2000 Nissan Patrol 3-litre diesel Warranty Complaint

Name: Alan Johnston
Car Make: Nissan
Car Model: Patrol 3lt TDI
Year of Manufacture: 2000

Warranty Complaint:

Well known for blowing motors around 130k km.
Mine blew right on cue 3mths outside extended warranty. Nissan paid only for parts to fix, despite this being a manufacturing fault. They didnot supply complete motor and I now have a motor that has a dubious longevity as is it a mixture of old and new parts and put together by small dealer in Broome.

  • matt

    As you already know nissan’s ZD30 engine’s had a problem of leaning out to much whilst on the highway and the oil level was too low to compensate for the rise in heat from the combustion chamber. Therefore nissan decided to increase the amount of oil in the sump by releasing a revised dipstick which would increase the amount of oil in the engine. When the problem was first discovered nissan released “short” motors to fit to customers vehicles when the motor was blown. Due to such high manufacturing costs nissan will now only supply parts that are affected by the motor running lean such as the pistons. (they blow holes in the top of them if the mixture is too lean) Therefor although the whole motor has not been replaced in your patrol the engine will be only worn to the amount that it was before your engine “blew up”. You should count youself lucky that nissan has come to the party considering that it is outside warranty.

    • bazza

      Matt… In regards to the sump being enlarged by nissan to over come heat to the combustion chamber is correct
      More light has come to the nissan’s ZD30 diesel engine problems recently with a fix that might just solve the problem of heat.
      A mate of mine was telling me about a caravan trip where he called into a small servo station out west NSW to fill up with fuel. On paying his bill, the mechanic asked him how the patrol was going. At that stage my mate said it was starting to get a bit sluggish.
      The mechanic asked him has he had the fuel sensor cleaned?
      Mate said what’s a fuel sensor? The mechanic showed him and cleaned it with a cleaning spray can and said “see how it goes now.”
      The patrol had immediate power, went like a bullet!
      The mechanic advised that the fuel sensor allowed the right amount of fuel mixture to the engine which prevents the fuel from becoming lean, causing heat, and in the case of the ZD30 can cause the pistons to crack and blow the engine. Self maintenance on the fuel sensor is vital by all. All sorts of muck get into the engine bay of a 4WD.
      Anyone out there worried that your nissan is next to blow go to a mechanic you know, and ask about it and get it cleaned and then you can do it your self.

    • paul

      all this reading here is kinda scary, yet entirely opposite to my experience, i have a 2000 model 3.0L currently i am upto 270,000km with everything original only thing i have done is replace 5the gear but not a biggee i do after all tow with it lots, i do the service myself every 10,000 change oil and oil and fuel filters, otherwise it still has heaps of go and never lets me down draggin 3 kids and the camper trailer all over the place.

    • DAVO

      just the word nissan makes me spew with anger and frustration their warranty is a scam

  • KMit

    This is the first i a have heard about unreliablitiy of the 2000 GU2 3 ltr nissan patrol.

    I bought a second hand 3Ltr TD 12months ago, i change oil and filters every 10-15000kms. At purchase the nissan had 208,000kms it now has 256,000kms. on the odd occasion the engine light did light, the work shop manual indicates to check fuel filter for water and drain. other issue is, on two or three occasions, the vehicle appears to loose boost, by backing off on the accelerator the vehicle resumes as normal, cant figure it out, everything seems to be in order. have to say, after reading a few comments at some forums and now this site, im stressed, i guess its time to try and sell.

    • Andrew

      I had the same problem with mine and after a little bit of searching found it wasn’t loosing boost, it was cutting out on over boost. Problem was the EGR valve was faulty and not allowing it to relieve excess boost. Ended up blanking it off and fitting a dawes valve which completley controlled the vanes in the turbo instead of letting the computer do it. Haven’t had a problem with it in over 25000 km (touch wood) and now has boost at idle which is great for the down low torque of the 3L.

  • jimmy

    kmit dec 23 2007

    i had the same problem and i put it into nissan dealers across aus for 2 year they did not know what was going on
    every time i checked my filter there was no water in it
    it turned out to be the air flo senser it was replaced for the cost of $400 and the motor turned into a young thing

  • Johnno

    I have a ’97 2.8 Turbo Diesel Rodeo an am looking at “upgrading” an to an ’02 or ’03 Patrol. Having heard a few stories about the 3 litre ST’s blowing up, I am wondering if anyone out there knows when Nissan corrected the problem, and also what other things to look for in getting the right car(what other bugs are ther????) Should I go for the Cruiser instead???

    • Just Ice

      Go for the cruiser – 80 series are the best…

      • Rolesy

        Go for patrol crd more power

  • http://caradvice.com.au Artur

    I have just the same symptoms as KMIT.
    The result is a new injection pump for $ 4200.
    Light was on and off and then it did not accept
    fuel and produced clouds of smoke.
    Can anybody replace pump for less?

  • Paul

    Just like Artur i had to replace injector pump at a cost of $4200+. Now four months later it goes back in tomorrow for the same thing.
    Mine is a 2000 3.0 litre T/D, 2 weeks ago i replaced the intercooler and just last week i cannot get any power out of it. Nothing. 80km/h is a real effort and god help me if there is a hill.
    Nissan have a lot to answer for with this model, it is nothing but a revenue raiser for their workshops. They must be making millions. Some sites praise these motors but at 140,000klms mine is an absolute bucket of s#%t.
    This is my last nissan i will ever own.
    A mate has just gone through the same things i’m now going through and it cost him a fortune. He is trying to trade in his on a Toyota Land Cruiser but the car yards won’t give him anything for his. 1) They either offer him nothing or 2) They don’t even want the car. Refuse to offer him anything and tell him to try and sell it privately. Again a 2000 model with 135,000k’s on the clock.
    Nissan should be investigated under trade practice’s. The Nisaan owners have been taken for a ride by Nissan Aust. Too many instances all the same scenario’s yet they claim there is no problem. Right !
    After purchase price mine has cost me over $5000+ since achieving 135,000 and tomorrow the spending will continue.
    Oh what a feeling ! That’s my next car.

    • Rolesy

      Bud I know wat ur goin thru an I had mine fixed by Nissan At Charlieville Qld after I rolled into Cunnamulla with fuel light on so I filled both Tanks(135L) got 100ks down the road an list power would not go over 80ks after the mechanics diagnosed it with thier code reader it also said fuel pump but no lights were on the dash but being crd he was onto sumthing in the fuel rail which ended up being a blocked fuel pressure relief valve which is at the end of the fuel rail an is no bigger than an inch long bit it mesmerized me on how such a little part crippled my car for 5 days
      This happened 2 weeks ago an it’s runnin stronger than a malee bull

  • Steve

    I have a 2001 model 3.0L with 175,000km on the clock. At 160,000km I would have told you it was a great car. In the last 6 months however, I have had to replace 5th gear, which is common apparently and I believe Nissan replace it with bigger splines because the fault was recognised in models pre 2004. I also had to get a new O2 sensor and drive belt tensioner…again apparently common problems. Now I have just replaced the fuel injector pump which cost me $5.5k! Nissan Australia won’t admit to these items being “documented” problems which have been modified in later models and I am left with the bill for Nissan’s research and development on these motors. This is the second Patrol I have owned but I won’t ever get another one.

  • Ian

    I have a 3.0L 2000 GU seies II. Only 120ks. Serviced every 10K by Nissan. Last saturday in the middle of nowhere, towing a camping trailer, you guessed it….bang. Heaps of smoke, engine died.
    Had to get it towed from central NSW to Canberra. Luckily I took out NRMA premium cover, which at least covered towing to home and rental car bills.
    Nissan are yet to look at the motor. Will submit a warranty claim but doubtful about success due to age of vehicle.
    Options are:
    a) Patch up motor and sell vehicle
    b) keep vehicle and fit series III long motor

  • Brent

    Did you have any luck with the warranty claim ? My brother went through the same thing last weekend.
    His Patrol has 178,000 km’s and he is not sure if Nissan will even listen to him because of the age and number of km’s.

  • mark

    2000 turbo diesel 3litre, got a no start after the drivers side getting swamped in mud, started to loose power then just stopped, got fuel, engine cranks, goes to start when areo start put down inlet tube but no start HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • foxy

    My partner has Just recently bought a Nissan Patrol 2000 GUll
    3.0 Turbo diesel”” (After selling his Toyota hilux and his motorbike and trailer to buy it) To drive it to Land cruiser park once and the dame thing blows. He has recently taken the engine numbers to the Nissan dealer at BUNDAMBA thats all they wanted to see… it has now been a week and the HO of Nissan reckon they haven’t even got the numbers and they probably wont cause of the age of the vehical. But i have done some research and a bloke had got his motor replaced in FEBRUARY of this year and another guy got the Nissan KIT to fix his. I have plenty of info to state there are still people getting motor’s fixed and yes without warranty too and un serviced.. Just Google Nissan Problems
    My partner has also sent TODAY TONIGHT an email letting them know of the problem… So now NISSAN might listen and fix the problem they produced. Will be letting you know when Today Tonight gets a hold of us……

  • bob

    I recently sold my (April 08) 2000 GU T/D patrol. Loved it and pampered it. Started having doubts when noticing forum complaints and stories of failures. My engine started losing power going up hills, compression was down on all cyclinders below accepted minimum. Nissan couldnt fix it over a two week period or indicate what was wrong. Started using more fuel. Also had problems with fuel pump and blowing turbo hoses. Got freaked and traded it in on Honda CRV. I got a great deal and am so happy I got rid of it before it blew up. I had written to Nissan on 2 occasions seeking assurances but got nothing. Nissan are totally untrustworthy in their treatment of patrol owners. Get rid of it before you get burned. I could not trust it to drive to Queensland let alone go into the desert regions. The rest of the vehicle is great and mine looked great (lift, snorkel, colour coded etc etc). Thanks Nissan you deserve to be dragged through the courts for contemp of owners.

