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by George Skentzos

Honda Japan are keeping their latest performance Civic to themselves, which is definitely bad news for the rest of the world, because this latest addition is nothing short of amazing. Based on the JDM Type-R, it has received a performance upgrade (how could they wring more power from this thing?) which has led to a 15hp increase over the Type-R, bringing its peak power to 179kw at 8,000rpm – all from a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder. That’s well over 10kw more than both the Holden Astra SRi Turbo and Ford TX5 Turbo!


This performance increase has been achieved with an upgraded intake system, freer flowing exhaust set up and new cams. With more power on tap, the Mugen RR also receives sports suspension and updated brakes. Inside the transformation continues with Recaro racing seats and Mugen RR branding.


The car has also been put on a diet since its gluttonous Type-R days, stripping off 10kg with the replacement of some components to carbon-fibre or aluminium.


The Mugen RR is limited to a production run of just 300, all of which will be in Honda’s stunning Milan Red. It’s a shame that if we ever get to see one in the flesh, it will be on a trip to Tokyo or as a grey-import 15 years from now.
George Skentzos

Source: MotorAuthority

  • Myke

    Atleast we get the Type R

  • Steve

    What a weapon!

    I’ve never like Honda as a motorcycle company. Since working on them, I think they are over engineered lumps of steel that either had no thought put into the assembly process, or too much thought.

    That isn’t to say they aren’t GOOD. They are. But unlike their cars, their motorcycles are not exciting. They offer nothing when comparing to rivals of similar class.

    Suffice to say, I’ve always been more excited about Honda cars, not bikes. And this thing excites me. I could never afford one. But being the new car market, I’m not going to pass up test driving one.

    It’s just a shame that this model won’t be seeing our fine shores. :( But coming from the land of motorcycles, I’m well use to it. There are a fair amount of desirable motorcycles that never made it here to Australia. This is one more vehicle we can look forwards to seeing on the Grey market in a few years I guess.


  • John

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy a mugen rear wing for a Honda Civic Sport in Sydney

  • johnkor

    hi bro , u can refer to me i sell honda stuff including the full JDM type R bodykit!

  • johnkorkor

    Johnkor where u at bro id go for a bodykit

  • Ali

    umm hey umm i am wondering if i buy a brand new honda civic would i be able to get mugen parts and make it look like the rr and also do you reckon i could import it and how much

  • bored

    Articles about Mugen and factory tuned Hondas are as much use to Australian buyers as reading glasses for the blind – love to be able to use ’em, but know we’ll never see it happen..