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  • Bezza

    The middle row seats do slide back and forth so that allows for lots of legroom if you want it.

    3rd row seats are a doddle to put up and down if you follow the 3-step instructions. The hinges do most of the work and 10 seconds will see you done with no strain.


  • PN

    I’m a Peugeot fan, owned a 206XT and a 207GTI, but this is one ugly car. There is one always parked at the end of my street and has not grown on me over the past 2 months…..

    • sammo

      I’m a Peugeot fan as well, and I’m saving up for a 207 GTi or something similar.

      My parents drive a 308 Touring with a 2.0L HDi engine and it’s an absolute gem of a car, but it’s the engine that makes it. It’s consuming about 5.8L/100km at the moment (and falling), and that’s through mainly city driving.

      Peugeot (or PSA more correctly) in my view, make some of the best diesel engines in the world today, and they’ve been doing them for a long time. Peugeot released the first ever turbo diesel powered car in 1979 (604) and in 2000 introduced the world’s first ever diesel particle filter on the 607 (a technology that’s been mimicked by most other manufacturers, with hit and miss results).

      Having said that, this 2.2L unit isn’t their best effort, like the 4007 itself it’s a rushed job that isn’t nearly as refined as it should be. My point being here is that I think that producing this particular vehicle, the 4007, is a mistake. Peugeot haven’t done enough in the design department to ensure that it looks different from its Mitsubushi origins. The interior especially has been lifted straight out of the Outlander, with no French design quirks and flairs or any of the characteristics that buyers would want and expect of a Peugeot. The car may make some sense in the European market but in Australia it’s really hard to make a case for buying one, the numbers just don’t add up, especially in terms of value when compared to other competing vehicles.

      People buy Pugs because they want something unique that breaks the mould in terms of design, they want something other than a generic, bland, sterile Japanese, Korean or Australian vehicle. The 4007 doesn’t fit this mould, because it ISN’T a Peugeot, the essence of the brand just isn’t there. Peugeot – it’s a dud, so get rid of it.

  • Marc

    Tested one of these recently, was not impressed at all. I found the middle row seats realy cramped and uncomfortable and the back row only suitable for small kids. Also, folding the seats was a real pain in the butt, with lots of levers and pulls involved. While performace was decent, couldn’t get passed the clanky sound of the diesel engine. Sounds like a tractor. On a positive note looks better much better in the metal than in photos

  • Leon

    Outlander ?

  • GFC

    Isnt this way overpriced compared to the Outlander?

    • Mythfrances

      It will sell to people who think European cars are always the best.

  • Mad Max

    I hope it drives better than the 3008 I drove yesterday. While it has good performance (I drove a 1.6 diesel) the DSC gearbox changes were dreadful. It was like being a pasenger in a manual car with somebody on their L plates learning to drive. The saleman said that he was also disapointed and had driven a couple with the same problem.

    • D

      Mad Max,
      If you drove a 1.6 diesel 3008, it would have what they call an “EGC” gearbox – it is not a DSC like the 4007, which is a similar concept to the VW DSG gearbox. The EGC only has a single clutch, but it is automatically actuated. You really need to drive it like a manual, by backing off the throttle when it changes to make it feel smooth to drive. Not an ideal gearbox at all, but they do give very good fuel consumption figures.

      • Mad Max

        D, thanks for the tip. Yes the salesman said much the same so I tried to drive it like a manual and backed off. It made a small differance but I guess my point is that why buy an auto if you have to do that all the time? I would rather have a conventional auto or a DSG that can be driven like an auto. You explanation also explains why their is no “P” on the auto shift lever. It has N R D. You park it and start it in N. Typical French, reinvent everything…

  • milobob

    personally I’d rather an outlander for the same price. This is way overpriced compared to the outlander.

  • Able

    I’d like to say that I’d buy this over the Outlander (because of the diesel engine) but without sat-nav for $60k on-road? You’ve got to be joking! Outlander VRX for me :)

    Mitsubish: Get the Outlander Diesel here NOW
    Citroen: Get the 3rd triplet, the C-Crosser, here NOW

  • Grammar Nazi

    The world really didn’t need this.

  • nickdl

    Why would anyone buy one of these over an Outlander? What you save in price on the Outlander can be spent on petrol. Anyway the Peugeot is so much uglier than the Outlander with the same cheapish-looking Mitsubishi interior and without the 5 year warranty.

    If you really want a diesel the Sante Fe is much better. Better engine, better equipped, better looking and cheaper.

    • nickdl

      Oh yeah forgot about the Sorento :)

  • tim

    In given price bracket, I would prefer Kia Sorento or Hyundai Santa Fe over this.

