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  • Interior space; suspension (ride); standard features
  • Fuel consumption; handling

6 / 10

Toyota Camry Review & Road Test
Toyota Camry Review & Road Test

The latest iteration of one of Toyota’s best selling appliances.

Model Tested:

  • 2009 Toyota Camry Ateva; 2.4-litre, four-cylinder, petrol; five-speed automatic; sedan – $32,490

CarAdvice Rating:

Whitegoods on wheels, uninspiring, old man’s car and boring. These are all terms that have become synonymous with the Toyota Camry.

For years Toyota has been using its reputation to take advantage of the buying public, selling countless cars on the basis of rock solid reliability and perceived value for money.

Toyota released the new four-cylinder Camry to the Australian market in July 2006. It hit showrooms missing stability control – it wasn’t even an option (only standard on Grande) – along with reasonable fuel economy. Despite its shortcomings, people still bought it in droves.

Toyota Camry Review & Road Test
Toyota Camry Review & Road Test
Toyota Camry Review & Road Test

It wasn’t until the Mazda6 – and more recently the Ford Mondeo – crept into the market that Toyota was forced to pull its finger out and reconsider the package they had on offer.

Great styling and impressive value for money from its competition hit Toyota for a six and so here we are now, with the revised Toyota Camry.

At face value, it looks much the same. The only visible differences lie in minor headlight and taillight styling changes. It’s only when you delve deeper that you see exactly what Toyota has done.

Toyota has reduced the price of the Camry, reduced the fuel consumption and increased the level of standard features – it’s a win-win in anyone’s language.

Our baby blue test vehicle was still a treat to look at, despite the Camry’s three and a half year tenure in the Australian market.

Inside the cabin, Camry drivers will be familiar with the general layout. While the radio fascia has changed, the rest remains well-known territory.

Toyota Camry Review & Road Test
Toyota Camry Review & Road Test
Toyota Camry Review & Road Test

Rear seat passengers will remain amazed with the amount of leg room available. A 6-foot person will easily fit with leg room to spare, likewise with head and shoulder room.

Visibility from the driver’s seat is superb both front and rear. The thin A-pillars are great for city driving where cyclists and pedestrians are often lost in their girth.

A reversing camera is now standard fitment on both Ateva and Grande, further enhancing visibility during parking and low-speed manoeuvres. The reversing camera is integrated into the 4.3-inch LCD screen that controls the audio. Its small size makes it a bit difficult to see smaller objects, but is a step in the right direction considering the boot’s high waist line.

Standard features include: Dual-zone climate control, electric windows, electric mirrors, power steering, cruise control, automatic headlights, six-disc in-dash CD-player with six speakers and MP3 compatibility, six-way electric driver and front passenger seat, central locking, USB audio compatibility and Bluetooth connectivity.

Safety features include: Dual front SRS airbags, front side airbags, front and rear side curtain airbags, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control (TC), engine immobiliser and ABS brakes.

Priced from $29,990 for the Altise, the Ateva tested retails for an impressive $32,490.

While the power and torque outputs remain identical, Toyota has managed to reduce fuel consumption by 1.0-L/100km to 8.8-L/100km. The reduction also sees carbon emissions dive from 235g/km to 208g/km.

At the helm, it drives just like a Camry is meant to drive. The steering is light and precise with brake feel firm and responsive. Cornering isn’t exciting with plenty of body roll and tyre squeal. Luckily, the Camry’s target demographic won’t be taking corners like Schumacher.

The Camry’s suspension is excellent. It soaks up all bumps thrown at it and rides well on both highways and B-grade country roads.

While the engine note is nothing to write home about, the engine responds with gusto when the driver jumps on the loud pedal. Even with a full complement of passengers on board, the engine is capable of propelling the Camry with no sense of lag.

A five-speed automatic transmission transfers torque from the 2.4-litre, four-cylinder engine. Producing 117kW and 218Nm of torque, the engine rarely puts a foot wrong. The ADR fuel consumption of 8.8-L/100km was achieved according to the trip computer. When we refilled, we calculated closer to 9.5-L/100km, indicating a slightly optimistic trip computer. This is to be expected though, considering the car had all of 500km on the clock when we collected it.

Although some will still find the Toyota Camry to be whitegoods on wheels and boring, there’s simply very little to fault. It won’t handle like a Mondeo or a Mazda6, but on the same token it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much and is loaded to the hilt with features.

The revised Toyota Camry hits the sweet spot for punters who couldn’t give a rat’s earlobe about performance, handling or image.

It’s the perfect balance between form and function.


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Toyota Camry Review & Road Test
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210 Responses to “Toyota Camry Review & Road Test”

  1. Hmmm,

    a good and thoughtful update to an innofensive car which addresses some of the few weaknesses it has.

    No doubt that will make everyone happy.

    I doubt that there will be any comments at all…

  2. fair review. the camry is a great car for its intended market no doubt. but nothing more.

    • Agreed, fair review.
      The irony is that Toyota would brand a Camry with the “Sportivo” label.
      Perhaps intended to increase the pulse of a gullible granny.

  3. Have they upgraded the motor? We have a pre-facelift one at work and it’s a slug. Other than that it’s nice and quiet and inoffensive. Evens smells pleasant :)

    PS spam word koenigsegg is b___y hard to spell!

  4. Here we go again, more articles about Toyota…

    Seriously though, I don’t hate Toyota, some of their cars are quite decent, but I can’t imagine why anyone would buy the Camry (may be for the cheap maintenece in the first 3 years? is that still on?). There are many better choices on the market now, Mazda 6 and Honda Accord Euro are smaller but much better cars in both the design and presentation, and the driving experience. For larger competitors, 4 pot Accord and 2.5L Maxima are both better designed and presented on the inside, and offers better equipment and probably a better driving experience (may be not the Maxima). Either way, there are many better cars on the market, the Camry was a decent car when launched a few years ago, but it is now looking rather dated.

    • Don’t talk about things you don’t understand.

      • Sorry Alan,
        BM can’t win an argument based facts so has to try to discredit me by attacking people while using my nick!!

        Hope CA will ban the troll!!

  5. By the way, I thought the American update to the Camry has switched to a new 2.5L 4 pot engine, why are we still getting the old 2.4L?

    • because Toyota is ripping us off in Australia, rumour says we will have to wait for the next model in 2012? for the ‘new’ motor, of course by then it will be the old toyota motor

      • Guess that is hardly surprising, Australia is always getting the older model or the worse equipped model compared to other car markets.

  6. For some reason I was under the impression the updated Camry had a 6speed transmission…
    Hopefully my parents sell the Sportivo next week, and replace with our long awaited Fiesta Zetec! lol.

