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  • Tim

    Too bad we won’t see anything of this great small car.

  • Simon

    This should be the focus of future development at all levels in the automotive industry. Lively performance, bulk torque and super efficiency. It’s already proven by BMW (330D 3L 6 Cyl TDI 180KW 520NM 0-100 6.2 sec and 123D 2L 4 Cyl TDI 150KW 400NM 0-100 7 sec). We need all manufacturers to get on board in order to put the tech in the hands of the general populace.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Nice Buick, but the trannies on this car are horrible, and have a strong poor reliabilty history. Those who are cnsidering this should also consider a more Reliable i30 or Elantra.

    • Rhys

      Whats Buick go to do with and Opel designed and engineered car??

  • Trith

    Is this another FPT FIAT Group *shared* donk?

    Dump the cruze, another Koran junk and bring in the Astra again


    • The Oracle’s Teacher

      This wouldn’t sell anywhere near as many as the Cruze as it would be at least 10 grand dearer. When will this sink in?

      Great car. Too dear.

  • Nick K

    Instead we get the Cruze, complete with Nth American styling… yuck!

    • Shak

      Its styled by opel doofus. Get your facts right before you post.

  • Whitbomb07

    Now this is something I would consider buying from Holden! Looks awesome.

    It seems to be a melding of so many cars, to me it has hints of Mazda 3, CX-7, Hyundai i30, VW Golf, Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback, something from BMW (can’t put a finger on exactly what) and probably more.

    Very Very nice! I guess all we can do is hope it does get brought down under…..

    With Holdens viral marketing they’ll be able to convince everyone of how good a diesel car can be!

    CA any chance of seeing a torque figure?