by Matt Brogan

Fairfax media is reporting that the Ford Falcon wagon will be discontinued from June this year as buyers continue to shy away from the large station wagon in favour of smaller wagons and SUVs.

The petrol-powered Falcon wagon, which has been a staple of Ford’s large car lineup since 1960, will be axed on the eve of its 50th anniversary. The Falcon wagon’s E-Gas variant will get a stay of execution until September.

The current Falcon wagon did not receive the latest round of engine and styling updates with the FG model in 2008, instead continuing with the BA/BF shape through a series of minor face-lifts. The wagon was also only made available in one, entry-level specification, the Falcon XT, which may have contributed in steering family buyers toward more highly specified models elsewhere in the Ford lineup.

Falcon wagon sales have steadily declined over the past decade, most notably since Ford introduced its popular Territory SUV model in April 2004. Last year, Ford sold fewer than 2500 Falcon wagon models, accounting for approximately 8 per cent of all Falcon model sales.

As the company car of choice, especially among large fleet buyers, the Ford Falcon wagon was renowned for its load carrying ability and no-nonsense design featuring a leaf sprung rear end straight out of Ford’s Falcon utility models. Sadly, fleet sales alone were not strong enough to keep the model alive.

“It’s done an outstanding job for us over the years and has certainly delivered to customer expectation,” said Ford Australia CEO, Mr Marin Burela.

“We’re very, very comfortable with the decision. It was a great car then … it still is a great car now, but we’re now moving forward.”

Locally, Ford buyers will now have a choice of two wagon derivatives: the slightly smaller European-sourced Mondeo, and the larger, Falcon-based Territory SUV. Ford will offer Territory with a turbo-diesel engine from next year, joining petrol- and LPG-powered variants.

Mr Burela says the demise of the Falcon wagon will allow more capacity for Ford’s Broadmeadows, Victoria plant, allowing greater production numbers of  Territory and Falcon sedan models, including a more economic four-cylinder turbocharged Falcon sedan due later this year.

“My expectation – even without wagon as part of our mix in 2010 – is that our build volume will increase between 10 and 15 per cent.” said Mr Burela.

The news comes as the Australian-built Falcon faces an uncertain future with US parent’s ‘One Ford’ policy meaning the manufacturer will build a similar range of vehicles on shared platforms for global consumption. Ford Australia will look to platform sharing with US models such as the Taurus from 2014.

In an interesting twist, the death of the Ford Falcon wagon comes as direct rival, the Holden Commodore Sportwagon, enjoys increasingly strong sales.

Holden sold 14,635 Sportwagon variants in 2009, the figures making up almost half of Commodore’s total yearly sales of 29,752 units.

CarAdvice has contacted Ford Australia for further comment and will update this post as soon as new information comes to hand.

To read a full review & road test of the current Ford Falcon wagon, click on this link.

  • PG

    Only petrol wagons will be discontinued June 30th, LPG wagons will stay in production until September 30th.

  • Pete

    A real shame! At work we replaced our 100 series Landcruisers with new LPG Falcon wagons and for a car almost a third of the price of the Landcruiser, it is fantastic.

    Great handling, ride, space, ruggedness, economy and power. Also the high beam lights are the best I have ever used. If only they could update it and offer it in more trim levels, I think the market is coming back to wagons and Ford would have a great success with fleets and private buyers with a new gen Falcon wagon.

    • AB

      Agree, there is definatley an emerging market for Wagons again, I have been waiting for an XR6 or Turbo wagon with 6 speed manual for years!

      • colin

        wait i built one . turbo wagon is great cost bugger all to do the conversen.

    • Jack

      Agree, I wonder how much it is a case of “if you don’t supply the variants people are less interested”. FG DILPG 6 speed XR6 wagon, anyone?

  • Macca

    I see it as another nail in the Falcon coffin. The Fairlane is gone and now the wagon…?? Ford didn’t/haven’t done either variation any justice in styling since the eighties, which is probably half the problem.

    • Alex II

      I agree……

      Fast forward 3 or 4 years and the Australian automotive sales landscape will be so different. Toyota and Hyundai will be fighting it out for top spot, GMH a distant 3rd and Ford (now a full importer) fighting to stay in the top 10.

      Some very sad days are coming for the industry here………..

      • Wingman77

        Um…..perhaps if Ford had done more to update it in the last decade it wouldn’t be selling a paltry 2500 per year to low margin fleet buyers. If Holden could do it how come Ford couldn’t?

        • bogeyboganboy

          I’ve considered the lack of updates to be caused by a lack of funds to develop a new car.

