by Matt Brogan

Great Wall Motors will be the first Chinese manufacturer to release a vehicle in Australia when its two twin-cab utes go on sale tomorrow.

The V240 (pictured above), which is available in 4×2 and 4×4 configurations, will be priced at $23,990 and $26,990 respectively while the SA220, available in 4×2 only, will go on sale from just $19,990 on road.

The base model SA220 (pictured below) will feature a (78kW/190Nm) 2.2-litre four cylinder petrol engine that GWM claims will achieve a combined fuel economy return of 10.8 litres per 100km and offers a 855kg payload.


The upper spec V240 models on the other hand will come with a (100kW/200Nm) 2.4-litre four cylinder petrol engine that manages 10.7 litres per 100km in both 4×2 and 4×4 spec and can carry a full one-tonne.

All three models feature alloy wheels, AM/FM single CD tuner, electric windows, leather trimmed seats, disc/drum brakes and air-conditioning and will be backed by a comprehensive three year / 100,000 kilometre warranty.

Great Wall Motors have been around since 1976 and are one of the most popular manufacturers of commercial vehicles in China with an annual capacity of 800,000 units expected by 2010.

GWM vehicles are available nationally through 45 ATECO importer dealerships.

  • Casey

    India’s Tata and Mahindra have each had a go at various times, now it’s China’s Great Wall Motors turn.

    To be honest I can’t really see them selling in droves, but by the same token wish them well.

    Can we look forward to a review guys?

    • ron

      India and China are super powers of tomorrow.

  • Joober

    4 cyl on all models? Once you start putting on the payloads these utes will start to struggle. Guessing you’ll be revving the engine quite a bit to haul mass…

  • Matt

    I’m also surprised not to see a diesel option. Perhaps this will follow once they’ve got a foothold.

  • Andrew M

    Nissan knock off incoming…………

    Dont trust those fuel figures.
    Jap utes chew more than that in real world, I cant see the chinese doing any better.

    By leather trimmed seats, do they mean vinyl???

  • Captain Mainwaring

    First hand news from someone who’s recently been to a place where these things have been on the market for a few months – they are falling to bits very quickly, to the point where the suckers who bought them can’t get rid of them at any price.
    Had these buyers been smart, they would have chosen a five year old Hilux for similar money and at least had a few more years of dependable life in front of them, not to mention a brand with some credibility.

    • Tyson R Owens

      Thats a load! I bought my V240 four weel drive at the dealers sitting next to a great wall that had been traded in, the trade in was selling for 4k cheaper than its respective new modle.

      My Ute has done four weel driving under which it flogged a nissan navara, ran all day every day and ranked up 1000ks per week, like its supposed to, (as its a work ute), and its had no problems. The headlights on the new shape look good and are great for country driving, my older ford ute, (BA), had no end of troubles and its headlights sucked. It was faster on the road though.

      So,”Captain Mainwaring”, before slaging something youve probably never driven, go drive one. Youll be more than supprised.

  • Andrew M

    are they only doing dual cabs in both models??

    Is that 19K drive out for the dual cab 4×2 or are they stating the single cab drive out price???

    Not that I would consider one, but 19K drive out for a duel cab seriously under cuts the competition

  • Baz

    (78kW/190Nm) 2.2-litre? I’d laugh if that was a joke, but unfortunately, its true…

    • Bingbong

      This is from a heavier, older model Hilux. The engine in the SA220 is not as powerful as the original Isuzu but its a lot more economical on fuel and maintenance combined. If the car stops moving when carrying THEN it is time to change vehicles.

  • Harley Stone

    better wait for crash-test results for those rollin coffins

  • D

    Who the hell wants a old Navara front on an old Rodeo body?

    GWM is never going to have any form of success if they can’t even come up with their own designs.

  • D
  • Carz

    Yeah it’s surprising there is no diesel option. Maybe many would consider this car if it’s not all petrol. Still it won’t hurt to test drive one when its out already to really check cars’ potential.

  • Tom

    How stupid can they be? I dont get it.
    GWM musn’t care about styling because it stole it all, it looks like shit, and of course we’re going to notice.
    But at the same time, why do they even bother styling it at all then? Id rather buy it if it was horrendously ugly and 100% practically designed, than if it was stolen off every other car in the world.
    And can they PLEASE buy a manufacturer with a decent four-cylinder engine for god sake.

  • DGS

    Well it was going to happen sooner rather than later. Chinese cars have landed. The price is higher than I imagined, but that is probably due to the Australian distributor taking a good mark up on wholesale price.

    I look forward to a long term test to hint if there is a new player or if the ghost of British Leyland is haunting China. (BL specialized in underpowered, underassembled cars)

  • DGS

    Actually I think the AS220 looks ok, just needs to loose the lame grill.

  • o

    um nice cars. Are they going to last over here? Also do you want leather seats on a work ute

  • DGS

    I know wikpedia is a bit hit and miss, but when looking up Great Wall Motors I noticed that in some market the AS220 is sold with the model name “Sailor”.

    “Hello Sailor”… garenteed to be the worst ever sales pitch for a blokey work ute!!!

    They also make a 90’s Toyota Forerunner / Surf replicar and a small car that has more than a passing resembelance to a Toyota Echo.

  • Tony

    a few points…

    ateco is one of the more useless importers in this country

    look at their expert handling of alfa romeo… $95k breras… and their wonderful attitude towards warranty claims (eg. being described as like believing Alfas are 100% reliable and engine blowups and electric gremlins are solely the fault of careless owners)

    this attitude will obviously serve well with Chinese made product!

    the Sailor ute (SA220) I don’t have a great issue with despite the fact that the Isuzu 2wd ute was only $24,990 and it seems the market doesn’t want 2wd utes

    the V240 (Wingle) has a horrible nose and a Mitsubishi 4G64 2.4 petrol with a whopping 100kW/200Nm… in a ute that’s as heavy as 1,780kg

    so how is this gonna tow? Aussies do love to tow

    so $26,990 for a 4wd ute that can’t tow? And would probably get 0-100 in 20 secs?

    I would suspect that people will go to the $29,990 D22 Navara? Or try their luck on a 2008 Colorado or D-Max or maybe a Triton for under $35k?