  • dot grace

    We bought a Nissan Patrol Station Wagon 3.0L 2000 model. Over the last 8 years, we have replaced the following.
    2 Air Flow Meters [under warranty]
    8 Main Drive Belts $230.00 each with labour belt still screams when wet.
    Pulley $300.00 with labour
    Pulley bearings [Twice] with labour $1200.00
    Flywheel and clutch $4300.00 with labour
    Gear Box $3900.00
    Alternator cant find the Invoice if I remember correctly was around $700.00
    Shock Absorbers over $400.00 replace after only 2 years
    Engine Mounts $1400.00
    lighting electrics sometimes they are on most times they are off
    C D player has to be replaced

    Living in Cooktown,I bought what I thought was a top 4×4
    we now have bitumen all the way, even the dirt road was good, so we cant blame the replacements on the road conditions, but hey, its a 4×4 for goodness sake, or do they make 4x4s just for bitumen now and the 4×4 part must just be a pose.Nissan told us more or less that we got a Friday car, good lord how many Friday cars are there?
    And as for Customer Service WHAT CUSTOMER SERVICE?
    I might add that our nearest Nissan Dealer is in Cairns, 330KM away, therefore I have freight, phone calls etc and waiting for parts is unbelievable, all parts seem to come from Melbourne. P S the stereo sound system is brilliant but, unfortunately Nissan could not fix it without replacing the whole system at my expense.I will never recommend any Nissan to anyone ever again.

  • michael

    My wife and I bought a second hand 2000 GU ST 3L a year ago from a car yard in newcastle. The 4X4 was going great for about 6 months when the first of the troubles began.

    1/ Replaced clutch and mass fly wheel. There is documented info on known fault with the fly wheel going. Changed for later model flywheel. Engine has to come out to perform this job $4500 later.( found that the clutch was wrong model fitted from previous owner and the link for the 2wd-4wd was broken)

    2/Power window switches are not working, as well as the crappy OEM cd player display not working all the time and it speaks japanese and also spits out cd’s left right and centre

    3/The ocassional turbo pipe blowing off.If the car seems to be running very well one day and not the next, there could be to much pressure building up. Again known problem with Patrols.

    4/The best of all. Blown head gasket which is common about the 140k. When this happens the car is hard to start because of the water getting into the piston chambers and causing hydro lock. You will eventually start the car, but by then there will be no more water left in the engine and radiator and white smoke will flow from the back of the car (steam). You can buy a rebuilt kit from EBAY for about $1900 but the removal of the engine about is $2000-$3000 the killer.

    5/ The main killer of Patrols is the injector pump. When this goes the car will feel gutless and tired. Buying a new one is $4000-$5000 but to reco the old one is about $1000 but what a difference. young car again.

    There is a solution to some of these problems and that is to replace your engine with a new model (2007-) after yours has already gone.this will have most of the fixes done already
    Currently our vehicle is having a 2007 model engine fitted which is costing $ 6950 and then fitting cost is $ 1500. (we now have a $45000.00 car!!!)That is only worth about $ 15,000 but worked out to be a cheaper option then refinancing and cutting losses.

    hope this helps about our beloved patrol’s

  • Peter Hine

    I have a Sept 2001 plate GU 3.0 patrol that has blown #1 piston and cracked the head in 3 out of 4 cylinders between the glo plug and an exhaust valve. The car has done 163000 km and always servived every 10000 km by Nissan dealer. Also had 5 year warranty. Waiting to contact Nissan for assistance

    • Bob Taylor

      Hi Peter, My patrol (Oct 2001) deisel turbo has blown with broken crankshaft, probably due to siezed piston (TBC). How did you go with your claim with Nissan.

  • Charley

    I am looking at buying a 3.0L turbo diesel DX (2000) but after reading all the bad feedback mi starting to have second thoughts. it has done 130000kms and has a full log book history but from some of the stories i have read here this doesnt seem to matter… what should i do? can anyone offer any advice cause i really want a patrol but dont want to get shafted. thanks

    • Just Ice

      Charley – don’t buy a Patrol, the last good one was the GQ. Get a Toyota instead. Definitely don’t go for the Mitsubishi alternative, if you think the stories on this page are bad those poor prunes that bought the Pajero are in a far worse boat and the vehicle isn’t worth a cracker when it runs anyway. With that garbage – the purchase price is just the deposit because you are forever spending.

  • dot grace

    Stay away from the 2000/2001 models. Nissan knows there is a known problem with them and do not come to the party when something major goes wrong/has gone wrong with them. They end up costing thousands more than you originally expected. Later models seem to be better – but do thorough research before you buy into these products.

  • maurice fleay

    can you advise if a 12/2001 3l is outside the problem engine series,it has the red white red tail light configeration

  • Peter Hine

    Following from my comment of June 29, 2008, Nissan Australia had agreed to supply an engine kit to rebuild the engine, where I had to pay labour costs, that were estimated at $2200 by Nissan dealer.
    I decided that it was more prudent to pay the extra and get a new, later model long motor for the job. This comes with warranty, whereas the rebuild kit had no warrenty offered.

  • http://www.web-backlinks.com/ Web Backlinks

    Anyone hear about any problems with Nissan Patrol ST turbo Diesel 3.0? I just bought one and after reading this post, I’m a bit worried!

    • Ben Sagar-Haller

      Mate if you maintain it you should be fine however we did blow the engine in our 2001 Zd30, and nissan replaced it with the long block with installation for 5k

  • aron

    I bought a new 2008 DX Patrol Ute in March. The only reason I did not buy a Landcruiser, is that I require dual air bag for mine use. I have done all my own servicing as i am diesel Mechanic (+20 yrs). I did an oil filter change at 4000 kms. I always cut the filter element and inspect. The filter was full of metal contaminant. I took this to my Nissan dealer and showed the service manager, who showed no real concern. (unlike myself) We agreed to wait till next srrvice to see if trending. At 9000kms I did another service and same result. I have now just done another service at 15000kms and again metal in filter. All correspondence with Nissan is now in writting and we will see what transpires. When you guys are talking about which model is suspect? Remember, a patrol is a big heavy vehicle and we we generally use them to tow or work hard. 3.0Lts is only 3.0Lts and to get the power Nissan has rung its neck. Personaly buy a Patrol only to pick the Kids up from school.

  • tony

    just been alerted to all the dramas people have had with their patrols. we own a may 2002 3.0litre turbo deisel patrol (plus pack) ,done 135000kms. I’ve read nissan corrected the problem which causes the pistons to blow , can anyone tell me what year/month they fixed it. the vehicle’s been serviced regularly and well looked after(don’t know if it makes any bloody difference)and we are pretty freaked out by these horror stories.Nissan ought to be ashamed of themselves, its disgusting.

  • Malcolm

    If you have a ZD30 engine in your Nissan I would recommend you checkout the “forum” on these two sites:

    http://www.patrol4x4.com and http://www.exploroz.com both have hundreds of pages regarding this engine (and how to fix it).

    I have a 2003 GU III which I was selling (not one problem in approx 50,000 kms) and upgraded to a 2005 GU IV. In less than 1,800 kms I had blown the engine. (112K) It appears Nissan may be coming to the party. Local dealer wants to remove the head (confirmed #2 cyl dead). Still work in progress.

  • Ray

    michael you mention about installing a 2007 engine for around 7k. Where did you source this motor as i been quoted for 11k to replace my existing for alike motor

  • Matt

    It sounds like the best thing that can be done for the 3.0L motor is pull the SOD out and have a 6.5 CHEV V8 dropped in. Most problems solved with one easy engine change.

  • Selina

    Hi have the 2000 Nissan Patrol ST GU II diesel manual.
    It is totally lacking in power i can put my foot flat to the floor & seem to go know where the dealer i purchased it off said they have done everything possible & still couldn’t tell me why this was?? Anyone else experiencing same trouble??

  • Tony

    I have a 2000 3 Litre Turbo Diesel purchased in 2004 with 55000km on the clock. It has been serviced every 5000k and babied. At 90k it stripped 5th gear. I found out this was a common problem it cost around $2000 to repair. At 106k you guessed it it needed a new motor. When I took it to the local Nissan dealer they acted shocked and surprised like they didn’t know what was happening, what a joke. They came to the party with a repair kit. It cost me $6000 to get it back on the road 6 weeks later.

    Today the car has about 145k and so far no problems but I don’t trust it and I am stuck with it. I hate Nissan I am disgusted in them and I will never have another one even if it is given to me.

