EDIT: Slight clarification with regards to the amount and delivery of Efficient Dynamics vehicles for 2009.

While CarAdvice was attending BMW’s Efficient Dynamics Challenge in Melbourne the German importer also announced the introduction of 15 new models that are headed to Australia and set for a launch by the end of the year.

By Paul Maric

The addition of 15 new models by the end of the year will see the 2009 tally of BMW Efficient Dynamics vehicles in Australia reach 23.

Already this year we have seen the introduction of the 7 Series, X3 and 5 Series Efficient Dynamics models and all vehicles tagged as Efficient Dynamics will consume fuel at less than 7.0-litres per 100km – even the luxury 7 Series.

The new models include five new 3 Series models and ten new 1 Series models.

The new 3 Series models include:

  • 320d Executive Touring – $61,500
  • 320d Coupe – $67,500
  • 320d Convertible – $80,400
  • 330d Coupe – $91,900
  • 330d Convertible – $104,850

The new 1 Series models include:

  • 118d Sports Hatch 6-speed manual – $42,170
  • 118d Sports Hatch 6-speed steptronic – $44,370
  • 123d Sports Hatch 6-speed manual – $50,790
  • 123d Sports Hatch 6-speed steptronic – $53,070
  • 123d Coupe 6-speed manual – $57,900
  • 123d Coupe 6-speed steptronic – $60,864
  • 118d Convertible 6-speed manual – $52,900
  • 118d Convertible 6-speed steptronic – $55,655
  • 123d Convertible 6-speed manual – $67,200
  • 123d Convertible 6-speed steptronic – $69,955

The 20d series of engines will feature 2.0-litre turbo-diesels with 130kW and 350Nm, while the new 23d features twin turbochargers attached to a 2.0-litre diesel engine that produces a hearty 150kW and 400Nm.

BMW 120d

The BMW X3 has benefited from the addition of the 20d engine, while the 7 Series received the 30d engine.

BMW has excelled in the European premium manufacturer segment by reducing the fuel consumption of its entire range by 16.3 per cent between 2006 and 2008. The nearest manufacturer was Volkswagen, which chimed in with a 4.4 per cent reduction.

  • Alex

    Finally! A 123d would be a perfect all rounder depending on your needs. I’ve driven the 123d coupe in the UK and it is one of the best diesel engines on the market. I think it’s even smoother than the 35d engine, though not quite as nice as JLR’s new one.
    If you want a coupe, would you really spend another $7,000 buying a 320d when you could have a superior 123d? Doesn’t quite work if you ask me.
    Finally they have a diesel Touring! They’ve needed that since the beginning. Maybe we’ll finally see some on the road. The additions to the Convertible and Coupe ranges are nice too. I imagine the 320d convertible will get some sales as it undercuts the current cheapest 3 Series convertible by about $17,000. It also brings pricing into line with the new Lexus. A different sort of engine, but not a bad one and in many ways a better one.
    I only wish that the 3 Series could be had with a manual. At least you can get the 123d with a manual though, that’s something.
    I look forward to their future offerings. The Efficient Dynamics range is a rather impressive one.

  • Bazza

    agreed – cant wait to see if new X3 gets revised 35d engine – that will sell well. No doubt anything with the new 23d will move from sales yards quickly also (literally 😉

  • The Realist

    “330d Coupe – $91,900″

    Wow, that will be great value for money. I’m assuming it’s the same engine as in the E90 330d so should be excellent.

  • NotTheStig

    Yes, finally indeed…

    Great to see a 320d Touring will be available. Might consider one now…

    Pity BMW (like many others) no longer have their web pricing up because of those stupid new guidelines. How can I check over the option list without having to go into a dealer ?


  • Damian

    I think the biggest seller will be the 320d coupe. Diesel torque and economy with the looks, makes a very complete and compelling package.