    As far as safety goes I don’t think the SA220 will be any less safe than any of those cheap 2wd work utes.

    The Colorado/D-Max are very unsafe anyway (3 stars) so I think the v240 doesn’t have a very high bar to hit. Also these Holden and Isuzu are built in Thailand. I don’t believe the Chinese are any worse than the Thais. The Chinese actually build Mercs, BMWs, Audis, VWs there so I think a mere ute isn’t really an issue.

    How bad can they be? They already export these utes to Eastern Europe, Russia, South America, South Africa and they are ridiculously well liked there.

    What I don’t like is the fact they slap in 2nd rate motors. If the ute can’t tow worth a damn what is it worth? In my opinion… nothing.

  • FrugalOne

    I am with ^^^^DGS, wayyyyyyyy over the odds pricewise



  • Elitist

    Aussie’s love the word “cheap”.

  • Frenchie

    Well most people agree they are a cheap and nasty looking ute. Notice the price isn’t cheap though.

  • Tony

    yeah i’m completely unsurprised about that turnaround

    they said it was supposed to be closer to $16,990 for the sa220 sailor but this is ateco we are talking about

    look at their portfolio:

    alfa, FERRARI, citroen, fiat, MASERATI, Great Wall

    who’s the odd man out?

    if i worked at ateco and was used to working on the Ferrari and Fiat accounts I’m not gonna be enthused about $19,990 utes… would you?

    • Frank

      You do know that Fiat and Alfa had a pretty dodgy start when it it came to quality when the first came to Australia. Lucky you didn’t mention Lancia!

  • Dr Nick Riviera

    The barge shaped white one entering the sea must be a dud, it seems the owner is returning it to China or trying to write it off.

    A scrapheap special ?, a Navara front end grafted onto a TF Rodeo twin cab with Toyota mags. Who is going to pay good money on a ‘new’ vehicle like that?

  • philthy

    So it looks like these guys are following in the footsteps of Japan in the 60’s and Korea in the 80’s. It took both of them a while to produce a decent car for export markets (1988 excel to 2008 i30 for example)

    The main difference I see is the sheer size of China and the amount of money behind some of these companies. The start up may be hit and miss for a while, but I can see Chinese cars becoming as common as Chinese made electronics or clothes. Maybe the future of all automotive brands will be designed in (wherever), built in China?

  • Tony

    no the main difference is that China is now the biggest lender in the world

    so they are the position of supplying Chinese credit to Western audiences to buy Chinese made cars

    once the dust has settled and the Americans are left with one ailing manufacturer, one government controlled company and one half italian company; they will inevitably step in as a viable manufacturer

    you buy ours cars with our money – nice

    it is clear this century not going to be dominated by the americans

    oh and i think ateco will be a footnote in australian economic history as a small importer who tried hard in 2009 but either a bigger importer will step up to the plate (ie. tynan, sutton, denlo etc.) or the chinese will go it themselves

    in any case i doubt ateco will be able to handle the chinese to any useful effect

  • Jon_Leong

    GWM must stands for “Garbage with Manure”

    If some one did actually bought one this peice of junk with their own money (not being given one by company or by the utterly rubbish Governmnt)I will eat my own Hat…

    I am chinese and I am ashame to tell you that I had actually ride in one of those “great wall”. It’s so horrible that I would rather get off and walk. Bare in mind that was 2002 or some thing like that… but I highly doubt there would be any difference.

    • Guodong_Zhao

      Man, from your name I don’t think you are a chinese, or at least you are not from china mainland.Maybe you are a chinese from singapore, malaysia or even vietnam. In china, your surname should be Liang but not Leong. But whatever,you are not came from the same place as the GWM, and yes,you should be ashame on cheating.

      • Ming Yang

        Just want to say to Guo-Dong Zhao: Good on you! Well done for speaking out!

        • Sum Yun Gai

          The Chinese have never spoken ill of anything they\’ve done or made. If they did, well we can only guess their fate.

    • LessQQ


      Srzly, you’re not Chinese, even if you want to be, Leong.

      Your name implies 2nd rate Hong Kong, Sg or Malaysian descent.

      Isn’t that a dilemma for you? Real Chinese people don’t see you as Chinese, and aussies obviously don’t see you as ‘aussie’, don’t really fit in anywhere.

  • Mad Max

    I do a lot of work in Central and South America. These pick-ups/utes have been here for a while now. Like Cap’t Mainwaring says, they are falling to pieces. Most companies in South America bought a few and HATE them. The most polular ones are the Toyota’s, Mitsubishi’s, Nissans and a few Chev’s and Dodge’s. But I have driven a few of the Great Walls and man they are SLOW. You need a calendar not a stop watch for the 0 to 100k’s “sprint”. They are woefully underpowered, the plastics are trully horrid. I drove one there 8 months (might be longer) and then drove it again a couple of weeks ago. You could notice the scuff marks and scratch marks inside as well as the fading of the upper dash and A pillar plastics already. It is only 12 months old! And the seats! 4 hours in the Toyota is nothing. 2 hours in the Great Wall is torture. To me they look overpriced in Australia. Like somebody said, buy a second hand Jap one before you buy one of these.

    • Colin

      Every thread on GWM has annonymous posters appearing stating that the cars fall to bits, they rust etc. It seems that the Australian car industry is pretty scared of this development which will in turn bring prices down for consumers.

      Unless car manufacturers can drastically bring their assembly costs down (move plants to china?) they are going to see more and more of their sales go to cheap, reliable and easy to fix cars.

      Lets face it most of these gimmicky features on modern cars just cost us money when they go wrong and mean the RAC mechanic can’t get us going if we do break down.

      Cheap, reliable, easy to fix and basic is what I’m looking for.

  • NacaYoda

    Wow, I had a look at the PDF dposted by “D” ( So many recognisable “models” in there! They’ve stolen body shapes from all over! Nissan Wingroad & Cube, check. Toyota Corrolla Hatch, Check. Smart? Naturally. Staggering. And bad!

    • Stevo

      They buy the old assembly dyes etc that are on the market. You can buy pretty much any panel for old models from China. In some ways this is clever as they keep the design costs down and produce cheaper vehicles as long as you don’t mind some older syling that is.

