It has been over three years since Holden launched its VE Commodore range.

The MY10 upgrade was focused on upgrading the engine range to the latest SIDI offering, but neglected any form of styling revision.

Dubbed the ‘VF’ Commodore, Holden plans on revising both interior and exterior in a bid to refresh the Commodore.

Interior changes will include a new colour palette, doing away with the bland colour range currently on offer. In addition to new colours, Holden will also revise the placement of the LCD screen in all higher grade models, with the screen being moved to where the Omega currently has it placed at the top of the dashboard.

Moving the LCD screen will improve ease of use and access, allowing the screen to be within the driver’s peripheral vision.

IMG_3287 copy

Exterior changes will be loosely based around Holden’s Coupe60 concept with a more visible air dam at the bottom, along with revised headlights.

The VF Commodore is expected to hit showrooms in mid-2010.

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  • crouchy

    Im not convinced thats the vf….

    • CJ

      can’t see the Holden employees too worried about bugs on their company cars!!

    • Knowing GM

      Why? Is is because of the lack of sheetmetal changes that the fanboys were hoping for?

      • crouchy

        No, because it looks like a VE with a covered front end… I would hardly say it’s been BUSTED!

        • Knowing GM

          …. welcome to the VF. A VE with a new bolt on nose + a shipload of minor mods (interior etc)

          • Dan

            …yeah just like every other commodore before it(VC,VH,VP,VS,VX and VZ). Typical boring Holden basically.

          • Andrew

            Knowing Gm,

            Hmm like the entire BA-BFII Falcon range .

          • CJ

            AU1,2,3 anyone?

          • Knowing GM

            Andrew, Yes.
            I’m not the one sooking about the lack of sheetmetal changes, just highlighting the fact to some of the sooky Holden hopefuls.

            Exectly what part of Series 1,2,3…. don’t you understand?

          • Brendan McLaren

            Just like ford? At least holden didnt spend $500 million bux doing it.

            @ Dan: Ve was a massive change from vz, vy/z a massive change from vx, vt/x a massive change from vs and vn/p/r/s a massive change from vl, vk/l a massive change from vb/c/h

            I guess what im trying to say is, how is it just like every other comodore, BMW had a period between 1999-2006 where they didnt change a thing just chnaged a minor detail in the gearbox, falcon still use the same roling chasis as they did in the EA… I think you got holden confused with ford. I should go as far as to mention Mercedes c class has not had any rolling or engine updates in 8 years… only visual styling.

            Bottom line is, theyre trying to keep it looking fresh and new, they have to – a facelift is needed… theyd be no better then bmw if they let it go for 7 years, basically instead of having the same design and leaving everything how it is and supprising us all with an explosion of new stuff, they give it to us as it comes, SIDI and AFM for example. Its a great concept and ford has shown companies can do well with it.

      • Tim

        Heres a question. Everyone talks it up whether they are Ford or Holden, but seriously, what do you all drive? If you are not driving a Ford or Holden product……….SHUT UP! you are not entitled to an opinion if you are not using the product. I myself am a Ford man. And I drive a Fairmont (No I don’t have a bowls hat ont he parcel shelf).

        • Matt

          Good point Tim , I don’t own either but have owned both but lean towards .

          • Matt


    • Zeek

      its not, its was only the G8 SS edition commodores. When i worked at holden i saw them come in on the truck, i thought to my self, WOW. but unfortunately a new commodore wasn’t the case. has a discussion page. There is an anonymous inside source person that reveals facts about the VF, i strongly recommend you check this information out. Very revealing.

  • Marcoz

    shall be interesting to see….!!!

  • Byron

    I agree, it should be interesting to see. Good to see the interior will be done up to. Remember when Mark Reuss stated that Commodore would receive upgrades every 3-4 months. SIDI was launched in September, so that would mean unless there is another engine or something in line, VF is due January-February sometime. I doubt they launch it mid-year. Thats way to long. Can’t Wait. Go HOLDEN!:)

  • Evolution

    More sub stansard rubbish from Daewoo/GM – sheesh, when will Aussies wake up to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the Australian public?? Namely that Holden is an Australian car company! It NEVER was, NEVER has been, and NEVER will be. Anyone even CONSIDERING buying a Daewoo/GM car with Holden badges should consider that any profit is now going straight into the pockets of the US Government. And if you buy a HSV any profit is going straight into the pocket of a Scotsman!

    • Knowing GM

      I agree …. to a point.

      Buying Commodores (and derivatives) does benefit Australian manufacturing industry and it’s thousands of employees. They are the only real Holden product.

      Corporate profits still head back to ObamaMotorsCorp though.

      The Daewoo rubbish? You can shove it GM.

      • Tomas79

        Too bad there really hasn’t been any real profit to talk off the last few years!!

        • Andrew


          It wasn’t a massive loss like that of Ford’s (hmmm 270 million wasn’t it?) and Holden were actually set to make a modest profit (7 million) before they had to close the 4 engine manufacturing.

          • Wheelnut

            Not only that but Holden didn’t waste billions of dollars being an also ran in F[arcical]-1.. with very little result in terms of wins let alone development of their production cars

            Which no doubt was a major contribution towards their recent record losses

            …. and given the number of costly recalls Toyota have had [the most recent being with the Lexus brake pedals in the USA] Toyota could end up with yet another loss

          • Mr Brooksy

            Where did you get those figures? From what I’ve heard and read both Holden and Ford were equally going to loose money in 09, just like the rest of the car makers around the world.

          • Mr Brooksy

            Wheelnut, I’m sorry to say but Ford pulled out of F1 early in this decade mate, your a tad late to be bringing that up! And if you really want to bring F1 into it, maybe the fact that Ford is one of the most successful engine builders in F1 history, or maybe that their most recent championship win in 94 was with a V8 not a more V10 or V12 that the rest of the field had? Or, how many of GM’s brands have won the constructors world championship? Or even won races?
            Silly argument altogether mate.

          • Knowing GM

            Andrew, can’t you read mate?
            The sign says “Please don’t feed the TROLLS” just above Tomas79’s cage.

            Brooksy, Wheelnut was not refering to Ford, but Toyota, and Tomas’ unearthly deep love for the brand.

          • Mr Brooksy

            Oh, sorry Wheelnut! My bad!

    • Golfschwein

      I’m sorry…Holden IS Australian. Foreign ownership doesn’t make them American, any more than my Irish ancestry makes me Irish.

      • DE

        That would make Ford Australia Australian too then. And we all know which one has been designing and building cars in Australia, for Australians longer – and it’s NOT Holden.
        It really irks the Holden boys to know that the closest thing to a complete car that the “Australian” Holden ever built was in fact a Ford body, for Ford AUSTRALIA.

        • Golfschwein

          Whoa, wait a minute. Holden’s first design that wasn’t a rejected Chevrolet compact (that’s what the 48-215 and FJ were) was the FE, no? Along came Ford in the sixties with 2 generations (from which sprang numerous facelifts) of Falcons straight from America before they finally came out with the home grown XA in 1972. Oopsies!

          I’m the same with Ford. Just because they’re American owned doesn’t mean I try to kid myself that Falcons aren’t Australian. Come on, be a bit loose with it, all of you.

          • DE

            Ford Australia had Engineering and Design departments in the 1930’s.

            Oh and BTW the very first Falcon was very much re-engineered from the US version for the Australian market.
            Design cues continued through the 70’s from the US Maveric and Mustang.

            The Holden FE, and successors, had just as much US influence as the Falcons of the time.