  • Shak

    If they were hoping for a headlong charge into the SUV market, well they seemed to have missed the mark. If they just wanted to get an SUV into the market quickly, well they did it.

  • lm

    i am just wondering wether this dsc gearbox is the gertrag box called powershift and used by both ford and volvo

  • http://bugatti aurion lover

    No matter how you look at it , it just cannot shed its japanese look , just like the renault koleos , one look and it screems korea .

    Bad karma for europhiles , this is not the way , its just diluting the image .

    • Mal

      I have to agree. This ain’t no Pug. I wish they’d never built it. But then again, you could say the same about any car in a Peugeot showroom these days.

  • http://unwired SONNY JAMES

    The back looks more like Saanyong .

  • Richo

    Honestly, you’d have to be a complete badge wAnker to buy one of these over an outlander wouldn’t you?

  • s5driver

    I personally think the current Outlander looks significantly better than this both inside and out (in VRX guise), let alone being significantly cheaper with more features. I just don’t believe that engine plus that badge is worthy of such a premium.

  • Don

    In the uk and presumably most of Europe the Outlander and 4007 retail for a similar starting price, with Pug cheaper in some cases. Peugeot Australia(along with Renault, Citroen, Fiat etc) will never achieve decent sales volumes in this country with their weak dealer networks, poor brand recognition and perhaps most critically exorbitant prices.

  • Stig’s cousin

    Finally, a front end that’s uglier than a Skoda.

  • delux

    Its a shame that in 2010 we are still seeing “badge engineered” vehicles. I cant help but laugh when I see one of these on the road. Who buys them? I cant see a Peugeot purist being fooled. It may have its own front end and a diffrent engine and gear box but it still screams Outlander. I am all for platform sharing but badge engineering is ridiculous.

  • http://www.lukehimself.net Luke

    Although I’d never buy an SUV, I’m with everyone else – you’d have to go for the Outlander instead.

  • Paul Doubya

    Reading these comments is funnier than a good comedy, I just loved it when Clarkson made the comment on Top Gear, “There are still plenty of stupid people in the world who’ll buy a peugoet so peugoet still makes and sells horrible cars”.

    There’s no doubt peugeot builds the most unbeleivably unreliable cars on earth ask any peugoet mechanic, bought by people especially here in Australia who think they are somehow superior to the rest of us because they own a peugeot.

    I assure you they are not superior. peugoets don’t handle any better than any other Euro and are complicated with weird and untested designs.

    I’ve owned modern peugeots and they are unmitigated crap, with none of the style, reliability and quality of 604’s, 504’s and the like from the past.

    I had high hopes for the 4007, but to hear it has Peugoet running gear and a dodgy sounding gearbox, I pity the first buyer and the second buyer deserves everything they get, because it will break at less than 100000klm and it will cost more than an Outlander to fix.

    I am amazed with all the wonderful cars on offer these days, some cretins still buy this garbage, just amazing.

    At least the electrics will work beyond the engine and gearbox.

    Why would you do it to yourself, the resale should be the usual 35% of what it was worth when new in typical peugoet style, just buy the Outlander VRX, far better bet.

    My mate who trades this stuff refers to these cars as Herpes, because herpes is easier to get rid of than a second hand peugoet.

  • dasferg

    At leasr the Outlander has a significantly better warrenty for a much lower price.

  • Countrygirl

    This thing looks like it’s the Outlanders evil grinning brother. Unless you had some special love for Peugeot’s and had to get a AWD, you just wouldn’t consider this, would you? Overpriced, and not particularly attractive. The 7 seat option is a joke. Poky even for children!

  • Volks

    French shootout… I would love to see this ugly as sin 4007 peugeot up against the better looking Renault Koleos diesel… at least renault did a better job at blending… my view anyway… I feel the Renault Styling and Diesel with Nissan Drive Train and top notch Korean build is a better package than that 4007 ugly duckling… it’s just not right, where was their user testing… feedback… what were they thinking

  • Autoboy

    Not into SUVs, and have no pref for any model or brand in this segment. But that nose just don’t look right, in pics or on the road! Its like what Mr Boulay (or however it was spelled) did to the last magna — a roundish front on a car with otherwise relatively squarish lines.
    A tale of two cars in one. Of course I suppose there will be some, nay possibly many, who might disagree.

  • http://caradvice Discerning

    This is a great car for the money. You get an economical and powerful diesel instead of the less powerful petrol in the Outlander. Also a SatNav/ Camera/DVD/ MP3/4/ etc for only $2500 (new model) VW charges $3500 for equivalent unit. Rear 2nd row seats are higher than front seats and reduce car sickness and improve outlook from the back. The 3rd row is practical for young children or adults for a very short trip. I use it to transport adult children. The car is roomy with great vision from the driver’s seat. Larger boot than a Tiguan, cheaper than a Toureg.Only important omission is tyre pressure monitoring

    • nickdl

      Completely disagree. Unless you’re a one-eyed Europhile this car makes no sense. The petrol V6 in the cheaper Outlander is a better engine and what you spend in extra fuel, you save in starting price. Plus the top-spec model has the sat-nav, camera etc standard.