      • Bingbong

        Stevo, you’re right to some extent. Some Chinese companies have bought the older dyes however the V240 is at the moment a licensed copy. The Isuzu D-Max is still using the same body cast.

    • Frank

      I am cutting and pasting this response for people who keep calling these cars “fakes”. They ARE copies but are licensed by Isuzu.

      As Roger said, no one in Australia would dare import them without ensuring Isuzu Australia or any other dealer for that matter is okay with it.

      As for crash rating, the TF model ute has one of the WORST crash ratings for any commercial yet the sales are only second to the Hilux. Consider the NCAP rating only if you live in a house with rubber on the corners and windows made of bubble wrap.

      Think before you comment.

  • http://skyline The Salesman.

    I think it’s unfair to immediately think that anything made in China is going to fall apart. The Chinese are an ambitious little bunch and some are forecasting they are the new Detroit in the motoring world. If they can build cars like they can build walls they might have some success. At these prices they make a strong value argument and that alone will create interest. And then if the cars are any good then it won’t take long before they make a big dent in the market.

  • http://skyline The Salesman.

    LOL DGS, i love it. An ad for these with the “Hello Sailor” theme would be very memorable. I wonder if the Village People would be interested in becoming the mascot for GWM?

  • Andrew

    I know it seems dear, but they announced “well-below $20,000″ pricing before the new clarity-in-pricing came about. So at $19,990 d/a, they’re really about $17,000++ (++ = dealer delivery & onroads)

    I honestly couldn’t part with my money for one unless I won the $90m Oz Lotto coming up, as a joke.

    Hey I wonder if this will bring the price of panels down for Rodeo’s…

  • Carl

    Ugly, no diesel and Chinese quality…..i think we have a new Lada in the making.

  • binladen

    Jon-Leong, CAO NI MA! NI GE SB! Why the hell walking is better than driving!! idiot!

  • Mad Max

    In South America they sell the SA220 as the GW Deer. Geely have a rip off of the previous RAV4 under the name Tiggo. Its probably the best looking model they have. I actualy thought it was a RAV4 at first. Has a 1.6 petrol in it. Never driven one though.

  • Jebz

    The chinese have always been good at making cheap copies.
    Navara anyone?

  • Tony

    why copy the Nissan Navara? Buy the real thing. $45k for 3 stars.

    or a D22 for a 1989 design with barely any stars. They could barely copy a pair of worse trucks.

    China have their own C-NAP crash program which looks like a variation of the euro ncap.

    I’d really like a test drive of the v240. Having driven both the v6 petrol and diesel Rodeos I wanna see how a 2.4 petrol one goes since neither the Holden petrol or diesel ones were too convincing on the road.

  • Frontman

    To those who reckon Ateco won’t make it, you obviously aren’t aware of the team running this programme. The salesman would be aware of some of the team success stories, and they have not gone into this lightly so watch this space over the next 5 years……

  • http://skyline The Salesman.

    Ric Hull was responsible for setting up Hyundai and Daewoo amongst others with great success. Ateco would not have invested in distributorship if they did not see opportunity. Frontman is right, watch this space. Frontman, is it true Peter has come back to Ateco?

  • HAL

    ^ Great, then we will have a whole new bunch of people trying to brainwash us that China is the new Korea in 5-6 years time. Can’t wait…..

  • HAL

    By the looks of the first photo it won’t be long until Mazda isn’t the only one made fun of for having smiley face cars.

  • Jimbo

    There is a reason why these are cheap, you get what you pay for. To the people who want to take the gamble, good luck!
    For a business time off the road is big money. Is it really worth the risk?

  • Stevothedevo

    Would you buy these from a dealer or the Reject Shop. To cover warranties the distributor would need to make at least 100% markup to be profitable. Can’t wait for a review – take them off road with a full payload and see how long they last.

  • realcars

    Can’t we please stop importing this substandard crap?

  • realcars

    Reject shop.LOL

  • Ben Richards

    How long before the commondore is dead and bogans are forced to get round in chinese crap?…..I wouldn’t think its too long. Australia is good at bending over for its chinese masters

    • chris

      I first saw the add on TV and thought “Wow, so thats what the death knell sounds like for the Australian car manufacturing industry”. Its a shame our government is so weak when it comes to protecting our important heavy industries.

  • Sam-R

    As much as I agree with the feelings of most guys here I gotta say that after looking at the PDF that D posted and doing a bit of research GWM are in it for the long-haul. Over 400,000 sales to date. Remember the early Hyundai’s had borrowed bits and they too fell to bits. Now Hyundai cars are built reasonably well. The GWM cars we are seeing here are more refined than those early Hyundai’s we all so fondly remember. Saying that if you look closely at the interior pics on the PDF you can see some ordinary seat stitching.

    But one crucial point we need to understand is this – China buy their steel from Australia so unless these cars are made out of plastic I can see a big benefit to our steel exports if this company (and others) sell more cars.

  • Tony

    you’d be surprised that the ve commodore is largely made of chinese parts anyway (much more so than the Falcon and Camry)

    the australian market is easily one of the most irrelevant markets on the planet… 1 mil. cars in a good year for 20 mil. people

    you can see it in the paperwork… they sell 400,000 cars a year so any sales here is a blip on the map

    i would imagine these would be desperately popular with primary producers? they seem to love the indian trucks

    they don’t seem to care if carpet doesn’t fully cover the metal floor or the seats sag a little from new

  • david mckee

    the chinese hav,nt got a snowflakes chance in hell up against toyota mazda and subaru if there tools are any thing to go by i would not go anywere near them i don,t care how cheap they are

  • Robin Graves

    What a joke. Someone should ban these as environmental vandalism. Wasting energy and oxygen to turn out this crap thats gunna end up in landfill. On a recent trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I seen quite a few Great Wall utes over there, mainly Indian guys driving them. Starting to fall apart too. Disposable temporary transport.

  • dinosaur

    ford said to innocent Aussies…” you can still drive your falcon with rear brake failure…because front brake is still working”.now who is joking?