    Enough complaints have been logged and everyone has receipts why hasn’t a class action been instigated against these bastards!

  • Whitey

    Goodaye guys. I too was stupid enough to buy a 2000 3.0 td. Bought it second hand (170,000km) for what i thought was a pretty decent price at the time.

    As the vehicle was ex-lease, there was a pretty comprehensive history attached to the vehicle. Most of the known problems had already happenned including blown engine, cd player,etc, etc. It’s a pity that I didn’t have access to all this info prior as i may of thought again, also, all the rest of the now known problems were not well documented at the time.

    Since i have owned it, I have also had the A/C replaced – $1500, injector pump and nozzle replacement – $6,500. The rear dif is now leaking out through the wheel bearing seal, front shockky leaking, turbo hose blown.

    Funny story though, when I had the injector done, the car was never the same, power wise. The mechanic agreed that this was the case and did a whole bunch of tests that proved reasonably inconclusive as to the actual problem. I put up with it as the vehicle was not getting a great deal of use as i am in the military and spend a lot of time away. I have always had the car serviced every 5,000kms (which is an expensive joke at most). Had it serviced in Canberra after the injector replacement. They wacked it on the their latest greatest computer and told me that the timing was out by one tooth. This was possibly as a result of the injector replacement as they have to take half the engine out of the car?? Rang up the previous mechanic who assured me that they had put it in the right way???? I was then quoted in excess of $1,000 to remedy problem.

    Car still runs like crap, just blew a turbo hose >$200!! I would be interested in this $7,000 engine replacement if any one has any mor info?? I do like the way I have the vehicle set up and would probably punch a nissan dealer in the mush if they offered me some inferior trade in price on something newer, especially when they all reckon that you won’t have a problem with the GU as long as you change the oil and filters every 5-10,000 km… WHAT’S NEXT!!!

    • John

      Hi Mate

      When my engine started blowing turbo hoses off and the intercooler had oil leaking from it I knew there was something wrong.
      The dirty contaminated MAF Sensor between the air cleaner and the engine will cause the turbo to over boost and also cause high combustion temperature.After this it will only be a short while before you blow a piston.
      Clean the MAF censor with electrical circuit cleaner and fit a boost guage on the car so you can keep an eye on preasure while driving.
      Have the deisel injection pump checked for correct operation.

  • jason

    southside 4wd in brisbane has a 2004 engine available at the moment for around $6500 with warranty call em on 0732741222 think it had aprox 95000kms

  • Brad

    Bought 2000 patrol 3L manual from new. had turbo hose replaced when new, air flow meter ($400), fuel injector pump ($6000), turbo under (insurance), crank shaft seal Twice, gear box seal, electronic trip odometer keeps reseting to zero. And now ….. Battery went flat, got new battery now 2 days later all lights flashing on dash, radio goes off when put foot on brake, car turned off when driving lost steering had to run start. can’t start no power. ????? alternator??? can’t wait for mechanics bill!!!

    Not happy, has always been serviced & not driven hard.

  • Martha

    Help, have been informed that the piston has blown on our 3lt4 2004 model. Full service history, bar one which was 7000 late, but oil/filter change done at home as we were unable to get the car booked in. Every other service was on time or early. Think it was a ‘Friday’ car, oil leak in 1st 3mths, air con hose too short and leaked into passenger side and rusted out carpet, battery problems, power problems and now pistons have gone (metal filings in sump). Has been 2 weeks and Nissan have now informed dealer that they will not cover under warranty. Car has done 136K and we have extended warranty to 150K. Where do we go now – this is a joke and we have been quoted $15K+, plus the hire car that we have been using…………Where is the class action for this mob???

    • Njmechanical

      Hi there all, I was thinking of buying a gu about 2000 model thank Christ I didn’t I bought A 1990 80 series instead almost 700k on it now blew 1 turbo and injectors and pump alternator Brgs/ regulator, a freshen up of rings and big ends at 500k I tow a trailer all the time and it loves it. I tell u the grass is definitely greener on the Tojo side oh what a feeling!

  • wayne

    My brother has just had a brand new engine put in his gu at a cost of $11,000 & guess what? 1500k’s later he has had more fuel problems. First he was told the injector pump was the wrong one fitted (was told it was off a navara) & now has been told the injectors weren’t new but reco’d & they had failed. Now he is worried because they tell him that the injector pump on his nissan & the on the navara are supposed to be the same but has also been told by other mechanics that they are different

  • http://gmbeckton@optusnet.com.au Ged Beckton

    An independant ex Nissan workshop manager has informed me that the cure for the 3.0 t/d problems is simple. The problem he says is that with the pollution regs arriving on the scene in 2000 odd this engine was fitted with an exhaust gas recirculating pipe into the inlet manifold. As we all know an exhaust pipe will after extended use clag up and in this case results in restricting the flow of air into the combustion chamber, particularily under load eg caravan up hill !!The fix he assured me was too remove the inlet manifold and have it “ported and polished” or honed which then resists exhaust particles building up…he also said it is critical too use a top quality synthetic diesel oil. Mkes mechanical sence too me..good luck.

  • Dean

    I have a 2000 model GU 3 ltr diesel Patrol which today while travelling on a dirt road close to home had the motor stop. I lost power, then heard a knocking noise from the motor, then saw a very large amount of smoke out the back. The vehicle has done about 250000kms, and serviced every 5000 kms. I will be finding out soon what damage has been done, but going by all the remarks so far, I’m not expecting good news.

  • zd30 victim- call for CLASS ACTION

    I have a 2000 GUII (ex police), 207,000kms on clock. Bought at 160,000kms, had full service history. I have had it serviced every 5000kms. WENT BANG!!!! Nissan dealer suspects faulty MAF sensor. Over-boosted and sh*t itself. I have been quoted $6000 to repair (cracked head, needs new pistons, oil pump etc). I have also been told i need to replace my injector pump. big $$$$. I have had problems with 5th gear, turbo hose and frequently noisy pulley tensioners. I am going to Nissan with a complaint (like many others no doubt) if no result will be taking some course of legal action. I understand the age of the vehicle and km’s done but these problems are known and never fixed (recalled etc). Too many punters have been burnt by nissan- lost thousands and been inconvenienced. I think it is time for a class action. Please email me with details of your vehicle’s problems and response by nissan. I dont need full details at first, but the more unhappy people i get to respond- the more chance of some sort of compensation. Nissan will need to re-act. they may have big fancy lawyers but if we have enough evidence to claim for some form of negligence on nissans behalf- we may just get somewhere. Email details to sawbell@optusnet.com.au. This forum has been forwarded to nissan.

    • john howell

      I have just been told my Nissan 3lt diesel 2000 model needs a major repair job on the fuel injector pump at the absolutely rediculous cost of $5900. Are these parts made of gold. This is an outrage especially reading about others with the same problem. I wouldn’t recomend any Nissan to my worst enemy!

    • Gene Lawton

      hi dean i bought a 2002 td man patrol for$ 23,000 two months ago after second rebuild on engine at 240ks cost 16,000 for rebuild guess what it blew up on family trip after 5 kms now facing huge bill for yet another engine rebuild national insurance only covered 1,ooo for parts no car and not happy agree sue the bastereds gene

  • Dean

    As mentioned on 22/2, my 2000 patrol has decided to retire its motor (piston has hole). Looks like I’m going to have to replace my motor with a new one as I like the nissan handling etc, but not the 3 ltr motor reliability. Have got a price on replacement ($9350 plus labour)but wondering if a rebuild kit (cheaper option) is worth the effort. Is it just a short term fix, as I was not looking at changing my patrol till next year sometime, but if a new motor, will have to keep it longer to justify the cost. Does someone have some experience on this?

  • Whitey

    Its amazing isnt it. All the great advice from everyone like adding boost guages so that the turbo dosnt blow, getting exhaust manifolds port and polished etc etc. Would have been easier if Nissan got it right to start with or at least come to the party with an extra warranty period to get all these issues rectified,no matter what the age of the GU. I am now to scared to venture to far in my car in case it craps itself. Nissan syas that they have sorted all the problems in the later models!! It took a good 3-4 years before all the 2000 model problems started to surface. Will history repeat itself?? If I had of known, I would never of bought one. Good luck owners of GU Patrols. Pity there wasnt a reasonably priced engine replacement (other than Nissan motor) as the rest of the car has held up well. The time bomb continues to tick!!!

  • Scott

    I have a 2003 3.0 litre GU T/D with a cracked head in six places and the No. 2 piston is also stuffed. I am up for an engine replacement in a vehicle that I have owned since new and it has been dealer serviced by Nissan every 5000km. It now has 168,000km on the clock. I have written to Nissan and its been over a week with no reply, email or phone call. I love these vehicles but WILL NOT EVER BUY ANOTHER NISSAN vehicle of any sort. Repair bill is approaching $15,000.00…………..

  • Gary

    Well, I’ve just blown #4 piston in my GU3. The design problem was supposed to be fixed by Nissan in the model but I’ve now found that the design problem wasn’t fully resolved until mid 2004. I’ve had to have a long moter fitted by Nissan at a cost of $13,507!!! Nissan have rejected my claim to them for discounted parts etc. The car is now running fine but have just decided to by a new GU6. The Patrol suits me well and it tows far better than any other car that I’ve tried (including the Land Cruiser). I must admit that I’m a little pissed that Nissan wouldn’t supply discounted parts as it was there design fault that cost me over $13,500!!! Anyway my NEW patrol has a 6 year extended warranty and I will make sure that I trade it before the warranty period runs out!

