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The 2010 Ford Focus ECOnetic will become Ford of Europe’s first car equipped with start-stop engine technology, making it capable of achieving results better than 4 litres/100km and 100 g/km CO2.

The five-door only model debuted at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show will go on sale in selected European markets from early 2010.

The 80kW 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi engine teamed with regenerative braking and automatic start-stop – which shuts the engine down at idle – produces a combined fuel economy of 3.81 litres/100km and CO2 emissions of 99 g/km on the EU test cycle.

Ford claims the engine’s start-stop function reduces fuel consumption and emissions by up to five per cent in mixed driving conditions and as much as 10 per cent in heavy traffic with frequent stops.


The engine takes 0.3 seconds to switch on from rest and is supported by an upgraded high performance starter motor and a stronger pinion-engagement mechanism with reduced noise levels.

Ford of Europe manager of CO2 technologies, Dr Thilo Seibert, said the Focus’ start-stop technology would stimulate the system’s wider application across the Ford range.

“To achieve these impressive figures, we combined the proven approach of the original Focus ECOnetic with even more detail improvements and all-new technologies.

“The new Focus ECOnetic is particularly significant as it paves the way for some of these technologies to be implemented into our core vehicle series in the near future,” he said.


The regenerative braking function – Ford calls it Smart Regenerative Charging – operates like similar systems from other manufacturers.

Kinetic energy lost during braking is stored in the battery, and the system communicates with the start-stop unit to determine how much battery charge is available so that it can leave the engine running if the battery does not have a sufficient level of charge.

A newly designed alternator bracket and new belt pulley design and revisions to the TDCi engine – including new injectors, upgraded intake system and exhaust system fitted with an oxygen sensor, and a standard coated Diesel Particulate Filter (cDPF) – add to the efficiency gains.

Longer ratios for third, fourth and fifth gears bring down engine revs and noise, while ride height is down (10mm at the front, 8mm at the rear) and new tyres have been fitted to lower wind and rolling resistance.


The new ‘Eco Mode’ system also aims to lower fuel consumption by monitoring driving behaviour parameters like gear shifting, smoothness and anticipation and highway speed, and educating the driver with “eco-driving advice”.

“We have been amazed by the positive feedback on the system by customers in early tests.

“Customers have told us that they actively enjoyed exploring a new and very contemporary discipline: saving fuel,” Seibert said.


But an Australian launch for the Focus ECOnetic is no certainty, with Ford’s Sinead McAlary confirming that there are currently no specific plans to import the model.

“We are just in the process of launching the Fiesta ECOnetic which is a new brand for us here in Australia.

“We’re off to a really good start with that and it is a brand of technology that we would like to spread across other vehicles within our range, but we won’t make any decisions on which would be the next until we see how the Fiesta ECOnetic goes in the market.

“We would like to extend the ECOnetic brand because we think it delivers real efficiency at a cost well priced for consumers.

“We’ll wait and see what happens in the new year,” she said.


    I would buy one. For city driving perfect, good size.


    Best small car category Focus finished 3rd behind Mazda3 and Golf. This cars got 240Nm at 1750 rpm, city 5.6l/100km, Hwy 3.6 l/100km, length 4337mm. I would buy it too.

    • Teacher

      I think you meant “car has got” rather than “cars got.”

      • Philthy

        Maybe even “car has”. Haha. I hope you don’t teach my kids

        • Minnow

          I hope you’re a P.E. teacher.

        • bitchbitchwhingewhinge

          @ Teacher and Philthy: I hope you don’t teach your kids. Last thing we need is people acting as spell checkers on forums dedicated to cars.

  • Lachlan

    I have the standard 2.0lt TDCi Focus which already achieves great fuel economy, if this can better mine then i would buy one too.

  • Tom R

    Why cant they put alloys on these? Even silly eco ones, the plastic hub cabs seem so downmarket…

    • imugli

      The hubcap is designed for less wind resistance. There would be little point IMO having an alloy where most of the wheel is covered anyway…

  • Yonny

    Sounds interesting – but having suffered two previous South African-built Focuses I wouldn’t touch this with a bargepole.

