by George Skentzos

Britain’s Which? Car magazine has named the Honda Jazz as the most reliable new car after surveying 100,000 new car owners.

The survey gave the Jazz a reliability rating of 96 per cent, with owners confirming the car rarely lets them down, cementing the hatchback’s reputation as the number one reliable car.

Richard Headland, editor, Which? Car, said:

“Congratulations to Honda, which has topped the reliability table in most mainstream categories. Honda is setting the benchmark in car reliability and it’s up to other manufacturers to raise their standards to match. Several Far Eastern car makers are hot on its heels, but European manufacturers still have some catching up to do.”

Other Honda’s to top the list in their respective categories were the Honda Accord Euro (large) with 94 per cent, Honda FR-V (people mover) with 91 per cent, and the previous generation Honda CR-V (off-road) with 94 per cent and Honda Civic (medium) with 94 per cent.

These highly commendable performances across the range has significantly contributed to Honda’s position on top of the ladder, placing first for most reliable manufacturer with an overall rating of 86 per cent.

  • Astro Boy

    I think the Honda Jazz is most reliable because its probably mostly purchased by old retiring people. People who might break their back accelerating fast, and skin will flap around at speeds higher than 50k’s/h. As a result the car will never break

  • Paul

    Congrats to Honda and the Jazz… but manufacture the same amount as Toyota do with the Corolla and see if they can match Toyotas reliability! Not an easy task. And is the Corolla even sold to the poms…

  • troy

    I call shenanigans!!

    my jazz hansnt been overly relliable!!

    30 thou kays, air cond compressor fell apart $2500 for another.

    door lock on drivers side will no longer take a key. Had to have remote locking fitted.

    gearbox has extrememly noisy cluster bearing now @ 50 thou kays.

    and mines a JAP made Jazz, not Thai like the new ones.

    sorry honda, its been a good car, great in some aspects… but you ignored my emails about my complaints, so my next small car ( any any rello’s or friends ) will be a swift!

  • Steve

    I use to work on Honda motorcycles. They are reliable in some parts, but totally pathetic in other areas of the bike.

    My first car was a Honda…. and you know what? The same bloody parts failed in the car too! Which left me stranded on NYE 05-06 (50°C) which no shade anywhere and just roadbase and cement around me. I nearly died.

    I vowed to never buy one again. Though I test drove the Jazz. I thought it was okay. But very underpowered, considering what the competitors have with the same sized engine (The jazz might be similar on paper, but it was a slug in real life).

    The sad part is, you can never be too sure about all these market research documents. I sort of work in that industry (I won’t mention which organisation) but I’m in IT there. Though from what I see, because we’re all involved in how everything operates I see that questions are worded in such ways that they already expect the answer. So in effect they are indirectly manipulating the results. This is the impression I get. There’s always two ways to ask about something… What do you hate about the dashboard design? Or… what do you like the least about the dashboard design? Both are almost the same question, one will get the wrong answer… the wrong answer being the one that the client that has paid for the research doesn’t want to hear.


  • ezra

    I got one recently. Just sent for first service.

    Initially very sluggish but now that it’s broken in, performance is starting to pick up.

    S-Mode has a nice torque’y feel and normal D-mode has very, very good FC with an “8th” overdrive lockup gear for highway cruising.

    Personal record was 4.2L/100km from Tullamarine airport –> Lygon Street –> Toorak Street. (CVT auto without revving past 2000rpm(!) @80km/h on highway)

    No problems with reliability yet, panel fit seems ok. Although there is a soft, occasional, creaking sound in the front dash at some speeds.

  • troy

    My 1.3 manual as a best of 5.1L per 100km at 100kmh

    but has never got anywhere near that again, usually around 7L around town and 6 on the highway. ( not much different either way.)

  • ezra

    Yea, 6-7L/100km seems about right.