  7. hmm. . true true… I do wonder why we’re still running with the 2.4L … I heard rumours that we’re not getting it till the next model. . .
    Does someone better informed know ?

    Yeah, there might be better cars dynamically . . but you pay for it…
    and in terms of servicing .. The Mazda, Subaru and Honda are still 6 monthly intervals. .. which is such a Pita.
    My dad has always been a Camry driver … as are all his work colleagues..but I guess their priorities on a car may differ to others.
    I wouldn’t buy one – but I can certainly understand the appeal with the reliability compared to other makes.
    Your experience may differ, but in my life demographic bubble and from everyone that I know – Toyota still stands out..

  8. Its Aussie made too, which counts a bit to some people (and not to others I bet).

  9. Yes, it is bland but the main reason I could never stomach driving one of these around is the dashboard. Just look at it – what a collection of mismatched bits and pieces with no consistency in the size, feel, look or style of any part. Nothing feels quality at all – wobbly knobs – urgh.

    LED and LCD displays in different sizes and fonts. Buttons in silver, grey and black. Some buttons with text, others with labels. Awful. Just looks what it is – cheap and nasty…

  10. Captain Mainwaring says:

    Completely boring to the point of tedium. Nothing but a taxi, or a rental car. And why can’t they put the handbrake on the correct side?

  11. I drove a brand new rental a while back and I can clearly say that this is one of the most horrible cars I have ever driven.

    The other car I can think of that comes to the sheer lack of engineering and style is a 2009 automatic base model Corolla.

    These are the kinds of cars you drive in hell. I gave the car back the same day and requested an upgrade… to anything.

    Both cars were horribly slow with a buzzy engine that gave plenty of noise but no discernable increase in acceleration. Both had abysmal handling. Both had horribly wooden brakes. Both had interiors that reminded me of a looted store.

    These cars are shameful. And $32k! I nearly fell off my chair.

    And you know the really sad thing… one of the best cars I’ve ever driven is the 1997 JZX100 Toyota Chaser…

    It amazes me that there are so many on the road. I suspect this is the McDonalds syndrome. Millions served doesn’t mean millions are right.

    • I agree with you about the Chaser! Older car such as the 1998 Camry I get a ride in is much better in ‘quality’ than the current shape Camry…

    • IronOreBananabender says:

      Three cheers for the JZX100 Chaser! I hear Toy-Oz opted for the Avalon instead as their premier vehicle. *snicker* The greyest of the grey suits of Toyota run the show in Australia. I’ll stick to my manual rwd Chaser thanks. Even if they brought it here without the turbo it would have been popular, and they wouldn’t have sullied the TRD name with a supercharged camry.

    • I agree that both Camry and Corolla are bland and boring car, but they are far from bad cars. They are competent but bland. In terms of noise, both Camry and Corolla are fairly refined when compared to cars from the same class. I’d say Corolla is a lot more refined and quieter than most of cars in its class. With regard to acceleration, again I’d say it’s slow but on par for the class. Handling wise, safe and boring, just what you want for people who doesn’t enjoy driving, and the wooden brakes? Hardly I say, again pretty much on par for the class.

      Overall I’d say Toyota makes competent but boring car, it is afterall aimed at the mass market who just wants to get from A to B with little fuss and in comfort. For that, I think they are well built for the task. But for car lovers like us, we want a bit more excitment, hence we don’t like Toyotas. So my point is, I won’t say they are badly made, far from it in fact, just very very dull to drive.

    • Look Tony

      You’re comparing a daily friendly, global platform, designed to be as cost effective… yet highly reliable car to a Chaser… which is a performance vehicle in Japan. Supra engine, both the NA and Turbo. Well atleast the Chaser I’m familiar with.

      You compare that to a 2.4L 117kW engine with a big-roomy body. And you complain for the performance.

      Again, if you want a fast car that handles well and is brand new… then you better have $50~$60K to spend. Or you can opt for the RWD Commodore or Falcon and do fishtails around round abouts and burn outs around corners that would give 18 year old hoons a hard on to your hearts contents. But I cannot fathom why you expected high performance out of a Camry, when the car is designed to be driven by ordinary folks who want reliable transportation from A to B.

      I’d do your logic here and make my own comparison.
      I drove a E46 M3 and it absolutely destroys a Ford Fiesta in performance. How can someone pay $20K for a Ford Fiesta, I almost fell of my chair. I’d have the M3 anyday.

      There, thats the logic I got from your post.

      The bottomline is, RWD high performance cars are more expensive to produce than FWD low performance cars. For 99% of the market, they dont care about 0-100 acceleration etc. They want a car that will last them a long time, has good features, reliable and cheap to maintain.

      And yes Kudos to the Chaser! Sadly even if Toyota releases a new updated Chaser… Australia wouldnt get it. Why? Because its Australia. We’re lucky to be producing cars here period. So kudos to Holden, Ford and Toyota for even producing cars here and giving Australians jobs.

      • “But I cannot fathom why you expected high performance out of a Camry”

        Exactly; Toyota thought they could build a High Performance Camry; they called it the TRD Aurion – and look what happened….[FIRE}

      • The point Tony was making is that there are other Toyota’s that they build that are simply superior in every way, but not sold here!

  12. Grammar Nazi says:

    I for one am looking forward to the Hybrid version of this one. A very fair review, for a ‘competent’ car. The addition of battery power, with what I understand to be a host of electronic and handling upgrades can only mean a good thing. Fuel economy will be better, sure, but I think the added power will be the main plus. I really hope people get behind it.

  13. I hope the Camry Hybrid fails – but it won’t, simply because Govt departments will buy them up big time.

    I like the McDonalds quote earlier. People who know nothing about cars buy these “fridges” but there are much better ways of spending the same $$$…

    • Grammar Nazi says:

      Why would you conceivably hope that? There’s about 3,000 people in Altona who would love to speak with you right about now.

      • Agree 100%. The Hybrid Camry needs to be succesful, else there will be no return on the millions of dollars of OUR money they got to build the overseas developed car here.
        The 3000 + deserve it too.

  14. For this money there are so many other much better options from Mazda,Honda,Nissan and others …if the was no other cars to choose from maybe I would buy one…just maybe…or I would rather walk.

  15. the audio system looks out of place and really tacky…

  16. Ha ha ha, after all these years, they still couldn’t get the handbrake lever on the right side. But you got to admire the simplicity of the car. Guess you can’t win all the time.

  17. Well Car Advice I would like to know how a Camry gets 4 out of five stars overall?What then do the Mazda 6, Mondeo, Maxima & Liberty get?