    But if they built this thing in Germany, or Belgium, then yeah, I’d be interested.

  • Tony M

    I know everyone likes the hatchback these days but how about a hatch similar to the mondeo. Looks like a sedan but is a hatch. By the way I still have my ’92 Ford Laser hatch, most practical car I have had to date.

  • adam (aka mada)

    Impressive fuel economy for such a size of vehicle.

  • Andrew M

    When the fiesta econetic was launched in europe, Ford Aus said they had no immediate plans for that either.
    My bet is it will make it here, they just havent had a chance to think about it yet.
    Saying they are not sure yet is just to palm off the media who would have gone running to them with a thousand nosey questions.

    Since the environmental concern is an ever growing market, im sure they will bring this in 12 months or so

    • Safety Frist

      I’m with you on that, however I’m betting on it being with the Thai built new model…
      I wouldn’t be surprised to see that by then of 2011 we have Econtetic badges on all passenger variants….

      • Andrew M

        Yeah I was thinking of the new model when I posted and was wandering why it was never mentioned in relation to this.

        Perhaps they need more “Eco” models now and cant wait till the newbie knowing if they sit on their hands they will let everyone else get market place recognition before them.

        When is the new model slated for europe??
        add 12 months to that and that will show Australias release date

        • Rhubarb

          Knowing Ford it’ll be on sale soon for $32990 driveaway – great economy!

          • Knowing GM

            … (holden) will copy it 4-5 years later.

          • Andrew M

            Compared to a hybrid it still would be ;)

  • Jon

    Cheaper than hybrid car.

  • Shak

    Thats if Ford dont break their promise like they did with the local Focus production. You know how good they are at keeping promises.

  • Andrew M

    Ford dont run a company of making promises, and they have never made any.
    What they do make though is Business decisions, and that is something they are making beter versions of when compared to GM

    This isnt a popularity contest

    • Shak

      What do you call the Focus pull out. They said they would and they didnt. If they’re not certain, dont say anything. Thats what a proper business does.

      • Andrew M

        Focus plans wasnt a promise to do favours, it was a business case, and business decisions were made that it was no longer viable.
        Efforts were then transferred to to other more viable areas.

        I didnt see anywhere in the press releases where Ford said “we promise to make the Focus here”.

    • spare me

      Yes Andrew M, Ford are better at making business decisions than GM – sound and forward thinking business decisions such as being domestic only and not exporting. What’s that I hear??? that would be local Ford production on life support beep beep beep

      • Andrew M

        Local Ford production on life support???
        based on what???
        Fords local sales numbers are with out splitting hairs the same as Holdens.

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      Selling a product, cars included, is very much a popularity contest.

      • Andrew M

        Its one thing selling the units, but another in the bean counters office.

        The most popular doesnt always yeild the best profit.

        Although its always good to sell more, if you make less on them whats the point.

        low turnover, high margin
        high turnover, low margin…….thats the rule of thumb in retail

  • MJ

    This shows why the Prius was and still is a rubbish car! Instead of selling a $40,000 hybrid car, why not sell a $20,000 Corolla with stop-start technology?

  • Mr Happy :)

    I wonder if that diesel motor being put in the Territory can be used to produce an Econetic Falcon?

    • Andrew M

      I think the ecoboost Falcon will effectively be the econetic version.

      It will easily have the economy of a comparible diesel, and still carry good performance

  • Rod

    Hi, I hope I may ask this question here, it is regarding my Ford Focus SR LR 1.8lt.
    Maybe this is something prospective buyers might want to know about.
    I took the car in for a warranty repair to the Fuel Gauge – it was stuck. The quote for the repair was $535 – parts $184, labour $350. The car is in for repair and all of a sudden the cost to me of this warranty repair is $750 – $680 for a new Fuel Pump and $70 for ‘one use only’ O-Ring Assembly parts.
    Am I the only one who finds the need for a new Fuel Pump to fix a Fuel Gauge a bit strange – on top of the $550 quote as well?