  • Modern Mick

    Bloody narrow minded Aussies with poor memories. The Japs did it 40 yrs ago the Koreans 25 yrs ago now the Chinese will do it and in 10 years this is all we will be driving.

    To look at it from another perspective. GWM work ute $20k, 50% investment allowance plus 30% annual depreciation equals $4k outlay write that off over the 3 yr warranty it owes you nothing. Trade it in for $5k and start all over again. Try and do that with an overpriced overrated Hilux ( I’ve had 3 of them )

  • Tony

    The comparison to the Hilux tells you how lost the average person is here.

    You cannot even compare the Hilux to the Tritons and Colorados and Navaras.

    I know many businesses that used to be Hilux users but the reality is the business case for them just isn’t there.

    The average buy price of a Hilux ute ends up north of $50k. Perhaps those in the rich mining industry could afford them and the support businesses like diesel and hydraulic engineers.

    But it’s a very hard business case to put forward when the competition starts at $30k and goes to about $38k for a crew cab 4wd ute.

    It’s been a long long LONG time since the average farmer could afford a Hilux.

    Let’s put it this way, China makes its own planes, tanks and military vehicles and even spacecraft.

    I think it can get its head about a 2001 design Isuzu copy ute.

  • SafirXP

    There are enough Chinese people in Australia to buy these cars and keep things profitable for Great Wall Motors!

  • Tony

    you are kidding. Most of the Chinese out at Chatswong/Eastwong and Hurstville and drive either Mercs, Hondas and Toyotas.

    Apparently the v240 is getting the option of a 2.0 turbodiesel that does 110kW/310Nm… i suspect this would push the v240 4wd up around $30k?

    it’s up to you if you think the extra money is worth a Holden or Isuzu with the 3.0 litre turbodiesel with 120kW/360Nm

    it still doesn’t help with that horrible nose

  • Tony


    my sources say this new 2.0 litre turbo diesel dubbed the “GW4D20″ is a Euro V DOHC 4 valve motor with common rail injection, vgt, intercoooler, particulate filter and electric throttle.


    this sounds like a good engine on paper especially the Euro V thing (possibly the 1st one the Chinese have made)

    won’t be quick given the Colorado only does 12 sec 0-100 with 3.0 litres but I would guess it should tow good… at least a world better than the old SOHC petrol

    problem is i would think it would push the 4wd version into the $30k mark?

  • Mumble Duck

    New model looks FUGLY!!!!!

  • Mumble Duck

    Great Wall Motors!!! What a silly name…….What about Opera House Motors for us? Or something like that. How silly, lol.

    • Biggies

      Yeah mate, you can start your own brand and call it whatever you want. Plus, are you driving the car or the name of the car???

  • maximark

    Great Wall Motors!!! What a silly name…….What about Opera House Motors for us? Or something like that. How silly, lol.

    At least they didn’t copy their brand name . lol

    • Biggies

      Man, Holden is direct from the US. We are copying as well…

  • Delta

    You have to experience a Chinese car to know how horrible it is. Hit something at 60km/h, 4 wheels may just come off and fly in 4 directions. I rather buy a safer secondhand than touching a cheap new Chinese car. Kia may be a better option. GWM is going to be cheap and extremely nasty. Value your life!!!


      I spoke to a “salesman” in Wanneroo, who assure me these cars were safer than safe and that the NRMA had just bought some for testing. He said that ANCAP testing wasnt very good and that the utes had passed multiple safety tests more stringent than ANCAP. He also showed me child restraints and said how safe they were for kids. I wonder if he’s seen the ANCAP results and how he put a spin on them.
      You’re right, these types of cheap vehicles are not suitable for roads in countries where higher speeds are usualy achieved. A decent collision would have you wishing youd spent a bit more.

      • Biggies

        Guys, it sounds like the purpose of you buying a car is one day you gonna crush it or have a decent collision with it and I can tell you if you drive any car speed at 100+km/h into something hard, you will be gone for sure.

    • davo

      and your experience was?

      • SAMUAL

        I’ve got 8 years as a traffic cop and I agree…a collision at 100kmph plus and a great wall or landcruiser, you’re gone.

  • joke

    surely….the ball joints won’t failed with only 10000 km on the clock like ford lemon territory…..right?

    • davo

      The Territory’s ball joints are probably made in China,I know the only ball joints I could find for my old ford ute were chinese.Even one of the Major Aust suspension mobs just put the Chinese ones in their own boxes.The Great wall V240 has a Mitsubishi Engine,Do you reckon GWM buy them from the Japs or make them for the Japs?

  • t

    will Isuzu SUE over the cloning of their last model rodeo (dmax) as that silver one is a nissan fronted 02 rodeo.

    the ugly white thing is a rip off of the latest DMAX with a daewoo matiz front

    i also wouldnt be surprised if you could even swap the doors on both of these models with their isuzu parents!

    any crash test data yet?

    • http://? Leon

      Does Toyota, Ford …… have any crash data?
      When Toyota & Isuzu had their Ute’s back in 1996 there were not concerns regarding safety, this is the basis of these vehicles.

      I have driven these vehicles in South Africa, here they get used & abused by builder, farmers, courier co’s, ………. not getting any major come backs.
      Test, then judge!!
      Where did Japan start……look a them now!!

      Try it!!


      • Frank

        I am cutting and pasting this response for people who keep calling these cars “fakes”. They ARE copies but are licensed by Isuzu.

        As Roger said, no one in Australia would dare import them without ensuring Isuzu Australia or any other dealer for that matter is okay with it.

        As for crash rating, the TF model ute has one of the WORST crash ratings for any commercial yet the sales are only second to the Hilux. Consider the NCAP rating only if you live in a house with rubber on the corners and windows made of bubble wrap.

        Think before you comment.

  • t

    oh and JOKE

    i know 3 people with territories with a LOT more kays on them than 10 thousand, who have had no issues at all.

    they all love them!

    • Biggies

      And how much it cost???

  • http://optus lionboy

    I tried out one of these GWM ute’s. It had done 26,000 km and no problems so far. It is not in the same class as a Hilux. It is little better than Tritons or Colorados.
    Good value for money. This is going to be a great recession buster.