    Never tested at 100km/h though. will do at next opportunity (i seldom use the fwy)

  • Foggy

    Had my Jap-built manual 1.5L Jazz for 4 years now, and it has never had anything go wrong. The turning circle is brilliant, very useful around town, and my economy is usually around 6.5L/100km around town.

    Coming back from Melbourne to Sydney last year, I managed to get 5.2L/100km for the trip with a fully laden car… incredible!

    I’ve bought bookcases & wardrobes from ikea, and watched people laugh, thinking that there’s no way those things are going to fit… but sure enough, the Jazz can manage it.

    IMNSHO, it is easily the best suburban car on the market.

  • greenbeanie

    Well I love my Jazz but it has given me some troubles in the last 5 years – luckily whilst still under waranty – but now we will see as I’ve done my 100K…I might be complaining in a year if it contnues to behave like it has to date:
    So far the air con has died twice and rear wheel bearing has also been replaced twice, plus a few small niggles which seem to re-occur.
    The Honda people have been very helpful though.

  • Not Happy Jan

    I’m not all happy with the AM radio on my 2007 Jazz VTi. The radio statics on all AM stations in many locations around Melbourne rendering it unusable at times. It is affected by interference from power lines and other sources. Honda are aware of the problem and say it is consistent with other Jazz vehicles, hence will not do anything about it. I would never have purchased the car had I realised that I would be without a radio so often.

  • graham

    I’m on my second Jazz ist one had a rear bearing failure and now the second car has had 2 rear bearing failures.albeit the latest was at 54K. It seems to be a fault that honda don’t admit to! Both cars had the nearside go first.Other than that the car(CVT)is great, but I think that the high milage I do of 15K p.a. could be too much for the car?

  • clare crain

    Have loved my Jazz until Iwas told that a bearing has gone at 54k miles. Looking at cost of approx £850 to fix. doesn’t seem alot of miles for amost reliable car!!!

  • Colin Scott

    You guys are so helpful

    My Jazz is starting to sound more like a truck everyday. Sounds like rear wheel bearings are shot at 100,000k
    Are Honda kidding. What wear would you get in rear wheel bearings with a front wheel drive car???

  • doug Howard

    Ours is less than 500km old now and has only used little more than half a tank of fuel.

  • doug Howard

    The radio is a bit narrow in bandwidth on the AM band which is all that we listen to. Australia and NZ have 9 kHz of crisp, high fidelity AM radio to hear, that the countries where the jazz will normally land only have 3 kHz.
    It would be nice if it tuned above 1602 kHz as we listen to the station on 1701 kHz.
    You cant exactly get a radio from repco and fit it to the dash!
    Apart from that whinge, everything is great! Well done Honda!

  • Juraj

    I still have doubts with how well Honda suspensions hold up through time. I’ve owned a Civic and Corolla before and the latter’s chassis is just much sturdier. Honda engines are very good in power and reliability, and interior quality is alright, not quite Euro but not Korean either. The Jazz seems to have great showing – it has topped so many charts. Just about the whole world loves it, yes, including the US.

  • david baker

    Ihave a four year old jazz and both rear wheel bearings failed at 24k,yes 24k.I was told it might be the way I drive or the sea air where I live.To be fair Honda paid for bearings,I had to pay for fitting.

  • Alan

    Bought my Vti-S CVT in 2003. It has now travelled a bit under 140K kms to date, or about 27,000kms annually!

    Travel mainly in the City with the occasionally long distance trip.

    The only problem to date is that a new plastic engine mount was replaced as the original had worn and caused my car to vibrate excessively (it cost AU$150).

    Other than this, great car, definitely best car in it’s category.

    Space efficiency is awesome, fuel economy is great. And it’s a cute car in the Vti-S spec! Can’t wait for the 2009 brand new spanking model.