    • Golfschwein

      When viewed with contemporaries, the EA wagon was perhaps the best looking wagon of all time, especially in Ghia or S trim.

      • Matthew

        I agree, the EA wagon was a stunner and in S trim with alloys and red rub strip stripe particularly good looking.

      • Jack

        Funny that. I agree Golfy. My money’s on the XR6 version of the ED, which is the same shape. Or the ED ‘Classic Wagon’ with those amazing factory alloys. Or the EB ‘S’ pack with a V8. These can now be purchased for pocket money…

        Love cars that can swallow longboards, shortboards, snowboards and a crew of mates or grommies!

    • fourl6

      Holden have discontinued the crewcab, adventra and monaro does that mean the commodore is dead? Would ford really bother fitting a liquid injection LPG system and 4cly. ecoboost to a car thats apparently going to be “Discontinued” in a few year?

  • Crouchy

    Unfortunately for ford, Holden really came to play with the sportwagon. Despite the reduced cargo which would put off potential fleet buyers, I can’t see any other reason to not buy the holden over this…

  • zed

    I’ll go on record for saying that it looks and smells like another mitsubishi type of australian manufacturing demise.

    Ford will import engines and at best stamp body panels out by 2015 in australia.

    The V8 will/is a dead duck, as will the rear wheel drive platform due to the “globalisation model”

    Shock…horror..who cares?

    Holden are laughing ….for now.

  • jinsei

    A weird decision. Having looked at what the Commodore sports wagon has done for Holden sales, why Ford isn’t updating the Falcon wagon is totally beyond me.

    In fact, even the entire Falcon range is in danger as it is not likely to recieve an update after FG. I have read an ABC news report where the global Ford CEO said he is skeptical about producing different models for different regions and deem it unnecessary. Looks like the day will come when Australian v6 shoppers would be forced to buy the U.S designed Taurus instead.

    Just the thought of it is awful enough.

    • Baddass

      If you compare the Falcon wagon and the Sportwagon together, you’ll see the Sportwagon is an age ahead in terms of style.

    • Jack

      Ha ha! ABC also were very ‘proactive’ (shall we say) on reporting the demise of Mitsubishi…

      After FG it is most probable that Falcon will share the smaller Mustang RWD platform. Could wagons and utes be sprung off this again? Easily.

      Agree that Taurus would be a disaster. I reckon the Americans allowed the demise of their prosperity and way of life the day they put FWD in their large cars…

  • WTF

    Becos thy can’t afford to update it simple as that.

    • Wingman77

      The reason they can’t afford to update it is because it is selling 2500 per year to low margin fleets. If more running upgrades and marketing had been done over the last 5 years maybe they wouldn’t be in this position.

  • Andrew

    They just handed the Wagon market to Holden on silver platter !

    This means even more Commdore sales and even fewer Faclon sales.

  • CK

    I am sitting here imagining the ‘what ifs’ in the local Ford business..

    What if Ford had pulled its finger out and put the 2.7 diesel engine in the Territory 2~3 years ago when they should have…

    Imagine what a brilliant product the current model Falcon would be with the 2.7 turbo diesel engine and the 6 speed gear box… Can’t you picture it being loaded onto boats heading north to the rest of the world??

    The new G6E turbo with the AWB know how from the Territory…

    … what if Ford had put the time and money into designing a really great Fairlane a few years back… imagine the updated and beautifully refined Fairlane now with the same 2.7 diesel engine and AWD as well….

    Then we’ve got the brilliant Ute that everyone actually loves.. the toughest work horse ‘Australia made’ has got… It shouldn’t miss out on the diesel either… and where’s the all wheel drive underpinnings from the Territory to make the RTV a more credible challenger for off-roader recreational duties? Toyota seems to sell a few hilux’s ok…. so it looks like there is a market there for that sort of product…

    From where I am sitting, it looks as though Ford Australia is giving it all up without a fight… or being told to lay down and die… It’s got all the brilliant bits and pieces, but doesn’t seem to be putting them together in a way that would knock the competition into next year.


    • mmmmm

      if only they’d built an export market for the falcon…
      if only they’d put a diesel in the territory BEFORE the sales died….

      if only ford australia had a brain!

      The australian falcon is a dead man walking.

    • Jack

      If I had 3 billion dollars of tax money owing and I could give to a charity to reduce the bill, it would be Ford Australia and the Australian families that depend on them, so they could develop everything you outlined above. They have such excellent product, if only, if only.