  • Dave Randall

    Maybe they should look at the styling as this is one ugly ute !!!!

    I wouldnt have one as a gift!!!

  • dave

    Considering these cars are probably assembled by rural workers brought in for a six month stint at the factory and forced to live in crowded dorms while being paid a pittance, these vehicles are actually overpriced. ‘Leather’ interiors as standard but airbags and braking aids are extra? Id rather pay the small price difference and get a decent Thai assembled ute from one of the Japanese manufacturers, and from a decent distributor.

  • dave

    A few other words to remember when considering anything made in China. Melamine, lead paint, pet food, crash test, recycled metal and tires. I suggest anyone enthused about the ‘low’ price put the money they saved towards a higher tier health insurance plan.

    • Biggies

      Sure mate, most of things and most of brands are made or partly made in China anyway. What are you complaint about???

      • Frank

        Dave, to quote Steven (I hope thats okay Steven!)

        “first check and even write down what you own that is made in china. And i mean check everything. these are just a few items i have that are made in china- LG TV, Brother Printer, Compaq Laptop, Telstra cordless phone, austar box, nintendo wii. Turn your keyboard or mouse over and 9 times out of ten it will be made in china.”

        FYI, if it says Taiwan or Hong Kong – they are still part of China!


    Serves us right.
    Mitsubushi produced great cars in the last 10 years in Adelaide and went bust beause thre was no support by the australian public.
    And now we’re bitchin because they are selling us rubbish from China.

    Utes need 3 things. Power,rigid chasis and reliablity. The GW ute, IMO will not meet these needs.

    • Biggies

      Yeah mate, buy the over price brands!!!

  • Tony

    i don’t see the link to mitsubishi

    how is a mitsubishi 380 in any way related to a ute?

    power i grant you… i hope they release that turbo diesel soon but even then i don’t think $29,990 for one is great buying

    chassis rigidity won’t be an issue… do you think the yellow people in Thailand who make them are any better than the yellow people in China?

    reliability i don’t think will be an issue either

    this is a ute which is 8 yrs old in design and if you’ve ever driven one you’ll know this is hardly a cutting edge design

    if they can’t get this thing reliable they ought to just stop right now

    • Matthew

      Mate, you’ve got to stop calling them yellow people. it’s racist. I know they call us white’s but theres no reason to be racist.
      GWM i think, would have not too good quality, as it is a first try in our market, though maybe if they don’t send them back overseas, we’ll see some prettier cars around.


    I refered to mitsubishi because it was an australian car manufacturer.
    We are perfectly capable of producing good cars, so why are we buying those cheap imports? If we need tough ute’s, then lets build them.
    At least we would be keeping jobs and money in this country.

    • Biggies

      Thats good ideal, only if we can sell it at the right price.

    • LessQQ

      Where do you think the raw materials used to make steel for Chinese manufacturing come from?


  • howie

    i have a little confidence in the utes, although i have not seen crash test reports, but as for the cars..ewwww i think i would rather drive a lada samara…and the australian version of that was horrible !!

  • MikeW

    You people are so biased. Chinese cars will get better over the years like Jap and Korean cars did. Look at Toyota these days. And to be honest, these GWM utes have the same crash test results as the Holden Colorado, which I think is a pointless rebaged Isuzu with no airbags and a three star safety rating. Have you seen the safety ratings on Youtube?
    Maybe you should look in the mirror before slaging off other people.

    • Matthew

      Agreed entirely

    • LessQQ

      Or take a closer look on the faces of the people in the busiest cities in Australia.

      Soon Chinese will outnumber aussies.

  • Hazyman

    any auto models?

  • Walace

    What I dont understand is: Why is the payload supposed to be 1000kg, when the GW website itself says its only 400kg… and why not import the diesels? Plus the other SUV’s, CUV’s & Limo? We all know Mitsubishi engines are crap, so why would you buy a “Three Diamonds of Death” engined ute. Bring on the diesels.

  • Jace Gee

    Whatever it takes to possibly get jap 4X4`s a run for their money & to get prices real would be nice , i love my cruiser just wish a replacement could be had for less than a house in a country town .. its BS .

  • james

    i wonder what the resale value would be on these in a few years time

  • stuart

    I want to replace my 2004 mazda bravo.I tow a 4.4.metre runabout,will the 4 x 4 great wall do it?

    • Bingbong

      If you buy two.

  • S Smith

    Some very entertaining comments gentlemen.
    I don’t particularly care if it is “ugly” or appears to have other manufacturers design features.
    I want to know, “Can it tow?”
    Is it really ecanomical on fuel?
    Can it be converted to Duel Fuel?
    If it can not it is useless at any price. I therefore look forword to competitive pricing in the industry, maybe then I can afford to replace my aged, weary, but brilliantly reliable 92 Nissan Patrol 4×4.
    I want a new Twin Cab 4×4 farm truck that is ‘affordable’ and in these tough economic, drought ridden times it’s not easy to stick your neck out on something new with sooo many negative comments.
    I find car salesmen in general full of sh**, their priority is to flog a vehicle, not tell you it’s failings. (even when asked directly). Knowing a vehicles limitations/weakness isn’t I believe a negative, a heads up makes for a better decision of purchase.

    If Ateco are serious and confident with these trucks give me one to try for six months??!
    I tow a float, hay trailers, cart stockfeed, fencing material & general family stuff. We live in Nth Central Victoria; Heat, Frosts, Dirt roads, bad Bitumen Rds & long highways between towns. The perfect natural environment to trial the new GVW 4×4 by a farm woman for farm women.
    Real Aussie Women need to know, can it hack the pace ??? & survive.

    • LessQQ

      Aussie women?

      you sound more of a man to me

  • matt

    i test drove one yesterday a v240 4wd and have driven all the new utes on the market the worst ute is the cheaper nissan and yes the hilux is better but with the equipment listed as standard you would have to go for an sr5 hilux which would bring it to about 60 000 you dont even get rear speakers in the sr. For the price you cannot even buy a desent second hand ute. as for fuel consuption anyone that owns a 3.5 rodeo would know how bad they are on fuel. as for build quality test drive a mazda that has 100000 km on it the stering wheel will twist in your hand and the drivers seat will have collapsed. There is the issue of crash tests it should be the same as the rodeo but i would like to see if it is different . Yes it is slower but it will still do the speed limit .

