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It is so hard to not put this car in the number 1 spot for the best sports car you can buy for less than $65,000. Starting at $56,789 the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, most often referred to as simply “The Evo” is the best offering from the Japanese car maker since the days of the Mitsubishi 3000GT (GTO).

Initially the Evo was sold in Australia under a 100 units/year import limit, which not only made the Evo expensive but also stopped the street machines from lifting Mitsubishi’s image as a performance manufacturer. The Subaru Impreza WRX STi was all there was to pick from if you were after a true rally car, sure it was bigger, a little heavier, but it was just as fast and the difference between the two was usually just the price.

Since 2005, Mitsubishi has brought in the Lancer Evolutions IX (9) as a standard model. The 2.0 Litre MIVEC Turbocharged DOHC with VVT Engine that sits in the Evo 9 produces Japan’s maximum allowed limit of 209kw and 355Nm of torque. In the UK the evolution 9 is available in a few different flavours (apart from the stock one) such as the Evo 9 FQ 320 and FQ 340 both doing with 0 to 100 in 4.3 seconds – yes 4.3 seconds, faster than a BMW M3 and a Porsche 911. The Evo 9 FQ 280 (the number representing the horsepower) is the one which is available in Australia and that does 0-100 in 5.7 seconds.

A little disappointing given that with a little tweaking (more boost or bigger turbo) the Mitsubishi Evolution IX can produce so much more power. Nonetheless, the Evo 9 available in Australia is still a serious street and rally racing machine. The Evo comes in as the second best sports car in Australia sitting after the Mazda RX-8 because although it is faster than the RX-8 (0-100 in 6.2 for the RX-8) it is still.. essentially.. a lancer.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 9

The problem with the Evolution (and Impreza) series from both Mitsubishi and Subaru is that in order to put these cars in the WRC (World Rally Championship) they need to base them on standard road vehicles such as the Impreza and Lancer and by doing so, what both companies do is essentially get a standard base model car and add all the go fast bits. This results in your stock standard Lancer producing a massive amount of power and incredible handling.

However, given the roots of these vehicles, the WRX STi and the Evolution 9 are still, essentially an Impreza and a Lancer and given this, they both suffer the dull interiors of both of their root vehicles. Sure the Evolution 9 uses fantastic recaro seats and gigantic brembo brakes, but the dash and dials leave a great deal to the imagination. However given its price tag and the performance, you really can’t complain.

The Evo rides on 235/45 17-inch Yokohamas and is driven through a new six-speed manual gearbox and an active centre differential. Cornering is where the evo shines (and perhaps shines just a little more than the WRX STi). Weighing 60kg less than the old Evo VIII, components such as the 4kg lighter aluminium roof which lowers the centre of gravity 3mm go together with enhanced rear springs (for the multi-link rear-suspension) and Mitsubishi’s “inverted” MacPherson struts at the front, the Evo is truly a car made for corners.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 9

This Evo IX’s handling features include the active centre differential helping standard 50:50 torque distribution, are now changeable between tarmac, gravel or snow. However the most talked about and praised feature of the Evo 9 is the active yaw control system which (using internal computers) controls the difference in power given to the two rear wheels.

The steering is another highlight of the Evo 9 package, go-kart like steering, Mitsubishi has gone with the Momo system which needs only 2.2 turns from lock to lock. The braking package includes gigantic 320mm diameter ventilated front discs (with four-piston callipers), 300mm vented rear discs (with two-piston callipers). The Evo 9 is also equipped with ABS linking up with brake force distribution.

The reason this car is so highly rated is because it is an unbelievably powerful car, for a 2 Litre engine, the Evo 9 can leave the likes of majority of V8 ‘sports car’ in its dust. If the straight line speed isn’t what you are after than the Evo 9s unlimited grip should be handy, in a recent test by Topgear (UK TV Motoring show) the Evo 9 kept up with a Lamborghini Murcialogo around a race track. If that’s not enough reason to say that a $56,789 car is one of the best sports cars you can buy in Australia then I don’t know what is!

