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Hyundai are a company on the move, having already launched the ix35 this year, it will soon follow with the i20 and i45 for the Australian market. To top it all off we received images of what appears to be the Hyundai Veloster concept in semi-production form.

Labelled the Scirocco from Korea, the Hyundai Veloster first came to light some three years ago at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show and we caught it at the Frankfurt Motorshow and the Sydney Motorshow.

The 2+2 front-wheel drive sports coupe seems to have made the cut to head into production.

It’s likely that the Hyundai Veloster will be powered by a 1.6-litre four cylinder engine with direct injection capable of around 110kW for the base model.

There is also the possibility of a more powerful version delivering around 140kW mated to a twin-clutch automatic gearbox. We would certainly like to see the Veloster available with the 2.0-litre R-diesel engine currently in the ix35.

Some rumours suggest that it may sport a Mini Clubman style rear hinged extra door on one side, even though the concept had no such feature.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia spokesman Ben Hershman told CarAdvice that currently there is no confirmation for the Veloster joining the model lineup in Australia.

We expect the car will make its official début next year and certainly hope that Hyundai Australia look at importing it for our market.

  • john

    I would like to see them squeeze some performance from there 1.6 lt diesel and use it in this or the tiburon with a twin clutch gearbox of some sort.

  • Baddass

    Cool concept, but will this replace or join the Tiburon?

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Tiburon is done in the US Market. This is Smaller than KIA Forte/Cerato Coupe in fact its Accent hatch sized so I wouldnt be surprised if…………………….. But I think they might badge it as many things in different markets. It would get the i-moniker if they brought it down under.

  • Shak

    I dont know if those in the position for a sports coupe would like the diesel clatter. On the other hand, if they could get at least 120Kw from the 1.6 liter than i’d be really happy.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    It will feature the Base Powertrain in the Next gen Accent Sedan= 145HP= short of 110KW. A 1.6 Turbo=180 HP=135 KW. A 2.0 Turbo=190 KW=250 HP. Those are the petrol powertrains.

  • HyundaiSmoke

    Hyundai, small car, and a Diesel=NO=but ok for markets where Diesel is big time!!! Unless it could be converted to use French Fry Grease, I wouldnt dare buy a diesel small car without fry grease capability.

    • The Oracle’s Teacher

      You say some extraodinary things. Diesel engines make a lot of sense in small cars. All of Eurpoe can’t be wrong and it ain’t their industry that is in the shlt. That honour goes to your homeland. The USA manufacturers won’t learn. The rest of the world has downsized and prospered as a result and you come out with statements like “small cars should run on chip oil”.

      You’re industry isn’t learning. Your motorshows are full of f350′s and Doge Rams with 7.0ltr engines and 3 miles to the gallon. Wake up. The world’s oil fields are not for your country to waste.

      You keep confusing Australia with the USA. Our diesel market is expanding .We have adapted. Stop trying to tell Australians to make the same mistakes as you have. We already have the i30 diesel, Mazda 3 and 6 diesel, Holden Cruze diesel and ford fiesta econetic diesel. We are well down the path to diesel. So FFS stop telling us it won’t work here when you have no idea.

      If your industry doesn’t hurry up and wake up they will be history. That’s a given. Oh and running a new car on fry grease will void its warrnty. That’s another given.

      • HyundaiSmoke

        Oracle, and that’s the thing mate. Diesel will never be big here. Its the trucking Companies. If more people had Diesel cars Diesel prices would go through the roof, and prices on everything else will go through the roof, as trucks are important. Sorry mate, but Id rather live in a Country where I dont have to pay a Lexus Price to get an ix35. There would be mass rioting here if here had to pay the prices you guys have to pay for things, while at the sametime companies are lowering wages. We’d be like Argentina, then again we are almost there just took at the presidential election with Obamas upporters,and then look at the Tea Party opposition. No thank you.

        You may be dumbfounded as to why Middle Class Americans have a lot of material possessions, however the purchasing and consumption of those possessions was the “Credit Fairy” that propped this Fundamentally Flawed economy up for years. How in the Hell did you think Clinton and his gang took America out of that dark “Poverty Basket” period? He and his boys released the credit fairy big time. Either they bring the Fairy back from hiding, or this country is screwed for a very long time.

        The Climate Change Bill in the House has a provision that says any new heavy duty truck bought, must have a Natural Gas Powertrain, and that would slowly replace all diesel trucks. However, I think the real owners of America will never allow for that to happen, and on top of that nobody in the general population know about this provsion nor cares about it either. So they will get what they want.

        • VT363rwkw

          Wouldnt you need a big powerfull Diesel to tow round your trailor, maybe something with a rocking chair in the back so you can play the old Banjo, or do you just play the jug

          • The Oracle’s Teacher

            It’s like I said earlier. They just keep using petrol like it is in an infinate resource at the expense of the rest of the world. It’s about time their government grew a pair and jacked the price of it up so that they have to downsize. But it’s too busy protecting their auto industry by keeping tariffs in place on huge pickups (which account for 1 in 4 sales) with extremely thirsty engines whilst pretending to be involved in free trade and demanding our industry cuts its tariffs.

            The world’s oil is the world’s oil. If your country paid what the rest of us do for oil, instead of hogging it all for your selfish selves then you too would be forced to embrace economy measures and diesel is a part of that. You are less than 6% of the world’s population and you use 25% of its oil. You are the world’s biggest resource wasters and one of its biggest polluters. So don’t come in here telling us what we should drive.

    • Shak

      BTW all diesels can run on fry grease if you add some vinegar, i dont know the exact measurements, but Top Gear have proven it.

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        That’s common knowledge amongst diesel vehicle owners. It still voids your warranty .

  • HyundaiSmoke

    By the way, some of those new Hyundai 4cyl Petrol Engines get Diesel Mileage with the power of a V6. HCCI is the next step, and when that happens Petrols will get better mileage than Diesels and many Hybrids. That’s a 2015 Technology however. You’ll see it in GMs, Fords, and Hyundais about then.

    HCCI+GDI+Turbo= 200 HP B Segment that gets 100 MPG. Watch, youll see.

    • Shak

      Why do you post on an Australian website, none of us like the HP and MPG crap. Either post our way or leave.

      • The Oracle’s Teacher

        Maybe he hasn’t worked out this is an Australian site yet?

        • HyundaiSmoke

          Humm… well that’s what conversion websites are for, maybe you should go convert some KW and KM/Lfigures for me. I put the figures down for you guys sometimes. Screw you.

          • SteveH

            Well how about you visit one of these conversion websites and do the work yourself rather than continually posting dribble in measures that we don’t use.

          • HyundaiSmoke

            Well its not like Your measurements arent dribble to me. Remember, our school systems here gives us just barely a rudimentary knowledge of the Metric system. 90% of the population flat out forgets it, 5% need it for employment, and the other 5% learn it or have just a basic knowledge of it.

            Impart of the other 5%. When it comes to MPH to KM/h I get that right, but anything more than that I need to figure it out.

          • Classic

            Does one of those charts convert the words, “Please stop your incessant posting on this website with your silly comments” for you?

          • The Oracle’s Teacher

            You guys didn’t adopt the metric system out of arrogance and a lack of ability to convert. No other reasons. We don’t use it here and haven’t for 44 years. So sod off.

          • The US is officially metric

            The US passed a bill in 1975 to convert to metric, and then, in 1988, made METRIC the OFFICIAL units of mearure system.

            “The Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 legislation amended the Metric Conversion Act of 1975 and designated the metric system as “the Preferred system of weights and measures for United States trade and commerce”"