  • matt

    have looked at some of the crash tests couldnt find the one for the v240 but if you look at the one for the supposed orange chinese ute it is actualy a vw loaded with 1.5 tonne of weight at a speed of 100km which is well over the normal 5o t0 60 kms as you can see no crash dummies it was a test actualy for the wall not the car

  • Fernando

    I don’t have any problem with Made in China. On the contrary, we aren’t suffering from inflation thanks to their very good priced products. However, I’m concerned about Chinese brands. Assembling and designing are totally different. Moreover, many Chinese companies copy other countries’ products illegally, which is definitely a crime. I may feel like I bought a hot good if I buy a Chinese car for now.

  • j hickey

    well i have had a v240 ute for 2 weeks now and been a motor mechanic for 22 years and been at nissan , mitsubishi and holden dealerships i can tell u all that yes u pay for what u get and the price of these v240 not the base model 220 is exceptional , mine has air bags , abs and to be quite honest i cant fault it , the mitsubishi motor is a proven and upgraded , the suspension and driveline is all proven stuff over years of testing . everyone has their comment but dont comment from the lounge room seat get out and drive one , hey i would love to buy aussie but we all have chinese lcd and plasmas tvs in our homes

  • Angel

    Top/1st. photo is Gold!

    Its trying to escape back to China…lol

    • Biggies

      Thats because you are bias, it does not want to talk to ya.

  • http://Ferrari mazdafan

    Like any new car, give it a bit longer to prove its longevity, its been out what, two months!

    Mechanically these ute’s parts bin comes from basic but reputable stock (Isuzu or Nissan bodies, Mitsubishi engines)…which may prove more reliable than the some cars on the road sold by our most established dealers, such as Holden with their Barina and just superseded Holden Viva which were ex Daewoos and hardly leading in terms of reliability.
    Protons until recent years were previous generation Mitsubishi’s made in Malaysia and although fit and finish wasn’t as impressive, they were generally pretty reliable

    Having said that safety would probably put me off for sure (especially basic ex-Navara $20k mod. It is a wonder how Australian Standards have such low standards for commercial vehicles.

    I generally like the Hilux (even if they are getting so bloody big) but Toyota knows its Australia’s favourite ute and prices it accordingly. $42K for an SR dual cab TD and no ABS brakes? A 3dr Yaris $15K has ABS hmmm

  • john

    The Sailor has a copy of a Toyota engine, not a Mitsubishi engine, that’s only used on the Wingle.

    They’re made in completely different plants, and the importer you noticed hasn’t given any reporter a Sailor to test.

    They are both copies of the Holden Rodeo, with the Sailor being the older torsion bar model.

    The grille on the Wingle was ‘inspired’ by the Volkswagen Tiguan. The Wingle was put on the market _before_ the new Navara came out.

  • MikeW

    John, the Wingle has the front off the Volkswagen Magellan concept from way back in 2002 I think. Personally, I think the V240 looks like nothing else in the market. I don’t really care what other people say because I like it. I also like Holden too but you can see they’ve cut funding when they have an underpowered ute with no airbags and optional air conditioning. Maybe they should test one against the Mahindra Pikup and let’s see who will win.

  • Neil

    I am no motor expert. I looked at one last week and will return to test drive,next week.

    My info, is it is built to a price, many comments here worry me. However it is a Mitsubishi motor not GWM. It comes with 100,000km or 3years warranty – why would they do that if it was going to fall apart? The salesman said there was a 48hour repair time for warranty jobs any longer and they supply a replacement vehicle till yours is ready.
    For a supposed piece of crap – they are backing it and I have seen worse vehicles of this type.

    I can’t help wondering if many negative comments (and maybe some positive ones) are from people with an agenda like competing sales yards and companies.

    Is there a genuine assessment from a reputable source available? Rather than just questionable opinions.

  • matt

    Have just bought one test drove it a few weeks ago expecting a peice of crap was supprised at how well it drove yes its uder powered but acceptable i will update when i have towed my boat with it. i had already driven all the new utes on the market but decided to re test them after driving the great wall ute v240 4×4 for comfort it matches the ford /mazda bt50 rides smoother than the colorado all these utes are at least 10 grand higher in price when you add in what you get in the v240 thats more like 15 to 20grand more depending on brand. Alot of people have done exactly the same as me and have come back to buy the great wall ute. If you are picky for colour you may have to wait till december. will let everyone know what it is like when i get it i treat my cars pretty hard so should be a good test will load tests as well

  • PaulD

    I am taking one for a test tomorrow, currently have a 93 Rocky 2.8 Turbo, Had for 4 years am quite satisfied, Went to Flinders Ranges 2008 towing 17′ camper was a breeze. Rocky is getting tired and gearbox needs attention, not likely to be towing that size again maybe my tool trailer is all. Have been looking for a fair price 4b as I do a lot of off the main track travels. Everything I have looked at is so far over priced from Nissan Patrols Troopies and everything else, am ready to give the GW a look in. at least and prepared to wait for a diesel model if I decide to take the plunge. It does come down to the $ especially if it can’t be written down as a work vehicle.

    Will post my response after I have driven.

  • realcars

    Can’t believe anyone would even consider this Chinese crap.

    • What The

      So the keyboard you used to type your comment is made in what country?

  • Hung Long

    According to industry statistics, 273 Great Wall utes were sold in Australia in July. Quite good figures for first month sales and a limited dealer network I’d say.

  • Squirrel

    ahahahahahahahahahaha. this is hilarious. if you look at their website, it’s like they’ve designed their cars by looking at pictures of other ones.

    see if you can spot the nissan rip-offs, the holden rodeo with a subaru forester front end, and (my favourite until i saw the attempted-Cayenne front on the white ute above) the wholly original concept of a Toyota Hilux with a different badge…

    ah well, i guess we’re one step away from getting the Lolls Loyce imported…

    • davo

      google “Hongqi”

      • Frank

        You do know that they ARE licensed copies don’t you.