Standard features on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9:

  • 6 Speaker Stereo
  • ABS (Antilock Brakes)
  • Adjustable Steering Col. – Tilt only
  • Air Cond. – Climate Control
  • Airbags – Driver & Passenger (Dual)
  • Alarm
  • Aluminium – Bonnet
  • Aluminium Roof Panel
  • Body Colour – Bumpers
  • Body Colour – Door Handles
  • Body Colour – Exterior Mirrors Partial
  • Body Kit – Lower (skirts
  • F & R Aprons)
  • Calipers – Front 4 Spot
  • Calipers – Painted Front
  • Calipers – Painted Rear
  • Calipers – Rear 2 Spot
  • Carbon Fibre – Dashboard
  • Carbon Fibre – Rear Spoiler
  • CD Stacker – 6 disc In Dash/Cabin
  • Central Locking – Remote/Keyless
  • Centre Differential – Active
  • Chrome Exhaust Tip
  • Clock – Digital
  • Control – Active Yaw
  • Control – Automatic Stability
  • Cup Holders – 1st Row
  • Data Dots – Part Identifiers
  • Differential Rear – Active/Electronic
  • Disc Brakes Front Ventilated
  • Disc Brakes Rear Ventilated
  • EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution)
  • Engine Immobiliser
  • Fog Lamps – Rear
  • Front Stabiliser
  • Headlamps – Blacked Out Surrounds
  • Headlamps – Clear Lenses
  • Headrests – Integrated 2nd Row
  • Intercooler with Water Sprayer
  • Intermittent Wipers – Variable
  • Leather Gear Knob
  • Leather Hand Brake Lever
  • Leather Seats – Two Tone
  • Leather Steering Wheel
  • Limited Slip Diffs – Front & Rear
  • Map/Reading Lamps – for 1st Row
  • Metallic Finish Centre Console
  • Metallic Finish Switch Panel
  • Oil Cooler – Engine
  • Pedals – Sports
  • Power Door Mirrors
  • Power Steering
  • Power Windows – Front & Rear
  • Remote Boot/Hatch Release
  • Remote Fuel Lid Release
  • Seatbelt – Load Limiters 1st Row (Front)
  • Seatbelt – Pretensioners 1st Row (Front)
  • Seatbelts – Lap/Sash for 5 seats
  • Spoiler – Rear High Rise
  • Sports Instruments
  • Sports Seats – 1st Row (Front)
  • Sports Steering Wheel
  • Strut Brace – Front
  • Sunvisor – Vanity Mirror for Driver
  • Sunvisor – Vanity Mirror for Passenger
  • Suspension – Sports
  • Tacho
  • Tail Lamps – Blacked Out Surrounds
  • Tail Lamps – Clear
  • Tracking System
  • Trim – Alcantara (Incl. Seats & Inserts)
  • Vented – Bonnet

Options include the Performance Pack.

  • http://autopartscorner.ebloggy.com/ Tracy

    The new Evo is said to boast of a thrilling visual and performance enhancements at an excellent value. Very tempting car indeed.

    • izzy

      Dear esteemed Evo Bros!
      i got an evo 9 for rally bought it frm DGM in belfast, David Greer Motorsports, i got a problem, the rear diff motor keeps burning after every 3 rallies. Ive checked the relays and all the wires and bleed it till im tired of that activity. Can there be a possibility that the computer box plays a role in this activity?

      Thanking u guys in advance.

  • http://customcarpart.com.md argon

    it is good but 65.000$ it not so

  • Jason

    This car is my dream car… with that price it will stay a dream :(

  • http://www.nexusscars.com Auto Deals

    Thank you so much for sharing. Indeed, Mitsubishi EVO is one of the best sports car around and one of the cheapest!!!Furthermore, there are various “cool” cars that are available in the market and because of that, we can’t just avoid comparing one car from another because, yes, we have our obvious reasons like the one you have shared. For those who want to check other cool cars in the market, you may want to check if you can buy from Japan auctions. If you wish to take a peek here’s the web site address: http://www.nexusscars.com. Discounts guaranteed! You see, auctions is not only limited to ebay but you can buy cars from Japan directly ,even online through http://www.nexusscars.com. Thank you so much for sharing and keep em coming! Have a good day! :)

  • Jason

    The guy whole wrote this article for car advice is a total knobspanker who has no idea of the car industry. What a moron saying that the lancer is not a sports car and its 2nd best to a rx-8!! come on man get a clue!