    • Gary

      Nissans warranty HA HA HA HA good luck with that buddy.

  • Glennboy

    I have a Nissan Patrol 3ltr diesel eith 156000km. At 14000km I had the fuel injector pump failed and I had a reco one fitted by Nissan from Denco diesel in Wagga $3,000.00. I have also had the MAF Air flow sensor replaced to get rid of a flat spot when accelerating. This car does little offroad work and is serviced regulary. Now the vehicle is cutting out at all speeds and loads (engine light comes on)and sometimes I have to pull over and wait 5 minutes before it will restart. Mechanic cant find anything wrong and no error codes. I never know if I am going to make my destination. Any ideas of what may be wrong as I have checked Oil water ect ect

    • bazza

      HI Glennboy
      I mentioned in a reply earlier about the fuel sensor playing a vital part in keeping the engine from running to lean.
      The sensor will administer the right fuel mixture to the combustion chamber but the secret is to keep it clean at all times because it’s electrical.
      Running to lean will create heat and will eventually blow the engine.
      To many mechanics head straight to the fuel injector pump, when instead a little thing like that can be the solution.
      Reply back and lets know how you go.

  • Whitey

    Goodaye Glennboy, my 2000 GU was doing the same thing, until it wouldn’t start at all. Turn out to be the injector pump.
    I would be driving along and it would just stop. When I finally had it towed to Nissan they couldn’t find anything particular wrong with it via fault codes. Wasn’t until they ripped it apart that they found problem. $6,500 later and car still run like a piece of junk, very intermittant performance.

    • Fasterengines

      replace the throttle position switch at the excelorator and see if that fixes it

  • Jay

    HI Guys,
    I am looking at a 200 model patrol with the 4.2l diesel. Has anyone had any problems with these or is it just the 3l that seems to be the lemon.



    • bazza

      Hi Jay
      I have a 1992 4.2 nissan Turbo diesel with 202K’s on it and has not missed a beat. Plenty of low down grunt for towing my 17 ft van. 13/ 100 when towing, 10 Hwy driving.
      A GQ models are out standing in reliability.
      The turbo is after market and the 4.2 is made for it.
      All GQ 4.2’s that were manufactured for overseas had turbo’s
      They came to Aussie non-turbo, but the motor had the same specs as the turbo models. ( insurance maybe? )
      They have a oil cooler, twin oil filters, ( on specials, $4 – $6 each. Don’t fit the Z115 there dearer, fit the Z9 there cheaper and have anti drain back as well.) Cooling system the same as the overseas turbo model. So they love a turbo!!
      The turbo on the GU was a bit like a hair dryer but the after market turbo’s are a lot stronger.
      I placed a DTS turbo on my GQ and it flies!!
      The GU nissan is about 250kg heavier then the GQ so slower then the GQ. The GU is 114 kw of power compared to a GQ will produce when turbo’d 121kw of power, a big difference. I hope this will help you.

  • Carl Mc, Taree

    Why on earth after reading all the above posts would any-one ever contemplate buying a Nissan Crap 4WD,I wouldn’t spend a cent on this arrogant, rude,obnoxious Company.

    If Gary feels fine about giving away $13,000 to a company that screwed him well and truly and then goes and buys another Nissan Crap Patrol,how could he be taken seriously, obviously Gary has never heard of the word ‘research’, hey Gazz, if only Crap Patrols are the best for towing, how come we never see all these caravans being towed by Crap Patrols, all these other caravan drivers must be dopes thinking that their non-Nissan Crap Parols cannot pull their vans, you cannot legislate against stupidity, but hey,I’ve got a 6 year extended warranty.
    If you think Nissan Crap Patrols are bad,take a Captain Cook over at Australian X-Trail Forum.com.au Nissan p####s on these owners too, not forgetting Complaintscorner.com.

    When-ever looking for another vehicle, just keep Nissan Crap out of the loop,eventually 2 things will happen, either they will go bust or they will re-invent themselves but by then it will be too late, just ask Chrysler.
    Chrysler wouldn’t allow Jeep Australia to import the Freedom Drive 2, drive system on their vehicles, HO said Aussies didn’t need them, unfortunately, Aussies did want it but went to other dealers instead, it truly amazes me how other ppl 12,000 miles away know what we don’t want in our vehicles.
    Lets not forget Subaru,their diesel is finally coming out to Australia, but, Outback gets it first, then Forester,( their biggest seller)ho-hum, another company who knows what Aussies want.

    • Elizabeth

      I was considering upgrading my Patrol GQ for a 3 litre as want something a bit more fuel efficient. Mine is a 4.2 EFi petrol/dual fuel.
      After reading this there is no way I would consider one…..

      Mine hasn’t missed a beat in a year and apparently the GQ’s are built far superior to the GU’s!!

      Does anyone know how much putting new tyres on and changing all filters can affect economy, tyres are pretty low?? If I carry on getting only 200kms from $50 in tank it will have to go, as much as I love it!!!

  • Mark

    Another victim, Well another 3ltr S–T itself, 2002 model 168000klm, pistons 1,3&4 cracked,hole also in 4. Thought I was doing the smart thing by purchasing a reco long motor $6000, to validate the warranty on the reco everything had to be tested or serviced, now discover turbo needs replacing $1500, probably due to hole in No.4, and injector pump requires reconditioning/replacement $3500. Add new injectors, sensors, filters, fluid and labour I’m up for close to $15000. I’m yet to contact Nissan. Please call if anyone has any advice. 0410039828

    • Jack

      Hi Mark
      I to have GU Patrol with 130,000klm on it, which recently exploded.How did you fair.Any advice or info would be appreciated.

  • LUKE


    • http://rensta@austarnet.com.au Renae

      Yep my 2002 just blew the sump apart to smitherines

    • Dean

      Did you end up selling that 02 Patrol

  • rob

    Does anyone know of why I would have done 3 air flow meters in my 2000 gu nissan patrol in as many weeks.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Hey Rob seems to be a fault with them……….


  • Tanya Jenkins

    I have a 2000 3LTR Nissan Patrol that needs a new head! (so far) Now I`m doing my research and have looked at many forums and I`m not alone being stupid enough to buy this dud car!!
    I have seen on another site to be very persistent with Nissan as they know about the problem they need to rectify it!!
    One member said they will try to give you the run around because they dont want to pay, But be very persistent and in the end they will come to the party.
    So I plan to start my persistence tomorrow. Will keep you posted as to how it goes.
    If I don`t get anywhere I plan to take it further )alot further) and sure alot are people are with me!

    • John

      I have a good head if your interested

      John 0411477787

  • Clint in Darwin

    I’ve just experienced the dreaded failure to start…

    I’ve been quoted $6,500 for a new injector pump and $5,300 for a reconditioned one.

    Do I get it fixed and wait for piston no.4 to blow or do I start with Toyota?

    Has anyopne actually had legal advice on how to deal with Nissan?

  • Darren

    98444KM was all I got out of a well serviced 2004 3.0 litre nissan patrol. After speaking to nissan and they told me to take it to ANOTHER nissan dealer and they would tell me what went wrong with my much loved car(at my cost), because it was out of warranty(by years NOT KMS) they would still do NOTHING AT ALL no matter what the outcome…. This i think is VERY P#@S POOR..
    Not only that –
    My brother-in-law’s 2001 nissan patrol, with only 115,000kms did a turbo and injectors ($5,500) one week later the flywheel ($3,500)… both vehicles have now been fitted with a Brunswick Diesel (6.5l V8 Chev), and that is the only way a nissan will EVER go up in value, it cost us a few bucks but there was no way in this world either of us were going to give nissan a nother cent………….

  • Tanya Jenkins

    Hi guys,
    Nissan are hopeless! Couldn`t care less about their reputation. I have emailed today tonight about this and also have lodged a complaint with fair trading.
    If you too have been ripped by nissan selling these dud motors, Lets all do something about it! I`m sure if there are enough people out there willing to fight nissan they will have to do something about these ticking time bombs!!!
    ( I also read that these motors were recalled overseas but not here in Australia) Go figure!!

    • stephen Peers


      send me your e -mail and I will send copy of my letter to Nissan

      regards Stephen

      • stephen Peers


        send me your e -mail and I will send copy of my letter to Nissan

        regards Stephen


  • Simon

    Hey all. I have a yr 2000 3.0 Patrol here in the UK. I’m experiencing a lack of acceleration in 4th gear, if I feather the pedal back & pump it up & down it starts accelerating again. Is this the Air Flow Meter? Also my brakes stick on for a second after each press of the pedal. I have about 140km on it & its going great apart from these two recent faults. Took it my local Nissan agent & they completely failed to fix it. Thanks for any advice.
    To the guy who took of his intercooler & then had no power, You have refitted the rubber pipes wrongly, I did the same but now have a blob of paint to code them!