          • DE

            Not forgetting that Ford Australia invented the first “Ute” in 1934!

      • Evolution

        Golfschwein Do you send money back to Ireland? Do the good folks in Ireland regularly tell you what you can and can’t do?

        …didn’t think so.

        • Golfschwein

          Who gives a golden rat’s ar3e whether it’s American owned? I don’t. I know the history of both Ford and Holden in Australia. Getting a straw-clutching reminder that Ford designed the first Australian ute that nobody can remember, or that USA tells both local outfits what they can or can’t do, doesn’t cut it with me.

          Holden is as Australian as it gets to all INTENTS AND PORPOISES (I thought I’d put a funny little typo in there to match the intelligence of some posters here) and Ford can hold their heads just as high. I really don’t care who was here first.

          • Evolution

            Sounds like you desperately need a bucket of sand. You are from the west, it’s only natural you’ll resort to emu..

        • Golfschwein

          So, you’re trying to tell us that Falcons and Commodores are American? I bet a thousand bucks you’ve never tried to convince anyone of that before. See how confusing this can get?

      • poohbear

        Quite a lot of history rewriting going on from the Ford fanboys haha whatever

        • DE

          Just the facts poohbear, just the facts. Just because it doesn’t agree with your propaganderised version doesn’t rewrite history, it just corrects your missguided beliefs.

          Funny how you relate to FORD writing all the history.

    • Frenchie

      Blah, blah, blah! Get with the 21st century. Most car parts are made in Asia, even those assembled in Europe. You be surprise that your European car or even Japanese car parts are made in places like Indonesia and Phillipines.

    • hmmm


      • Simon

        Is that like a handy-man?

        • Peter

          classic! I do it too, but I dont advertise the fact.

        • Golfschwein

          Hilarious! Idoit and ewedoit!

      • hhhhhhhhhh

        but not such an idiot he doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re

    • joel

      anyone considering buying a mazda chasis and body with a bmw gearbox and a crappy ford paint job??? maybe a mondeo woul be good or a cheap malaysian built mazda 3 with a different body?? how about a focus. or if your realy stupid an fg falcon because aparantly thats an all new car with a 2002 au falcon rolling chasis and 2003 model bmw gearbox and styling from a 2004 ba falcon.

    • Zeek


  • Holden History

    Dear Mr Evolution
    I’m so sorry that you were not in possession of all the facts before you started your rant.
    Just for next time:
    J. A. Holden was Australian.
    Holden and Frost were Australian.
    Holden Motor Body Builders were Australian.

    So… They did start off as Australian, and only changed after GM bought them due to the depression catching HMBB by suprise just as they completed a major expansion.

    • Knowing GM

      But the point is that HOLDEN as an Australian owned company NEVER ever built a HOLDEN badged car.

      The “HOLDEN” that most Australians know has ALWAYS been 100% US owned.

      • Joker

        There is a point there :)
        It’s the white elephant in the room that Holden Marketing pretend isn’t there

      • Joker

        The one thing to remember,

        They keep Aussie’s in Jobs…a) the people working to assemble and produce the car.
        b) The Aussies in other companies producing components on for those cars

      • toxic_horse

        Everyone knows that so why bother typing it. !!!!!!!!!

      • Golfschwein

        Does it trulywuly matter? A minor detail, as far as I’m concerned.

      • V DUBBED

        Finally a smart person on here, yes your right so right Holden has never ever build a car with their own plan’s, I remember the days when I was living in Europe I use to see the open Carlton which is the Holden VB,VC,VK and VL. And trust me holden did not export them over there! Then Holden bought more shells and the new plans from Opel from VN to VY. so many aussies will go nut now, I’ve broken there heart. All they have to do is Google Vauxhall Carlton and put down year say 1986 to 2004 and you will see for yourself that Australia never build a Holden commodore till 2006 the ve but I have a feeling they bought the plans of this Austrian guy from Vienna . And that car they called the Billion dollar baby. And for your Australian build perfect car called Holden cruze its not Australian it’s not build here it’s a Daewoo Lacetti. get it right. sorry to upset all you Holden lovers but you have to realise that Holden is a fake company and they have it so easy here in Australia as you can trick people cause we are so far away from the rest of the world and Australians are so gullible.

        • Simon

          While all true, please explain why the Commodore is the biggest selling car in OZ? I cannot find anyone to give me a good reason why. It is a trashy car from ground up. Noisy, unrefined, difficult ergonomics, inefficient and underpowered (till recent engine upgrades which the jury is still out on).
          Little wonder it came last in the recent CA large car comparison!

        • BK

          I cant wait till the VD commodore. Now that should win daewoo of the year

          • Simon

            LOL “VD” Commodore – a disease?

          • Golfschwein

            Lol! ROFL! LMAO! Fnar, fnar fnar!

        • Andrew

          V DUBBED:

          The VT was the last of the ‘burrowed’ designs that Holden used (if you can call it that considering it is heavily re-engineered and shares only two components with its donator, being exterior door handles and the strip between the front and back doors)

          The VX-Z were fully Australian, and only appear around the world because they have been exported form Australia.

          • t

            far from correct, only similarities are door handles?? cmon!!!

            VX and VY “ARE” vt with a holden designed nose and boot.

            same car in the middle! same interior, dash, doors, etc ect… chaning the nose doesnt change its heritage.

            as far as i know, VE is the only commodore ever designed entirely by holden.

            as for updates, ALL manufacturers do the change a few bibs n bobs here n there to change a model, it saved them AND US a fortune.

          • t

            whoops, different dash…

            door panels, roof, glass, floor pan, etc the same. not many differences at all.

            excpet MUCH nicer to drive than a woeful VT

      • Low Water Crossing

        Does that mean Jaguar was a U.S company when Ford owned it?Is it now an India company?

        • Holden History

          According to the prevailing logic on this site – Yes.
          Volvo and Saab would also be American, unless I have missed a recent sale…
          On the flip side I guess Chrysler was German for a short while…

          • hhhhhhhhhh

            must also mean daewoo is american and not korean.

            anyone with a brain only reads the comments on CA for a laugh not for logic

    • Knowing GM

      BTW J.A.Holden was a pom:
      “James Alexander Holden immigrated to South Australia from Staffordshire, England, in 1852″

      • Tome

        ” “James Alexander Holden immigrated to South Australia from Staffordshire, England, in 1852″ ”

        Ohh yeah, thats a bit of a ‘fly-in-the-ointment’ type fact for ya…

        Holden prefer that you believe in the “greatest Aussie car company” MYTH instead.

      • Car Fanatic

        Yes and he died in 1887 leaving the business to his Australian born son Henry.

    • Car Fanatic

      Thanks for the very boring pointless History lesson you retard!!!

      • Tome

        Oh we’re so sorry, did we touch on a sensitive issue by pointing out how full of garbage Holden and their proud Aussie blah blah ad campaigns are? Do you also believe in the Lock-Ness monster, UFOs and elvis sightings?

        • Rick

          What a joke – Tome, Evolution Knowing GM can’t wait for a thread on Holden to come up so they can push their small minded anti American Anti Holden views upon everyone.
          You guys should seriously get a life you are blinded by ignorant stupidity, and the regularity of your attacks leave you open for ridicule. Talk about Loch Ness monsters and the like – is that kids stuff or what?

          Honestly you guys are the best excuse I’ve seen for the Pill yet…….

          As for the VF it’s about time the VF came along it needs an upgrade,especially the interior. I hope they get rid of the harsh plastics in the dash.

