Lexus has a similar issue to Mercedes-Benz with the stereotypical target buyer seen as being a more mature buyer than say BMW, which strives to breath sportiness into the heat of every one of its cars. The new Lexus CT 200h will soon be here to address that issue.

According to Lexus’ European head Andy Pfeiffenberger the Lexus CT 200h full-hybrid hatchback is expected to win over younger drivers, thanks to its advanced modern design.

We anticipate that a whole new audience will respond positively to the CT 200h’s dynamic styling, the latest evolution of Lexus — L-Finesse design — has given the car a real contemporary appeal to attract design-conscious, younger customers,” Mr Pfeiffenberger told reporters at the Geneva auto show.

It will be interesting to see if their predictions are correct given the Lexus CT 200h is based on the Toyota Prius. It uses the same 1.8-liter petrol engine with a electric motor combination and can drive for up to 2km on electricity alone. We suspect it will also have the same 3.9L/100km fuel economy depending on weight.

“It is the right car at the right time. The compact premium segment became the largest in the premium market last year. The European buying public want smaller, less-polluting cars – but without any comprise on refinement and driving pleasure,” Pfeiffenberger said.

Lexus says the CT 200h will soon go into production first for the European market and then a release worldwide. The new entry level Lexus is destined to take on the BMW 1 series and the Audi A3.

Prices in Europe will start at about 21,000 euros (about $32,000) but no doubt it will cost more here once our taxes are added on.

  • Valet Dabess

    i’m 19, i wouldn’t buy it, i don’t like the looks. 70% to 80% of the reason young people buy a car is for the looks

    • Myke

      Same. To be honest, I’d rather save my money and get the IS or avoid Lexus altogether and get an Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

      • Shak

        I second your motion. The Alfa Giulietta is much better looking, and judging from Brand pedigree, and trans set up, the Alfa will also drive much better.

    • The Other Brad

      I’d consider it, if it were going available in Australia. Emailed Lexus last week and at ‘this stage the CT 200h is not currently scheduled to be released in Australia’. Likewise with the Corolla hybrid (mentioned in previous articles).

  • Aleks

    I’m 22 and I would LOVE TO BUY IT. Every time I look at the interior it makes me smile, best interior I’ve seen in a while. I also like the outside, and I love the fact that I might only need to fill up once a month.

  • Neil

    As an 18yo, I’d much rather spend the cash on used Golf GTi rather than splash out for an average-looking premium hybrid.

    • Martin

      As a 19 year old, I agree. Or if performance of a GTI isn’t necessarily your thing. A used 1-series maybe?

      This Lexus has a nice interior though.

      • sammo

        I’m 19 too and i hate the looks of this car – too confused for me.
        I’m saving up for a used Golf GTi or Pug 205 or 207 Gti

  • WTF

    If it’s around 35k I would think about it. If it’s over 40k I’ll buy a Golf Gti or GTD instead!

  • Matt

    Im 15 and it looks horrible to me. As said before, I’d much rather have a Giulietta. To me it looks a lot like a 90’s grey import wagon.

  • Fenno

    A prius with a Lexus badge…The Yanks’ll love it!

  • o

    Im 17 and would rather a 120d

    • Martin

      Why people voted you down I don’t know. I think a 120d would be a brilliant alternative to be honest.

  • Whatever

    Looks like a tweaked Corolla or a stationwagon that doesnt realise what it is – all over fail for me. Reaks of BMW 1 Series inside. Nothing original, and nothing really new from Toyota’s “Luxury” brand.

  • Tim

    I am young and I love the design of this Lexus. Interior is by far better than the alternatives presented at BMW and Mercedes

  • bruzzer

    I am 47 yo and I really like this Lexus.

  • Andrew M

    Wow, this sounds like a chat room.

    Age, S-e-x, Location….. Isnt that how it goes??

  • Neo Utopia

    I am 28 and would rather buy a Golf TDI comfort or A3 TDI because they drive more dynamically and don’t incorporate high embodied energy/materials/emission hybrid technology while providing very similar fuel economy and performance as this. But a reasonably good looking interior for a Lexus and good concept of technology to help save fuel, the external aesthetics don’t do much for me however. It’s not just because it’s a Lexus, hey I like the IS (only with large rims) and LS’s design (they finally evoke some emotion), it’s just that it looks like it’s got multiple personalities poking out and being sucked in which are trying to be contained under the Lexus conservatism. The successful geeks will love it though, but the successful professionals out their will opt for something more driver orientated and less artificial.

