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Porsche’s new generation Cayenne SUV has been spotted yet again undergoing testing in Germany, this time with slightly less camouflage.

In keeping with the Porsche philosophy of evolutionary design, the new Cayenne is seemingly much sleeker in appearance than its predecessor.

Reports from our spy photographer who managed to catch a glimpse of the interior has said it has been heavily influenced by the new Porsche Panamera.

Porsche Cayenne 001

Expect improved interior ergonomics and higher quality materials mimicking that of the Panamera – which can only be a good thing.

While we can’t say for sure what model is being tested in these shots, the new Cayenne should boast a variety of petrol, diesel and hybrid engines.

Porsche Cayenne 005

On the petrol side, we can expect the new Cayenne to boast both a normally aspirated and twin-turbocharged 4.8-litre V8 engine from the Panamera.

The current Volkswagen V6 TDI engine which currently produces 177kW and 550Nm will also make a return with some minor improvements.

Porsche Cayenne 004

Porsche’s first Cayenne S Hybrid will appear in the model’s current guise as a 2010 model, although its hybrid powertrain should carry over to the 2011 Cayenne virtually unchanged.

The hybrid version will use Audi’s supercharged 3.0-litre V6 engine producing 248kW, coupled with a three-phase synchronous electric motor which receives power from a 38 kW NiMH battery that resides in the spare tire well.

The new Cayenne is also supposed to adopt a more street focused setup, which means some of the current model’s bulky off-road equipment could be dropped – similar to the Audi Q7.

  • Shak

    even if they do make it more sleek and efficient, it’ll still look like a sick pig. But despit the fugly looks i still see loads around my local private school.

  • Alex

    I actually think this one could look really good. The current one is a bit of a shambles but this is looking together and sleek.

  • Devil666

    If they drop the offroad tech I’ll be sad :(

    That is pretty much the only reason it has any credibility…

  • alex

    Whole idea is stupid anyway. Bmw X6 anybody? NO.

  • o

    haha skak at my school about 5 mummys own these cars the most popular car is the LX570 lol

  • Supercujo

    Still looks like some bearded fellow made a Porsche kit car for an Range Rover in his shed.

  • Simon

    Its the modern day Porsche “Bug”.
    No doubt will go like a cut cat!

  • smokin’R32

    Certainly looks like they’ve refined the design. It actually looks smaller and less bulky, cant say I’m a huge fan of these things but its definitely an improvement, well done Porsche.

  • crouchy

    Certainly looks like an improvement.

    Now they only have one more way to improve it.. Discontinue the stupid thing!! ><

  • Flying High

    I thought you said that they took the fugly car covers off…..Oh. You mean that is what is looks like without the covers…..oh dear…

  • gas

    spam word “ssangyong” lol

  • Andrew Juma

    The Cayenne and the Mercedes CLS are similar; both cars are so ugly that they are strangely appealing. Cannot explain it any other way

  • Baddass

    Got to agree with Alex’s first comment: I think Porsche will have made this car beautiful.

  • unhappy camper

    perhaps you shouldnt plast your name all over the picy, really sucks from a users viewpoint, in the bootom / top corner does he same thing. sure ppl can crop picys, but if its framed nicely ppl dont mind showing your web link.

    as for me you guys suck for wrecking a good picy for my collection.

  • happy camper

    have you guys been in one of these, man they kick arse…

    dont judge a book by its cover, the reason why mums get em, is cause they are an awesome ride, much better than a huge arse landcruiser, lx570 (and the copy cat lexus version which is ugly as dogshit).

    when you jump in one, the kick arse gear changing, watching ppls faces as the trump it at the lights (being young n rolling in a nice ride gets some pretty good looks) and pulling up / jumping out of one is a kick butt feeling aswell.

    now back to the ride factor, its kick arse, best ride ive been in.

    the shape grows on you…. but ride in one of em, and you will see why the mums get em, thats so the dad can strap the shit out of it, whilst letting his kids ride in a styling ride.

    i look forward to getting one.

    latter gators.