          • Rick

            More drivel – I see you as being one of the first to buy one of those cheap Chinese cars – we don’t need your kind of bitter and twisted sentiments in Australia.
            I know whats garbage and it’s not Holden, same can’t be said about your petty small minded, prejudiced hate against Holden.

          • Zeek

            Spot on bud

    • Evolution

      Dear Mr Holden History,

      I agree entirely with your version of history, although you have convienently glossed over one rather telling point. That being that when Holden was Australian owned, it was not, as per my original post, a car manufacturer. Back in the day Holden produced ONLY car bodies, and for different car companies. A not unusual practice at that time. To equate that to todays terms we would simply call them a “component supplier”. Holden only became a car manufacturer after being BOUGHT OUT by GM, and their first cars were GM prototypes.

      Good day Sir

      • Golfschwein

        This intense and sudden fascination about Holden being American-owned is mind-boggling. It’s been that way ever since before any of us were born. My suggestion to all is to cut some slack, accept the fact that Dada Supreme lives overseas and always has done and that, by and large, our Aussie cars are Aussie because they’re mostly designed, engineered and built in this country and are mostly unique to these shores. That makes them Australian enough for me.

        Oh, I see there’s a VF in the wings!

        • Evolution

          I read recently of a poor unfortunate soul who crashed his VE into a school, mowing down dozens of unfortunate kiddies and teachers and causing untold mayhem. Apparantly the school, the kiddies, the teachers and half the state of New South Wales was obscured by the A pillars. Terrible….

  • Mike

    Will be getting an SV6 at the end of next year. I like the look of the VE but can’t wait to see the VF.

    • Tomas79

      Should get a decent built car instead!!

      • Plurus

        Most of these guys wouldnt know a decent car even if they were run over by one.

      • fxh555

        I drive an SV6 and think it’s a great car (i.e. no reliability issues or problems). I’d be interested in seeing what the revised model looks/drives like.

      • Simon

        AND his head read. The Commodore came last in the recent CA large car review.
        But feel free to waste your money as you see fit!

        • poohbear

          And if you take that large car comparo result seriously, you need your head read

          • Insider

            Why not, it’s just one of many similar findings. What are you trying to rewrite history to make the VE better. Sorry but it’s on record as not being as good.

          • FP-Vommit

            What are you trying to rewrite history to make the VE better. Sorry but it’s on record as not being as good.

            Who’s record is that “Insider”?

  • davie

    I like the way that the VE has been gradually improved rather than a rediculous model name and sheet metal change every 2 years just for the sake of it. It shows a bit of maturity and substance over style.

    The 2 year change is a bad american habit which Holden will do well to continue avoiding. All it does is hurt resale value big time and cost car companies big $$$ for a pointless nose job.

    Its funny how Americans demand that their local product must look completely different every 18 months yet will happpily buy european and japanese cars which change very little during a typical 7 year model period (Eg BMW, VW, Honda)

  • Holden History

    Nor can they spell…
    It’s LOCH Mr your-view-is-different-to-mine-so-I’ll-make-stupid-personal-attacks Tome.
    And when someone EMIGRATES to Australia, and start a company… Guess what! It’s an Australian company! (Ooooh Aaaah).
    It’s fun to watch the insecure anti-local car nuts try to jump all over the people who like the cars that are built here.

    • Car Fanatic

      Don’t tar all of us anti local car nuts with the same brush please Holden History, but saying that, I agree with you about the vast majority.

    • Tome

      Oh Personal attacks bother you? Yeah that all makes a lot sense considering that YOU were the one to jump on people who were simply pointing out historical fact, and then you even went as far as to resort to name-calling/abuse because you didn’t like what you read. if you’re going to call someone a ‘retard’ because you don’t like what they have to say, then don’t sit there and cry fowl when you cop some abuse back… I think the ‘insecure car nut’ moniker applies better to yourself than anyone else!

  • Holden History

    I’m sorry Car Fanatic, I’m guilty of making the same sweeping generalisations that so annoys me about others on this site.
    I don’t hide the fact that I like Holden. I like the product that they make here. I like the logo. I like their history. It peeves me off when people use different rules when talking about Holden than they do about other manufacturers.
    Holden is American? Than so was Volvo, Saab and Opel as they have all been owned by US companys. That also makes Aston Martin Indian, TVR (until it’s demise) Russian and Landrover Indian as well.
    Oh well. I’ll go back to watching people turn on each other for liking something different.

    • Car Fanatic

      no worries, I’m only Anti local at the moment because we have somewhat lost the plot a little in any of our manufatcuring. I do however applaud local efforts to improve on a product which I think will be up there with the best( if the govenrment properly supported our industries). I look forward to seeing the VF and how things have changed and will give credit where it is due.

    • Joker

      Holden History,

      I’m not so much a hater of people who like Holden, not at all.
      I don’t get wound up about all this stuff either.
      So when I type the below points, I’m just pointing out a couple of things, not being aggressive 😉 Hate to spell it out, but this is the internet :)

      The one thing that differentiates Holden from the other companies you mentioned above (well, most) is that Holden was essentially bought out at its point of origin for GM to sell cars here. The only Car Holden Australia built never made production.

      Volvo and SAAB had been producing cars for quite some time on their own steam before American Companies jumped in.
      Volvo were founded in 1927 and made cars as a Sweedish Company until 1999 when the Car Division was bought by Ford. Ford has since utilised Volvo engines and safety features to incorporate into their own.
      SAAB were founded in 1947 and weren’t bought by GM til 1989.
      Aston were founded in Britain, 1913 and they stayed under British Ownership until the 70’s

      Holden made the first production car (As “Australia’s own”) under American Ownership. That in my opinion is a defining difference.

      • Holden History

        Thank you for your response. I agree with most of your points, and the one thing I disagree with is mainly semantics and personal view.

        When Holden released “Australia’s own”, I don’t see it as a company saying “Hey Look – We’re Australian”, I see it as a company saying “Hey Look – instead of importing other cars, we had Australian Designers, Australian Engineers and Australian Workers build and design a car for Australians to buy.”.

        Yes, they used an old prototype from the US as a base. Yes, they did alot of the testing in the US before they tested it in Melbourne, but to me the car was designed FOR Australians, and so it becomes “Australia’s own”.

        I see the VE the same way. It was designed FOR Australians, and has proven to be good enough to sell overseas. Because of this, I call it “Australia’s own” as well.

        • rewrite

          They’re just bitter because their beloved Falcon is about to become their beloved Taurus

          • Truth

            And they’re BOTH better than the Commodore.
            Anyway time will tell if Falcon becomes Taurus based or not, but it will still be a unique Australian Falcon.

    • Simon

      Let me humor you. Let’s all pretend that Holden are 100% Australian, it doesn’t excuse the average products they sell. More power to them if people want to buy trash.

  • Nemo

    I’m excited! I’ve been waiting 3 years for used values to drop on the VE. It’s definately proven that updating model name every 2yrs kills resale value

    • Nemo

      “almost” 3yrs

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Don’t worry Nemo, you don’t need 3 years and a new model for the resale to plummet on a Commodore. They do that quite well on their own due to the huge number of fleet sales etc. Unless it is a “hero” model of course!

  • Holden History

    Mr Tome:
    Called you a “Retard”?
    You must be reading my mind because you ain’t reading my words.

  • Low Water Crossing

    I already know what the VF will look like – the current Falcon.