    I think you guys are too soft in the marking of cars – I think you gave the New GS FPV 4.5 out of 5 – that would mean the F6 would get 7 out of 5!!

    Get realistic with the ratings or your credibility will head south – the Camry should as a maximum only rate 3!!

    • Yes, this is not a 4 star car at all…

      3 stars means average and this car is nothing else (I would actually argue that it is less…)

    • Try reading the article:

      “Although some will still find the Toyota Camry to be whitegoods on wheels and boring, there’s simply very little to fault. It won’t handle like a Mondeo or a Mazda6, but on the same token it doesn’t cost anywhere near as much and is loaded to the hilt with features.”

      It comes down to what you get vs how much you pay.

      • Yes very little to fault – but where does it excel to get 4 stars. Other than maybe price it doesn’t do anything better than the opposition noted.

        And Thomas79 what do Falcons and Commodores have to do with this?

        Can’t you find another topic in in the blogs to damn the local product this week?? Talk about paranoia!!

    • get real, this is not a sports car website,
      CA reviews a wide variety of cars

      in no way would the F6 get a higher overall rating than a Camry/Falcon/Commdore

      • Too Right!!
        The Camry might be boring, but so is Commodore and Falcon!!
        All of the fleet focused, locally manufactured cars are just white good appliances!!

        Seriusly, I can’t belive the nerv of people telling caradvice how to rate their cars?!! If you don’t like it, setup your own website, and rate it how ever you like!!

        Now wouldn’t that be a funny exercise in credibility?! All Fords, and or Holdens receiving perfect scores… And all the reviews would have been generated from reading the sales brochures, and V8 Supercar results!!
        Technical information such as the top speed would propably be derived from looking at the largest number on the speedometer!! 😉

        • God forbid we have some moron set up another website based solely on Fords and Holdens.

          Hey Tomas, see Skoda’s sales were up 151% in October, great news, hope it continues so all those haters have to eat their words.

          • Yep, Car Fanatic great news!!
            The Fabia and the Yeti (Car of the year 2009 finnalist(In Progress)) will really shake things up once they arrive 2010!!

          • 151% increase in sales for Skoda – so what they sold 3 in October?

          • Great news for the new owners. They will have purchased a very competent package for the money.

          • As long as Will the Skoda salesman and is feral offsider Tomas have taken yet another blog off topic:

            An extra 34 Skodas sold than last month – huge!

        • Seriously, I can’t believe the nerve of people telling car advice how to rate their cars?!

          That’s hilarious – particularly considering its coming from you Tomas.

  18. That sprayed silver console looks and feels horribly cheap and tinny… like a china clock radio you buy at discount store. Look at all the blanks on the dash.

    The radio and LCD looks very very cheap indeed and the buttons are rattly and don’t push down with any kind of tactile feeling.

    I don’t blame them for the handbrake on the wrong side. Many many cars also do the same thing. Mitsubishi are famous for it.

    I would buy a lightly used Mitsubishi 380 over this. At least that car has an ok-ish V6 and some decent brakes on it.

  19. I have an Auto ’08 Camry as a work/private vehicle… yawn! It must have the stupidest gearbox ever! Even my 3-speed Auto XF had a better ‘box. At least the Falcon had the torque to hold gears rather than hunting around and having ridiculous change points…

  20. Buy A Maxima 250ST instead. Better car all around!

  21. Safety Frist says:

    Thanks but NO! For that money I’ll go for the LX Mondeo and put up with not having a reverse camera or Rear power windows. I will however have a better drive combined with a more usable package and a huge hatch. 6sp Auto and a comfortable rear seat are also thrown into the Mondeo for free.
    HAs Toyota done something about the Annoying centre stack glow?? The Altise I get to drive (09 just replaced model) is almost undrivable at night in the country due to the pale blue glow…..

    • Not to mention the better safety in the Mondeo.

      Why is it acceptable for Toyota to continue along selling 4 star passenger vehicles, yet Holden got slammed for lagging behind on 4 stars (Commodore) for what was it, only 6 months???

      • The only reason this doesn’t get 5 stars is because it doesn’t have a passenger seatbelt warning.

        • Safety Frist says:

          So if that is alll that the car needs to get the (VERY MARKETABLE) 5* rating areyou telling me that the accountants at Toytota are that tight that they would turn of a large portion of the buying public (and more and more Govco Fleets) to save $20.00 in the build of the vehicle???? Really???? Honestly????

        • …. and the extra structural re-engineering and modifications, but that’s just boring isn’t it?

  22. The funny thing with the Handbrake is when my Father in law bought his Camry, he was told by the salesman they put it on the other side especially for the better ergonomics…………
    Maybe he thought he would lose a sale if he said they were just being cheap….

    • Devil's Advocate says:

      A few manufacturers are moving the handbrake to the far side now Andrew M and citing ergonomics. Many manufacturers are supposedly starting to move the lever to the other side of the cup holder for easier access for your drinks etc. I guess they think that, especially in an auto, you only use the handbrake at the start and end of your journey, yet use the centre cup holder/console many times in the middle of your trip. I would say it wouldn’t take long (ie, a few days) to get used to it and get over it. I know that Mazda for an example are starting to do that. The current 6 and 3 have the lever on the far side of the centre cup holder/console regardless of which side the steering wheel sits. At least it is not like the Aurion with the crappy foot operated park brake. :-)

      However, having said that there are some manufacturers that are indeed lazy and don’t bother to swap it over when the steering wheel is moved over to the other side!

      • I’d say the reason the Handbrake has moved all the way over to the left of the console is because the more countries in the world are LHD..

        Not only that but the majority of the local production from Altona is exported – to help the other factories where the Camry/Aurion is built cope with demand; the car has been designed primarily for those markets like the US

        Sure the design and location of the handbrake in the VE isn’t to everyone’s taste.. however; it was designed to make it easier for Holden to switch the handbrake over to suit either LHD or RHD cars.. same applies to centrally located power window and mirror controls

        • Devil's Advocate says:

          I agree with you Wheelnut WRT the handbrake and lazyness in the Camry’s case, however I have seen cars, like most current model Mazdas, that have the handbrake on the ‘far’ side regardless of where the steering wheel is. They do it on purpose so it has nothing to do with lazyness or the majority of their market being either LHD or RHD. I would love to know their reasoning behind.