  • http://www.motordude.com motordude

    Not that I have the money for either, but I’d hang out for the Evo X.

    • Kwstis

      I think the EVO X is the same appearance correctly;

    • Kwstis

      I think the EVO X is the same appearance, correctly;

  • Z

    The RX8 is a TRUE Sports Car. The EVO9 is a AWD Sports Sedan. The RX8 has 50:50 weight distribution due to being front engine RWD, where as the EVO9 is AWD and has the weight distribution more like a FWD car (62:38). The base model EVO9 (rrp $56,789) is quite a lot more expensive than a base model RX8 (rrp $48,990). The RX8 is classier in every angle than an EVO based on a $19,990 Lancer.

    When it comes to performance times, there is no doubt the EVO9 tops the RX8 however the RX8 has the “feel” and DNA of a TRUE sports car. If you look at corner speeds, you will be see the RX8 corners and carries more speed than the EVO9. Just like the MX5, although being underpowered has one of the best chassis balance and feel with incredible cornering speeds.

    Put it plainly, the EVO/STI are cars that don’t require much driving skill to go fast, whereas a TRUE Sports Car is something that will require skill to go fast and further improve your driving skills. Which would you choose?

    • Ads

      IF the RX8 is so much better, and only needs driver ‘skill’ to make it faster, why doesnt the Mazda destroy all comers in rally, they are the best drivers in the world, so surely would have the required skills.

  • Paul

    Which would I choose? Evo thanks. Faster, better handling, a true performance car.

  • Charles

    I love tthe Evo 7.5, 8, and 9 then 10 is comming up heheh cant wait to see which 1 is nicer but for sure i will get the 8 cause its better in performance n handling EVO ROX

  • Charles

    RX8 is 1.3 man but evo have more hp than ur RX8 so don even dream on winning an evo eventhough u change every parts form ur RX8 here in KUCHING Evo can easily beat a stock RX8 man even a stock honda civic 1992 win rx8 easily

  • Damian

    “Z said:
    The RX8 is classier in every angle than an EVO based on a $19,990 Lancer.”

    The Lancer Evolution has a different floor plan, chassis, wheelbase, front and rear track, the Evo is longer, wider, isn’t as high as the regular Lancer, it has a completely different engine and transmission and is AWD when a rear diff wouldn’t even fit in a regular Lancer. The Evo is in no way based off any other car in Mitsubishi’s line up and is as such a completely unique, purpose built sports sedan.

    We could debate what car is faster on a track but that’s not the point here.

    The point is that if you make false, baseless, ignorant claims you’re going to look like a moron.

  • Nicholas Ng

    u all say Evo is a true sports car…..
    it is actually a slow car la…..
    Even though I like Evo before but I change my mind when I saw the speed of Nissan Skyline GTR-34 when on the straight road n cornering……
    the Nissan Skyline GTR-34 is a fast car n terror on the track even though Evo is on the track……
    the Evo is the car for rallying…….n a 4wd..
    However Skyline is a car for drag n drift(although it is a bit heavy)…….

  • NakMuay

    you are a fucking idiot for trying to say that a Skyline GTR R34 is for drifting, when in fact it is an ALL WHEEL DRIVE CAR.
    its ridiculous when 14 year old kids try to chime in on discussions in which they know absolutely nothing about.
    there is not a single GTR in the world that was produced as an all wheel drive.
    there was the GT-S T type M, that came Rear wheel drive, and also came with the smaller rb25det.
    learn your facts kid.
    also, there is a reason that the Lancer Evolution is destroying the GTR’s on time attack now a days.

  • NakMuay


    there is not a single GTR in the world that was produced as rear wheel drive.******************

    i apologize for that mistake.