    • HS-Pee

      Well duh, thats Holdens answer to everything, when our cars starting looking like a real joke, its time to copy everyone else. Just look at the mish-mash of style that is the new HSV, theyve copied elements of about 10 other performance cars and slapped it all together into one big ball of over-done crapolla.

      • FP-Vommit

        That’s you opinion – Yet it doesn’t change the fact that despite Ford selling more Falcons than Holden did Commodores last month [the first time for approx 4 years] the Commodore is still Australia’s best selling passenger Car and has been for the last 13-15 years.

        • oh dear

          Ford sold more Falcons than Holden sold Commodores?…more history being rewritten but OK lol

          • FP-Vommit
          • oh dear

            um yeah problem is:
            Total Falcon sales still trail well behind the Commodore (2841 versus 3455 in October) which has much to do with the success of the Sportwagon – which sold over 1000 units compared to the Falcon wagon’s sub-400 performance.

            but hey, 10 points for trying!

          • Truth

            Ford sold more Australian built cars than Holden did in November!!!
            About 5350 vs 5250

    • Mr Brooksy

      I love people who say this kind of rubbish, its the same as people saying that they think F1 cars are exactly the same.

      Falcons and Commodores look quite different if you actually look at them. It takes someone with a little observation skills to appreciate the design that has gone into both very different shapes. Maybe thats the problem, both Ford and Holden design their cars using 4 wheels and a cabin in the middle for humans to sit in. The people who complain so much about their similarities may notice the difference if Holden where to design a car that occupants need to lay down in, and runs on overhead train lines! Maybe…

  • Car Fanatic

    Listen to all the retards, you all sicken me

    • Holden History

      To whom do you refer?

      • Car Fanatic

        Well your a Gold Siver or Bronze certainty you great goon. Stop being so boring

    • hhhhhhhhhh

      Here an idea, if you don’t like the comments DON’T READ THEM

      better still read the CA Code of conduct for comments

      • Zeek

        EXACLY! if you dont like the forum, LEAVE its as simple as that!

  • toxic_horse

    to Everyone who insists on posting garbage about Daewoo, can you just get over it and stop posting your drivel on these pages.

    Everyone who reads these blogs is well aware of the GM/Daewoo situation and the current and past ownership of Holden.

    So please don’t waste your time and make yourself look like a idiot by posting the same crap every time there is a article about holden.

    Buy the way Evolution, I am guessing you are a Mitsubishi fan.
    You say the VE commodore is “substandard rubbish” well at least it did a little better than the 380 , need i say more …..

  • Trump

    Personally i would only ever buy a RWD/AWD car, but the current Falcon/Holden are just too big for my liking and it seems with every revision they get bigger.

    Just compare a 80’s commodore to today. Other manufacturers are guilty too. The current 1 series B’mer is probably bigger than an 80’s 3 series.

    Point is, just hope they don’t keep this growth trend up. My garage is only so big. It does appear, if these are spy shots are real that they have kept the same size.

    • Peter

      Agreed. Most cars that will fit 4 to 5 in comfort now are well over 4.8m long. My car is just over 4.9m, and isnt huge inside by any means. There looks to be about 10 inches between the radiator in my car and the grille, and the sloping backs add length too. I wanted to get something shorter for the missus due to her side of the garage having less room, and pretty much everything medium sized is over 4.7m. Volvo s40T5 was the trick, at under 4.5m. FWD though, so no good for you.

  • Driver

    Why do (some) people continuously post rubbish on here… and more specifically when it’s in relation to Holden and Ford articles?

    I come here expecting it, and (for the most part) i’m never let down

    It’d be a nice change to see a discussion worth reading

    • Drivererer

      Don’t spoil the party, just bag everyone and fit in!!!!

    • MrQuick

      Oh god, it is what you must do to fit in.

      To be the typical Caradvice Commentariat, you need to be able to fiercely argue for either Fords or Holdens, need to be able to have a whinge about Skodas, and you need to be able to argue to the point where you begin to make personal attacks on other commenters.

      It’s the single biggest put off on commenting on this site becuase of morons who post rubbish on here.

  • Tome

    I’ve wet myself, can someone get me a new nappy?

  • RS6 Pilot

    It seems the discussion has become a history lesson, whilst most facinating it is somewhat off topic. Who knows if this will be the VF or not but as has been pointed out Holden still employ many Aussies directly and indirectly. At a time when manufacturing is shifting to cheaper economies to produce their products credit should be given to them for this.

    • The Realist

      Credit should be given to the Aussie Tax Payer.

      • Simon

        The Aussie motor industry should be buried. If it can’t be profitable on it’s own it should go and make way for self sustaining businesses.
        Reduce tariffs on imported cars with a free trade agreement that is in the interests of profitable Aussie industry.

        • Wheelnut

          Okay then – what about the 1000s of [small] businesses that are unable to make a profit in either the retail industry; IT Industry; transport industry; beauty industry; home maintenance industry; tourism and hospitality industry etc

          Should all those various local industries disappear as well?

          • Simon

            If my tax dollar is propping them up, absolutely!

        • RS6 Pilot

          Great in theory, unfortunately almost every country around the world subsides their industry. It is only the methods used and what they call it that differs.

        • WTF

          Simon = clayton’s Aussie

          • Simon

            Sure – random – whatever!

      • Johno

        Since when do Asians in this Country like you pay tax Realist ?

  • shak

    These Phtos were on GMinsdienews about a week ago and they said it could just be testing of new equipment for other markets, Hence the Daewoo badged caprice in the pic. Lets hope for all Holdens fans sakes that im wrong.

    • Rhubarb

      Statesman has been exported to Korea for while now and sold as a Daewoo something-or-other

      • Frenchie

        They are sold as Daewoo “Veratis 360″.

  • Callous Aussie

    Anyone that looked hard enough would notice a thinner A pillar and a different side mirror (I suspect with indicators attached but masked out). It ain’t the VE

    • Holden History

      I hope the pillars are smaller – the boss wrote off our WM Statesman Taxi due to not seeing another car through the huge A Pillars.

      • MrQuick

        I really doubt the A-pillars are going to get any smaller, its one of the prices we have to pay, along with increased weight, for increased safety and 5-star crash ratings.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          You don’t have to put on weight to build a safer car MrQuick. For example, Mazda made the Mazda2 both lighter by around 50-100kg depending on model due whilst at the same time making it safer and able to acheive a 5 star crash rating. The same can also be said about the current 3 and 6 when compared to the previous models in most other markets where they didn’t add a lot of extra kit like they did in Australia! I am sure there would be other cars too. It can be done with smart design and selective use of high strength steel in critical areas. Not to mention, there are plenty of other cars out there that a “5 start” rated that don’t have A pillars that thick… :-)

          • Truth

            Mazda made a lighter and safer Mazda 2 … by using a Ford platform

          • Devil’s Advocate

            It is not that simple Truth. The Fiesta and Mazda2 are built on the Ford B3 platform which itself is based on the Mazda DY platform. So technically, it is Ford using a Mazda platform. It was a joint effort between both of the companies to upgrade the older Mazda DY platform to the B3. This mostly involved using high strength steel in key areas allowing them to reduce weight whilst improving structural strenth. Not to mention that most of the upper structure of the 2 and Fiesta are different with each company using their own design. If Mazda didn’t do a good enough job with the upper structure, all the work done by the Ford/Mazda engineers would be wasted hence not meeting the 5 star crash standard and vice/versa. Don’t forget that Mazda was first to use that platform! 😉 TIC.