  • kim mc andrew

    my jazz vtis auto juddered on acceleration had the transmission oil changed and it still juddered eventually after two oil changes and still juddering on take off I found the problem the cvt gearbox has a starter clutch which operates from 0 – 8kms and can cost from $2500 upwards to if you have one of these autos just beware I sold mine cheap just to get rid of it.

  • Aimee

    I have had my GLi manual Jazz for 5 years now and it still going strong. Best car in the world! I live in the territory, have given it some pretty rough treatment over the last couple of years and touch wood, no wheel bearing problems like some others have mentioned. My drivers side lock is starting to play up but I can accept that as it’s the only fault in 5 years. I have not met anyone with a more reliable car than me.

  • Mike

    We’ve had our Jazz new since 2006, and done 50,000km.
    Excellent city driving fuel consumption, most of the time
    returning 5.5l/100km, down to 4.2l/100km is possible if
    you’re not bothered being passed by bus and push-bike.
    Nothing has broken, however needed new brakes recently.
    Slight shuddering in transmission, required new fluid
    after flushing. Done by dealer under warranty. The new
    ones don’t have CVT anymore… Perhaps due to longevity
    problems caused by traffic light sprint driving here
    in Australia.

  • Simon

    I’ve had my Jazz CVI since the end of 2004. I noticed a couple of months ago that the car became noisier over 60kmph. I mentioned this at its next service, and Honda agreed to replace the rear bearings for free. Not trying to set a record here, but I\’ve hardly driven the thing – rear bearing failure at 17,000km!(And, for the record, I don\’t live near the ocean, nor do I use it as a lorry).
    Apart from that it has had the radio replaced (display blanked out) and a bit of front pillar trim came loose. But each time the Honda people have been professional and helpful in dealing with these problems.
    There is no perfect car – you can only judge a car by its competitors, and so far I think that Jazz is still on top.

    • Ken

      ON TOP??
      Not even close.
      There is a long list of cars that are much more relialble and easier to service than the HONDA Jazz.
      In my 40 years of driving I have owned Fords, Chevrolets, Holdens, Diahatsu and now a HONDA, which easily the hardest and most expensive vehicle to service. One HONDA is enough for me.

  • robert

    HONDA BUYERS BEWARE. I bought my Jazz Vti-S brand new in Feb 2005. Light city driving to work and back from Killara to City. All was good until I got to around 45K and started to notice an unpleasant transmission shudder upon even the mildest acceleration from a standstill. I was told it was fluid and it was replaced twice. This made little difference, still shuddered. Got steadily worse. Complained again at 60K service (2 weeks ago) they told me it was a worn out front engine mount and replacing it would fix it…$250 later NO difference. I am now really pissed off and have since found out through the web that many CVT Jazz and City transmissions have developed a faulty ‘startup clutch’….surely this should have been something that Honda just fessed up to and rectified under warranty. I am now (of course) out of warranty but I was not out of warranty when it was first raised with Honda. I will pursue this vigorously until I get a new ‘startup clutch’ fitted for free. In addition the CD player stopped working at around 45K (maybe used it 20 times)…I was told this could not be fixed and the entire radio/cd/centre console would need to be replaced at my expense for a mere $1500. This is not good enough Honda Australia.

    • James

      I have the same problem on a 2005 Jazz. I have been quoted $3000 to $3500 to get it fixed. That is completely unacceptable for a car this old. I will try to deal directly with Honda on this issue even though the car is out of warranty. How did your situation end up?

      • Robert

        They replaced the transmission at about 75K. Just keep on
        and on about it to them.

