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The 2010 Volkswagen Passat range has been updated for the new year with a revised engine line-up, added features and a new entry price.

The 1.8-litre 118TSI is now the entry-level model in the Passat range with the discontinuation of the 2.0-litre 103TDI and the 147TSI models.

The 118TSI, combined with the standard seven-speed DSG gearbox, packs 118kW and 250Nm, uses 7.7 litres/100km (7.8 for the wagon) on combined cycle and emits 180g/km CO2 (182 wagon).

Next in line is the most popular Passat model, the 2.0-litre 125 TDI, which now enjoys a luxury Highline upgrade which includes a chrome-plated radiator grille strips, front fog lights and 17in alloys, as well as Napa leather upholstery, sports-luxury front seats and brushed aluminium decorative trims inside.

Performance when teamed with the standard six-speed DSG peaks at 125kW and 350Nm, while fuel consumption (6.5 litres/100km sedan, 6.6 wagon) and CO2 emissions (172g/km sedan, 175 wagon) are the best in the range.

Sharing the six-speed DSG are the range’s performance models, the V6 FSI Highline and the top-spec R36.

The 3.2-litre V6 FSI direct injection system leads to engine outputs of 184kW and 330Nm, acceleration from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds (7.2 wagon), fuel consumption of 10.2 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of 243g/km (both variants).

The Highline’s extended standard equipment list now includes 18in alloys, sports suspension, 12-way electric front seats with three driver memory positions, automatic kerb function on passenger’s exterior mirror for reversing and media device interface.

Volkswagen’s upgraded 4Motion all-wheel drive system is at work within both the Highline and the R36, which at 220kW and 350Nm, is the king of the range.

The sedan races from 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds (5.8 wagon) yet fuel efficiency and emissions are both slightly better than the V6, coming in at 10.0 litres/100km for the sedan (9.9 wagon) and 233g/km CO2 (231 wagon).

The sporting look of the R36 has been enhanced by dark side and rear window tinting while inside it also gains the media device interface unit.

Driver assistance systems including adaptive cruise control with front assist for braking distance reduction, park assist, adaptive chassis control and lane assist.

Safety remains high with eight airbags and enhanced traction control with anti-slip regulation and electronic stabilisation program.

The new 2010 Volkswagen Passat range is available now at the following manufacturer’s list prices:

  • 118TSI – $38,990 ($40,990 wagon)
  • 125TDI Highline – $43,990 ($45,990 wagon)
  • V6 FSI Highline – $55,990 ($57,990 wagon)
  • R36 – $64,990 ($66,990 wagon)


Stay tuned for the 2010 Volkswagen Passat First Steer which will be online soon.

  • Save it for the track

    Interesting more cross polination of engines across VW/Audi/Skoda. Prior to this model release, I believe the 1.8L 118TSI was only in Audi/Skoda, with the 118tsi in the Golf being the smaller capacity, but super and turbo charged 1.4L. Will be interested to see which one tehy stick with over the coming years, the twin charge 1.4L or the larger 1.8L turbo. Currently only 10Nm difference in favour of the 1.8L, and power delivery seems similar. Maybe they’re just waiting for the ‘no replacement for capacity’ mentality to lessen? The pricing seems quite reasonable, and would appear to put more pressure on Skoda Octavia, no doubt however the Skoa will have some things standard that will be options on the VW. Will be interesting to see.

    • Damian

      The 1.4L twin charge is a great engine performance wise, but will become an absolute liability once the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. People havea already been complaining about problems with the twin charge on the new Mk VI Golfs.

      • Shak

        Yeah i’ve heard some complain that when the S/C goes off charge, the Turbo is caught off guard, and takes a while to spool back up. The S/C really help if you can get it to work with the turbo in its sweet spot, but otherwise….

  • Baddass

    R36 wagon for me please.

    • Simon

      Yes a lovely car, but nearly $70K!

      • MA

        Yes but what other car can you get with all the R36 gives you at that price??