          Either way, I wouldn’t call this an issue as really, How often do you use the handbrake especially with Australian’s love of automatics? I am sure if people purchased a car with the lever on the far side they wouldn’t think twice about it after a couple of weeks. It would be no different to people getting used to the centre power window controls in a Commodore. You would get used to it quickly and in the scheme of things it is not an issue that would increase the risk of an accident/incident. Plus IMHO it is still better to have a lever on the far side than those stupid foot operated park brakes! :-)

      • I think people are fussing over a small detail, so what if the brake lever is on the other side? Doesn’t seem to be a problem to me, surely you can’t be too lazy to reach out that extra 10cm?

        The suggestion of handbrake being on the left side for ergonomic is BS really, they are just too lazy to switch it as the Camry was designed for the North America market. I do wonder if the handbrake on the Jap spec Camry is also on the ‘wrong’ side.

        • Funny, the dealer I spoke to said its on the other side to stop people from holding onto it while driving. Many of my friends do this. Quite scary.

          • If that is the case, then why is the handbrake located on the driver’s side for the Corolla? I think it is a fuss over little thing seeing as it is only a bit further away, but surely logic would say that the lever should be located near the driver.

          • Boy can those dealers talk rubbish to justify cost cutting. Any nimrod with half a clue could find out the real reason its on the far side in Australia in about 30 secs just by looking at some pics of Camry’s sold in different markets. In America the handbrake is not on the far side from the driver, its right next to the driver just like almost all cars. The only reason we have it on the wrong side is because Toyota doesnt bother to spend money to rectify this for cars that are RHD. Hey its only Australia after all, our sales barely register compared to North American Market.

            It amazes me at the BS people will believe, honestly if youre asking a SALESMAN for some factual information when looking to buy a car then you might as well just handover your wallet and not even bother.

          • Tome, can you find a picture of the current gen camry in LHD with a handbrake? They all seem to be foot operated to me…

      • Safety Frist says:

        On this handbrake thingy, how come very few then change their handbrake (emergency park brake) to the other side for LHD markets if it is for improved ergonomics?? I mean the Swiss and the Germans are more conciuos of them then the average Occer….
        However, the handbrake option in the Camry is still miles ahead of the antiquated foot opperated one in it 6 cyl sister car…..

        As to people not using their handbrake in autos, bring it on :-) I can here the applaud from all of the Auto trans mechanics out there.. Yup park your car and let the geabox spend the night loaded up ……

    • The Realist says:

      Let’s not get into cheapness Andrew… I could have a field day with the latest BF FG G6E T POS FPV ABC Falcon.

      • Unload then, what would I care???
        Im not a Ford sales person, and I buy with my own eyes.

        If you want to slag off on Falcons (because we know they are your pet hate)Go ahead. You wont affect my sales targets if you persuade a few people not to buy them, because I dont sell them…….

        Oh, and why did you single the Falcon out???
        Are you trying to open up a tennis match of slinging mud back and forth??

        • The Realist says:

          You’ve still never mentioned what colour your car is…

          • Whats the fascination???

            Im sure it has been mentioned before……..

            I dont recall you asking either.
            I remember you implying it is fluro green or something, to which I said you were wrong.

            Send me your email and ill happily send you some pics since you are so interested

          • So you arent going to have your field day with the FG????

            Stop trying to be the stand over man round here………

          • From memory it is a DASH GREEN … :-) (Feel Free to correct If I’m wrong Andrew)

            DASH GREEN according to the Straight Bloke’s colour palette naming convention corresponds to FLURO GREEN!!

  23. 4/5 for looks !!!!!!!!!! Please tell me this is an error for one of the blandest cars on the market

    • No, apparently CA think this is a good looking car… LOL…

      “Our baby blue test vehicle was still a treat to look at” – indeed…

      • I think the camry is experiencing a mid life crisis.
        The older models looked good in that they were conservative. THis is what their buyers wanted. Then they decided to try and make it look more sporty to appeal to a younger demographic.
        The result is, well, ordinary and confused. A more aggresive looking car with whitegood internals.

  24. I work for a government organisation and drive these Camry’s regularly. I find the same thing with the gearbox. Hit a slight hill and the thing quickly drops a gear or two like it’s totally confused.
    I too rate these as white goods on wheels as they’re boring as $hit. I suppose they’re a good car though but not for me, just the general “Buy what is common as it must be good for resale” public.

  25. A sad car for sad people

    • To me its just a bloated 4 cylinder passenger car trying to swim in the falcodore pool .

      Boring grey cardigans , bowls clubs , bugger they pinched mazda’s customers , now mazda is mover and a shaker , but they did build their business in the 80’s at the bowls clubs .

  26. Incredible to think they didn’t improve on power or torque. While it’s commendable that they improved on fuel consumption, it’s just not enough. For what it is, it’s still far too thirsty.

  27. # Top Speed: N/A
    # 0-100km/h: N/A


    too embarrassing to even test it out

    in defence of Toyota I’d say that are building the car their customers are asking for… all those govt.depts and souless colourless people out there want a large bodied, low powered car for basic A to B family/official transport… cheap to buy (relatively), cheap to insure, cheap to maintain, good resale, electronic safety doodads up the wazoo…

    few companies go bust giving their customers what they want

    for me it’s a love hate thing for Toyota… I hate these cars but the Japanese 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GTE, 3S-GTE powered cars… those I like. I often wonder if we are talking about the same company.

    • I think that Toyota treats the Australian market like the US market, they think we want big, comfy, boring, dull cars to our big continent. I find that Toyotas in Japan and to a lesser extent in Europe to be more interesting. The UK market’s Avensis certainly seems to be a better car than our boring Camry. As for the Japanese market, Crown ad Mark X are both RWD, imagine a Mark X wtih RWD replacing the the boring FWD Camry, now that’s a Toyota I’d buy.

      • They have to be more interesting in Europe, look at what they are up against. Still I’ll take my Golf anyday over a Corolla.

        • Too right!!
          I absuletly agree about the Crown, Mark X, and Avensis being much more interesting then the camry/aurion we get here… But then I sopouse it propably would be a little too expensive if it ever got here!
          Judging by how well the falcodores sell in Australia, the local market just doesnt value a well built car!!

          • Long Way Home says:

            Disagree, I find the Falcon a much better built car than the Camry. I had a 07 Camry Altise work car replaced by a Falcon XT and the Falcon has a lot better build quality, plus much nicer plastics and seat trim. I even rate it as a slightly better interior than the 07 VW Passat my wife drives. This Falcon is the first work car I have liked better than my privately owned car (Passat).

            the downsides to the Falcon is that its a bit too big (although im getting used to the size). It also has a bit of a mongrel character which I have to control haha, it feels like it wants to leap ahead and do 200kmh when overtaking, and the abundance of torque makes it want to sprint away from the traffic lights – Im probably just getting used to the power after driving the gutless Passat and Camry. The Ford is a very good car and should be considered if looking at the camry (for me the fuel economy works out to be about the same anyway)

          • You must be lucky and got a good one.