  • Oscar

    i’ve had my cvt jazz vti-s new since dec 2002. it has done 146000km to date. i had similar problems with robert, to date i have change the engine mount twice at the same location which is on the passenger side underneath the battery. first one was at around 60k (covered by warranty)and the second time was at 130km(out of warranty- so i got the parts from asia which cost me around $40 and $40 to install at my mechanics). I had the transmission issue since about 35k and i had raised the issues many times to honda trivett. each time they check, they recalibrate the start up clutch and change the oil, but after about 5k it comes back again. i change the atf oil every 20k since new. the shuddering always comes back after about 3-4k after the oil change.after a while i got fed up and dont bother to raise the issue to honda. Until about 2 years ago, my mechanic told me that honda got a special oil for the cvt and it is expensive. so i’ve changed to the new oil and the shuddering actually disappears. but to do it properly, they need to flush the entire transmission so you need about 7 liters. with the radio, i had to replace the entire console and my mechanic got a second hand one for $350. i think $1500 is way too expensive. with that price, you can get a double din console for $235 and get the double din cd player etc.

  • linda

    i bought my jazz vtis 2oo4,first problem came out 8 monts ago .Paint on both side mirrors starting to peel off . Trivett said its not their fault,don’t want to honor warranty on paint.they said it was the company who applied the paint protection so we complain to them, as expected they toss back the fault to Honda,they reckon it was a factory defect.Then about a week ago ,same as the few of you now we are also experiencing some shuddering on take off too and my car only have 58000 kilometers on odometer.Just wondering what do we have to do to get Honda get their act together and save their company’s dignity and pride.maybe if we all get together and some how publish all this problem we are having with our cars on national publication ,then it might wake up Honda personnels to their senses .

  • Russell

    In regards to Robert above, I helped my daughter purchase a second hand Honda Jazz 2004 model with 80,000 km on the clock. It had the shudder at take off as well so I took it to a Perth Honda dealer. They said it was the starter clutch bearing in the CVT, and although it wasn’t under warranty and we were the second owners, they replaced the whole CVT with a reconditioned one free of charge. We were impressed with that dealer and thanked them. The other day the vehicle developed a vibration in the whole car at idle, so I guess now we are up for new engine mounts in a car less than 5 years old. I just sold a Toyota Tarago 19 years old and never replaced any of these components. I guess the 2004 Japanese Jazz was built to Japanese conditions and only to last 5 years, at a cheap price? I can only hope the 2009 model addressed these issues.

    • Peter

      I’m curious. Did you purchase your Jazz from that dealer?

      I can’t possibly imagine Honda would fix a car free of charge unless it was a warranty job

      • Russell

        No we did not purchase the car from this Honda dealer, we got it at a second hand car yard. They still replaced the CVT free of charge.

  • Lucy

    I have a Honda Jazz 2003 model it has 158000kms on the clock and I have been told that the gear bearings need replacing. When it had around 80000km I had the front wheel bearings replaced and around 100000km I had the rear wheel bearings replaced.
    When I phoned Honda to mention this they said my car was over 5 years old and that they have had complaints about wheel bearings being replaced.
    Maybe it is time to buy another car

  • Russell

    I must say the build of the Jazz and functionality are still excellent, and the Honda engines are legendary. As for the above vibration I mentioned it comes and goes, so maybe not much to worry about. We get such good economy it is worth the quirks.

  • Mark

    I’ve had the shuddering issue for some time aswell.

    Trivett Honda in Parramatta have flushed and reset the CVT on each of my 10,000KM services. However after 3-4000km the problem reappears. It’s not like I trash the car too. I’ve very light on the accelerator and understand the concept of mechanical sympathy! However, this is very much so a design fault. No doubt.

    I’m going to Trivett this week to get this looked at again. Since the oil was just replaced, I’m just going to ask them to get a reset done and then see how it behaves.

    If the above quote of $2500 for a new starter clutch is true, it might be time to offload the car.