  • http://thecarscene travis

    do a bit more research before mouthing off…..the FQ280 evo sold in Australia has the same turbo as the FQ360 in the UK, and just needs some ECU reflashing to achieve an easy 4.1 to 100km/h.

    Also, it is not ‘essentially still a lancer’ – it is a different chassis. Different engine. Different body – not one panel is shared. Different interior….i.e. – a different car.

    also the WRC cars arent ‘loosely’ based on the evo at all; they are extremely close to the evo. they arent a hotted up base model.

    I suggest you do more research before admonishing a car you dont even have a proper understanding of.

    Additionally, the arguments you raised CAN be levelled at the STI since it and the base model impreza share not only multiple body panels but also interior elements, engine components and differential components.

    The evo on the other hand, is still a raw rally bred machine.

    I’ve owned both, i know, and I’ve done a LOT of research into both / all of the cars. the Evo chassis is nothing like the lancer chassis, it isnt even CLOSE to a lancer, there are almost ZERO similarities….

    thanks for contributing to the misinformation everywhere on the net.


  • J.X

    umm is FQ280 the coming out evo X? sorry if im wrong bcus i want to buy an evo here in australia but still want the performance of a FQ360 :)

  • http://www.jpegfenton.com Peter

    RX8, SPORT CAR?, Ha, Ha, ‘WHAT THE’ have you even driven one, an RX7 tricked up with maximum boost, maybe.

    I was lucky enough to drive an Evo-9 a couple of days ago with it’s adjustable diffs and boost control, we drove up and down the Kuranda range here in Cairns, that will test any car with 4X4, Controlling the diff with 40% front on the way up and with 70% front on the way down, increasing the boost going up and decreasing the boost on the way down. It blows my mind a car could even do that, controlling 4wheel drifts like that, and I meen DRIFTS, 4 wheels smoking.

    I think you need editors that actually dive and know about cars, this is a modern day supercar not a sports car, this car can stick to a Lamborghini Murcielago on a race track!!!! Are you saying that a Murcielago is a sports car? “GET A CLUE”.

  • http://www.jpegfenton.com Peter


    Sorry, I forgot to say this is a custom factory import from Japan with 19” BBS wheels and all the Jap options, my mate waited 3 ½ months for it to get here, and we still can’t get the smile off his face.

  • Al Juraj

    Coming from Japan, I hope he had that (groan) 180 km/h speedo replaced!

  • I hate tuning

    If i buy an Evo, it would just be a good old Evo VIII…. I love Evo’s, but until my decision is swayed by this newer evo, I would probably just stick with the old one…

  • J.X

    evo ix is sexy

  • kenbon

    hey i need some advice, i have a 2000 wrx i’ve had it for about 4 years and it’s a great car i always have loved the wrx, but iam going to up grade the two cars i have in mind are 2007 sti or evo 9 not really concerned about the price different im really leaning to the evo 9… all i want is a car that goes like a cut snake and that looks great.. anyone got some pros’s and con’s about either of these cars????


  • Mark

    I am just about to pick up a 2006 EVO 9. I owned a 2006 wrx for 2 years and it was an awesome car. The EVO however is freaky to drive, it’s almost a no brainer. Awesome seats and seating position. I advise anyone to go for a 9. The x is going to jump up a little too much for my liking, however if you have the $$$ go for it…

  • TP

    How much is an 06 Evo? The Ralliart Lancer coming out towards the end of this year has the same AWD system of the Evo 9 with the Evo 10s engine… along with a host of features, for a predicted $40kish. Im sure a 06 Evo would be in this range, in which case, Id wait for the ralliart!!!

  • Gergovorov

    Na fuk it the Ralliart Lancer will be a bitch mobile like the WRX. Evo IX’s are the way foward my friend

    the last of the lighter body and tighter chasis before they introduce safety and luxury crap

    im looking for a neat 2nd hand one at the moment for a work rig, pref one with a BBS pack….bung

  • Frugal-One

    Less DOOFDOOFDOOF LEBO them than a WRX…

    If that counts for anything? :-)



  • need for speed

    I have been waiting to purchase either a WRX STI 08 or the EVO 9 after the June 08 new financial year, to get it more cheaper.
    I have always been a Subaru owner, but now leaning towards actually buying the EVO9

    My decision was based on the EVO 9 gear box and need for speed feel out weigh the new WRX hatch back comparingthe performance. (shame on Subaru for brings out a hatchback)

    After this long wait and info gathering, I now got the EVO 10 to put in my equation (here we go again)

    I am so stress now, should I wait for the EVO 10 which will cost around $70,000, or buy the now cheaper EVO9.

