by George Skentzos

Jaguar has released the new four-door Jaguar XF, a car which fuses the style and performance of a sports car with the refinement, space and sophistication of a luxury saloon.

With it’s coupe-like roof line and sporting credentials the XF you could be forgiven for thinking practicality neglected, however the XF can comfortably seat 5 adults and with an ample boot capacity of 500 litres, the new XF defies sports car stereotypes.

From launch the XF will be available with a choice of four engines; a fuel efficient 2.7-litre V6 diesel, 3.0-litre V6 petrol, 4.2 n/a V8 petrol and range topping 4.2 s/c V8 petrol.

Every model will feature Jaguar’s six-speed sequential shift system with steering wheel-mounted ‘paddles’ for manual gear selection capable of changing gears quicker than even the acclaimed XK’s transmission.


Performance wise, the range topping 4.2-litre supercharged V8 petrol produces 306kW and 560Nm with at least 86 percent of the peak from 2000rpm to maximum engine speed. All this adds up to a 0-100km/h time of 5.4 secs and an electronically limited top speed of 250kph.

Driver’s aids on the XF consist of Electronic Brake Assist, Electronic Brakeforce Distribution, Anti-lock Braking System, Dynamic Stability Control, Cornering Brake Control, and Engine Drag Torque Control. And, for the first time in a Jaguar, Understeer Control Logic which decelerates the car and helps to restore grip to the front wheels when required.


Whilst driver luxuries include a Blind Spot Monitor, Front and Rear Parking Aids, Rear Camera Parking Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Speed Limiter and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. Bluetooth compatibility, iPod / MP3 player interfaces, JaguarVoice and a six-disc CD player ensure owners can listen and talk as they choose.


Continuing the enhancement or driver experience is the choice between three levels of audio systems, all controlled via a touch screen – featuring the top-of-the-range Bowers & Wilkins 440W Premium Sound System – as well as three trim levels. The Luxury level will be available with either petrol or diesel V6 engines, Premium Luxury (with the naturally aspirated V8), and SV8 (with the supercharged V8 petrol alternative).

The XF also features a first for Jaguar saloon’s with the new Pedestrian Contact Sensing System. This can mitigate pedestrian injury by firing actuators that deploy the bonnet, resulting in a cushioned space between the bonnet and engine hardpoints.


The car is available to order now and should reach customers by June 2008.

  • Myke

    doesn’t look as nice as the concept; more like the new Volvo S80.

  • alborz

    I would take the S80 over it any day too!

  • Graeme

    You guys have no taste, this makes the S80 look like a Jeep Commander. My main concern relates to where the rear passengers are supposed to put their heads.

  • Bavarian Missile

    I like the back end looks Aston DB9ish ,front is a bit how you going though.
    Volvos interiors are far better than this if the center console and rear seats are anything to go by.

    The Pedestrian Contact Sensing System is snappy,any other car manufacturer do this ?

  • leeds

    what have they done to the front of it? its lost its ‘edge’. Guess it looks more jaguar-y now, ugh

  • tony

    This will look sensational in the metal

  • Chris

    I see a real culmination of Aston, Jag and the Bulge screams falcon :)

  • Matt

    Love the colsole / centre of dash – finally no more gear stick.

  • Frugal One

    Will this be the last British/Ford Jaguar?

    As usual not a patch on the usual suspects, ie Lexus, Benz and BMW, they wont lose any sleep

    Glory days for Jag are long long gone



  • JW

    They ruined it with the ugly headlights.

    Seriously put a plastic bag over that front and you have a nice looking car.

  • Art Howe

    You guys are all lip gloss and eye shadow. I’m waiting for the independent road tests.

  • Al Juraj

    It’s about time the S-Type is replaced. The retro midsize Jag was completely outclassed even by the previous BMW 5-Series. The new car looks promising despite styling overkill. I just hope they can catch up again especially with Ford chassis engineering.

  • James Hearne

    I am driving the latest S-Type. It is a superb car and excellent value. I will probably upgrade to the XF; it looks great.

  • Al Juraj

    James Hearne, it’s good you like your car very much, but I have to say that if you haven’t tried a 5-Series, then you’re probably missing a lot.


    Like James Hearne, I also own an S-Type, and it is superb to drive. Prefer it over the Benz or BMW any day. Will have a drive of the XF in October, and expect to order the 4.2 litre V8 straight away.


    A slight change to my comment above. I will view the XF in Sydney in October, not drive it.

  • Richard Mayne

    Those lights make the front look too much like a cheap crappy Korean car – see Sonata. The car lacks class though it would probably be better than the even crappier X class cum ford mondeo.

    Given the competition out there Jaguar can do better than this look – will hold my final judgement until I drive it and then see from there – at this stage though it had better be a lot nicer a car than anything Jag has released in the last several years


    I attended the “reveal” of the XF at the Carriageworks in Sydney last night. Seeing is believing. The XF is a truly outstanding looking car. Photos do not do it justice.

  • Me.

    Oh, thanks alot Jag!! Now im getting comfused with the XF Falcon.

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  • Giordana Schlenke

    Saw the XF for the first time last weekend – love and lust it – presently driving a current model E-class Benz, after having 7 series BMWs – am giving serious consideration to purchasing an XF – an outstanding looking vehicle

  • Giordana Schlenke

    Sensational looking vehicle – love and lust it. Am presently driving a current E-Class Benz after owning 7 series BMWs – am giving serious thought to purchasing an XF – the last Jaguar I owned was a 1963 E-Type !

  • RW

    Looks like a re-badges BMW to me not very original, definitely does not have the Jag look

  • FC

    I wonder what the new x-400 will look like hope they give a new designer a go!?