      The Outlander is also more reliable, better looking (subjective I know but most people would agree with me that this is ugly to the boot), and won’t depreciate as much.

      If you really wanted a diesel, a Kia Sorento would be a much better option.

  • http://caradvice Discerning

    I forgot to mention that the 4007 has Strut Tower Brace as standard, stiffening the front suspension and enabling the improved handling over the standard Outlander setup. Unlike the motoring journalist who clearly didn’t lift the bonnet – or he would have seen it! This is the reason for the better handling, not the diesel engine. This Strut Brace Assembly is available as an accessory for the Outlander, and no doubt is the reason the Peugeot could easily slot it into the 4007. I also understand that Mitsubishi will make available the Peugeot Diesel with hopefully the German made DSC Auto Transmission in Australia in a few months. It has been available in the UK Outlander models for some time.

  • Ronnie

    Just for your information!!!

    The Diamond, top spec Outlander in the UK has the 2.2PSA engine exactly as the 4007 and C-Crosser
    I have a 2.0 litre DID Outlander, and its engine is sourced from VW/Audi. So the article going on about “European engined 4007 better than the outlander is talking complete twaddle!

    Personally for the sake of minimally less power i would take the German motor any day. (Slightly noisy but quick enough, and giving between 42 and 46 “real” miles to the gallon. (Can also be chipped quite cheaply to outperform the 2.2PSA. (DTE Tuning, (German Company),350 to 500 pounds for simple to fit module)

    If you check the servicing costs on the PSA particulate filter system you will find they are really expensive if your a high miler. (I had the same engine in a Fiat Ulysse, and yes i know, a badged Peugoet 807).
    Please make your dealer explains about the filter change at 80k miles, and the cost of the additive, which goes in a small tank usually underneath the motor.

  • Mark_s

    After reading this I all but discounted buying the 4007. As most people have said the price doesn’t make sense paying so much extra for the Diesel.

    I found myself across the road from a dealship and thought why not poke my head in. I can see why some people may not like the nose, I on the other hand don’t mind it at all, still not enough to swing me. Then the dealer told me the price. Obviously with the huge competition in this sector, they’ve re-assessed the price point. I drove away a brand new DT DCS model with 7 seats for $38990.00 which seems about the same price as the lowest spec Outlander V6.

    • Paul

      How is the car now? do you still like it?

  • dreemer

    Just bought one. So far, so good. The deals offering on run-out sales are phenomenal.
    Reading all the reviews, the main criticisms seem to target the Mitsubishi Outlander comparisons, and the reworked nose job. But most rave about the diesel engine and the economy, which, quite frankly won me. If you like the Outlander look, well here’s a bonus for you. But the Outlander doesn’t come in diesel, so you end up with one of the best around. And currently, until all 2010-plated stock are gone, you can get the 4007 at the same price, or cheaper than the Outlander. What’s the difference between the 2010 & the 2011 models? Nothing, nothing at all. Your compliance date will be 2011 anyway, regardless if the car was actually produced in 2010.
    Of course, the future will tell what the resale value will be.
    But as far as cars go, the criticisms have been way off beam. This is one solid car that will drive a dollar a lot further than a petrol Outlander, Territory and few others. Thumbs up from me, so far.

  • Tristan

    can you get it serviced at Mitsubishi for lower prices? given it is the same car.

  • Mastersgeoff

    the 4007 is supposed to two 2000 kg but the auto clutch started slipping towing my 1,200 boat 2000 km and was finished off by my 1700 caravan.  Cost under warranty $12000.

    Now I am too anxious to tow anything :o(

  • DK

    Bought a one owner second hand 2010, 46000km on the clock, with all the trimming including navigation for $15000 recently. Absolutely terrific engine. There are a few good second hand 4007 bargains out there not to be missed now that the price is dropping like crazy. Make sure to pick a car that has not been used for towing.

Peugeot 4007 Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$13,750 - $15,630
Dealer Retail
$15,170 - $18,040
Dealer Trade
$10,900 - $12,500
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
380Nm @  2000rpm
Max. Power
115kW @  4000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
7.3L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2000  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
215/70 R16
Rear Tyres
215/70 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Automatic Air Con / Climate Control
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Fog Lights - Front, Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Control & Handling
18 Inch Alloy Wheels
Premium Sound System
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  20,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
RHS - Front Door Aperture
Country of Origin