  • Golfschwein

    The design of this thing’s a mess. Creases, loops, angles, bulges…it’s got the lot. Only the interior’s nice and that’s because it’s a BMW rip-off.

    Pass….but only after I’ve chucked up one last time.

  • Dennis

    Hold on… This will be cheaper or the same price as a Prius? The Prius is at around 44k rrp driveaway.

    But no double Lexus will price it at 55-60k? The IS250 is at 58K rrp driveaway…

    • Trump

      I’ve grilled many brand rep’s about why Australian’s pay so much more for cars here than the equivalent overseas. When you grill them really hard it’s nothing to do with taxes and nothing to do with location. This Lexus will be made in Japan, much closer to Australia than Europe, yet will be much cheaper in Europe. When you really put them through the wringer the same answer always comes out. Australia is seen as a place they can charge a bigger margin. They know they can. They know Australia subsidises lower margin’s elsewhere to prop up brand profits.

      If this sells in Europe for 21,000euro’s making it $32,000AUD plus tariffs of 5%($1,600) and GST of 10%($3,200) plus dealer delivery, expect sub $40k.

      Don’t forget about the $15-20k tax for being Australian that you’ll pay straight to Toyota for the privilage!

  • bill

    It’ll be yank housewives (who are not to fat for the car) who’ll buy this.

    and in this part of the world it’ll be rich pensioners who buy it. I can’t see anyone under 50 being interested in this crash looking monstrosity!!


    It should sell around $45,000 because I could buy a BMW 118d for that price and the BMW 118d auto fuel economy in the city is 6.9L/100km, manual 5.4L/100km

  • dan

    I think it will only be purchased by kids with rich parents because when I was 18 to about 22 y/o there was no way I could afford a car like this and even if I could I would have pumped the money into my house.
    Now 29 I need a car that does more than return good fuel economy.

  • yowza

    Im 29 and I’d rather have a RS4 Avant…fast, practical, aggressive looking… Oh wait, totally different markets and purpose. This Lexus is a Hybrid hatch, to cater for the same market that is the BMW 1 series are for…

    I think opinions on this car depends highly on preference.

    Just looking at the amount of under 25 (21 really) who prefers fast, turbo-charged cars over this. Well guess what, unless Daddy is a millionaire, MOST if not all these 18/17 year olds couldnt afford this car… nor a new car period.

  • ChineseDriver

    Come on guys, I think the ‘young drivers’ in the article really means drivers between age of 25~35. I don’t think it means those under 20s who wants a skyline or civic.. (no offense)

  • ohreally

    I think any 25s with the money would prefer something more sporty, or if its a lexus they might as well go for a is250 a far sexier car.

    However the interior is gorgeous


    Yes Lexus is “Toyota” just like if you buy Audi I could say you bought a Skoda or for Mini is a Peugeot. Today all car companies work together and cut cost. If you bought an Audi or VW the only difference to Skoda is body and inside. Engine, gearbox, chassis…etc same only you pay for the name same with Lexus.


    Just find out this car will sell around $50,000!! (Source: Goauto) for $47,000 I can get Audi A4 diesel with 7,000km. I think Lexus should sell it for no more than $40-$45,000.

  • F1MotoGP

    I saw last week 2009 MERCEDES CLC200 KOMPRESSOR CL203 for $46,880 and was 14,300 km on the clock. I go for this.

  • Nath746

    It’s a Lexus. Do I need to say any more?

    I think the car is Ugly. And what younger buyer (do they mean 18 or 40??) would want a hybrid car anyway? Their mates would ask “What car have you got?” and they would have to say “I’ve got a Lexus Hybrid”. Their mates would all laugh at them… sorry, but what young person would want to buy this car? BMW 120d or Golf Diesel would be so much better!

  • Krish

    The engine has EXACTLY the same output of the Prius, no difference, it looks like a Mazda 3 SP25 from more than one angle and it will quite possibly be over $50K on the road!?!?! Being a 27 yr old actually looking to buy a new car in this price range, there is no way I would look at this car. Would much rather go for a VW Golf GTD, or even a 120D.