the last 10 years Dave.

          The engine and gearbox combinations have been out here for the better part of 10 years now in Audi’s and Volkswagens. Sadly, the Subaru was creamed in recent power and economy comparisions against Octavia. It is also more expensive to service and was designed thematically on cardboard boxes. The Japanese manufacturers have built bland and ugly into their cars recently.

          The sales guys are NOT being supported by advertising from Skoda or there would definitely be more sales. The engine transmission combinations are better than Toyota, Mazda, Suzuki, Nissan and Honda; but, I do hear the Japanese are catching up and may again take the lead in a few years.

          With low allocations to Australia in 08/09 and little more for 09/10, Skoda was never planning to sell 20,000 plus units in the Australian market. Steady as she goes!! That’s the theme of Skoda’s strategy. At least valuations are holding up as a result, meaning Skoda is laying the ground-work for a very long time in Australia by keeping buyers happy.

          Skoda will sell 25% more vehicles this year than in 2009. If they launch a decent advertising and promotions package that will be 150% more vehicles for 2010.

          That’ll keep the sales guys happy!!

    • Will

      This is niaive and dumb comment that does not stand any scrutiny. It is what we have come to expect from you HL., troll.

      • Hung Low

        Suck it up Will!
        If Australian opinions on Skodas were all positive, they would be all over our roads!
        You are nothing but a Skoda spammer!

        • Able

          Hey, Will’s comments are positive and they have some sort of backing to them, your’s are just random pessimistic crap. I’m sorry, but the truth hurts bud. As you said, Suck It Up.

          • Hung Low

            Able, pity you are as bright as a fire fly.
            Tell us how does one back up whether a Skoda is ugly or good looking? This one looks like they used a Suzuki Swift and let Igor loose on its design.
            In my opinion, they are one of the ugliest range on sale today and I am confident that the odds are in my favour if their was a public poll on this assertion!
            To add to that, they are overpriced VW parts bin specials at the same price as VW!
            You want proof, look at the sales figures in Australia!

            It must be humiliating to have Great Wall arrive later to our shores, with a smaller range and unknown Chinese reputation, limited marketing, only to sell more units than Skoda!
            That my friend is all the backing I need.

          • Able

            Well if you can back it up with so much opinion then how about backing it up in your first comment dimwit? Ever seen/sat in one in person?

            I can think of many car ranges uglier than Skoda, number one being Subaru. Skoda is the new Subaru. Great cars (like Subarus used to be), very reliable, resonably priced and offer a good drive with good quality. One day they’ll be sucessful, and it’ll show the tools like you who didn’t believe t

          • jojo

            Yeah right Skoda is the new Subaru…Are you sniffing something?

            Subaru sales downunder keep growing…..their good value for money….are mechanically tough…and have a strong resale value….Everything that Skoda is NOT.

            Wheels long term loan car the Skoda Octavis….Problems reported-Gearbox Failure and total replacement needed at 7,000km, Jerky DSG shiftpoints, Electrical Connection problems causing random engine shutdown…Shall I continue..LOL!!

            E.G. Subaru Outback Diesel vs Octavia Scout Diesel…No brainer subaru creams it on power, economy, emissions, NVH, space, build quality, Symetrical AWD, Boxer Engine, Safety plus a whole raft of International awards.

          • Hung Low

            Talking about dimwits, Able has just thrown away $40k plus on a Skoda, which he thinks is the best all round car in the world! Your chariot has already in a week depreciated as much as a 2 year old Japanese brand!

            The shocking truth is Skoda dealers still have new 2007 models that they are trying to give away!……..Roomster anyone?
            How about a demo 2008 Octavia for $21990 drive away?…….still no takers?
            A new Superb for $36000?………it really is Superb, really!

            The Aus public must be wrong and all tools, the 5 or so owners/salesman on here must be correct about Skoda!
            I found your comparison to Subaru quite funny as well, especially in the context that Subaru is still renowned for reliability where as VW/Skoda is not. Ugly they may be, but not in the same league as Skoda!

            Perhaps buy one get one free might work for Skoda?

            Its lights out for you Able and your wood duck..sorry Octavia!

          • Able

            Oh hey Jojo, nice to meet you. You are clearly wrong on this one. Subaru used to be a brand that was fabulous. Because of their AWD systems in every car, they were something unique, something different. That’s why I bought a Liberty. But under Toyota’s ownership, Subaru has turned into a boring, cash-driven brand. Their cars have lost the thing that I bought my Liberty for – character. Now they’re just a simplified/smaller, slightly sportier/safer Toyota range. “Sorry”. Of all the Skoda owners I know (through forums etc), most did come from Subarus so you could say the old Subaru demographic fit Skoda.

