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  • Martin

    Love them! So mad.

  • Mk II

    I love the idea of them, but I really think the new front bumper design makes them look very dated.

    Maybe it is just the colours, who knows, but I love the X6 as a standard car, but these just don’t quite look right to me…

  • Baddass

    The rear of the X5 looks clean, but a little tame. Power figures next time please.

  • Matty B

    The new V8 is putting out a little over 400kw to the best of my knowledge. Awesome Cars, and they’re priced pretty well in the market too I think.

  • The Realist

    The standard X6 cornering ability is amazing. The X6 M will be a beast.

    • Bavarian Missile

      yep, would be my choice Realist as well .

  • fxh555

    Great – a faster version of an irrelevant car/4wd (or whatever they’re supposed to be).

  • Wheelnut

    For those of you who don’t like the look of the X6…. may I suggest that you have a look at the Honda/Acura ZDX.. which could possibly make its way to Oz to replace the MDX [flop]