  • Jacob

    For the first 4.5 years I was pretty happy with my 1.4 iDSI Jazz. But now it started deteriorating fast. At 51,000 Km strated doing “woo-woo” noise >45km/h which sounds like front wheel bearing noise and sudden increase in fuel consumption.
    I bought a Japaneese car only for the sake of reliability, because this is the only area where the Japaneese cars are supposed to be superior than European brands; on all other accounts they are worst. But apparently today’s Japaneese reliability is a myth. Yes, their engines are robust, but a car is far more than just an engine. Will not consider Honda or any Japaneese brand again. I think the times of legendary Japaneese reliability for the totality of a car are gone with no return. At least with European brands with higher failure rates the dealer mechanics have a higher expossure to problem resolution increasing the propability of knowing how to resolve the problem spot-on without so much guess work.

  • Mark

    Got my CVT replaced.

    Car runs like a dream now. YAY!

  • Glynis

    My Honda Jazz has been very reliable up to now. Its 5 year’s old, done 31K and the driver’s and passenger’s side locks have failed. Apparently the tumblers have displaced inside the lock. I have had a quote for £200 for new barrels or £160 for a remote locking system. Apparently this is a fault with the early Honda Jazz, recognised by Honda, but not recalled. I have always praised Honda, but I am disappointed now.

    • Dennis

      I had same problem and paid to have tumblers replaced. Same problem less than 6 months later and told garage when it was in for a window winder recall. I got another bill from them for £36 for oiling the lock. Failed again 9 months later!

  • Russell

    In regards to Japanese build quality, I have owned 3 Toyota vehicles, 2 built in Japan, a 1989 Tarago and a 2001 Corolla, and a 2006 Camry built in Australia. I think the build quality in Australia is not as good as Japanese built vehicles,(paint not as good, panels don’t align as well, rust on engine bay bolts) but the reliability is excellent. It is sad that not many vehicles from Toyota and Honda are built in Japan anymore. I think the Landcruiser and some Lexus models are still put together in Japan, but most come from other countries. It will be interesting to see how the new Hybrid Camry does in Australia, it has been popular in the US for the past 5 years, only lacking some boot space.

  • Roger

    Our 2004 Honda Jazz has developed the three problems common to this model; CD player/clock intermittent malfunction (moisture apparently), rear wheel bearing failure (100 000 km), and CVT transmission failure. The CD unit was replaced under warranty, but the bearing and transmission problems surfaced after warranty. Admittedly, thankfully Honda bore the cost of parts, $300 each wheel bearing… yes, that’s $600 for the pair, (they are sealed units and the whole hub assembly has to be replaced… I hope they remembered to put grease in the new set!), and a claimed $2000-$4000 for the CVT transmission replacement, (depending which dealer you speak to!) Honda and their dealer network will be fairly evasive if you quiz them, but be assured they DO KNOW these vehicles have these problems. We don’t live close enough for dealer servicing, but our mechanic is very particular and uses Honda lubricants and fluids. Honda said if we had used a dealer, they would have known about the revised transmission fluid requirements and shortened change intervals, too bad they don’t tell anyone else!! (They sent us their magazine for a few years.. they knew where we lived and that we had a Jazz.. Maybe it would have been clever to include a note about the problem?!?!
    Be VERY, VERY, VERY CAREFUL buying one second hand!!!…. and if you own one of these with lemon parts and they haven’t failed… they will!(Don’t say you weren’t warned!)

    • Jazz02

      I too would be wary about buying a 2nd hand Jazz, particularly anything pre-2003. There is a fault with the gearbox bearings causing them to wear out prematurely. To be fair Honda have extended the warranty on these bearings, but only on cars built 03 onwards. I have an 02 Jazz with bearings in need of replacing. I contacted Honda about the warranty and was told the bearings used in manufacture before 03 were not faulty. I asked if that meant it was entirely co-incidental that my car has the same fault and was assured that that was the case. With a small amount of research on the internet I’ve found plenty of 2002 Jazz owners reporting this problem so I am not willing to accept the fault was not there pre-2003. If you have a 2002 Jazz that has worn out gearbox bearings it would be worth posting your story. The more people who do, the harder it will be for Honda to claim the problem doesn’t affect 2002 cars, and you might save yourself the £800 repair bill. If you have a 2003 or later car, lucky you! (You may need to ask about this extended warranty as your local Honda garage might not know about it (I’m being charitable)).