  • Charles

    It is really irrelevant whether the Great Wall utes are copy design, as long as it is value for money for consumers (us), we should be happy. Value for money should be how this ute is to be judged.

  • squid

    Hilux’s are heaps better than these cheap underpowered plastic buckets, that arent even cheap, in aus. atm hilux’s are cheap coz mining companies are buying any utes…
    170kw turbo diesel dual cab hilux > 32k
    and yes you could buy a triton or ranger or navara but the hiluxs are the pick of the bunch…

    if money is no limit, buy a TRD….

    • mmo

      Great Advertising, how much are you being paid?

      • Bingbong

        Are you seriously that special to think that the Hilux only came with one type of engine?

        They are old mind you but quite a popular vehicle back in the day. The 2.2 Hilux is also sought after for Lolux projects because a toyota brand turbo can be put onto the engine without too many conversions.

  • browny

    Very good value for money ute (v240)
    peoples opinions have no merit unless they have actually purchased one of these.

  • ron


    I think the importers made the wrong decision .
    they should have imported the single cab , or extra cab . as their market is the companies that require a cheap vehicle to do the labour and not a “sport ute ” family style , I do not see any of the families buying this vehicle but as i said before “only companies and trade personel who need another cheapie on the road ”
    I just came back from South africa where the indian TATA have taken the country by storm for the reason stated above , and they share the road with the Merc’s BM’s and Bentley’s .
    Cheap Vehicle for work …

    • Geoff

      TATA and Marindra have both had their foot in here but it’s the options (Auto / Climate control etc) not the quality which is their downfall.

      Indias roads are are worse than Aussie ones so these trucks are built tough. I Tata use an engine block designed by Mercedes (not made by, like Ssang Yong) and the front of the ute is actually a copy of the 190E.

      Great wall have thrown in some great options but the build quality is crap due to the lack of quality control.

  • John Dong

    Admittedly chinese cars are crap as has been pointed in the posts here ad nauseum. But they are ambitious. They hope to get into the world scene, which is a tough nut to crack … having to contend with emissions, crash tests, IPR, etc. But they are not standing still tho, they are gaining valueable experience by selling in 3rd world markets like South America, Africa and Australia, before attempting the more lucrative markets of Europe and America.

    • Thomas Gohnda

      Uuuuuhm, are you saying Australia is 3rd world?

      • Keepleft

        In some respects, actually yes.

      • LessQQ

        Australia is 3rd world, why are you so surprised?

        Do some travelling around the world, and see if any white folks in Europe/USA can even point out Australia on a map.


    • Carfanatic

      Get into the world scene? China are the second largest car producing nation in the world. Only Japan stands in their way and selling cars globally will certainly challenge the Japanese for manufacturing numbers. Quality will follow, believe me.

  • Thomas Gohnda

    Just saw one today at the Royal Adelaide Show. Looks and Interior are great. I like the 240 Nose. You can tell it’s not Toyota or Ford. I couldn’t care if they copy the design from NASA. Clearly some people here have not seen the vehicle. Obviously some people here are anti China imports. Maybe you people can stick to buying over priced American and Jap cars and feed at least one selfish and greedy economy. I am going for a test drive next week. If I like the drive, I am buying one.

  • BQ

    Of course Australia is 3rd world country. At least China can feed its own people and make almost everything they need. Australia can’t even make a plasma TV or Airconditioning. And even worse, lots of Aussies believe Aus. makes much better cars than China even before they’ve touched the Chinese cars. This is a typical 3rd world country way of thinking – just like North Korea.
    China has built nuclear power stations 20 years ago and has sent satellite into space in 1960’s. What make you believe Great Wall will never beat Holden? (by the way, isn’t holden American cars which are only assembled in Australia?)

    • Rico

      +1 for BQ.

      I’m sure 80% of people who speaks in here never ever touched the GWM, they are just talking based on their imaginations. Those people who was bitching out there, it’s not the right time for bitching yet. Just look around in your house and get an idea what you have is made in Australia? If you didn’t find any, then second question you are going to ask yourself is, are we qualified to whine here?

      Australians should really ask themself, “Can we make a car?”. Oh yes, there’s Holden out there, not to mention the ownership of American GM, but apart of Commodore, all other models from Holden are either Korean Dawooe or Opel from Europ, and Holden’s truck and 4WD has always been a Isuzu with a Holden face. Only thing Holden does is fit 4 wheels on the car, and nail their pretty bedge on it. Even the so called “Australian made” Commodore is a American car assembled in Australia and it was running on a old school TOYOTA engine for 10 years.

      Guys, save some beer money and buy a $900 ticket from Qantas and fly to China to have a look because you guys have totally no ideas about Chinese cars.

      • Frank

        To a point you are correct about the Commodores before the VE not being completely Australian in design but the rest of your comment is full of well crap.

        Almost all comments here on this site are in regards to the GWM safety and reputation. A Chinese vehicle made with near obsolete parts and of poor quality.

        Even though the GWM cars are sold in other countries, they are not elite markets. The Commodore is sold as a Chevy to places like Dubai and the UAE. We all know these are the richest places on Earth. Mercedes Benz used to be used as fleet cars for Taxis, they use the Commodore now.

        The Commodore was based on the German Opel sedans. Later on they used the Buick 3.8 Ecotec which is one of the most stable and economic LARGE V6’s ever built.

  • Keepleft

    BOTH the V220 and V240 utes have as standard equipment; a single, “hazard-warning triangle” constructed to European/UN specification (a triangle and safety vest is mandatory in EU & ROC markets). The supplied triangle is *not* a junk item either.

    In the V220; the warning triangle is located UNDER the rear seat.

    In the V240; the warning triangle is located BEHIND the rear seat backrest. See the yellow label.

  • Rico

    I wasn’t meant to offense anyone, my point was, never say anything if you don’t know about it. It’s a common human nature that people always follows other people’s thinging when they don’t know about it. My suggestion is, go to the dealer and test drive one.

    I have to say Chinese cars were so crap 10 years ago, I woldn’t even touch one when I was in China. But hey, if you are the owner of a manufacture, you always try hard to improve your product wouldn’t you? I saw the change of the automotive industry in China over the years and the fact is, the big brand such as VW, TOYOTA, Honda, GM family brands etc had to reduce their car price in the Chinese market by more than 40%, becaus they are losing the market very quickly due to Chinese made cars are quickly catching up.