          • Long Way Home, I too disagree, and find them both to be rubbish…
            Atleast the Camry/aurion is a true global car, and thanks to it’s exports, more important for Australia!!

          • Now you are really stretching it.
            Whilst important to the automotive industry, there is no way Camry is any more important that any other locally made vehicle, and only a fool would claim otherwise …. oh you did didn’t you.

            The camry may be a global car, but in sales only. It’s design and build quality is inferior to everything else built in Australia.

          • There is absolutely no way the quality of the Camry/ Aurion is inferior to anything built in Australia. They might be inferior in many areas, but Toyota produce the sort of quality that the others can only dream of. The Camry/ Aurion will still be going long after the other to have left our shores. The Camry might be a whitegood on wheels but its a reliable whitegood, unlike the other two.

          • Too true Jon!!

        • For sure, money no objection, I’d take the Golf over any car in its segment, but it is a bit costly compared to other cars. I think the problem is that these car makers treat Australia like its the US market, hence they offer us dull cars built for yanks. I guess this is reflected by our love of big car with big engine, hence they think we’re an unsophiscated bunch like americans, and sell us cars like the US market.

          Tomas79, I guess it’s not so much the cost to build them, but the cost to make them comply with the ADR, especially given the small volume of cars sold here. Also, Mark X and Crown are both JDM only, and not sold everywhere so they were probably not designed for our hot summer for example. I don’t believe though that mid sized family car has to be a boring FWD to be profitable for the company, if Subaru can continuously market AWD on most of its cars and still keep the company going, then why can’t a giant coporation like Toyota? Money pinching I say.

        • Jon do you honestly beleive that if Holden and/or Ford leave Australia that Toyota will remain behind?

          Not that I would like to see any of the local manufacturers close – IMHO if any of them leave Toyota will most likely be the first to go. Because Toy-oz export most of the local production – mainly to help the other factories where the Cam-rion is built meet overseas demand..

          That is unlike Holden for example they don’t build a more unique vehicle which could be a welcome addition to the Toyota line-up.. like the Commodore is.

          Therefore; If Toyota need to cut costs they could decide to improve their other factories and close Altona.

          • I`m not talking about production. But the Camry is a global car and the Falcon and Commodore aren`t. So once manufacturing of vehicles stops in this country you will still be able to get a Camry/Aurion, unlike a Commodore and Falcon. I`m not saying that you won`t have large car from Ford or GM but it will more than likely be an imported American car or one built in China.

          • jon, I agree totally, Toyota will be shipping Camrys into Aus from China as soon as the govt funding dries up.
            Ford & Holden have too much invested in Aus to ship out any time soon.

          • Wheelnut, the real world is about Profit, not Variety!!

            And since Holden and Ford Australia aren’t profitable and haven’t made profit in years, they will parish first!!

          • Safety Frist says:

            ((((jon says:
            November 6, 2009 at 7:01 pm
            There is absolutely no way the quality of the Camry/ Aurion is inferior to anything built in Australia. They might be inferior in many areas, but Toyota produce the sort of quality that the others can only dream of. The Camry/ Aurion will still be going long after the other to have left our shores. The Camry might be a whitegood on wheels but its a reliable whitegood, unlike the other two.))))

            Jon just for the record, You might want to ask the Toyotaphiles on this site to list the parts in the Camry Aurion twins and who makes them…. You would be surprised / shocked to find that Ford and Holden make parts that are fitted into you beloved Camry’s. In the exact same way that Toyota make parts that are fitted into Ford and Holdens….
            Yep that’s right it’s the same quality of parts / metal and employees building the cars. Hey there are even ex Mitsubishi employees working aon the Toyota line. Just like a few of my mates who have gone from Toyota to Ford and Holden lines andthe reverse. What does this all mean? The build quality is the bleeding same…..

          • Can you list them for me?

  28. Yep, whitegoods on wheels alright. Toyotas sell because they ARE reliable. Successive JD Power quality and reliability rate Toyota models (including Toyota’s Lexus) in the top 10 most reliable cars for the last 10+ years. I drove a rental Camry and Corolla last year and hated the cars, boring, conservative, outdated specs, plasticky… but I know they will give me far less issues than a VW. It’s like taking medicine, I know it will be good for me but… Now, if Toyota designed cars with character and provided modern drivetrain and specs, then it would crush the opposition, however, the grey suited committees at Toyota ensure bland motoring no matter how many times they say they are going for more emotion.

  29. A Mazda 6 beats it in every area. You’d be crazy to buy this over a Mazda 6. Then again, it’s Toyota & they seem to sell so many cars, in general anyway considering most of them are fugly & umm fugly. Go Holden!

  30. There’s probably people out there with strong prejudices… i’ve met people who say “I wanna buy a medium car… must be Japanese (Korean cars are rubbish) and I don’t want Mitsubishi or a Nissan (these two are the bottom runners… which is true!)… but I think the Honda and Mazda are too trendy for me… so… Subaru Liberty (do I need 4wd?)… and a Camry?

    yeah Toyota have a good reputation for reliability… $120 fixed servicing… I’ll go for that…

    • Car Fanatic says:

      the 120 is not a full service that you would expect

      • its $130 and not the full service that you expect for $500 (excludes wash, clay, wax)

        • it’s 120 for Corolla, and goes up from there, and it’s not much more than an oil change really.

          • Toyota Guru says:

            CF, used to be $120, now $130 – that applies to all Toyota passenger cars. That includes the 40K (45K for Camry/Aurion) which is a major.

          • Safety Frist says:

            However, look at the intervals….. 10,000km between services when the main rivals are 15,000km and cost (on average) around $230.00 oer minor. In the case of the Mondeo also it’s first major ($500ish) is at 60,000km…. so it is a good advertising Gimmick by Toyota but not really much of an advantage given that most of these are fleet or rental hacks and will do 20,000 per annum. Also when is the timming belt due oin the Camry??? Factor that into the service life of a non government or rental fleet vehicle’s running costs as well.

        • Car Fanatic says:

          actually Toyota recommend 7,500km’s between services on most models

          • word of mouth about Toyota service interval is going out of control
            (if people bothered to take a glance of their or their friends’ logbook)

            its 15,000km for Camry and Aurion
            the 6 month 7,500km mid year service is for severe conditions (such as Taxi’s)

            dealers love to say you need to service it every 6 months or even 6 weeks lol

  31. I agree with the rating of 4/5 stars for a no frills conservative A to B family car. and for that market it comes with extras. so its a win win and deserves that rating. Though it has its shortcomings in its excitement level (looks and performance) its definately focussed on the masses.