  • Chris

    Our daughter-in-law has a Jazz, 1.3 CVT. Good car for a yung P plater BUT……
    Horrible shudder at take off and very hesitant when wanting to accelerate from stand still quickly through an intersection.
    Car seems to almost bunny hop in slow traffic at about 35-50km/h.
    I’ll stick to my French cars thanks, much more driver friendly.

    • Ken

      Looking at the date of your post and considering todays date I can only presume that by now the start clutch has failed and you have had my experience of having to replace it. I dont think after this you will be keeping the car will you?

  • Roddy

    My Honda Jazz (53 reg) driver side door lock also completely jammed and will cost £200 to replace. This car has a perfect service record and not abused at all. No thanks to Honda for not replacing the lock for free as they know about this problem.
    Very disappointing.

    • Dennis

      Same Problem …………I had same problem and paid to have tumblers replaced. Same problem less
      than 6 months later and I told garage when it was in for a window winder
      recall. I got another bill from them for £36 for oiling the lock. Failed
      again 9 months later

  • Keza

    My hubby just got me a Honda gpi sp..2010
    now I’m starting to worry after reading all of this. It did seem to just not work yesterday when I had it in reverse. I turned car off and started again. It worked that time.,
    he’s only got two months or so to live.. Ge has pancreatic cancer.. He picked this car for me because he thought it was safe and reliable .

  • StevoLegato

    Our Honda Jazz (2005 with 5 yr extended warrantee that ran out two weeks ago) has just been Diagnosed as needing a gearbox bearing replaced (has done a massive 129000kms). Although there has been a TSB issued by Honda for this, Honda Australia are not prepared to honour this. They have declined to replace or repair. We thought Honda made reliable cars – well, I guess we will go back to Holden, Ford or Toyota. Certainly cheaper to fix.

  • David

    Interesting reading all these comments.

    I too thought the Jazz was the most reliable after reading all the reviews and test drive articles. however, I now have my doubts.

    My UK 1.4 auto is just coming up to 3 years old. It has already had the steering rack replaced and the fault with the sticking driver’s power window has been ‘fixed’ 3 times now.

    Today, the reversing sensors on one side have failed and the window problem is back!

    This car’s been back in the shop more times since new than any second-hand Ford, Daihatsu or Renault – all were with me 8 years each – I have owned.

  • Ken

    If you think a Honda Jass is such a great car wait until you have to replace the start clutch on the CVT. The shudder at start people complain about is the start clutch. When speaking to people in the auto repair industry mention the CVT start clutch and watch them smile. They know HONDA has you in thier pocket, because of the computers no one else can work on it but Honda, and they know it. Ours failed once under new car warranty and now again to the tune of $2763.00. This is my wifes car she drives to work and take the kids to school.
    The car was down for weeks because parts had to be ordered from Japan!!! How is that for service.
    Because of resetting the computers, I am not convinced the local service people are competitent to work on it

    Let me say this real simple … NEVER another HONDA.
    EVER !!!

    Word of advice, if your HONDA with a CVT is going ok right now… get rid of it as soon as possible now that ours if fixed I am getting rid of it soon.
    Do you want to buy it from me? I will give you a great deal on a terrific reliable HONDA….

    • MF

      I think the problem is with your wife, not with the car.

  • Nat

    I bought a 2007 Jazz VTi last year, and had to get the transmission fluid replaced just after 50K now. The Repco mechanic said that it was a special fluid that Honda has made to overcome the common CVT ‘shuddering’ issue. Costed me over $300. Also NRMA changed my batteries recently and i was told by Honda to get the transmission reset. 3 Honda service places, 3 different prices. 57.50, $60 and then the most expensive was at Homebush who gave $180 (after muttering something like ‘…you’ll have to clabirate…’). Would have been ripped off if i didn’t call around and check.. talk about a ‘prestiged’ Larke Hoskins Honda Dealer.. Be Careful!