    • Angela

      What needed to be fixed with the 4th gear having no power? I just got the motor redone drove the car away an 4th gear has no power. Does it have something to do with the engine?? Or is it something else. Nissan are sending average Aussies broke

  • stephen Peers

    Nissan Patrol GR

    I bought a 2001 Nissan Patrol with 58,000 miles at a dealer with a warranty in 2005. It was recalled by Nissan while still under warranty from the dealer. They replaced engine but it was never right always loosing water and I kept returning to Nissan . Then the clutch and flywheel went, followed by radiator at around 90,000 miles. All work was carried out by Nissan in order to keep warranty in place- as I thought.

    Nissan failed to admit engine failure and washed there hands with it and sent me on my way. I wrote to Nissan Ireland and they accept no responsibility.

    I only drove 30,000 miles with this new engine. I have spent over 24,000 Euro so far and still need another engine, which makes it the most expensive 30,000 miles I will ever drive.

    I bought the Patrol as they were supposed to be reliable. The Irish army has not renewed its long standing contract with Nissan, I wonder why.

    I thought I was unlucky until I saw other blogs from around the world with the same problems.

    Is there any way we can make Nissan pay, and never buy a Nissan OK !

    • yvonne

      bought a 2004 Nissan Patrol. the motor blew up on us at 77,500 klms. cost $12,000- Nissan mechanics havnt fixed it properly, management dosnt want to know about us. after reading all these horror stories. I WOULD NEVER TOUCH A NISSAN AGAIN. AND WILL BAD MOUTH THEM TO WHOEVER WILL LISTEN. I believe the company is just a money making empire, selling defective vehicles.

      • Blitzkrieg

        Pursue them on the statutory warranty yvonne, see my blog on the 9th dec 2010 below.

  • stephen Peers

    check out my blog, I wrote to Nissan Ireland and they have taken no responsibility. My solicitor recons it could be hard to nail nissan. i am going to write to their HQ in Japan. If they don’t compensate me I will go to small claims court and the papers. any takers?

  • Royce

    Had a 2003 3.0 diesel which I sold 3 years ago for a Hi Lux dual cab diesel. Sold it because I got wind of problems with the Patrol motor and after seeing a couple of them on the side of the road in the last 12 months waiting for tow trucks, I am very pleased I made the change. Hi lux going beautifully.

  • Barry Ayscough

    I have just joined the multitude of Busted 3lt. 2000 Nissan 4×4 owners. The injection pump has just crapped itself – no warning. After reading this website I will be getting rid of this bomb ASAP. Has about 178000 k’s on it and well looked after. No more Nissan’s of any description for me. A class action is badly needed.
    A very expensive lesson !!!

    • Deb Duffy

      I was going to reply to you all individualy but could anyone reading this and have had problems with 2000- 2001 Nissan Patrol and motors blowing could you please contact me via email on debduffy@bigpond.net.au with your email address so we can all get together and do something about Nissan.
      Regards Deb D

  • Jocelyn Doyle

    I to have joined the long multidude of 2002 3.0lts patrols that have gone bust. Some thing seriously needs to be done. Nissan are the most unhelpful bunch. Told that car was too old in years and to many Kms only 135000. They obvious don’t expect them to last long

    • Cecilia Preston

      I have a Nissan Patrol 2002 3.0 turbo diesel which I’ve just been told will cost in excess of $8,000 to fix the injector pump which they told me was caused by dirty fuel. Has anybody else had this problem the vehicle only has 110,000 kms on it and the problem has come out of nowhere.

      • justine

        hi i have a nissan patrol st wagon 2001 3.0 ltr deisel. model I was driving along and herd bang turned to look back and there was so much black smoke at the back of the car i thought it was on fire it was that bad. then I lifted the hood only to see the engine shaking like anything I could not drive the car any further as i thought i could do more damage then good. and the car had no acceleration to it so i got it towed home. It has been in shed till today as i asked for nissan shepparton to come pick it up.
        Not sure of the damage yet but im sure t will be big $$$$ not looking forward to it.

    • Angela

      For a new Nissan motor now they only give 12months 20 000kms yes they don’t expect them to last was told the same thing I have just got the 3rd motor in my 2002 3L

  • Steve
  • http://www.couranqld.com.au Garry Hollins

    I have a Dec 2000 GUII 3.0 with just over 160k. Had been very happy with it till about Jan08 when the flywheel started to shake like hell (at idle only, smoothed out as revs rose). Dealers of course knew nothing… After some research I thought it must have been the motor (it knocked pretty bad). Mentioned this to dealer in Nth Melb. At first they denied ever hearing of engine problems. After a couple of revisits they decided it had to be the engine and quoted about $10,500 for a rebuild. More research revealed problems with the dual mass flywheel. Went to selling dealer in Box Hill who also didn’t know what was wrong but said he had another just come in with same vibration. I convinced him to check the flywheel, and what do know, that’s what it was. So got mine replaced & a new clutch for about $4,200. Now I noticed the noise from the motor. It blows more smoke and has an obvious knock when cold, but is okay once warm. Always had a flat spot around 1,800 RPM even thought the mass sensor was replaced early. Now I’m trying to decided if I attempt sell it to some other poor bugger or spend $20,000+ on a Chev 6.5L. I suppose 5th gear would be the next problem although I understand there is a kit for that. Had spent a bit on other gear so am not happy about letting it go.

  • Tanya Jenkins

    I`m with you!!
    Nissan have a lot to answer for!! I have sent numerous emails and they really don`t care. I have lodged a complaint with fair trading (but not holding my breathe) Something really needs to be done about it. These engines were recalled overseas but not here in Australia, go figure!!
    So anyone who has had the motor problems with the 2000 3ltr model and want to come together so we can be heard, Please come forward and let`s fight for our rights!!!

    • Angela

      Have you heard anything back from fair trading? Do you know where abouts Patrols were recalled overseas. We are thinking about taking them through small claims.

    • Steve A

      We have a early 2002 built GU 3ltr Turbo Patrol ZD30 motor. The vehicle motor recently imploded with 220 thou on the clock. We were travelling along the motor way and all of a sudden it exploded – a large bang and then a tolal loss of power. The sump area was completely destroyed. We are not sure yet but it certainly looks like the top end had a total melt down. The strangest thing is that there was no prior warning, no noises, rattles, shakes or motor shudders. The engine was running very smooth and next minute whammo and all hell broke loose. Good luck if you have a Nissan Patrol. I know I won’t be buying anything in the future if it has a ZD30 in it no matter what year it was made. Steve A.

    • justine

      hi yep im with you something really needs to be done.

  • country locals

    We bought a 2000 gu patrol in 2005 with 160,000 though on the clock after owning at GQ patrol and having no problems with it….The first thing that went for us is the dual mass fly wheel at about 170,000 klms. We didn’t replace it with the genuine part, instead we got a solid flywheel put into its place which has been a very worthy choice. Then at 190,000 though the motor did number 4, after dealing with Nissan we got a new 2008 motor replaced for 12 grand, ouch..and we mean ouch!!!! there goes the new home deposit, ha ha…After doing a few mods to the car we have have so far had no more problems, but still we read the forums al the things that can go wrong we are contiplating wheather to sell or not to sell…As for Nissan them selves they must be individuals because ours have been 100% behind us with everything and are very informative with anything we ask…We cant complain about thier services. Happy to hear from anyone who has any questions about any matter :)

    • yvonne

      sell it. after spending $12,000 to fix motor, it is still not working properly. letters of complaints to nissan dont mean a thing to them. they are a disgusting company. I will never own or deal with them again. I dont like being ripped off.

  • Peter D

    I own a 2000 Gu Patrol and have had nothing but trouble since owning it.It started with the engine going off like a grenade,$8000.Next the maf sensor died,$400 and now the wirring loom under the dash has caught fire due to the earth lead falling off motor and causing power to feedback through the starting system,thank god I had insurance,but this has led to another question of how long is too long as this fire happend at easter and my repairer is still waiting on nissan to supply the parts.This is not good enougth.Nissan should be held acountable and I can guarrentee that I wont be buying another NISSAN PATROL again.Bring on the Cruiser

  • Scott

    Hello everyone, I was about to sign on the dotted line to buy a GU Series II 2000 Patrol. But now I am having serious second thoughts after reading many of the posts you people have put in. If most of you reply with a big fat NO then I guess my decision to NOT buy this vehicle is the right decision. Hope to see that big fat NO soon. cya

  • Gilly

    I have been fortunate to never have any dramas with my Nissans but the 3L t/d models have been scorned with inherent faults.
    My advice to all owners is that for all of you to get together i.e one owner to self nominate themselves as a president with an email that all can correspond with and seek legal help with a “Class action lawsuit” against Nissan to compensate you all back with the repair cost. Bring this news of a class action suit to the media as well and good luck. Avenues like the fair trade dept are a joke and achieve squat all!

    • stephen Peers

      good advice

      Thanks Stephen

  • Morgan

    Another one to add to the list. Nissan Patrol 2006 3.0 ltr turbo diesel. Number three piston melted at 115 k’s one month ago. Engine reconditioner advises problem lies with mass airflow sensor. He apparently has another 6 engines to do with the same problem.We know of another 8. Can anyone tell us where we start with Nissan – customer complaints line?? contact?? Has anyone else had this problem with the later models? We knew of the issue with the earliar models but thought they had been rectified…

  • Hugh Montgomerie

    Bought Patrol 3 litre diesel, new in 2002. After three and a half years the fuel tank rotted through and had to be replaced. It’s the only car I’ve had where the exhaust outlasted the fuel tank. Now, at seven years of age and 82,000 miles the diesel pump has packed in. It does not say much for the build quality of Nissan nor of the after sales service.