    But as many people here, I wouldnt be seen owning one.

    • Safety Frist says:

      So where would you rate something like a Sonata SLX? Better economy, better warranty, arguably better dynamics, similar build quality, similar price (if you opt for the Diesel it’s only 2k more)…. what star rating would you give that baed on the above????? Just interested because I believe that rating is to high when compared to others getting similar ratings.

  32. Boring car yes, reliable and cheap to own YES

    Also something everyone is ignoring you can buy a Camry for $26,000 DRIVE AWAY or even cheaper.

    They are cheap!!

    • agreeded. Many people think this is a $32k car. Wrong. Toyota does stupidly insane discounts on their cars so much so they are a good $5k+ cheaper than the competition.

      For people who want an A to B car, why not save the $5k. Not great to drive but they are very comfortable and quiet to sit in.

      I think CA should put in all its review titles: REVIEWED FOR: _______

      eg: the masses
      eg: car enthusiasts
      eg: the rich
      eg: the poor
      eg: aesthetically driven people


    • Toyota Guru says:

      26K if you’re really lucky. They are good value for money, considering what you get standard in it, 6 bags, stability, cruise, USB/iPod connectivity, etc etc. if I was a mobile sales rep I’d be happy to have one of these.

      • ages ago i worked a place where they had a pool of different car to choose from for staff… mazda 6, falcodores, honda accords/euros, libertys and camrys…

        by FAR the least popular was the Camry… by a long long margin… they are just not a ‘happy, fun’ car to drive… it’s like the people who designed it just hated life and wanted you to hate life as well.

        Accord Euros just pipped the Mazda 6 as the popular choice… with the guys liking the big Falcodores… the Euro ended up being the preferred company purchase given the clever and expensive looking interior, good resale and running costs. They also looked like a classy car unlike the Camry which looked like a Centerlink staff car. The car set the right tone when visiting clients. A base Camry on plastic wheel caps looks like you’re visiting from the Department of Community Services.

        that says it all my friends… dour, dire, dreadful. That’s the Camry. You may say it’s cheap at $26k but a cheap car that makes you wanna neck yourself is no bargain.

  33. Well im sure it will be reliable b…auuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhhhttt…eyes heavy……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  34. talk then think says:

    It shows quite obviously the kind of impact that toyota as a brand has on everyone, clearly by looking at the comments (even if half are negative). You all looked at the review wondering what toyota has done with the “new” camry, maybe inside hoping it will be a great car. BTW it looks atrocious =D.

  35. I rented one recently and got all motion sick from the body roll around corners. Its bad.

  36. yeah the body roll reminded me of the last time i was on a manly ferry… if you drive it very sedately i suppose this is not an issue

    i’ve also driven standard commmodore omegas and XT Falcons… they never felt nearly anywhere as bad

  37. I understand the qualities mentioned inthis article, but the ratings are far too generous in my opinion. To rate a Camry 4/5 overall and 3.5/5 for drive does not leave enough room for ranking far superior competitors.

  38. i think you are taking the rating system too seriously

    the system i think is designed to be used to compare with other cars in the same class

    a Jaguar XF might have the same ratings but obviously is a vastly superior car overall to the Camry but is inferior to its competitors

    I would probably like to see Paul review an Aurion? Same car but with a better engine.

  39. The updated tail-lights are a step backwards compared to the old model’s.

    • Give them a break, they had to change something, and with no sheetmetal changes there isn’t much else left.

      Funny thing is the TV ad tries to make you believe its a fresshly styled car LOL.

  40. The Realist says:

    It’s laughable the amount of vitriol directed at the Camry. It’s a car designed to go from A to B. Yes, it’s a fridge on wheels – but that’s what many people and fleet buyers want.

    It’s actually quite funny when people speak about FWD torque steer monsters or RWD fleet hacks with racing stripes as sporty or “driver’s cars”. If you want a sports car stump up for one. A Mazda 6 or Holden Sportwagon or Honda Accord Euro or any other day to day car each have their benefits, but are closer to the fridge on wheels than most people think.

    • Too Right,
      Spray painting a miserably built fridge in a fluro colour, and ading go fast stickers to it won’t make them anymore exciting!! Well unless you are 12 years old, or of a bogan mindset!!

      Yet, I can’t believe how many muppets waste energy on this “my fridge is better then your fridge” fight…

      • And the biggest “my fridge is better then your fridge” tosser of the lot is you Tomas. A quick look back through CA proves that, except your choice of fridge at the moment seems to be Skoda.

        • DE, I dont even own a Skoda, so no you still are the bigger ““my fridge is better then your fridge” tosser”!!

          Bloody Hell, how many times did you post on this article today?? Are You sure your not salivating after a camry?!

          • Yeah I know you don’t own a Skoda, it’s just your fridge of choice to be pushing at the moment. Actually I would be surprised if you had a car at all, could drive or even get out of the institution on your own.

            BTW I don’t actually push any particilar brand, just tend to counter your excessive BS.

          • DE says:”BTW I don’t actually push any particilar brand, just tend to counter your excessive BS”

            BS, you are 100% genuine ford fairy!!

          • DE says:”just tend to counter your excessive BS”

            DE, please show me where i have ever been technically proven wrong?

            Bet you can’t, because you just a dumb ford fairy having a hissyfit over hearing the truth!!

          • Tommas79 please show us when you have actually been right.
            YOU are the biggest tool ever to post on these pages.

          • No LOL/Bavarian missile, the biggest tool/psycho on this website is you!!
            The fact that constantly use different nicks, and frequently get moderated, and or Banned is a proof of this!!

          • tomas79 why do you say that I am someone else? I can assure you that I am not who you are accusing. In fact I read your crap most days at work but can’t post a reply (internet security rules thing), and this is only the third time I have ever posted anything. Ask for an IP verification if you like.

            There are a few extremists that cardvice.com should ban, starting with YOU, followed by those unscrupulous salesmen who try to change public perceptions through sites like this. The Skoda salespeople seem to be the worst at the moment although Toyota spammers have been overactive in the past as well.

            Dont you just hate it when the truth wells up against you, hey Mr Tomas79?

          • Damn I’m good!

      • Bavarian Missile says:

        Tomas your sounding neurotic,not every person that doesnt get on with you on this site is me,and sorry LOL isnt either,happy to accept your apology before I email your abuse aimed at me off to Alborz.

        Oh, and neither is DE although I do know he lives in Adelaide.

