• Alex

    Is fuel economy really what the in-your-face X6 is about? I don’t think so. I could never spend that much when I could get the brilliant X6 50i for less. And if I wanted economy I’d just get a 35d.
    I think this is basically a pointless car and the X6 wasn’t exactly winning prizes for its usefulness in the first place, but then that’s why I like it. I’d much rather see the tech from the Hydrogen 7 in the X6.

  • Steve

    Just like the Lexus “hybrid” SUVs I think this is aimed more at dodging congestion taxes and gas guzzler taxes of various countries as opposed to actually offering something that is truly environmentally friendly.
    I mean, come on. A 4.4L V8? Sure it might be 20% better, but that’s still, say, about 70% (numbers from dark nether regions here) worse than a smaller engined, practical car like even a 3 or 5 series diesel sedan. And they can’t be serious with the “can run solely on electric power” comment if it is actually only for 2.5kms at 60km/h.. Sure you might be able to get to 10kms if you go at 40km/h (congested city traffic) if you don’t have the AC/ Radio/ headlights/ etc running but making a claim like that is asking for ridicule.
    This thing is huge on the road with a huge engine but pretends to be something it’s not.