      Holden have managed to get Detroit to recognise their leadership and qualities, if only Ford would for Ford Aus.

      Does anyone know if I could buy a new XL Falcon Ute and put in components to make it an RTV? The BF locking diff, the (fixed) SYII Territory front suspension, the BF leaf springs?

  • Frenchie

    Not a good move for Ford local production or Falcon wagon lovers. On the upside though, Ford should push the Mondeo wagon!

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    Petrol Mondeo wagon is gutless and the terrtory is thurster then a Falcon wagon,seems Falcon is in the best for a petrol wagon option from Ford.So why stop making it??

    • fourl6

      diesel mondeo wagon is less than a month away and the terry is no where as thirsty as most think…

  • Captain Nemo

    Ford should follow Nissan’s lead like they do with offering 2 Navaras.

    Build a FG Sportwagon and keep the BA/BF for fleets & special orders.

  • noj

    The Falcon is dead as we know it, get over it. I once owned an EB2 S pack wagon and it was the best Falcon I have owned, I loved it. Unfortunately rust got into it, [but I did live opposite the beach] I have since had a few but none of them were ever as well put together as it.

  • Fritz

    Ford has made the correct decision. It frees up the plant for models that actually sell. I mean,look at the current Falcon wagons styling……would any of you guys seriosly consider being seen dead in one of these? Youre all mourning its passing,but how many of you have gone out and bought one? The last decent looking Falcon wagon was the XF. As for Ford handing the market over to Holden,Falcon sales were so low that Holden already had it. Sure some will be annoyed,including Telstra and cabbies,but change occurs and they need to change with them. Personally,I’d rather a Territory over a Falcon wagon anyday.

    • Andrew M

      Yeah im with you,
      look at all these people mourning as if they were just about to go out and place a deposit.

      Falcon wagon has been something like 99% fleet for a while now, so stop pretending there is a segment of buyers that will be shifting to the sportswagon chasing better styling.

      Falcon wagon stayed on because it virtually cost them nothing to keep their fleet buyers happy. This was effectively an easy money car for them.

      Private buyers jumped at the Terry years ago, and if I was a wagon buyer I would have a long time ago too.

      Cabbies only buy 2nd hand anyway, so they will have quite a few years supply yet.

      The only reason its getting canned is they now need production space for models that will yield better profit than their fleet wagon…..simple.
      If it was never viable it would have been canned at the start of FG sedan

    • Jack

      You guys make good points. However I think the current environment (with Gen X and Y gearing up for kids all at once) would be fantastic for both Territory and an updated FG series wagon, complete with XR6, G6ET variants.

      Overall you are right, this family opted for Territory, and probably will again when the new model is released.

  • F6

    Sad but the right decision. When Territory was released the wagon was supposed to end then. Now with its extinction it paves the way for more varied Territory models. The GM “Shortwagon” is useless for carrying luggage of any amount such as a family holiday but the Territory is far more versatile ans can carry way more than the “Shortwagon” and is a more family friendly design. So with the death of the Falcon wagon comes the re-birth of the Territory and it will be a winner.

  • Wingman77

    I am fearful that Ford is letting the Territory go the same way the Falcon wagon and Fairlane went. A prolonged period without substantial updates leading to a vicious cycle of lower sales, reduced marketing spend, less money and business case for updates, lesser business case for marketing spend, lower sales..and so on and so on until after several years Ford announces the end of Territory with a lame positive spin about “freeing up production for Falcon sedan and ute”. Sadly the turbo-diesel is probably going to end up being too-little, too late………

  • Rusty1

    Absolutely the wrong decision!!! If ford Australia pulled there finger out and did something with the wagon they could sell just as many as the commodore sportwagon.
    OK maybe nobody here would have run out and purchased the current BA/BF wagon, but imagine with the FG styling and underpinnings (with a much bigger boot than the holden) they could easily sell over 1000 a month.
    But the reason they’ve canned it is theyre going ahead with the Mondeo. Its cheaper for them to purchase and import to Aus than it is to redesign and develop another car (although it would be an FG there would still be some development involved). there profit margins are going to be alot higher on the mondeo than the falcon.
    im a massive falcon fan and am going to purchase an fg in the next 6 months but this is definately another nail in the coffin for falcon, and locally developed fords in this country!

  • Jack

    The exterior of the mondeo wagon is bigger than the falcon wagon. The mondeo interior is smaller. So those wishing to downsize should ask for a falcon wagon.

    THE MONDEO IS A BIGGER WAGON THAN THE FALCON! In this times of “downsizing” the mondeo is the wrong direction!