            “Subaru sales downunder keep growing…..their good value for money….are mechanically tough…and have a strong resale value….Everything that Skoda is NOT.”
            – I’ll excuse your s**thouse grammar, and focus on proving you wrong, easy enough. Did you not think that Skoda sales are growing too? Yes, admittedly you don’t see that many and car websites are rare in posting sales figures (sources?) but I see more everyday and I’m pretty happy with that. How are Skodas NOT good value for money? Octavia 1.8TSIs are like $34k on-road and you’d struggle to get that level of equipment for that price anywhere else in the class and as I’ll say later, they’re cheaper than Subarus. Mechanically tough, I know that the Wheels report suggests otherwise, but they are reliable and tough. The only mechanical problems I’ve ever heard of are that Wheels Octavia, but that came from the Skoda fleet, and I know it’s a lemon I was told my a man from Skoda himself. Skoda resale is just under VW levels and above most other Euros/Japs, which is fine.

            “Wheels long term loan car the Skoda Octavis….Problems reported-Gearbox Failure and total replacement needed at 7,000km, Jerky DSG shiftpoints, Electrical Connection problems causing random engine shutdown…Shall I continue..LOL!!”
            – I just proved my point and that Subarus aren’t as bulletproof as you suggest. Especially the hill-holder clutches in manual-trannied cars, they give out at around 40,000km and God knows what’ll happen when Toyota parts in them start going wrong. If you were a Wheels regular, you’d also know that they replaced the tranny and all was fine afterwards, so really you have VW to blame for that.

            “E.G. Subaru Outback Diesel vs Octavia Scout Diesel…No brainer. Subaru creams it on power, economy, emissions, NVH, space, build quality, Symetrical AWD, Boxer Engine, Safety plus a whole raft of International awards.” Are you daft? Are you one of those women who school run in massive SUVs? You just have to look at the Outback to know the Scout is better. It’s pig-ugly – the aggression in the headlamps is failed by the rest of the car. The Subaru does not “cream” the Scout on power. Remember the Scout is smaller, takes less power to move. I also know (from personal experience) that the Outback has alot of turbo lag and that the Scout doesn’t, so more power isn’t always better. Figures don’t tell the whole story honey. I know that the Outback emits slightly less CO2 and uses a tiny bit less fuel, but the Scout is cheaper (by $1,000) and has more features as standard. To equip the Scout to the Outback Premium etc spec, you’d have to pay more yes, but it’s be the same as the Outback or abit less. NVH is very similar – above average for both. Build quality is a Skoda strength, as well as the materials used. Scout – soft-touch plastics, Outback – hard plastics everywhere and a real step down from the previous generation. And Symmetrical AWD. Yep the Outback has more space, but it came out last year so give Skoda a chance there, they can’t make their release dates similar. Have you noticed that the Scout has AWD too? Not fancy symmetrical but it sure as hell works! And what awards has the Outback won? As substantial as Skoda’s podium finishes in various ownership surveys in the last decade? Thought not.

            Jojo, Miss Prejudice Against Skoda, I’d like to know what car you drive, because it couldn’t be better than my RS. Nothing else on the planet offers such character combined with practicality, performance, build quality, reliability, equipment, efficiency for the price and that’s what makes me smile. Skoda has been here for almost 3 years and if you don’t like them don’t burden us with your crap, just go away. Why attack people for having a passion towards what they own? Why don’t you stick your nose in someone else’s business, because they’d appreciate it as much as we do. Stuck-up…

          • Able

            Oh and Hung Low, YOU’RE MY HERO!!! Teach me mate, teach me. Let me guess, it’s get out of bed and feel so bad about yourself that you act like a total tool to everyone. You have NO experience towards this brand as I’ve shown, therefore you cannot comment! And btw, I don’t know where you live, but $40k must be alot of money to you…for the package the RS offers, it’s cheap as chips. I paid lot less than I was expecting…So now you and your little Jojo bitch can get lost, your pessimism isn’t needed in society, we have the media for that! I can’t wait for the reply from both of you either, it’s gonna be great. What more farfetchedness can we come up with? Doesn’t bother me, I know that both of you are wrong on all levels.

          • Hung Low

            It is nice to know when someone is backed into corner because they chose to go into battle unarmed! You have provided no facts or shown any experience, just your big fat opinion!

            Tell you what Able, you are bothered!
            Especially with the facts presented, including those real prices and sales facts I had previously posted.