    My question is, for anyone that owns a EVO 9.
    Would I get the same bang for my bucks with the EVO 9 or will there be an increase in power, performance on the new EVO 10. (which I would then have to borrow extra cash as they cost about $70,000)

  • john

    the evo 10 is much slower the the 9 they have tested it the 9 came out on top from the evo 10 and reading this article there are some mistakes with in it… stating the topgear uk tv show tested the evo 9 against a lambo is not entirely true, they tested a Mitsubishi Evolution VIII FQ400 against it which only 100 of them were made in the world and only sold in UK and it did beat the lambo around a track not straight.

  • brake


    when u say fq 280 in australia do you just mean the normal (or bbs pack) evo ix that was sold here cuz they have around 280hp also, or did we get an FQ in australia also?

  • john


    i think what he means is they call there evo ix standard model FQ280 over here im sure its the same thing but we just leave them at Evo IX and dnt call them anything further then that.

  • Grassy

    This EvoIX is fastest than the new EvoX if only this EvoIX would have the new 6-speed double clutch transmission.

  • rick

    yes bit the evo x kicks ass on corners

  • True JDM

    hi there

    Please get your facts right.
    It was an EVO 8 MR in top gear and not an EVO 9.

    ———– extract

    If the straight line speed isn’t what you are after than the Evo 9s unlimited grip should be handy, in a recent test by Topgear (UK TV Motoring show) the Evo 9 kept up with a Lamborghini Murcialogo around a race track.

  • True JDM

    Also, when you’re making comparisons with the UK models, why did you not cover the JDM MR?

    Further on to that, there are options lacking in the AU models such as Xenon lights.

    Go read up before you write a review.

  • Squeeny

    Um i think the mitsubishi lancer series suck and the only people that drive them are mental divergent

  • Alessio Captain of Carlton

    Yeah Squeeny is right, and i think that leon davis is worse than eddie betts cause eddie betts has scored more goals

  • Frank

    It’s not only a 8mr but the fq400
    with 305kw/400hp

  • MArc B

    Hey guys. I’m living in South africa. And I’m looking for a evo, right side steering of course. to import to here. market in the country is extremely limited.

    So. Do you know anybody or some company wich would import a evo 9 to South Africa,
    Either from, UK, Austrailia, or the best would be japan cause of the exchange rate.

    It does not have to be new. It can be any color. But should be a Evo 9 with a wing not the tiny small pussy lip they put on in europe…


  • Michael

    Whoever wrote this review is a moron The EVO is a far superior car to crappy RX-8 in every way

    • zahid

      i agree with marc b :)…evo is way far from rx-8…evo is the best..i have an evo and rx-8….so i can compare between two of then….EVO Rocks :)

  • sam

    i gotta say the evo 9 is a bloody gud car…..
    RX-7 on the other hand is not my taste……..
    but at 56K it remains a dream!!1:{

    • Flagman

      I have an EVO9 fantastic is all can say, they are best car I’ve ever driven,
      I test drive cars regularly to see about updating but avvyet to find a better feeling and handling car, including in the BMW, Audi and Subaru ranges, the EVO is a true though breed of motor sport.

  • izzy

    Dear esteemed Evo Bros!
    i got an evo 9 for rally bought it frm DGM in belfast, David Greer Motorsports, i got a problem, the rear diff motor keeps burning after every 3 rallies. Ive checked the relays and all the wires and bleed it till im tired of that activity. Can there be a possibility that the computer box plays a role in this activity?

    Thanking u guys in advance.

  • http://jkahlgf ahmet

    aga buuu işştteee araba yaaaaa evodan başka tanımam