  • pete

    I called the Honda dealers where i purchased my Honda Jazz from to claim under warranty my cars issues. My drivers side window of my Honda Jazz has been sticky from the beginning. All the other windows seem to not have any problems. Called Austral Honda and they said that dirt gets stuck in the tracks and causes the problem. My mothers honda civic has had the same problem. Her dealer said it was a common problem in honda’s. Please note i have not had any problems with my other windows in my car. Also one of the protective light cover flew off past me the other day as well, Austral Honda said that people loose the plastic catch in car parks. After talking to them initially about my issues they did not even offer to book my car in to get the work done. I had to call them back to make any appointment. Their service department offers lame excuses when one is in need of making a claim. I only hope they deliver and that I do not have to pay to have these issues fixed.

    • Andrew

      I think this info will help:
      In January 2010, Honda announced a recall of 646,000 Fit hatchbacks from 2002-2008 due to a window switch that could catch fire.[69][70] [71]

      The recall affected Honda Fit/Jazz models, including about 170,000 Jazz compact cars in the United Kingdom although no window malfunction reports had been received there.

      This recall was conducted as the company had received reports of master window switch malfunctions on the driver’s door, mostly commonly occur when the driver’s window is left open, allowing rain or water to drip into the window switch module, resulting in switch failure and in occasions overheating, eventually possible fire hazards.

      To address the issue, recalled cars will be fitted with a waterproof skirt to prevent further water entry. Honda will also be replacing malfunctioning and worn-off window switches. Honda offers the change of affected parts free of charge.

    • David

      I recently had my Honda Euro accord serviced at Austral Honda newstead and have found that the quality of service has gone downhill significantly.

      Will def no longer go there for future servicing for both our honda cars. Although it is worrying to see how common that cvt issue is with the jazz. Thats our other car.

  • Glenn

    I got my Jazz serviced today only to be told that the rear wheel bearings need replacing. Ok how much? $950.00 to replace them.

  • Lorraine

    I have a 2004 Honda Jazz brought new and have just clocked up 58,000 k’s and despite advising the service provider who was also the local dealer that there was increasing noise coming from the rear end getting louder the faster I went, at the last service 6 months ago they kept assuring me that it was just “noisy tyres”. It was not and I have just had the rear hub assemblies replaced at a cost of $435.00 with a national tyre specialist. I had intended to pay to have the tyres replaced even though they were only twelve months old. What wear do you get in the rear wheel bearings with a front wheel drive car at 58,000 k’s? Check out most sites and you will find that Honda are aware of this like they are with all the other “little problems” of the Jazz.

  • Dave

    I’ve got 83000km on my 2005 model Jazz VTIS, all I can say is what a car. Averaging 7km per 100k in city, drives great, no problems. The 7 speed paddle shift is amazing or you can run it in full auto mode. I wasted so much money maintaining a VW, great stuff.

    Make sure to flush the transmission fluid and you’ll be problem free.
    Note: I have a Japanese built model, build quality is superb. No creeks or rattles.

  • sebastian

    hello. We purchased new” a 2007 jazz vti cvt model in 08… to date we have done almost 100k we used to live on the coast commuting to sydney everyday.. so i must add this little jazz hasnt had the easiest life… to date nothing has really gone wrong with it… only a slighty sticky window drivers side.. and as i said this poor little thing has been thrashed. the only thing i complain about is.. its gutless. if u can drive manual get one of them.. the cvt sucks the life out of it.. and the paddle shift is the dumbest thing i have ever seen, it does nothing… wont go near redline. other makes will hold till cutout! but all in all she has been a good little car. and i dont get it serviced at honda… the money i have saved i can buy another.. just make sure you use genuine filters and oils!!!! doesnt affect your warranty!