      • Baddass

        But Simon those looks, that sound! Can’t you see where I am coming from? The wagon is the better looking of the pair IMO, and is more practical, so that’s my choice.

        • Simon

          I fully agree Baddass. I’m just sorry I cannot afford it!

          • Baddass

            Neither can I mate, just a hypothetical dream of mine.

  • Steve-Poyza

    The Renault Laguna has a lower base price, something I’ve never realised…

    • sammo

      The Laguna, however, will probably fall apart after 6 months of driving. It’s French.
      The Passat won’t. It’s German.

  • Tony

    Yes I agree it will be interesting to see if Skodas pricing changes. I have always liked the current model Passat and would happily drive a 3.2 or the R36 wagon

  • spellbound

    I think they may have to rejig the superb prices this is looking very close with the predicted superb V6 wagon being in the upper $50k bracket smack on passat wagon , but as has been said, extras on the VW will probably push it up $70k .

    Wagon is a definate good looker on the road .

  • Simon

    All in all, not much has changed design-wise. I guess when you’re on a good thing, stick to it!
    Recently I discovered there is a 6+ month wait for the 125KW Passat.
    Very good news for a current owner should one decide to sell.

  • All Wheel Driver

    Why does VW OZ consistently keep kicking us in the guts. They never give us TDi 4motion models when they’ve been available in the past (including in NZ) and still available in overseas markets. We only ever get the TDi FWD or the petrol 4motion. I’m guessing when the new Golf & the Caddy get released with 4motion this year that Australia will once again miss out. Not everyone wants a petrol car that’s AWD and many of us don’t have the huge amount of money required for an Audi. Skoda seem to be the only other TDi/AWD option (with the Scout). Not everyone wants to get an SUV or buy a Subaru.
    C’mon VW OZ.. When are you going to offer TDi 4 motion models???

    • Simon

      You nailed it All Wheel Driver. If VW Oz offer 4×4 with diesel it will steal sales from Skoda and hurt the fledgling brand in Australia. VWAG doesn’t want to become a GM and cause competition under its own umbrella.

      • sammo

        Who actually drives Skodas anyway??

    • Peter

      I agree … if VW Oz brought out the 125KW TDI with 4Motion I would order one immediately as a repalcement to my 06 model V6 4Motion.

  • Mike Anderson

    I am looking for a diesel engine in the R36 brand. Petrol has a poor outlook in the life of a new vehicle and the economy of the european diesels sells them every time. I am disappointed but think the VW 125 TDI wagon is an very good vehicle and value.

  • Daniel

    After much consideration, I recently bought myself the new 2010 model R36 and could not be happier! Handles like a dream, heaps of room (people and luggage) and brilliant performance! It’s also very well put together (a previous criticism of VW) and with a great range of inclusions. For the price, you can’t ask for more!

  • Ralph

    I own a 2010 model Passat wagon TDI which has a brake fault. The auto hold, when used manually (which I chose to use) drops out with an audible warning, plus the brake fault symbol appears and a comment in the screen stating there is a fault in the brake system. This only occurs when the car is cold and started up first thing in the morning. After I stop and turn off the motor, it does not occur after I re-start. Clearly there is a problem and my dealer seems incapable of solving it. I am wondering if anyone else has had, or is experiencing this problem.

    • Unhappy

      I unfortunatly own a 2009 TDI sedan. I havent had broblems with the auto hold but had the following problems.
      Vehicle unable to start approx 70+ times – “Parking brake fault! See owners manual”
      Car disengages from drive while driving.
      Car stuck in drive and unable to be moved.
      Park brake replaced 3 times, DSG Mechatronic replaced twice, windscreen replaced as dealer damaged while removing wipers.
      Car spent 104 days at dealer being fixed.
      Car still not 100%.

      • happy user

        I also have 2009 Passat TDI and no problems at all, nice car..

      • Tim

        @Unhappy – It sounds like you have a valid case to get a new car under the Lemon Law. I would not be accepting a 1YO car that’s spent half it’s age at getting fixed.

        Seriously, why are you willing to stand for this?