          • MrQuick

            You don’t have to put on weight necessarily to make safer cars, but its the easiest and most cost effective thing to do in order to increase safety.
            The A-pillar thing is the same issue, its is possible to make smaller A-pillars, just look at the Lexus LFA A-pillar construction, its just amazing, but it generally costs too much to even tool up to do things differently.
            I gotta say you do have a point with Mazda, they don’t get enough recognition for actaully making an effort to make their cars lighter and safer, I can’t think of any other mass producing manufacturers that actaully do that.

      • Wheelnut

        That’s not the cars fault – Because [from the drivers seat] the A Pillar of the Camrion is just as thick as the VE and can be as much of an Obstruction…. it all depends on your seating position.

        All it means is that your boss was too lazy to move his head slightly so that he could see past the A Pillar – Just as he should look over his shoulder before changing lanes or when reversing.

        • Frenchie

          Spot on Wheelnut. He was too lazy to stop and glance (if that)! The fact is the A-pillars are no bigger than Ford or Camry.

          If they were sooo wide ADR would not approve.

          • OhHuhHuh

            Spot on mate, you’ve got it all worked out, everyones lazy expect for you. Congratulations on that observation little BIG MAN!

    • DE

      I looked very closely, and nope, same A-pillars.

  • The Realist

    I bet the true believers in Dandenong and Mt Druitt don’t realise Aussie automotive manufacturing contributes less than that contributed by wool, wheat or even wine.

    • Wheelnut

      So Realist – what you are saying is that unless you work in the wool wheat or wine industry [for example] then whatever it is that you do isn’t important to the Aussie economy?

      You really are angle parked in a Parallel universe aren’t you?

      • The Realist

        I am saying Holden’s loyal fanbase in the Labor heartland suburbs where crime is rife and teenage preganancies are the norm and not the exception don’t realise those who work in the wool, wheat or wine industries contribute more to the overall Australian GDP than automotive manufacturing.

  • Car Fanatic

    You Jokers that spend money on Holdens are being taken for a ride. Obama sits back and laughs as you idiots throw your money at his regime, and in return you get a third-world ‘Holden-Daewoo’ thats not even fit for the junkyard. Buy a SKODA and experience what its like to own a car that WONT fall apart in six months like your crappy Commodores. VF? Very Faulty, just like the last bomb of a car to rollout out of the Holden factory.

    • Car Fanatic

      Actually, if I ( the real Car Fanatic) had written this above piece I would have told them to buy a Passat, not a Skoda. If you are going to immitate me at least get it right.

      Nice effort though retard

      • Car Fanatic

        Now having said that, let me also say that everyone posting here (other than me) is an inbred hillbilly, redneck, AUSSIE knob! None of you clowns know anything about cars, I am superior to everyone else, so dont even bother telling me any ‘facts’ because YOU ARE ALL WRONG! Only a VOLKSWAGEN LOVER like me should be allowed to speak. Let me also add that if you dont own a VOLKSWAGEN then you have nothing but rocks in your head. I LOVE my volkswagen so much that if I could I would make sweet love to her every night. In fact, I might just try that tonight, that exhaust pipe looks big enough…

    • Captain Nemo

      Newsflash numbnuts i did buy a Skoda and its the biggest POS i have ever owned spends quite a lot of time in the shop getting fixed i would never buy another car with Veedub DNA again.

      Hardly a quality product is it any wonder Skoda have only sold a few 100 cars take away demos with rego in the dealerships and they have sold probably 10.
      Can’t wait to offload the pile of junk thats if it doesn’t break down on the way to be traded.

  • http://aca Shane

    Att : Golfswehen – Get it together fella, Holden is 100% owned by Government Motors therefore is 100% American.


    Any comment otherwise is a load of rubbish.

    • Golfschwein

      No, I’m afraid you’re very wrong there.

      • Golfschattenonface

        I like the Germam chocolate very much!!!!

        • GolfSchiezen

          Ya Ya, Im liken the dark chocolate… I love my Euro… give me the Volkswaggen, give me the SKODA… ohh feed me, feed me… I begged you.

          • GolfSchnitzelparmyandpot

            I like a wearin my leather pants and driving on da autobarh in my VAG products. I listen to Kraftwerk, I have da sausage dog called a schniztel, I like to hang out with eurotrash, and play in an Oompa music band

    • Car Fanatic

      Actually Golfie is right. The U.S govenrment will own 61.5%, the United Auto Workers Union will own 17.5%, The Canadian Government will own 11.9% and the rest will got to Bond Holders of the old GM. So it won’t even be 100% American owned.

      You can apologise in private to him if you like!

      • Terytoweling

        wow, you can use google to look up stuff, whos a clever boy then!!!, who’s a clever boy, clever boy, clever boy!!!

        your an embarrassment

        • The Real Car Fanatic

          Once again you show a complete lack of literacy, it is You’re as in you are, not Your! If you are going to try mock me , impersonate me or attempt to impress me with your 4th grade insults, at least get your spelling and grammar correct.

          * pats Terytowleing on the head* Now where is that coffee I asked for boyo? Come on run along, run along.

  • Shak

    Back on topic guys. New Commodore!!!

    • Simon

      Shak – so happy someone is happy about that.
      I think you know what I think about Commodores already!

  • Ben

    These photos are abit of a joke, there just commodores with car bras on, there not even on there proving ground track. Wheres the inside pics like they did last year with the fg before it got released? caradvice got a heap of pics, this is just nothin but hype lol. Did these pics excite all the gm boys?? lol

  • Frenchie

    Its a VE MY10.5. The VF which will have a new entirely new body will be MY12. Thats right 2012!

    • WogBoy90

      Thats Incorrect and you are uneducated,

      Just like people telling you that its cheaper to put ethanol in your car rather than premium.

      Incorrect and uneducated.

      Plain as that.

    • Shak

      When Reuss was at the helm, he stated that they would no longer do this 9.5, 10.5 nonsense as it reduces the residual value of used models and just costs lots of dough. They would make minor improvements as they went along and would release new models about every 4-5 years. as we can see the VE has only been around for three years now and so we should expect a new Commodore around late 2010.

  • Ben

    Talk about a convo getting out of contol…… Has anyone seen any “real” pics of the next commodore n what it will have in it. Ive heard rumors of the Gen V being a 5.5 ltre V8, ohv 2 valves per cylinder with direct injection. Who wouldve guessed that GM would decress there engine size. Following fords lead?? My anti-spam word is opel to, wasnt opel the basis of the commodore right up until the VZ? Or atleast had imput.
    Either way, the next holden/hsv had better be somethin pretty good, cause by the looks of it the new falcon has picked up iuts game big time with its new smaller all alloy quad/sohc 5litre V8 and an over hauled inline 6. Times look good for ford/fpv anyway 😀

    • Ben Dover

      Bloody hell benny boy, that was just a load of hopsmear you typed there, got halfway through and though, orr whar whar wahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

      • SukMaNob

        Hush now Holden fanboy. No one cares what youre flappin your trap about.

  • http://aca Shane

    Att : Golfschwene – The only thing you are afriad off is the bluntant fact that i am right. Holden is 100% American owned therefore it is solely and purely American, not Australian unless if you live in la, la, land. Get a grip of reality fella.

    ps. please supply the rest of us bloggers factual evidance that Holden is not 100% American owned !!

    Hmmm … i thought so

    Go back to bed dude.

