• Deco

    Wow the non-drop top is under 1500kg?

    I love these beasts. In Cairns there is a black 370z going around which looks amazing at night under street lights.

    Good work Nissan.

    • Ricky

      Wow… there’s one 370Z in Cairns??

      • Deco

        Yeh mate, why is that so amazing xD.

        • sam300TD

          I have seen it too. It looks so great.

    • Ricky

      The drop does not weigh under 1500kg. It’s 1608kg (manual).

  • Grammar Nazi

    “The 370Z Roadster ideally compliments its tin-top sibling’s performance, driving dynamics and curvaceous good looks.”


    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Matt Brogan

      Right you are, thanks Grammar Nazi.

  • Tom22

    No complaints of the harshness of the engines at high rpm or the ridiculously excessive tire noise? From what ive read from American sources the 350z feels like a luxury GT car compared to the noise bin that is the 370.

    • Tyson

      Ahhh so you havent actually driven one, Theres no more road noise than you would expect form a soft top sports car. Its certainly not offensive.

  • Shak

    Its good on its own and all, but when Viewed in comparison with the Z4, and TT, i know which i’d take. TT just better all rounder, and the Tintop Z4 looks much better IMO.

    • Old Dog

      audi tt…really? fwd. it really isnt a sports car now is it? the quattro would be nice, but then you’re talking $120k. A z4 would be nice, but again not really in the same price bracket.

      • Robin Graves

        You’d have to be a hairdresser with a severe tendon problem in your wrist to own a TT

    • JooberGTi

      A 3Ltr Z4 is around 100K RRP and as Old dog mentioned the AWD TTS is around that mark too.

  • t39

    I’d be interested to know if the 370 is worth the 30K premium over Mazda MX-5. Is it just a 30K engine option comparatively, or are their other things the 370 brings to the table?

    • Old Dog

      double the horsepower, double the torque. not sure what options cost on the mazda (typically quite expensive) but the 370 has the full box and dice. in saying that, its still a hairdryer. i’d go the coupe.

  • Kang

    I think 370z looks a lot better as a convertible than as a coupe.

  • DDH

    Hmmm, I think I would prefer the BMW Z4 sdrive23. Granted its a few tenths slower to 100 clicks, but I believe it would sound better getting there with the 2.5 inline spinning away. The 370Z is prob better value at 10k less but the BMW does has a reversing sensor fitted and has got it covered in the looks department.

    • JooberGTi

      few tenths? more like 7.3sec over the 5.6, you’ll be struggling against family sedans e.g. Falcons, Aurion…

      • Ricky

        Um, the Z4 2.5L does 0-100 in 6.6 seconds for the manual. You quoted the auto figure. I believe the 5.6s figure for the 370Z is for the manual. So it’s basically 1 second slower. 6.6s is still very quick.

        • DDH

          6.6 is quick enough for this sort of car hell the 2.9 Boxster wouldn’t be that far in front of a base aurion in a straight line but does that mean the joke is on you? Get an F6 or an my09 Rex if you want speed. CA seemed pretty keen on the Z4 when they got their hands on one.

      • Jimmy

        Why is so much emphasis always placed on 0-100? They’re all in the same 5/6/7 second ball park. It’s just one small part of the story. To me the difference between a good car and great car are things like ride, handling, build quality, equipment etc rather than just who can reach the speed limit the quickest. Most of the driving done in cars like a Z4 or 370z is around town and the ‘burbs anyway where the speed limit barely gets above 60. The Golf GTI is a great example of ‘a complete package’ – it’s not the fastest hot hatch, but it’s the best.

        • Andy

          Gti has best interior. but costs more than the competition so you’re paying for the better interior. apart from interior it doesn’t do anything better than its hot hatch competition.

  • Ricky

    I don’t think the sales have been anything special. The 350Z sold 1662 in it’s first year on sale (2003), while the 370Z (combined with run-out 350Zs) sold only 812 last year. Sales are up a little this year, and may reach 1,000 but that’s still nowhere near the 350Z.

  • Jimmy

    $75,000 to spend on a sports car? There’d be a new 135i sitting in my garage.

    • nemo

      Here here

    • Deco

      It’s ugly though.

      I’d take the Nissan.

      • The Realist

        You think the Nissan above isn’t ugly?

    • Tyson

      Haha 135i’s finish is like a getz in comparison the the Z’s, Youd be happier in the Japanes variety!

      • Driver

        And what do you base this on?

    • The Realist