  • stephen Peers

    I self nominate myself Stephen Peers as president of- -“Nissan Patrol GR Recall of Defective vehicles worldwide – “TOTAL RECALL”in order to take a “Class action lawsuit” against Nissan to compensate you all back with the repair cost. We will Bring this news of a class action suit to the media as well.Affected parties please e- mail speers@gaisce.ie check out Total Recall GR on twitter or Nissan Patrol GR on Blogger

  • corey

    where do I start with the problems I have had with my gu 3lt series 2 2000 tdi. 3 intercoolers at $1750 each new two altinators 1 belt 1 belt tensioner. and to top it of just put the number 3 piston out the side of the car piece of well you know what im going to say,not happy at all my mechinic says he sees the same thing once a fortnite.

  • stephen Peers

    check out Nissan Patrol Gr on twitter or Blogger

  • Paul McCance

    Here’s another one.

    Bought a GUII 2003 with 21,000km on it in 2004.
    February 2006 – clutch meltdown at 63,000km = $3600 – Nissan wouldn’t assist claiming ‘Driver Abuse’ which was absolute rubbish.
    May 2009 – clutch replacement at 112,000km = $3000 – Nissan dealer installed a HD clutch, managed to save the flywheel – Nissan wouldn’t assist
    October 2009 and at 119,000km – apparently the thrust washers have gone causing 2.9mm end float on the crankshaft!!!!!!!!!! = $13,000 engine rebuild – Nissan will not assist – car is too old even though it has only done 119,000km

    The car has been serviced all throughout it’s lifetime, even out of warranty period at the SAME dealer.

    I’m all for joining whatever it takes to get my car back on the road and sell it.

    Count me in for any Class Action or joint legal process in Australia.


  • Nico


    We have a 2006 Nissan Patrol ST 3.0lt with 72,000kms on the clock. We were told yesterday our clutch will need replacing. Have not been to Nissan yet but are interested in knowing if we have any chance of having it repaired under warranty? We didn’t realise the cost of having these things replaced and after reading everyone’s comments we don’t know if we should keep the vehicle after this is fixed. Are we going to be handing out more money in future for a replacement engine??? Any thoughts???

  • Jamie QLD

    Wow! Okay, well I started today browsing the net, chasing parts for my mum’s 2001 GU Pootrol 3.0L… Belt tensioner, which started squealing just after the Alternater packed it in.
    I’m a diesel fitter by trade, so trying to save the ol’ girl some money and do it myself, but after reading this and many other forums/sites on these veh’s, I’m going to push to jack up the number plates and drive a new truck under them. These things are total crap… the scary part – Purchased secondhand about 12 mths ago, WITH 315,000 KILOMETRES ON IT!!! I shook my head for buying anything that old, but now I can’t trace what has been done/failed on it. She had the turbo hose blow off already, (done by dealer warranty), then alternater, now tensioner pulley. In under 12 mths?

  • http://rensta@austarnet.com.au Renae

    Patrol 2002 DX 3.0 Turbo Diesel – On a long trip, nearly half way there and the sump explodes – Has anyone heard of this. Still waiting for the Mechanic to have a look

  • Tom

    Purchased a 2009 3.0 litre turbo diesel intercooled GUII Patrol Cab Chasis in September last year. The clutch felt a bit off but put it down to get used to driving a new 4WD. At 15,000kms (!!!) the clutch started slipping badly so took into local dealer to check. The dealer said the flywheel was completely worn out and would need replacing but would be covered under warranty. Went to pick vehicle up and the dealer said that warranty had been rejected as Nissan claims had diognosed as being no mechanical fault and put it down to driver abuse. I was stung $2600 to replace for a $50,000 vehicle I had purchased 4 months earlier. I am trying to see if anyone has had similar problems with Nissan clutches and also the claims department. Also trying to see if anyone has any luck in appealing their warranty decisions. Not happy and wont be buying another Patrol.

    • Enes

      I purchased a 2002 GU III 160000kms, never had any problems serviced every 5k then every 2nd service id make sure i change all filters and lubricants i thinks its the ZD 3.0 that are having these dramas mine is still running smooth plenty of power, as when i was looking to buy a patrol i got told to stay away from the earlier models, but we will see what will happen in the future u guess a cars a car and we are always going to have problems with them

  • james

    hey all, sorry to hear of all the disaster stories and nissans lack of regard for its own reputation. was wondering if anyone knows much about the 4.2l diesel wagons, are there any significant problems surrounding them. i am considering a 2005/06 model.

  • Bart

    hey all, I just bought a 2001 Patrol ST 3.0 LT with 220K on the clock. So far it all seems to be working fine but am a bit horrified after reading up on all these problems. Did anything ever happened to this class action?

    Also if it was to blow, how difficult is it to fit a 4.2 engine in it rather than a new 3.0?

  • alan

    My 2000 3l patrol has been pampered since new but to no avail Fuel tank leaked and needed replacing harmonic balancer replaced turbo hose blew then the turbo failed exhaust manifold cracked and was replaced now the clutch has given up and i am being advised to replace the flywheel for a solid one any advice other than get rid of it ?

  • FreKjan

    Hi hi… same over here, my 2000 patrol 3l diesel is breaking down alot, now I´m in need of a fly wheel… can´t find it anywhere here, don´t know where to search for it on foreign car part sales. Can anyone give me info on that, if you have been searching yourself, tell me where you found it for your car? Thanx alot!


    4 cyl turbo diesel water in oil not oil in water

  • John

    Just had the injector pump in our 2000 model 3.0l Turbo Patrol ZD30 give up the ghost on the way back from picking up kids from school. Battery was also stuffed with 2 dead cells. Mechanic said I can get the injector pump reconditioned for $4000 in Sydney and this includes replacement of all the electronics. But the injectors could be screwed too but he wouldn’t know because the error codes seem to identify only one problem at a time. These are $350 each. He did ask if I was sitting down so does have some sympathy for the Nissan owners.

    Based on posts to this forum there does not seem to be a set price for this type of work. Some people say $1000 for reconditioning, others indicate $6500 for a new unit. Someone must be profiteering on this. Probably greedy guts Nissan parts dealers.

    Two years ago it was the double mass flywheel and clutch falling apart.

    Since then engine has been down on power and mechanic at that time said that the injector pump was on its way out. No such problems before the engine came out so wonder if he swapped ours for a dying unit.

    I dread the day when the turbo goes but at leaast I don’t have cracks in the pistons.

    If my Patrol was still worth anything I would trade it on a Land Cruiser in a blink. My 82 troopie is still going strong AND I can fix it on the side of the road with fencing wire and tin cans. Beat that Mister Nissan!!!

    • kev

      I was about to purchase a ’02 3Lt TD Patrol, but after reading this I will definately stay away from Nissan. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  • AAA

    That engine is used in Renault delivery vans in europe.

  • justine

    nissan should recall these patrols 2000 and 2001 models they r a peice of crap.

  • Bob Taylor

    Hi all,

    My Oct 2001 Patrol has just died with a broken crankshaft (suspected seized piston TBC) this is my 6th new Patrol and customer relations at Nissan flatly refused to even look at my car. Will now cost $15,000.
    Any advicewould be greatly appreciated or willing to join in class action.

    Bob Taylor

  • Louise

    Im starting to panic my nissan 2002 model Y6101b ZD30 has just lost power blowing black smoke. It stll goes and starts just waiting to put it on a trailer to take to mechanic. I was hoping it was just the turbo now I’m starting to panic with what i have just read. Any sugestions.

    • Darrell

      Hi Louise (and all),

      I too have a 2002 (late model – Nov), I was just heading out on sat morning (on a tarred rd) and all of a sudden my Patrol just looses power and I started blowing tons of black smoke. It is at the garrage and they tell me it could very well be the pump and have estimated $6000 to replace if that is the problem. They have done all the mechanical checks and all seems to be fine (including the turbo). They still have to plug into the computer and I am crossing fingers that it is just a faulty sensor. After reading all of the horror stories above, I will be selling this 4wd no matter what the outcome!



  • Natasha

    Hey all.

    I have a nissan patrol wagon 2001 gu2. for the last 12months i have noticed a bit of lacking. yesterday i replaced the airflow meter for only $240 which isnt too bad. now im worried as it isnt any better. thinking it might be time to get rid of her, love her to bits though :(

  • Gary

    I have a Navara STX with front inner guards cracking just forward of firewall, when I complained to Nissan they wiped me like a dirty rag, complained to Nissan’s CEO in Japan all he did was refer it back to Australia who once again wiped me like a dirty rag, verbally they told me it was caused by extreme offroad driving (vehicle has never been offroad in it’s life) but when I repeatedly asked them to put their reason for refusing warranty they will only print vehicle cracking is not a warranty issue and will not repeat in writing what they alledged verbally GUTLESS BASTARDS Iown 4 Nissans currently but will never purchase another Nissan as long as I live and would advise anyone who wants to listen not to either as their WARRANTY IS NOT WORTH THE PAPER IT IS WRITTEN ON. I am willing to join anyone who wishes to get complaint onto A Current affair or similar to warn others of Nissans uncaring attitude.