  • cocnut

    all brands have issues… my 2008 VR lancer’s ABS sensor died while driving up a steep hill leaving me with no ABS and stability system. Upon taking the car to the dealers, they said the part is not available in cairns or australia. It took 45 days to get the part and the incompetent dealer sat on the part till I called them twice. No brands are prefect unless you are buying a Rolls Royce (or it is?) :)

  • VLM

    I have a first hand 2006 manual Jazz 1200. Had lots of problems: the most dangerous is the handbrake (quite serious!). Also have a strange noise in the front glass, detected just from the beginning (local dealer did nothing, just like with the handbrake), and paint has a lack of resistance at the water pressure when using self-service car-washing.
    Very disappointing.
    My first car was a Renault Clio 1200, also first hand, from 1996 to 2006. Made 220.000 kms! Zero problems, except some water infiltrations in the last years.
    Dont believe japanese any more.

  • Russell

    VLM, our 2005 cvt Jazz had a recall from Honda to fix the handbrake, which they did free, now it has a recall on it to fix the headlight low beam switch (can catch fire or fail causing the lights to go out) I live in Perth Australia.
    The car has been great since a free cvt replacement, but am a bit worried about rear bearing failure reports above as it has done 90,000 km. Cheers.

  • Tony

    Wife’s 2007 Jazz has the deadly start-up CVT clutch failure, $2500 approx. 55,000km. Honda used to fix this under warranty but no more according to the local auto transmission mechanic. Apparently the problem won’t get any worse. It has also developed a click in the accelerator cable I think, but apart from this, a fantastic car. Should have bought a manual though. No wonder Honda don’t do CVT any more.

  • Mollie

    I understand that according to a Honda bulletin (HUK000000001117 ?) all cvt Jazzs worldwide are included in an extended warranty that covers measures to rectify the known transmission problem. Consistent with this, Honda have recently serviced our transmission at no cost. After shuddering appeared in our 2007 Jazz @ around 60 000 km Honda replaced the transmission oil for $200. The shuddering was much improved but after a further 5 000 km our family mechanic had concerns the ‘fix’ was only temporary, as the shuddering was diminished but still present on rapid acceleration. He recommended we discuss this further with Honda. Honda have re-flushed the transmission and assured us that if we have further problems it will be covered by the extended warranty, which they said covers all cvt Jazzs for 5 years, and beyond 5 years if the problem is reported to Honda earlier. This is the 4th Honda in our family, the others all lasted beyond 20 years so we are hopeful that Honda will preserve their reputation.

  • Eugene

    Had a pretty good run out my 2006 ctv- VTi 1500.  Fantastic economy (5.5) until someone told me to put premium petrol in it.  Never the same since even though only one tank was used.  No one can explain that.  Economy still good however for an automatic at 6.5 l/100. Done about 100,000 k now with none of problems above except rattles – I put that down to being made in Thai. Great car to drive and like the seating arrangements – can fit everything in every time. Despite regular good Honda service it started missing last week and report today is that it needs one new coil pack – a known problem according to Honda North in Perth WA but apparently but not reported above.  Cost for 1 $250 – hope the other 3 hold up.  Time to sell I think looking at the CTV problems of others above. Finding an alternative might be difficult as it has a lot of good features.

  • Rbe71455

    Our 1300cc cvt 2005 Jazz now has a collapsed left hand engine mount, and a noise from the left front wheel. I hope Honda fix it at a reasonable cost.


    Astro Boy, you obviously have not driven a Honda Jazz.
    The Jazz have SO MUCH grunt the cars are used to race on racetracks and rallies.
    The Honda Jazz doesn’t have a gearbox and operates on a cam system.
    I suggest you test drive one, you will be better informed and no doubt impressed with the acceleration of this car.
    I’m not old or retired.
    My Jazz is 6 years old and hasn’t missed a beat.
    Paint finish isn’t durable…………