    • Golfschwein

      100% American owned? Goodness! You mean all this time…???? Ha ha, only kidding. Everyone knows they’re American owned, as with Ford. Are you proposing that Commodores and Falcons should be described as American cars? That’s obviously wrong, isn’t it? They very plainly aren’t American cars, nor are they French, Korean, German or English. They’re Australian, with some foreign bits in them, by necessity.

      Why are you getting yourself in a knot about them being owned by corporate America? Why does it matter?

    • Wheelnut

      Shane everyone knows Holden Ford and Toyo-Oz are Foreign Owned..

      What makes the Falcon the Commodore and the Camrion Australian is where they are made.. where they are assembled

      [Let’s not start the Aussie made v Made in Australia arguement again]

      I mean if your Parents are: English French Italian German or even Lebanese etc…. but you are born in Australia you are considered to be Australian…. aren’t you?

      If you don’t regard yourself to be an Aussie or are just a “seasonal” Aussie then why not go back to where your parents came from.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        This whole thread is funny… :-)

  • BK

    I cant wait till the VD commodore. I hope it wins daewoo of the year

    • Golfschwein

      Here comes the Illuminati.

    • Simon

      I think you can get a shot for that……..

  • Valet Dabess

    i’ve said this like a bazillion times. car manufacturers should make several bodykits for their cars so we can choose which one we want

  • http://aca Shane

    Golfswehene – Read what i stated, i said … Holden is American not that the Commodore is American despite the fact they are powered by American engines and in some models Japanese transmissions / gearboxes.

    However, with exception to the current model Commodore (VE), Commodores have only ever been rehashed Opels and never Australian designed cars just simply Australian-ised like the Camry & Aurion from Toyota. The Falcon on the otherhand has predominately always been a true Aussie set of wheels.

    Just highlighting the fcat that Holden IS NOT AUSTRALIAN, IT IS AMERICAN.


    • build a bridge

      Dear Shane,
      To say the Commodore is nothing more than a rehashed Opel is to confirm to the world your comprehensively low IQ. Did you know that the Opel Rekords that were sent here for local evaluation broke in half during outback testing?

      GM, like Ford, is American…Holden is only sold in Australia. Like Ford Australia, Holden is an Australian company, regardles of them being owned by USA multinationals. Other GM brands are sold in other overseas countries.
      GM and Ford USA are American companies that have Australian subsidiaries.

      If you don’t know this, why are you on a car enthusiast’s website?

      Try WomansWeekly dot com dot au

    • Golfschwein

      Gosh, I’m well confused now, and actually grateful that someone knowledgeable is trying to clear it up for me. So, to summarise, the Commodore is an Australian car, just like the Falcon (whose 1960 to 1968 editions had body panels and engines directly interchangeable with the American car of the same name), yeah? Hey, that’s so cool!

      • Simon

        Methinks CA is a great cavern with many echos.

  • http://aca Shane

    Biuld A Bridge – Lets get something straight here fella, i have been previuosly employed by Holden for 4 years as a Spare Parts Interpreter at a large Perth Dealership and believe me, i exhibit healthy knowledge of Holden wether it be past or present.

    If you want to play games and test my understanding then by all means, fill ‘ya boots. I look forward to it.

    Just for your knowledge so i say again … with exception to the VE Commodore, every Commodore model ever sold in Australia beginning with the VB in 1979 (or was that 1978) have been nothing more then rehashed versions of an Opel design.

    Furthermore, every drivetrain that has propelled the Commodore once the red, blue and black straight 6 donks were made redundant as with the 5.0 V8 a little later have all been American / GM engines with exception to the Nissan 3.0 L6 (VL) although each V6 derivative have been manufactuerd here in Australia which is the same as the Toyota 2.4 4-potter as used in the Camry (and ofcourse the Ford Oz L6).

    Holden V8’s however (after the 5.0 V8 became redundant) have been imported engines with the GEN3 originating from GM Canadian operations while if my latest knowledge stands correct the current 6.0 and 6.2 V8’s are imported from GM Mexico although a degree of assembly is finalised here in Australia.

    As for Holden, it has not been an Australian company for over 50 years when GM purchased the brand outright and ever sense that dated it has been a wholly and solely owned subsidary of GM hence Holden is American not Australian.

    Yes … Holden derived as an Australian brand but that local ownership ended over 50 years ago.

    I think it is crytsal clear who should be reading Womans Weekly

    Shall we continue !!

    ps. when did i ever say Holden is not only sold in Australia – let me help you a bit … i didn’t. However, that statement is partially incorrect considering Holden’s sizeable export regime especially to the Middle East despite the fact the Commodore, Stateman and Caprice become Chevrolet Badged but i am sure you understand what i saying.

    • Wheelnut

      WARNING TO EVERYONE The Naive Native Dog is Back [see above}

      • WheelMut

        WheelNut and Golfschiiezen = Husband + Wife?

        awww how cute… happily ever after fellas, Congrats!

    • Golfschwein

      My ghast is flabbered. You seem to know as much about Holden as you do of Toyota, Din Go. Congrats on the reading up.

      • Wheelnut

        There’s a difference between knowing about something; and CLAIMING to know about something.

      • Golfschwein

        My a$$ is also flabbered, too much rumpy pumpy by my hubby WheelNut.

  • johno

    More pics of the new VF Commodore can be seen here

    • Golfschwein


  • http://aca Shane

    WOOOOF – look at you all jump … HA, HA, HA !!!

    There is a difference between reading and life experiance.

    Many of you grossly lack the former.

    And yes … i do know quite a bit about Holden, nearly as much as Toyota.

    So, am i wrong about Commodore Opels … NO – thought so !!

    • Golfschwein

      Thank Heavens we’ve cleared that up, then. Commodore’s Australian, after all. Thanks for the heads up. Have a good day, mate.

    • Car Fanatic

      Shane, your names Shane, the most bogan name around, and your carrying on like trash. Why dont you challenge someone to a race in your VB commy with its VL Walky spolier kit, yeah, meet you in the Dan Murphys carpark for a race!!!!!

      Scum Scum Scum!!!

      • HSV Owner

        I can back up what Shane is saying about the early Commodores. They were very closely related to the Opel Rekord. So much so that I had it confirmed (in 1989) by a former GMH employee that was employed at the now defunct Dandenong plant. What was his sole job in the beginning of the Commodore you ask?? He cleaned front guards of surface rust after they had been exported from Germany in order to use the excess stock that Opel did not need anymore as it was a superceded model. Apparently the only major difference between an Opel Rekord and a VB-C Commodore was the slightly more pointed nose on the Commodore variant so it could accomodate a straight six instead of the 4cyl motor that Opel used in the Rekord. That and maybe different headlights and tail lights. Merely cosmetic really. Oh, and before you do jump on it, I do believe they had to re-inforce the body too. (Probably backs up the “broke in half in outback testing” point made earlier!). And a couple of other small ones, All Commodores (except VL) have been released in the July-Oct part of the year. VL only differed due to the Unleaded Fuel legislation of 1986 and was released in Feb. VB was released in 1978(Oct) so your doubt was right Shane. VT was the longest running model(3yrs) until the VE. It also shares the honour of being the only Commodore model to sell 1,000,000 variants. An honour only matched by the HQ in the whole Holden lineup. Lay off Daewoo, they only sprung forth from a GM manufacturing plant for Opel anyway. The 1.5i was only an Early 90’s Astra re-badged, and guess who supplied the 4cyl 1.5 motor? AUSSIES! So essentially, Daewoo was and and now is again GM and partially Aussie (OUCH that hurts huh?). Small bit of trivia. If you own a VY Calais, Berlina or any Y Series HSV (like I do) pull your front centre dash panel out and read who made your cup holders…it may shock you. GenIII’s were made in BOTH Canada & Mexico with the latter being the ones most prone to piston slap. Last of all, have a close look at those pictures of the supposed VF. The headlights are different. They appear to be lower (ala FG Falcon G6) nearer the grill. Would this also suggest an inner Low beam like the FG too?? We’ll have to wait and see!