  • Peter

    Well my two cent worth….. I listened to the debate, I made a careful decision I borrowed a lot more than I should but I finally got that nice shiny new(ish) 4wd. I knew they had issues and needed a few extra gauges and small mods…I never got a chance. Ok it was a 2000 ZD30 auto 230000Kms on the clock, bought from a dealer full service history log books, single owner country car clean straight no alterations, no hits scratches etc etc. Plenty of dust in hidden holes and corners underneath the only clue to any sort of “Tough work” potentially done. As it was the first road trip we were being very easy, no weight on board no heavy load behind or on top, no trailer, surfboard on roof. I was watching the gagues like a hawk (all well within expected range) for any clues to potential dramas as I had now learned of the reputation-Granade. Driving at 100Kmph up Mooney Mooney hill a in the left lane going slower than the prevailing traffic a car maybe 400m jammed on the breaks and hit the one in front so I braked heavily as well straight away loud hiss lots of oil spurting out front and back and ugly black smoke total loss of power. Limped round the prang ahead and crawled maybe 300m to a lay-by / emergency phone. Home on the NRMA tow truck.
    My Nissan Patrol GU 3lt TD lasted me 13 days it granaded on its first trip out of Sydney up Mooney Mooney Hill. Now I need to find 9 grand more I don’t have. The Warranty people will not pay a cent as they say my mechanic has not done enough work to source the “cause of the failure” (so far he has done $900 of stripping down and they only pay out $2000 max any way.) I am well and truly down about it. I feel well ripped off. A fool and his money they say……Im off to sit in a dark place and mope now.
    A very sad and broke Peter & Rudo

  • Darren

    I wish I had read about all these PATROL issues before I purchased my 2000 model 3.0ltr TD Patrol from Berwick Nissan.
    Now I am up for alot of cash to replace the Blown Engine.
    2 cylinders gone.
    Nissan should be ashamed of their business practices by blatently selling Lemons to the public, knowing of the design fault.
    I think it is time the Australian consumer watchdog should be brought into this traversty of justice and force Nissan to compensate the unknowing public.

  • Eric

    A Holden or Frod V8 convertion sounds like a good fix.

    There may other options CHEV Deisel or a Toyota diesel may work as well. There are companys out there that make adaptors for this type of thing.


    new dualis 44k on the clock no towbar -clutch has failed and parry nissan in townsville say it clearly states clutch is not covered in warranty contract–yea if worn but obviously it has failed so fix it parry nissan dont try to make your customer pay for an obvious nissan production error WRONG WRONG WRONG im annoyed because ive been passing on good reports about my Nissan er I was wrong they are crap

  • Bruce

    My June 2005 Nissan Patrol Wagon 3L TD with 170,000km on the clock, serviced as per schedule by Nissan has just cost me $4371.17 to have the injector pump repaired. Their explanation; possible contaminated fuel. The fuel was only purchased through Shell or Caltex (was a lease vehicle – just out of lease – my lease). Report from Nissan stated: Insoecte fuel filter, fuel condition and lift pump all o.k. Found injector pump faulty.

    Now if it was a case of contaminated fuel, the tanks would be full of it and the report would show this. Prior to the injector pump going I carried out a basic service (Nissan oil & filter and one bottle of Nissan Injector Cleaner into a full tank)then we suffered loss of power, engine management warning light came on and then it was near impossible to start with engine blowing smoke and running like a dog.

    Is this the start of all propbelms for 2005 Nissan Patrol owners? I think so! Off to Nissan I write and ask for reimbursement for the repairs. There is no other reason why the injector pump should fail unless it is an inherant fault (soon to be discovered by Nissan) or the injector cleaner is a bad batch. The fuel was not the problem.

  • http://twitter.com/NissanPatrolGR Stephen

    Nissan Patrol GR

    Update – on my third rebuilt engine and the turbo and injectors just replaced along with everything else below. I must be mad, never buy a Nissan. All this and still under 100,000 miles

    I bought a 2001 Nissan Patrol with 58,000 miles at a dealer with a warranty in 2005. It was recalled by Nissan while still under warranty from the dealer. They replaced engine but it was never right always loosing water and I kept returning to Nissan . Then the clutch and flywheel went, followed by radiator at around 90,000 miles. All work was carried out by Nissan in order to keep warranty in place- as I thought.

    Nissan failed to admit engine failure and washed there hands with it and sent me on my way. I wrote to Nissan Ireland and they accept no responsibility.

    I only drove 30,000 miles with this new engine. I have spent over 24,000 Euro so far and still need another engine, which makes it the most expensive 30,000 miles I will ever drive.

    I bought the Patrol as they were supposed to be reliable. The Irish army has not renewed its long standing contract with Nissan, I wonder why.

    I thought I was unlucky until I saw other blogs from around the world with the same problems.

    Is there any way we can make Nissan pay, and never buy a Nissan OK !

  • Michael

    Sorry to hear all the problems you guys have had
    I would love Own a patrol love the look and shape but these problems are just to much to risk I am not rich I cannot afford the repair bills so no nissan for me !
    Actually makes me sad really wanted one too

  • Dennis

    6 months ago I brought a nissan patrol 2000. driving at night with headlight on anylonger than 40 min the instrument cluster just stop working replace at $1500. Two months ago the motor blew 4 piston replace head replace and a new clutch plate $7500. Just got it back, went for a drive now the turbo blew, look at today $1700. sitting in shed no money left to fix. not happy.

    • Blitzkrieg

      Sorry to hear tht dennis,but friends of mine had thier patrol motor blow up sum 6 yrs ago,i cant believe nissan are still having problems with that engine and that they havn’t fixed it.

  • Blitzkrieg

    Here’s a quote from Graeme Smith,the Daily Telegraphs motoring expert that i cut out and kept when he answered a letter about patrol 3Ltr motors blowing up.
    “What few of us understand is that while car makers warrant their products for a set period,they are also subject to a STATUTORY warranty that has NO time limit and many of us could actually pursue compensation for problems after the manufactures warranty expires”.
    It seems to me that this motor is clearly a manufactured fault(lemon) from nissan where this statutory warranty should be applied.
    Hope this helps.

  • Jack


    Could you let me know what stage the Class Action against Nissan is at. My 2002 ZD30DDTi Patrol has just died after 135,000kms and I am anticipating the runaround from Nissan. My local mechanic felt it may be a blown head gasket although head has not been removed yet. Rang Nissan Service Manager and he was adamant that it won’t be a head gasket but feels it may be No. 3 Piston – this diagnosis was given to me without even seeking the vehicle!

    Would be interested if any other poor Nissan owner has had similar problems.

    To be fair, I will let you know if Nissan play fair (or not).

    • chooky1

      Sorry to hear that your Patrol has the same fate as mine. I thought head gasket at first but when the head was removed it was #3 piston and cracked head. Good luck with Nissan but don’t hold your breath . When I rang them they were not interested and declined any goodwill help. I think it is crimninal that they can keep on denying that there is a problem with these engines.

    • Brett

      HI Jack, How did you go with Nissan and your repair? My Patrol expired last weekend with the same fault on No. 3 Piston.


  • chooky1

    I have a 2001 3.0 litre Patrol which has just blown pistons and a head, done 165,000 klms. Contacted Nissan surprise surprise they don’t want to know. Viehicle is still at Nissan dealers awaiting quotes doesn’t look like any change from $13,000. Also had 5th gear fail on the way to Darwin, once again Nissan did not want to know. $3500 to repair. This failed at 160000 klms. I agree with you that something should be done about this faulty model. I have spoken to Dept of fair trading and Consumer affairs but they don’t seem interested either. I’m sure they are toothless tigers. It would certainly seem that we are not alone with this problem, surely there must be enough Patrol owners in the same situation for a class action against Nissan.
    One thing for sure is I will never own another Nissan or recommend Nissan to anyone.
    I am more than willing to join in a class action suit if anyone can give me a contact address.

    • http://nil Jack

      Another Nissan GU 2000 goes “BANG”
      While holidaying in far north Queensland, we set off for a days drive ,unfortunately we only got 300 metre along the highway, when I heard a slight rattle from the engine, next I checked engine temperature all OK there, two second latter 90% loss of engine power, looked out the rear vision mirror, to see masses of black and white smoke. I have 130,000klm on the clock, serviced regularly at 10,000klm. I would appreciate any assistance from anyone who has been through the process in submitting a claim to Nissan Aust customer care Dep for compensation (new engine etc)

    • jason rosa

      well well well another 1 gose bang. i was driving up a hill when all of a suden no power and heaps of smoke what can be done will nissan help me???????????

