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  • Wayne Kerr

    This car is sure to snatch sales from the M3.

    Boost I6 + light body = godly pocket rocket

  • Omale

    Future beast for sure from the information we have to date. Performance car of year, world car of the year, ‘bang for your buck’ etc. Just calling the shots.

    And I’d imagine at somewhere about $130K AUD.

  • Valet Dabess

    may not look as good as the m3 but i bet it’ll be more fuel efficient and it’s lighter and i like the interior better

    • PN

      Sorry to say, but if you’re purchasing a sports car worth more than $100k, fuel efficiency would be the last thing on your mind……

  • ElecEng

    My friend owns a 135i and it’s already a pocket rocket, I can’t imagine what this will be like.

    Why don’t BMW simply put the V8 from the M3 into this, and then turbo/supercharge the M3.

  • Dale

    The mirrors look much bigger than the current 135i. Seems to be the trend with BMW’s at the moment, as visibility is pretty important.

  • Freddy

    Id rather this than an M3, with the left over money id work it further!! So glad its RWD, there should never be a performance car thats FWD!! EVER