  • Mick

    So the Telstra taxi is joining the Cortina,Escort and Fairlane eh? Boohoo! Some of you seem to be pretending your devastated,but if you want to know why its happening,take a look in the mirror. You’ll see a person who failed to back up his loyalty with action by heading over to the friendly Ford dealer to place your order. Ford simply can’t keep making what they’re not selling. This thing has been in production-with only one real facelift- since 1998….and it looked awful then. How they still sell any now I don’t know. They could sell ice to the Eskimos.

  • Byron

    Bad choice Ford. FG Falcon still struggling 2 years on & Commodore just continues to top it even though it’s 1-2 years older than it. As much as Ford tries with it’s advertising & special limited edition models & the rest that goes with it, it can never beat Holden. You say that Falcon wagon averaged 400 a month, well inspect a bigger rise in Commodore Sportwagon sales even though they are around 900-1100. I also think why FG never sold too was its looks & how good the Commodore is. I feel sorry for them in a way, but not really, it’s there own fault & they could of made FG a heaps better car than it is & added the FG Falcon along with it. Who wouldn’t. Obviously if a competitor like Holden brings out a Wagon, you would too. Thats Ford. Good news for Holden. More sales since axing of Falcon Wagon means increased sales/market share. Who’s most likley to have diminishing sales, a crap line-up & FG that can’t beat Commodore. Ford of Course! LOL. Go HOLDEN!

    • noj

      Just shows how dumb Aussies really are. The Falcon is a better car but people seem to buy the Commodore. Its almost like religon where people are easily persuaded into believing in crap. The sad thing is the Falcon is gone and the Commodore will stay for now, but realistically its days are just as numbered as the Falcons.

    • Jack

      Byron, I think you should also compare ‘profit per vehicle’ when you compare overall sales. Anecdotally, Ford Aus makes more profit per vehicle. If you were a business, would you rather sell fewer units with higher margins, or spam out higher levels of stock for much thinner margins? One way for laymen to see this is the mix of base model to luxury models sold.

      As for looks, the FG kills the VE. It’s more fluid, more elegant, with far fewer edges and abrupt styling quirks like those huge wheel arches, A pillars and that huge rear. To its credit the VE is finally an Australian design, after 28 years of adopted Opels. The Falcon has been All-Aussie since 1972.

      Most road tests see the FG trump the VE. I’d say that in my many years of driving the two, the Falcon comes out ahead as a better drive, a better tourer, more comfortable, better ride and handling compromise, better drivetrains. This is not to say the Holden is unworthy, it’s just that the Ford does it better.

      I do agree with you that the wagon should have been produced. An FG wagon with an emphasis on space and usefulness (column auto bench front seat option, anyone?) would be a great point of differentiation to the Sportwagon.

      As for Ford having a crap lineup, I’d reckon it’s one of the better ones out there. Not a Daewoo in sight!

      Noj, we may yet see a shared Mustang/Falcon RWD from 2015 onward…

      • Robin Graves

        Jack, I dont think poor old Byron has the intelligence to read some of your big words let alone ponder over some of your philosophy. No wonder Holden keep selling so well with one-eyed rednecks so ingrained and brainwashed. Unfortunately I think Ford is slowly going down the gurgler like Valiant did. Far superior engineering doesnt necessarily sell vehicles in Australia when half the buyers have an IQ smaller than their shoe size and follow like sheep to the Holden dealer to be fed their garbage and love it.

      • rentakeyboard

        Ive always felt that FG just looks like a heavily revised version of BF.

        The average Aussie who isnt into cars prob doesnt even realsie that FG is the upgrade that it actually is. especially the base and sprots models.
        G cars look like a big Mondeo so maybe that is part of the prob when aussie arent interested in Mondeo

      • Byron

        Jack you make some good points here as opposed to what i said. VE still looks good but i mean some VE models for sure kill FG, you gotta agree, but yeh FG looks a lot newer & modern too. VE hasn’t had a facelift since it was launched in 06, thats why the reviews basically count Commodore 2nd to Falcon 1st because of it’s aged exterior/interior. I just think Ford don’t have that many good cars in their line-up. Their ads are worse than Holdens even though i admit Holdens ads tend to get boring & irritaing after a while, but i think Holden has a pretty good lineup. Things coming include new Barina, Aussie Cruze, VF Commodore, New Captiva. Whats Ford got coming. Nm. I mean new Territory & just some engine changes for Falcon/Mondeo really. Captiva is a good car, i’ve been in one. Your opinion about one changes when you get in it. But Barina, well thats pure daewoo, anyone can say that & Epica too but the rest of the line-up compared to Ford is far superior & better throughout. No wonder they’re selling more. I mean Barina beating Fiesta. Cruze beating Focus. Commodore beating Falcon. Captiva beating Territory. Do i need to go on.