            If you have the ability, then reflect on this………..your opinion on your Skoda is just that, sugar coated with a bit of owner/fanboy bias.
            On a free speech forum, alternate opinions of mine and others are welcome, believe it or not!
            A real life example is when people on the road stare at your car, chances are it is out of shock and disgust more than appreciation, as you would like to think!
            That is why cars are personal preferences and alternative opinions will always be a part of the deal! If you cannot grapple that fact of life, you are the loser on all fronts.

            Like I previously mentioned, it is light’s out for you, and here is a free wheelbarrow to carry your ego on your way out!

          • Will

            Hung Low, why do your writings reflect that of an average 14 yo? Why are you so bitter? Do you have a license, I suspect not and this may be a contributing factor to the chip on your shoulder in association with developmental issues. What is your automotive allegiance?

            The Wheels scenario was unfortunate, however is inconsistent with hundreds of articles concerning the marque over the last three years. This is readily reflected through the amount of awards the marque has achieved in recent years.

            The looks issue again in an Oz manifestation. Any international does not consider it an issue and if anything there is an appreciation of the Skodas’ aesthetics. The factor that you have held onto this with such emotion reflects a suggestibility that is again adolescent in nature.
            Internationally Skoda is a sales success for Volkswagen. Sure Oz sales are slow, however Oz is slow to change and generally considered some ten years behind Europe.

            Try and elevate yourself beyond the loco troll that your writings can be so readily associated.

          • Able

            Hung Low, what I’ve done is proven your points wrong. That’s evident in your attack on me which had no genuine points, rather just attacking me.

            “It is nice to know when someone is backed into corner because they chose to go into battle unarmed! You have provided no facts or shown any experience, just your big fat opinion” – Oh so you have personal experience? Yes, you do. How am I backed into a corner? I corrected Jojo’s mistakes, whom I reckon you and her to be the same person, your comments are structured the same. And as I’ve said time and time again Mr Bigshot, you have no base to your comments. You comment like there’s no tomorrow without ever being truth to whatever you say.

            “On a free speech forum, alternate opinions of mine and others are welcome, believe it or not! A real life example is when people on the road stare at your car, chances are it is out of shock and disgust more than appreciation, as you would like to think!”
            A – I totally agree. And it’s my freedom to post whatever I want back, especially when someone has to offer his opinion to every single article/comment about Skoda, however rude and ridiculous the comments may be.
            B – once again that’s opinion, and it really, really hurt me. I need a counsellor or something…My car is fabulous-looking, especially with the LEDs flaring. Not beautiful, but no mainstream car is. My RS is aggressive, and that’s what I love about it. The looks to match the personality, sporty and aggressive.

            I am bothered duh (bovvered), you have no base to your comments and you’re suggesting things that aren’t true. And I must say that you are bovvered too. Your mission is to pretty-much ruin Skoda cars on this website and when someone’s in your way you get radical! Oooh. If you’re gonna make this a personal attack battle then get lost, don’t waste my time. I’m proving the pessimists like you wrong on ‘facts’ they suggest about my car brand. That’s all.

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      YES braille and sniffer dogs.

  • Vibe

    Aaargh. Skoda needs to import this to Australia, it will really improve its sales I suspect.

  • Gene

    This Fabia RS is both ugly and boring. Worse than the Roomster, which is ugly but is at least interesting.

    How many Roomster did they sell in Aust?

    • Able

      Not sure, I’d say maybe 100 in total. I saw a new blue one this morning which suprised me. Such a good little car, but I guess its positive points are too good for the average Australian buyer. I think that the Euro manufacturers really do need to cater for Australian tastes when cars are developed the Roomster a good case in point. Petrol engine too small, diesel engine good but no auto! Styling too out-there for most buyers here (and yet demand outstripped supply in Euro when it first came out, same as the Fabia) but VW Caddys sell more so I’m not sure…


    I think on picture this car does not look as good as in real life. There is much more uglier cars than this. In Europe sell very well so can not be that ugly or in Australia we are have a different taste. I must agree on this picture looks funny but in real life is good.

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Looks like something a HSV puked up.

  • Shak

    This is what they need to bolster sales in Australia, not some wierdly styled hatchoon in Skoda’s own words. The Superb while good value and space, is just not appealing to many people.

  • F1MotoGP

    SKoda Fabia sells very well in Europe – England, Germany..etc. Good little car. Engine choice is excellent just like the VW Polo. Same engines just different body.

    • Hung Low

      If you take notice the European car choices mean squat down here.
      If your statement held any credential Ford would sell 2 Mondeo’s for every Falcon. The Dualis would be the top selling softroader, Toyota would be lucky to be the top selling manufacturer in Aus! Do I need to continue?

