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It’s not often, in fact, quite rare for technology developed for a road car ends up in a podium scoring racing car.


That’s exactly what has happened with the Revoknuckle suspension system used by Ford’s acclaimed Focus RS, and it seems to have given the independent Team Aon, the winning edge in this year’s British Touring Car Championship.


This innovative piece of technology modifies the MacPherson Strut front suspension, allowing more power and torque to be handled by the front wheels, while minimising torque steer, which is often associated with performance cars with front wheel drive.


It must be effective, as the their twin Ford Focus ST Racers have scored a pole position and three podiums in what is their debut season.


Driver for Team Aon, Tom Chilton, said: “The car is fantastic to drive, and where competition is so close, it’s important to look for every advantage – these results prove the point”


  • Yanzo

    it works but it’s not perfect right? cause i seen the videos on youtube and everyones like there’s still a little bit of torque steer but no where neart as much as last time

    • “james”


      • Yanzo

        i thought it was here, they just call it the xr5 turbo

        • Jon

          Yes, but XR5 has only 5 doors hatchback that sells in Oz, Europe sell both 3 and 5 doors called “Focus ST” which is same as XR5 like same engine 2.5L,etc… Tis one is Focus RS which is like FPV or HSV in Australia with big extra power.

        • Matt

          The XR5 is a little brother to the RS, like a WRX to an STI, .

    • Stevie

      Nothing’s perfect but at the end of the day a quantifiable result like that speaks for itself… and yes, why the hell wont they bring this car here already??? I’d be lining up to buy one!

      • smokin’R32

        Id say by the time they bring it here it’d probably be pushing 50grand plus, not real attractive when positioned next to an XR6 turbo

        • Philthy

          It’s an STI/ Evo/ Golf R/ Renault R26R competitor so I dont think pricing it at 50 or 60k would be a big issue. Would appeal to a different set of customers IMHO. Maybe the cost of supporting them with parts & servicing etc would be too much for the projected demand?

          • Shak

            I actually think the pricing wil be the main factor for slow sales. The above comment also makes a good point, Aussies no matter how little bogan they have in them will always look at why the little hatch is priced the same as a home grown performance machine. I really like the car but doubt that people would buy it over an EVO, or STi with AWD and loads more cred in australia, where people havent much heard of a FOcus RS.

        • Car Fanatic

          I’ve driven the old RS and if this thing handles anything like that I’d have the Focus over the XR6 turbo anyday.

  • http://caradvide figo

    only 8000 of these are being made worldwide and 3000 are for uk,most of them have already been its unlikely we’ll see this in oz.

  • Asher

    Latest issue of Top Gear magazine said that the RS go’s for $36k Works out around $63 500. Slap on shipping costs and a little good ol GST and its probably closer to $70 000 Australian. I dont think we are gunna see the RS in Australia anytime in the future.

    • Car Fanatic

      Where did you hear that Rubbish Asher? The Focus 2.5RS is priced from 26,395 GBP, which at todays exchange rate is $47,990 so it will probably be closer to 50-55K, quite acceptable if you ask me.

  • sooty

    Come on Ford, bring me a white one right now! Where do I sign?
    In an interview over a year ago, Jost Capito, the head of the RS team, was saying that the RS will be sold in Europe and Australia. He wouldn’t lie, would he?

  • shane

    i brought did anyone else that “come on ford bring it to australia”