      • craig

        jack, good point about the falcon being an all aussie effort since 1972, i only wish that ford had pushed it more in their advertising over the years just to put the ill informed football, meat pies, kangaroo’s & holden cars supporters in their place.

  • Stoney!

    The falcon wagon was an ugly boxy taxi end of story. Anyone who even compares it to the lutsy Commodore sports wagon is joking.

    Oh and as for all the comments about profit and in how many ways the falcon is better. Who gives a flying potato….. The market don’t give two hoots about that. They see a stylish value for money Wagon and pounce on it with their cheque book.

    Use your brain, not your heart!

    • Robin Graves

      Yeah the 3.0lt auto ‘sportswagon’ is about as lusty as Julia Gillard. The Falcon wagon is way past its used by date but an FG version would have sold better.

  • Mick

    Robin Graves… comments on Julios Gillard…I not even justifi that answer with a question. Falcon wagon is not good car in this times. Bad stylesing,bad size,bad choice with all that anyway. Bloke I once knowed,he have crash in fAlcon and live straight after,but he was dead in the last days. Ford drivers see me in Hyundai and go ha ha ha…I go what what what……no respecs you know. I have a simple saying……Trust in this day,trust and have tomorrow as testerday,but trust in everydays-no respeck anyway!!

    • Dan

      Hahahaha That would have to be the dumbest comment i have ever read ,u speaky great linglish ya retard

  • Shak

    The simple fact is Ford made a silly choice. Its not as if they made this choice last week. Its been done a while back. If they saw the success Holden were having with a sporty wagon, and not a hearse they would have made one, but they shot themselves in the foot way to early. Ford got overly scared during the GFC, and killed a slightly underperforming product. What did Holden do, they did what any good business would have done. Look at what your market doesnt like and improve it. Voila, the Sportwagon.

  • Mick

    Dan my old son,my wife sent a comment on my behalf and I must apolagise for her less than ideal Englisi. She’s a noo Ostrayleanne you see. But fear not-I’ll see to it that she’s punished imediately and effectively! I hope it hasn’t scared u off future blogging.

  • Dan B

    I have been a Ford wagon buyer for many years, my last was a 1997 EL Fairmont wagon, I went to Ford in 2004 to buy a V8 Manual Wagon, Dealer says “We don’t make things like that” I said “Can I order one” Dealer says “No”. As it happened, Holden brought out the VY Series 2 SS 6 speed manual wagon. As much as it went against the grain for a Ford wagon man, guess what I have had since 2004!

    Seems Ford gave up on wagon buyers years before this latest decision. This is what happens when people like Ford restrict what the private buyer can buy and in the end the lose sales (to others like me). The Holden Sportwagon looks good but doesn’t have the room in the rear. Imagine what a sporty FG wagon would have been like. I think the day will come here in ‘OZ when all our cars will be imported like back in the 50’s and 60’s. Sad really!!!!

  • George

    Falcon S/W show its real worth on holidays.
    Space Economy Effortless cruising

    I own an AUII SW, it does 1000 km’s on the open road with 5 people on board including the kitchen sink. From Melbourne comfortably get to the Newcastle F3 Freeway

    I would gladly buy another Ford Falcon S/W
    New Commodore Sports Wagon looks nice but doesn’t have rear load room.

  • roger bullock

    I own 2002 AU111 FAIRMONT WAGON (dead breed), Best car ever owned. If I can’t get another Ford Wagon ( when this dies in 30 years)I’ll be going for a mitsubishi, toyota whatever, anything but a Holden. I have been a Wagon man since 1969.

  • Tronic

    Poor Roger – so Blinkered, loves his Wagons but won’t get a Holden! Got news for you – the Holden is closest to your Falcon. Runs a 6 or V8, is made in Australia for Australian conditions and does the same sort of job though is a bit smaller than your Falcon wagon. Buy your imported vehicle by all means, but be logical and and don’t exclude Holden purely as it was a competitor to your Ford……….

  • Rohan coates

    Bring back falcon wagon bring back falcon wagon bring back falcon wagon bring back falcon wagon because it a great Aussie car around the world most popular car wagon is good for sales rips, taxi, police cars, family, dog in the back boot Bring back the wagons bring back the wagons bring back ford wagons