  • Shaughan

    2005 model 3ltr turbo diesel. Oil pressure
    Light is left on 50 percent of times when starting. I hope it’s a sensor (oil pressure switch) as the are no nasty noises and if u switch off and restart it will normally go off. anyone heard of this being a problem? Not located thr sender yet any hints

    • goldfinger

      Hi Shaughan,
      I have the same model with the same problem. Nissan do have a fix for the problem but it will cost about $380. You need to have both oil pressure switches and the resistor that connects the two replaced. Mine has just started stopping for no apparent reason at the most inconveneint times. Have still to find out what the problem is. Good Luck with your problems.
      Ross Bignell

  • Mark

    hi, wanting to buy a patrol, im aware of all the dramas that have gone on with the pre 03’s in particular, was wondering if rebuilt verisions or ones that have been fixed are any more reliable. should i just stick to looking for 03 04?
    cheers guys hope someone can help

  • DanInCairns

    Hey there Shaughan,
    Mate i had the same thing with my 04 model. Put it down to faulty sensor. Had both of them replaced. Since than it\’s been all good. But after reading all the complaints im feeling a lack of confidence brewing. Let me nkow how it goes.

  • http://stuarttownsend@bigpond.com Stuart Townsend

    June 10 2011

    Bang goes my 2000 patrol with 217512 kms. Don’t know the damage yet but i’m sure nissan will hit my hip pocket.

  • Jim Blyth

    Hi all you Nissan victims.
    Why not put your Patrol on a car carrier trailer (towed by a Toyota) and drive by the dealership one Satuday morning with a sign on both sides stating your problems. I know of some one who did this with a Ford LTD, towed by a 1958 Holden ute. The dealer ( on the 2nd lap of the main street of a country town agreed to fix it if he brought it in after previously fobbing him off.

  • lance

    My 2002 3litre patrol with only 300,ooo km finally has blown the turbo charger, I guess after pulling 2 tonne plus trees out of the rain forrest, being rolled twice and living in the unsealed roads of the tropics something had to give. would I buy another nissian patrol…..yes, its my 5th nissan over 30 years, and yes my holden lasted 2 years and 100,00 kms and died

  • steve

    I’m currently looking to purcase a 4wd for the dream trips to the cape and the outback. After owning a couple of GQ’s the obvious choice was a GU but i had concerns about the power of the 3litre. The more i researched the more negative was the reaction towards these models. After reading this site I have decided that Toyotas seems the better option and will look at spending my money on a cruiser instead. Thanks for the comments you have probably saved me a lot of money and I can travel in confidence that I will make it home again. By the way if you think nissan is hard on warranty,I can speak from experience and tell you nissan finance is a lot worse to deal with.

  • ekka

    I have just had my 2000 GU 3.0 TD give a bang and blow hweaps of black smoke whilst towing my caravan in northern Western Australia. It has 139000 klms up and this follows a problem last year towing in South Australia when the high pressure hose from the Turbo delaminated internally resulting in loss of power and lots of white smoke. Had been warned about potential problems around 130000kls in these so always kept revs to a minimum and rarely exceeded 3000 rpm. I had the usual engine warning light problem arise on the same trip and a Nissan Dealer in Carnarvon told me I needed a new oil filled air filter and possibly a new air intake sensor if the existing one couldn’t be cleaned properly. After reading all the problems about 3.0lt I am considering replacing the motor. Can anyone suggest a mechanic or business in Perth where I can start trying to solve this problem?

  • john

    I feel sorry for all the 3.0litre owners. I have a 99 with the 4.2L diesel from new. Only ever done services at 270k’s. Slow but bloody reliable. No gear box trouble or anything like that, YET!

    Looking to trade up but i would NEVER buy a 3.0L, cruisers are out of the blue collar worker price now + they used to or still may do have lots of trouble in just just about all areas, engine,gear box, diffs etc. Guess i will be keeping the one i have for now.

  • Clint

    Hi just wondering if the problems were fixed by 2007 just signed up for one today?

  • Dave

    Hi Everyone, I bought a mid 2005 GU IV ST-L 127,000 on the clock and before i bought it i had it looked at by nissan for the pre-sales inspection, they pointed out that the turbo had a leak (Nothing serious) anyway as condition of the sale to me I asked the previous owner to cough up the cash and pay me for the turbo before paying out the encumberance, Well, I drove it for 1000 k’s after dumping the oil to try and flush the engine, anyway, dropped it off to the service dept, they said I got it in just in time as the turbo was about to fail.

    Whilst it is in the shop I got them to do a major service as the previous owner didnt service it for 40,000 k’s However I am beginning to think that alot of the Failures are caused by the MAF sensor and Turbo’s Dettonating the engines.

    I paid 21,500 for a 4WD that sells for 48K with all the extras, 4 Inch Toughdog Lift, Ironman Bullbar & Wynch, Leather Interior, Snorkel ETC, It Drives REALY well, yet NOW I am too scared to drive the bastard.

    Any Thoughts?

  • Mark

    Hi All. My June 2007 GU Patrol 3.0 TDI ST, owned since new died last week. Lost all power whilst climbing a hill with the boat in tow. Lots of black smoke and a real knock in the engine. Initial investigation is big end bearing but waiting on closer inspection. The car has done 137k, always serviced and never been off-road. Rang Nissan customer support and was told they can not help as the car is now out of warranty. This is my second GU patrol and now most likely my last.

  • adam

    hi all i have a 2003 3litre and its been really good i must be 1 of the lucky ones everyone told me not to get a 3litre but i did it had 220000 on it when i got it and it now has 270000 always serviced never had a drama

  • jobby

    We should get all Nissan owners and all the receipts we
    have spent on motors and various parts and stand on Nissans door step i have
    just spent 5 thousand on a fuel pump and after reading all the comments i feel
    sick .Nissan should be made aware of their problems and stand by their product
    and fix the problem that they created. Than hopefully we may be proud to say
    once again I own a Nissan instead of saying i should of bought a Toyota

    • Tishie85

      I am a racq patrol and a qualified mech sorry to say but I drive a Toyota hilux 09 t/d cruisers are the same 80,000 ks and the head and intake are clogged with carbon so bad it won’t start you think you spend money on gu 3ltr buy a Toyota

  • matt

    Hi ALL.
    My 2001 Patrol 3L Blew its injector pump this year with 130kms on the clock.4K later it was replaced. The car still did not run right and lacked power. NO HELP FROM NISSAN!

    I have now sold her and I feel for the person who may deal with other issues in the future.Other problems included 

    – dash losing all instruments- 5th gear going


    • Hu

      I got GR 3.0L 2003 flywheel just gone! I am scare will sale it asap

      • Hu

        Black smoke thick one and died just died! hate this nissan will never buy one never


    i work at a 4×4 parts supplier and we CRINGE when a nissan pulls up out front, REALLY. 

  • Warren

    Bought a new year 2000 3.0 litre turbo Patrol and was quite satisfied until recently.  Always serviced on time but now the injector pump has failed and prior to that the there were problems with the turbo hoses.  Almost prepared to give it away.  Any offers?  Done less that 130 000 kilometres.

    Will never buy a Nissan ever again!

  • Busasan200

    A lot of sad stories here but not from me,I bought a 2004 Patrol abt 2 years ago with 150,000k’s on the clock,it just ticked over 200,000k’s & has never missed a beat.Hell I’ve never even changed the oil or filters,yeh I am hard on the old girl so I’m giving her the works this week-end,full service,oils,filters,everything but I hope it doesn’t shock the beast.Oh,did I mention I did my homework before buying so I wouldn’t have even looked at anything from 1999 – 2002 with a 3.0 ltr diesel,it’s common knowledge they had problems. I got a big petrol guzzling 4.8 ltr efi engined unit that I wouldn’t swap for anything,I paid $25,000 & they wanted 12-15 grand more for the diesel,u get a hell of a lot of petrol for 12-15 grand & trust me,I GOT POWER TO BURN. Anyway Matt hit the nail on the head,dump the 3.0 ltr & put in a big Chevy diesel,problem solved,in future,DO YOUR HOMEWORK.   Rob

  • Aaron

    i am looking to buy a 2002 Nissan Patrol ST Plus GU III, could someone please advise me weather this model has any documented problems… thanks so much, first time nissan buyer

    • Fasterengines

      pot a daws valve on it to stop over boosting and it will last a lot longer

  • Cbroek

    Look anyone thinking of buying a Patrol or even any NISSAN dont they are rubbish, Ive just blown  a brand new $13000 motor I had installed, it has only 60,000km on it purchased in 2010 and I never had it over 3000rpm and Nissan dont want to know about it so dont even think about it.

  • Peter

    had my 2000 since new. Never had a problem and i tow alot on road and off. The only things i had done are (< 178000km)
    1-service every 5000km including fuel filter,also add a oil stabilizer and fuel cleaner,keeps injectors clean and water out of tank.
    2-fitted a 110amp alternator to accommodate the extra loads added to charge the three batteries. One crank and two deep cycles. I carry one 80 litre chiller and one 50litre freezer full time. I,m an extreme 4×4 fanatic.
    3- added a 9inch thermo fan directly on top of my intercooler,it helps when i,m climbing or bogging at low speeds and also towing.
    4- fitted and oil cooler to feed fuel through it and a 9 inch thermo fan to help cool the fuel down before entering the injectors so i don,t burn the injectors out. They are original ones. I carry an extra 350kg full time and by doing this i still average 8 km to one litre of fuel. 720 km on a 90litre tank!
    5- replaced the original suspension with a 2 inch heavy duty in 2013.
    6- fitted a 21/2 inch exhaust
    I live in Darwin