        Where do you get off saying Im banned or have been………..you know nothing!!!!!!!!!

        • See it was you!!!
          You are dumber then you look!!

          And yes, you been banned a few times!!

          • Bavarian Missile says:

            Grow up………….no it wasnt !

            No I havent been banned several times and yes I have forwarded an email off to Alborz on you,had enough of you accusations and abuse !

          • Thats brilliant, cos I’m sure he knows the truth!!

            Only a stupid trailer park mindset like yours would think, that all these brand new identities that come out of nowhere, and attack me and fellow posters would be anyone but you!!!

        • Bavarian Missile says:

          *shakes head, cuts and pastes comment to Alborz*

          • Excellent, so when you get banned again, i won’t see you for a while!!

          • Man I’m so hot. I just gotta look in the mirror then I’ll be back to tell you how dumb you all are. By the way I love myself and you are all so ugly.

        • Theres lies the problem, he lives in Adelaide. Ah well it does explain alot.

  41. Gents,

    It’s not a bad car for getting from A to B. It wouldn’t matter if the kids trashed it. Not sure how it would go to impress on a first date! Otherwise, it’s about as exciting as mowing the lawns.



    • I’m ok with the boring-ness of the car. Only thing I hate about it is that things like the odo looks like it has the same information displayed as a decade older model! This is the difference between Toyota and others!

      • Is that the current interior? I thought that was a “before” shot to show what it looked like ten years ago. LOL.

  42. I have no problems with Toyota cars but I have a VERY serious problems with Toyota drivers. You are crawling behind some traffic and you can see the road ahead is clear, you wonder why the heck the traffic is so slow…. and then you know the answer.. a Toyota smack right in the middle of the road doing 30 in a 60 zone, slowing down everyone else.

    You are in a junction lining up to turn right. The light turns green and not only after 5 seconds does the car in front start moving. You wonder why… then you know the answer… a Toyota right at the front of the line taking its own sweet time, slowing everyone else.

    You are cruising on the freeway and suddenly the car infront in your lane slows down. A thousand cars overtake you on the other lanes and you wonder why…. then you know the answer… a Toyota brakes and the driver still hasn’t make up his mind whether to swerve to the right or left lane..

    I will never ever buy a Toyota. Not because they are not good but there are just too many noob drivers cruising around in their Toyotas… people who buy Toyota have got no interest in cars at all.

    • Golfschwein says:

      Neutral, you forgot to mention that Toyota drivers are the most likely to piously wave you through traffic against your right of way. In the 15 seconds wasted while they smile and say ‘after you Charlie’ they could have exercised their right of way, proceeded with good haste and improved the traffic flow situation behind them by six to eight cars. As for you who are left waiting….well, that’s just what you have to do when you give way.

  43. Please spare us! No way a Camry comes close to a Skoda in any respect. A standard Camry really looks standard in the same way as a standard holden did 40 years ago.
    Proves how stupid some people really are to pay what they do for one of these.
    Typical Toyota that excels at nothing and is just competent. So many better buys out there. Your star rating is completely a skew.

  44. Quote………
    Tomas79 says:
    November 6, 2009 at 4:35 pm
    “Yet, I can’t believe how many muppets waste energy on this “my fridge is better then your fridge” fight…

    So are you playing the Pot or the Kettle today Tomas????

    • Andrew M,
      No, how can I?? I don’t own a single car in this class!!
      While for you it’s bussiness as ussual!!

      • I dont own a Vehicle in this class either………

        Anyway I dont see how that justifies your posts as innocent

  45. I see many people here don’t understand why people choose Camry over Mazda 6. As a Camry driver, my answer is simply Reliability!! By simply googling,you will find Mazda is almost at the bottom among Japanese car makers in terms of reliability.
    I reckon Mazda 6 definitely handles & looks better than Camry. However, I believe we need more cars with durability and comfort riding rather than cars with good handling here, because Australia is a big country with many straight roads. Europeans loves good handling cars because they have curvy and narrow roads.

    • Golfschwein says:

      Toyota trades so heavily on the reliablity thing, and I absolutely don’t buy it. I’ve had 2 Camrys from new. One was the first so-called wide body that went 100,000 kms with only a bodgy radio light and alternator regulator to discredit it toward the finish. Pretty good then. But a massive underachiever in the driving stakes. It replaced a 1991 Camry that, like many others in the company fleet, cacked its 3rd gear synchros AND head gasket by 45,000 kms. Then there are forums regarding RAV4s with entirely cacked gearboxes by 100,000 kms, Landcruiser 200s with myriad problems and so on. They’re not infallible.

      • Like all machinery, they are not indestructable, and will eventually need servicing or repair. However, Toyota’s reliability is more to do with its lower percentage of problems compared to other brands, not no problems at all. Few people’s anecdotes here gives a limited scope of the overall reliability of a model when we’re talking about millions sold, hence I’ve always maintained that surveys that looks at a wider population is a better measure, and Toyota has consistently came out on top in those surveys, so I’d say their reliability is not a myth.

        • You cant be serious can you? The most recent survey done in Australia had such a low sample rate that even the organisers admitted it was seriously flawed. Why are real world experiences worth any less than anonamous surveys answered by only a very few people.

    • Oh ya? Have you been hit with the flaking paint, rear and front seal leaks, shock absorber leaks, disintegrated glass water tank, noisy doors, radio antenna’s that don’t slide into original position, gearbox synchro’s going haywire?….Reliability only when it has seats, gearbox, engine, body, seatbelts and lights my friend…a la 64 landcruiser and 1989 camry with 300,000kms in the bush!

    • Over the last 19 years I’ve had 4 Mazdas and 4 Camrys (company supplied).
      I never had to repair any of my Mazdas EVER.
      The 1st camry blew the gearbox, the 2nd had gearbox trouble regularly (it was fine if driven as a 3speed just dont try using the overdrive 4th), The 3rd have most of the suspension replaced, the lucky 4th camry had no major repairs, mainly just the trim falling off and many minor annoyances.
      I have heard of the Toyota reliability myth, it just that in my experience over many cars I know it to be false.

      • Golfschwein says:

        Yes, the peeling cloth door trims are another favourite of mine, not to mention the prematurely cracked dash pads of the wide body series.

    • Devil's Advocate says:

      That is interesting Fernando. My wife has had her Mazda 6 for around 6 years and nothing has gone wrong with it. It has ran faultlessly the whole time. Same with my parents 6 and now 3 diesel (and my parents are not gentle with cars). With my simple google search Mazda went from around average to just above in some surveys (basically all the US surveys where shock horror/surprise surprise, most of them for that market are either made in the US or Canada in a shared Ford Factory) to one stating that Mazda was the most reliable brand in the world from a UK based “world’s biggest reliability survey”.