  • http://aca Shane

    Wheelnut – passing a comment is easy but wether it holds any truth is often an entire different matter.

    Read my comment about Commodores and Opels, align that with your non-sense spill about knowing and claiming to know and then highlight to me were i am wrong.

    Take a hint, don’t bother – i’m not !!

    Tick tock, tick tock … don’t keep me waiting.

  • http://aca Shane

    Wheelnut – Don’t start your rubbish about being Australian. You understand from past conversations i am Australian born, as with my parents, their parents (whom happened to be dairy farmers), their parents and so forth. i was breed in country Queenland, a huge AFL follower (go the Hawks – Doooh, they lost this year), drink Aussie brewed beer and even spent 8 years serving my nation in the Armed Forces.

    However … you know my standing against Holden and the many good reasons why.

    I say again – Holden IS NOT Australian and has not been for over 50 years and with exception to the VE no Commodore has ever been Australian but instead nothing more then re-birthed / re-hashed Opel designs.

    It is that simple … PERIOD !!

    If you want a true historical Australian car, buy a Falcon and it still runs a true Aussie engine.

    If you want to live your life believing Holden is Australian then by all means – go ahead and kid your yourself.

    And just for good measure, how many thousands of local Australian jobs has Holden made redundant over the past 24 – 36 months alone … mmmmm – real Australian that is.

    NOT !!


    • Golfschwein

      fascinating sh!t…just oh so fascinating…but isn’t it also true that you love commemorating ANZAC Day and our fallen forebears by getting yourself completely trollied in your kilt and volunteer stripes at the local RSL and then crawling home to find the kids and wife have taken refuge elsewhere? You omitted that from your bio.

    • Shak

      The commodores six is also Australian to the bone, the V8 isnt. Just because Holden is American owned, which i’ll admit, doesnt mean the cars arent any more Australian than a good beer and meat pie. BTW the Ford also has PARTS which arent Aussie made does that make it American because its also owned by an American company. Just asking?

      • Joker


        The SIDI 6 is not Australian. Holden couldn’t afford to go it alone with a unique engine to Australia. The 3.0/3.6 SIDI are already being used by Cadillac in the US and derivatives of the same engine by Alfa I believe.

        The components I know of in the Commodore that aren’t unique are the engine and the platform though that isn’t to say that Holden played a part in developing them. The gearbox is Aussie as far as I know.
        The Sheet metal and styling of the commodore are uniquely Australian.

        • Shak

          The platfrom is Australian, and so is the engine. Holden were making it for Cadillac and a lot of other brands. They just recently adopted it due to the costs. The gearbox is GM and the sheetmetal is Holden. It is aussie made from Aussie and imported cars lust like almost every other manufacturer.

          • Andrew M

            Actually, I believe the SIDI engine was first made in the states, and continues to be, Australia is just a 2nd source for it in the GM stable.

            First made in the states, First used in the states
            I certainly wouldnt call it aussie to the bone

      • WogBoy90

        incorrect and uneducated,

        do your rearch again this time.

    • HSV Owner

      WRONG!!! The current 4Ltr was poached from Jaguar while they were owned by Ford!! So essentially it is an English design!

  • http://aca Shane

    Golf – No, that is not true !!

    I do however commerate Anzac day.

    Next Q …

  • http://aca Shane

    FanaticDude – I hate Holden with a passion and for as long as my backside faces the ground i will never support such an incompetant brand that has undoubtedly sould amoung the poorest quality and most unreliable trash that ever graced Australian roads. The Japanese and European brands on the other hand engineering much, much better cars.

    • Reality Check

      Woof, Woof. Buck reckons who cares about a mild facelift to a VE Commondore when there’s a real Aussie muscle car with a REAL Australian powerhouse engine that’s far better, F6’s RULE.

    • Car Fanatic

      Yeah I dont really care what you like or dislike, I just think your scum

  • Robin Graves

    160 comments about a new set of hubcaps and a revised cup holder on an out-of-date 5 year old car. Blind love.

    • Captain Nemo

      Learn to count moron VE has only been around 3years thats T-H-R-E-E!

      • Robin Graves

        Been on sale for three years maybe, but its still 5 years out of date. or 50 years out of date if you look at the valvetrain of the V8

        • Shak

          Agree on the engine, but why do you say its % years out of date.

          • Robin Graves

            Interior, transmission, looks… just to name a few.

  • Shak

    CA i know the new comments system was meant to make it easier to follow conversations, but some people are just clogging the site with their whingeing and its hard to find comments about the actual article. Can we find some way to stop this??

    • Car Fanatic

      Whingeing about whingeing is still whingeing, therefore, stop whingeing!!, i’m trying to find comments on the actual article, your clogging up the site you whinger!!!!!!!

  • Fords-r-Fast

    Geeeezzz, Looks like we have a new VE Commonbore with car bras, U holden fans must be so proud, small update’s that required very simple minded execution.

    Spam word: Daewoo, OH NO !!!!!!! Holden rebadge just about thier entire vehicle range.. Commondore might aswell be a Daewoo also..

    Ford means much more to Australians,,,,,,,, PERIOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shak

      The sales state otherwise, whteher they be fleet or private, Holden make money on them.

    • DoubleA

      Judging by your name you wouldnt be slightly biased would you.

  • Matt

    Remember when people used to drive around with car bras like in the photo cause they would rather look like dickheads than get their pain chipped lol

  • Seo

    God, you guys go gaagaa over any Falcodore story, GET A LIFE!!

    Have GM/H any budget left to engineer a bench-seat in the UTE?

    What about return of the cab-chassis/tray 1 tonner?


  • Seo

    <<God, you guys go gaagaa over any Falcodore story, GET A LIFE!!

    <<Have GM/H any budget left to engineer a bench-seat in the UTE?

    <<What about return of the cab-chassis/tray 1 tonner?


  • Golfschwein

    Is my Gravatar working?

  • RS6 Pilot

    Just to add another thought – It was recently reported that China now is the largest owner of US foreign debt followed by Japan. Together something like 70% (of all US foreign debt) if my memory is correct. So, this being the case and now that we seem to have come to the point that Holden is American owned, does this mean that as America is Chinese/Japanese owned (effectively) that Holden then is in fact Chinese/Japanese owned too?

  • Mr Brooksy

    The new Commodore needs the face lift IMO, the Aurion (V6 Camry) had one, the Falcon is a new design compared to Holden’s VE.
    Thankfully for the Holden boys, they will sort out that dreadful interior, and maybe fix the handbrake? Oh and Holden, what about the battery thingo that “doesn’t” happen to thousands of Commodores?
    If they can do that the Commodore will be back relativity in line with the rest of the Large car segment.
    I cant see an upgrade every 4 months being right as has been mentioned before, as GM are strapped for cash, and Holden hasn’t made a profit for a while now (global financial conditions don’t help) so maybe their upgrades will consist of new paint colours, or a redesigned cup holder. Theres no way they can afford to upgrade the mechanicals regularly.