  • Able

    If the eventual Oz-spec Fabias were Russian-made, however unlikely that is, they’d be pretty low priced I reckon, meaning they’d be fantastic value. Skoda Aus has a minimum 6-airbag/ESP policy, something that’d be big in the small-car class.

    Skoda get the 1.2TSI, 1.6TDI and maybe the lower-power petrol engine as a base over here in hatch and wagon, manual and auto forms. As well as the 1.4TSI RS hatch and wagon (really looking forward to them) and maybe the Scout wagon to go against the Peugeot 207 Touring Outdoor. Price it all between $17-26k and you’d be doing well.

    My Octavia RS arrived yesterday and so far I love it. It’s fabulous, and certainly one of the best all-round cars in the world. Unfortunately, the great cars are let down by the dimwitted Aus management who are seemingly reluctant to raise sales. They don’t advertise, their cars are f**king expensive (a V6 Superb saloon was $66k on-road at my dealer, admittedly a great car with a great noise, but that’s heaps) and they can’t even import two key models (Yeti, Fabia) to sales. Someone needs to wake them up!!!

    • Will

      Great choice Able! I have 2L TDI DSG. It is as tough as it is reliable. Happy trails.

      • Gene

        Just 5 more owners and you can form a circle!

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Is that the one that comes with the free hairdryer??

      • Will

        Er, no.
        Has Subaru made any leaps since 2000, er, no. A primary reason for me trading the skewby on a Skoda. The diesel Liberty is short geared on first, the remaining gears are tall. The diesel struggles with the weight of the Liberty. The manual is not even on the same planet as the DSG.

        • Brett

          Err, NO Mr Skoda salesman, we all know why you flog the dead Skoda horse and bag out everything else on these forums – YOUA ARE A DESPERATE SKODA SALESMAN (fed the kids lately – or are they still on ration handouts at school?)

          • Will

            I am a the fortunate owner of a Skoda. I am in no way affiliated with Volkswagen. Let it go.

            So it’s ‘Bret’ on this post. LOL!!!

          • Brett

            OK so they sacked you ‘cos there’s no sales. OK so your now an Ex-Skoda salesman, and no I can’t be botherd going back through the posts where the truth was revealed many months ago!

            Any way it doesn’t matter, ‘cos everyone knows your (past) affiliation with Skoda as a salesman, so your opinion is somewhat biased (and pointless to be honest).

          • Able

            If Will’s opinion is pointless, then it’s as pointless as yours. Everyone has their own opinion and a right to say it, don’t have a go at them for having an opinion Brett. I’m on neither side, but that was a low blow man.

          • Tomas79

            Brett you hungry ford salesman, how about you backup your claism of will being a skoda salesman?!

          • Brett

            Tomas, why don’t you learn to read?

            Will’s (apparently now past) association with Skoda as a salesman is quite well know to anyone who has bee reading these sort of blog sites for while.

            Sorry no I don’t work for Ford, but I might just have a Govt role and be watching trolls like you and Will for breaches of the respective laws.

        • Will

          Brett, wrong again!! Never been associated with Volkswagen bar being a customer of Skoda. Good golly Molly, where is your head at??

    • Hung Low

      Looking forward to the Russian made quality! Memories of Lada!

      • Able

        Well you must love your Suzuki Alto. Bring up memories of Tata Nanos? What about your Jetta? Bring up memories of your old Beetle? I thought so! I LOVE reminiscing of days gone by…I’ll be able to think of this day in the future too, thinking how great it was, showing up these losers on a website. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yeahh :)

        Every Skoda review Hung Low has to get his opinion out there. Let’s spread the word of their “crappiness” because I’m conservative and I love Kevin Rudd, and like him i hate change. Let’s get the new brand out of Australia ASAP, because I can’t stand how good their cars are. Get a life and stop being a child, especially when you’re overcompensating. This website does not deserve it.

      • ABMPSV

        This comment of your just a proof how LITTLE you know about cars!

  • Andrew

    Had an Octavia TDI DSG for 22 months now. Done 38,000km so far. Last tank was the best economy yet, 970km with 54litres of diesel for 5.65km/100km. I still enjoy every drive of this car, so it still has not moved into the ‘just another car’ category as all of my previous cars have. The car has not missed a beat and certainly hasn’t recieved any complaints in the Friday ‘Daily Telegraph’ car section, that seems to be reserved for Ford, Holden and Nissan in particular.

    • ABMPSV

      My sister got one like yours. Going to France 5 people on board doing between 140 to 170km/h fuel economy was 6.6L/100km.