      Not surprisingly, by ‘simply googling’ surveys from Europe etc that sell the Japanese made models, Mazda is right up near the top for reliability. Yet when you look at the surveys from North America where they are made in country, that drops to around average. You will also find exactly the same thing with other Japanese brands that manufacture models in the US. Nissan is another perfect example of this. We all know about the quality, or lack thereof, of cars made in the US!!! 😉

      I will not even mention that in reality, surveys can be made to read whatever you want! :-)

  46. Tomas79 says:November 6, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    “Only a stupid trailer park mindset like yours would think, that all these brand new identities that come out of nowhere, and attack me and fellow posters would be anyone but you!!!”

    Tomas if you read what you said – you are actually saying that YOU are the one with the trailer park mindset; because YOU are the one who believes that all the comments from the various new identities on this website who don’t agree with you are all from one person – Bavarian Missile

    However; the fact that a number of these comments are posted within a few seconds of each other makes it impossible for anyone to do so.. particularly when you consider that they are replying to comments you made on several blog topics

    • Wheelnut says:” the fact that a number of these comments are posted within a few seconds of each other makes it impossible for anyone to do so.. particularly when you consider that they are replying to comments you made on several blog topics”

      Wheelnut, do you seriously think nobody else has heard of browser taps, or just using multiple browsers and submitting the same comments at once?!!

      Actually the timing does exactly prove it is Bavarian missile!!!

      • Actually no it doesnt, because it isnt.
        Do they give you medication for this problem Tomas79. What about a weekend pass? Do they leave the little white jacket on when you go outdoors? Seriously man you are one twisted up puppy.

      • Tomas they’re not the same comments; they can’t be – because as i said people are replying to a number of your inane comments on a number of various topics.

        I’d like to see you make a series of well thought out substantiated comments [of more than o2 paragraphs] on:- a topic relating to Holden – a topic relating to Skoda – a topic relating to Ford – a topic relating to Toyota – a topic relating to Porsche – a topic relating to Peugeot – a topic relating to…. etc and click submit at exactly the same time.

      • You say they are the same comments – show me 2-3 comments on one topic which are exactly the same word for word [verbatim] with the same structure; same terminology; same punctuation; same spelling mistakes etc….

  47. Same people, same sh*t … have any of you morons got a life even if it is a dull as putting the rubbish bin out on bin day.

  48. I am always right. I am the best. I know everything. I love myself. Me me me me me.
    You are all idiots. You are all trailer trash. You are all druggies.
    Toyota is the best. Skoda is second best. Everything else is trash.

  49. Did I mention I know everything? I know more than anyone else. I am the guru of all things automotive. I know more than all car advice put together.
    You still all suck and no nothing.

  50. I seen the Bavarian Missile has imitated me over the last few hours!!
    Time to drag the fat toad to the courts!!

    • Yeah someone has been playing games, I thought it was funny that in one comment that you called me stupid.

      • Yeah, the toad is really having a mental episode…
        In a lot of the comments using my nick, she even tries to impersonate me arguing with her for impersonating me… In reality, the above comment at 9:50 is the first one i have posted in hours… Seriously, I reckon this warrants getting the cops involved in this…

  51. Bavarian Missile note, even if you access this site through another server to so to get another IP, all servers are required to LOG IPs and are required to supply it when requested by police!!

    In other words, you will be busted!!

  52. boring!!

  53. Its curious that Toyota persists with the conservative equals sales mindset with the Corolla and Camry when many of their other models that have a bit of design flair, innovation such as the Yaris (when it was first released), new Prius and the earlier model Rav4’s (before they made them bigger and a replacement for the Camry wagon) have all proven to sell well.

    They seem to think that making them a bit funkier and sharper to drive will push the older buyers away, but as long as the ride is fairly comfortable, the controls are easy to read and they’re easy enough to get in and out of, I reckon the 45-60’s would still buy/rent ’em.

    People in that age bracket in my opinion would drive them regardless of what they look like, if they are more sporting – as long as they are reliable, safe.

    The Echo was a trendsetter when first released, the original egg shaped Tarago was a pretty advanced thing in its time (car like handling, safety) and have sold well. The Corolla and Camry don’t offer anything that Mazda3, Mazda6 can’t-except lower NVH.

  54. Yes Thomas69 reckon there would be a big priority on this for the police to followup. Probably put a hold on all their other investigations to determine who is impersonating Thomas69 on a Car blog.LOL

    How old did u say u were?

  55. Talk about quoting anecdotal evidence for reliability. Toyota have been very sucessful in promoting the greater reliability of their vehicles myth. Buyers hang onto it as justification for an otherwise dull and uninspired purchase and so it has evolved into a given with most people.May have had some truth to it 30 years ago but should now be irrelevant as even the Chinese and Indians can make “reliable vehicles”.

    If u follow this to it’s logical conclusion vehicles such as taxis that see 800,000klms should all be Camrys instead of Falcons.

  56. In other words: Toyota have ensured the new Camry is an even better, and better value, appliance on wheels. Good luck to them. There is (and should be) a big market for that. No problems with that.

    It’s true that Toyota’s “superior reliability” thing is a bit of a myth according to the surveys (although Lexus’ is deserved compared to BMW/Mercedes), but that’s what time does. Holden benefits from the same thing with the Commodore, which sells out of all proportion. BMW and Mercedes benefit from it to the tune of massive markups over similar or better vehicles (and surveys suggest there is not a particular reliability edge there, either). People are quick to mock advertising and marketing spending, and don’t like to admit how much their spending choices are based on reputation and marketing rather than a cold hard unbiased look at the facts, but that’s just how things are. And hey, I fall for it just as much as anyone, because I didn’t even bother looking at Hyundais when I bought a new car earlier this year, even if intellectually I should have done.

    • All the surveys I have seen still put the Toyota well above Fords and GM/Holdens!!

      • All the surveys I have seen put Toyota reliability sliding badly. Trading on past reputations, I wouldnt touch a Toyota these days.

Toyota Camry Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$7,590 - $8,630
Dealer Retail
$8,970 - $10,670
Dealer Trade
$5,900 - $6,900
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
218Nm @  4000rpm
Max. Power
117kW @  5700rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
9.9L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:500
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/60 R16
Rear Tyres
205/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Anti roll bar, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber
Rear Suspension
Dual link, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System, Vehicle Stability Control
Cruise Control, Power Steering
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft, Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels
Metallic Paint
Safety Pack
Service Interval
9 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Right Hand Front Floorpan
Country of Origin