  • WogBoy90

    Ok well i couldnt help my self but to comment on most of your pathetic comments,

    I Used to work for Holden as an exceptionaly trained technician.

    So heres the truth.

    The commodore isnt as Australian as we all have been led to believe and may all think it is.

    The alloytec varients are based of a global design platform shared with other motor varients and platforms, eg saabs, Alfa, Dodge etc. These alloytec varients were a joint design and testing project of holden and other brands witch i will not ellaborate on.

    The chasis that the car was engineered, designed, built, tested and approved on is also of a world global platform that was of a code name wich i am not permited to ellaborate on. This platform was first engineered and found of ( yes another europian brand ) Opel, thus the opel insignia prototype. The chasis was (reconditioned) and (re engineered)so to speak to cope with Australian climates and conditions relating to weather pattern history, and Australian terrain.

    Various parts From the V car project regarding VE are manufactored and sent over from various countries like canada, Japan etc, that also applys to other members of the V car line up, from the Opel Rekord (VB Commodore donor base chassis) all thoughout the commodore generations. The parts are sent once manufactured and then assembled in the melbourne plant and different sections of the assembly plants.

    I also want to Make known the the quality on a commodore is relativly poor due to the un willingness and cost cutting scheemes by holden. Once a customer has complained about an issue, Hoden then will take further action to rectify the problem and or issue.

    Few of these quality isues are,
    Dirt in paint,
    Paint finish,
    Uneven paint surface quality,
    Orange peel ( Discrepancies in paint )
    Various panel colour matching issues due to various chemicals that react differently on different surfaces thus leaving bumpers a different shade to the body etc.
    Panel fit and finish,
    Interiour panel fitments and upholstery quality and finish eg,
    A pillar, B pillar and c pillar upper window trims significantly loose due to poor fitment and finish,
    Plastics are of a somewhat Lower quality reguarding kick panels, glove box facias, door facias and boot trim facias etc, Are easily scuffed, “cheap to the touch” and a very poor visual perception quality.
    The radio fascia buttons and rotary knob is of poor fitment due to large fitment gaps and backings.
    The seat and interior materials are of a some what quality material, resistant to wear and stains although the ways of wich the material has been stiched and upholsted are unsatisfactory when compared with the car main rival.

    These are only few of the issues.

    Compare the car to its main rival. Quality, Paint, Panels, Finish, Thought, Perception.

    Research a car that has been fully designed, tested and built its own powerplant, chasis, panles etc and manufactored in australia and make your own descision.

    So The commodore is not as australian as were all lead to beleive, this is only a small incrament regarding the commodore.

    And yes for all who are getting ideas i am a Holden man,

    But through every dark tunnel, theres always a light at the other end.


    • brocks-a-cheat

      Thanks wogboy for your honesty, pity holden cant spell the word!..nearly everything the ‘BIG AUSSIE’ maker pollutes us with is made by Daewoo!! I have been to the holden plants in the 80’s and saw some very ordinary things going on, it was when the VK was going and VL was ready for release…cars with doors painted shut, parts falling off them as they bounced up the ramps of the car carriers…frightening stuff…again thanks for hopefully straightening out some of these holden zombies!!

      • Shak

        uh we live in 2010, and the ’80’s were quiet a while ago, so i think Holden may have changed somewhat since then. They now import cars from this mysterious place called Korea. They look like the Japanese, and have the same technology as the Japanese, but their cars somehow cost lolly money. It has to be some crazy black magic, by your logic off course.

  • wogboy91

    its a shame when people such as wogboy90 need to lie, when deep down they are the typical ford fan with a grudge against holden. I see this with the holden fans all the time. if both came down to work for a single day they would buy a Toyota.

    ford falcon global platform name i cant say, give the man a hand.

    Ford uses the lowest grade paint which rusts in their cars, the name of the supplier i cant say, they have enough issues without this.

    Ford engines are 50% built from overseas and assembled in geelong, the names and locations of these suppliers i can not share with anyone, it is top secret.

    Ford’s award wining Blade control suspension was designed manufactured and tested outside of Ford Australian hands, by whom i can not say.

    The ford platform or base of the falcon has been designed outside of Australia, ford falcon is a bits and pieces platform shared through many generations and many platforms to make the falcon, those platforms names etc i can not share.

    We have marketed ourselves to the public as more Australian then Holden. Yet we both import various parts, engine components blocks heads etc from the same overseas factorys, and again with interior plastics trims leathers and seating. We have done our very best to keep this under raps for our creditability as true blue is at stake. We have built our campaign around this over the years.

    With my own eyes i have witnessed cars off the production line with bubbles in the paint, sanded and painted with a can, luckily it was in sections that could be hidden. Rust spots ignored close the bonnet and boot people wont see it, missing clips washes that later cause loose bolts, all pass quality control, which basically was a drive through.

    This has happened for many years. the steering and brake issues were overlooked at ford hq, we had complaints and sent our concerns to hq, but with cost cutting they were shelved disregarded, so when concerns came back heads rolled, because it was made public someone had to suffer. so the people who are hired in quality control to watch cars pass them all day got fired. so basically they fired people who were hired to look the other way. A waste on many counts, but that was how we did it at ford, when something broke we looked at it, if the price was right we might fix it on the new model. i’m still not sure today if our brakes are up to scratch since the 2002 issues which i wont mention. You might also with the ZF auto be having sluggish take offs, we have ahd issues with the learning capability, its supposed to learn your driving habits, not judge for itself 2ng gear take offs. They are working on it because its a fine system with a wonderful transmission with a few new issues, which we forgot to sort out in the previous model.

    You out there who own a rusted out boot, bonnet, or tailgate know i am not full of it. You know your brake issues, and your steering issues. you have seen the paint problems and the poor serves quality we offer. And if you FG isnt intergrading with your cars display its not my field but i do apologise they will see to it soon.

    I love my Ford, i was lucky enough to watch and help my personal car through the production line. if we did this to all our cars they would be quality wise world class, but its not financially viable.

    Ford for life.

  • http://vfholden keith berry

    have you people ever heard of a VF valiant from 1969 to 1970 made in australia because thats the real VF. holden should be suied by chrysler from calling there so called commodore which was a hudson. so holden to make there own models up and not take models from others

  • Churchy

    Not much change in the Commodore till 2014 when the new body sheet met change comes in , my contacts in styling recon it looks very jap looking ,so till then expect not much change in anything and bugger all in the engine depts that will gain better fuel improvements ” BUT ” Holden will say it does.
    Currently work has started on the next generation Commodore 2017 but thats still in progress at this stage.

    Most of the parts are sourced from o/s countries as little is manufactured for the Holden here as GM has world wide told its GM o/s plants to source from cheaper countries and realy not supporting Aussie supply companys, but some stuff is made here. Its roughly 85% to 95% o/s sourced parts as Holden only assemble V6 and cars only but they do make panels and some plasitc parts.

    They make Commodore in China & Brazil but it won’t be long till China ramps up and Holden will import its product.

    Cheers Holden Insider

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    Perhaps we are all being taken for a ride, but the mods on CA will sort out the real posts from the fake ones in time.

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    Pretty much sums you up Car Fanatic

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    I love how you can take some guy commenting on the internet so seriously, and get completly offended by it, so much so that you need to show everyone you think your’e more special.

    Does anyone care that you know the mods?

    Does anyone care that you have been posting on this site longer than anyone?

    But seriously congratulations, for your brilliant and insightful comment, for that, you win the internets

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