by Karl Peskett

It seems that Toyota’s recall issues now extend to other brands, including Ford. CTS Corp, which supplies the accelerator pedals involved in the latest Toyota recalls, also supplies Ford in China for its Transit Classic van.

Toyota says that it is recalling 75,000 cars in China for the same issue, while Ford’s CEO, Alan Mulally, told USA Today that the company is performing due diligence.

“When anybody has an issue in the industry, we check everything about the Ford system and production process,” said Mr Mulally. “It’s our assessment right now that this is very isolated.”

Around 1600 Transits are thought to be affected, but Toyota’s woes also include an unspecified number of vehicles in Europe to be recalled, mostly the RAV4.

CarAdvice will keep you updated as this issue progresses.

  • PG

    Would have been nice if they hadnt used the image of the model used here, the model that is affected looks nothing like the model in the image.
    It is based on the 94-98 model & probably shares no components with the one shown.

  • LSD

    PG…….you are right. These websites seem to use the wrong pics alot dont they?

  • Frenchie

    For once I bet the chinese wish they had not copied someone else!

  • Baddass

    I wasn’t aware that the Transit was built in China.

  • Blue Blood

    Van pictured is made in the same factory as Mondeo in Europe Turkey and Belgian.

  • noj

    Where is Phil C with his quality surveys?

  • HyundaiSmoke

    I like Hyundai KIAs approach of palying it safe with these electronic pedals. Most of their cars still use cables. They put them in cars slowly like 1-2 per platform at a time and develop them for the utmost reliability for the product that really makes the bread.


    i20 and Soul=electric
    Accent, Rio=Cable

    They release the new stuff in the smaller less important markets first to get out the kinks, then they release them into more important markets, and by that time the Kinks are gone. By percentage of population Australians buy Hyundais more than Europeans, and are nearly on par with China, USA, and Korea. Therefore Austrailia has to wait to get the i20 so that any quality issues can be worked out.

    It brings up quality in the most important markets for Hyundai(China, USA, Korea, Australia), and ensure that the most important markets get the best Hyundai/KIA product.

  • Partzkid

    well i’m glad that the problem is based on the old VG/VE transits. i thought they had finally cottoned on to the problems they were having with the acc pedals in the VH/VJ/VM transits.