    My brother in China law is a TAXI driver, he owned a Chery A5(which Ateco is bring into Australia sometime later) for 3 years which runs 24 hours per day on the road, the car had clocked over 350000kms and there were no major issues at all.

  • tony

    if your complaining its underpowered why would u buy one,same as i wouldnt buy a mini to tow a boat but if yr just throwing tools etc in the back running around why run a V8 yes i bought one so far nothing fallen off,i do about 1000ks aweek getting around 8 lts per 100km guess time will tell

  • gary

    tony how does it drive and stuff because i really wanna talk to people who own a great wall vehicle because i need feedbacks, i just wanna know about how you think it looks and how well it drives also the power and how comfortable it is, and i’d like a rate outta 10 of the overall rating. would really love to hear a reply from you.

  • tony

    hi gary at the moment i have no complaints,it runs it stops everything works(slight fogging in one headlight getting fixed under warranty)as far as comfort its a ute doesnt seem to b any worse than any other utes i have been in, on the open road no problems, long inclines stretch it a bit, need to down shift,still early days just 5500ks under the belt.hope u found this of some help.

    • gary

      great wall is doing pretty good.

      im not just buying 1 car
      im buying a franchise =]
      if you live in sydney it will be open next year at lansvale.

  • Shaun

    I have one, tow my Large boat, tandem trailer with over a tonne of sand at work and a full payload of tiles. If you want a race car, look elsewhere, if you want a 5 star rating, dont buy any 4wd, but if you want a comfortable, tough looking 4wd that cost you nearly half of it competitors, then buy a v240. I love it, and I cant wait for the diesel option to come out next year and I will get the business another one. Toyota was a fad that will never last , a comment that was echoed in the late 70’s, now look at the company… time will tell and I believe that my family will be better off with the savings where they can do the most good, in my hand.

    • Steven

      Shaun – are you not concerned about safety? What good is a few grand in your hand when your family have to bury you in an early grave?

      Will they bury the spare few grand with you?

      • Shaun

        What is the safety issue? It has twin airbags, it has abs, I had a 2005 falcon long reach Ute that was a 2 star rating, no one bitched about that car with my kids in it. Oh that’s right because this vehicle is from china. Remember its a RA Rodeo with a Mitsubishi engine. Its nearly done 7000km now and I’m still happy.

        The safety ratings are a joke anyway. How many times are you in a accident that is front quarter at 45km/h, not many. If you are in a accident in a tank or a great wall or a commodore at 110km/h, ya still dead, they arnt going to hang a Toyota or Holden badge on your gravestone.

  • dave

    i took the 240 2×4 out for a test drive this morning.i’ve got to say i was mildly impressed.i went in there with the mindset of “you pays your money and you takes your chances” but it turns out they appear to be good value for money.
    yes they are under powered and the gearing is a bit tall (unsure if this is diff or gear ratio related but the seats were comfortable and the seating position was good.plenty of rear legroom and headroom.the doors seemed solid as did the tailgate.
    you can definatly see where the designs came from.i dont really like the frontal look,but like the old saying goes you dont stare at the mantle piece when you’re stoking the fire.
    these will do well i think as long as people keep an open mind.i suppose only time will tell if they are going to cut all things new,give it a chance.besides if its pedigree is based on the rodeo,how many of those are still on the road and how many 4 cylinder mitsubishis are still out there.
    am i going to buy one…well that depends on the better half.she can’t drive a manual and the auto diesel doesn’t come out till next year.we’ll see.

  • Bleedin thumb

    I bought a V240 at the end of June 09. Initially I was quiet impressed and well aware that you get what you pay for, and excepted the small engine.

    However I took the car off road for the first time and it broke down. Now GW is telling me that it was environmental conditions and they only will cover part failure. Sand had entered the bell housing through a flimsy rubber linkage cover and caused the crakangle sensor to fail.

    This tells me that the car is not a robust 4×4, its a cheap ute that is not suitable for off road use. The 3yr 100km warranty is open to their interpretation.

    The other thing that I find disturbing is that it only has one childseat attachment at the back – in the centre – which doesn’t have a suitable sash seatbelt. The NAPCAN ? test results says – “This car is unsuitable for carrying young children”. This is the reason I bought a duel cab ute.

    I agree with others who say that the build quality is at least as good as any of the Thai or Japanese built utes but I am extremely ticked off at their attitude to warranty repairs.

  • Jason

    I think we are turning into a bunch of knockers not ockers.

    Give the little bugger a chance you bludgers!

    Perhaps if you pried your fat behinds from your overstuffed armchair and actually went to the dealership and drove it you may be half qualified to comment on it.

    Strong, simple, reliable, cheap.

    Sounds like the catch-cry of a little car manufactured many years ago that was not given a lot of credence either. Has anyone heard of the Volkswagen Beetle?

    Watch, listen and learn.

    • Hayzel

      Simply put chinese cars at the moment just on’t care about quality, innovations or safety. All they want is lots an lots of money by selling cheap crap boxes. I’m sorry but i’m going to spend my money on quality….

  • Rick

    what do you say

  • Mands

    I am looking at trading my Getz in for the V240 (4 door) will not be driving in the sand or go 4×4 with it. My husband already has a jeep that does that. Its actually just to travel to work and back, to a bbq at mates. I like the size of it and for the price I think its a give away. After reading your good and bad comments Im in 2 minds. Help!!!! the dealership will he be telling the truth ?

    • Biggies

      Mands, to be honest with you, many dealers in any dealership will not tell you the whole truth about their brands and cars. So, you must do you own research. And here is what I think about Great Wall Motors(GWM) and hopfully its gonna be helpful for you. Fisrtly, I dont know whether you have been travel to China or not, but I have been travel to China quite a few times and believe me I saw a lot of GWM cars running around and I been reading into Chinese cars for some time. 10 to 15 years when Chinese just start to produce cars, its not good at all, I would not even sit in a Chinese car let alone buying one. But 15 years later, they have improve alot since then. I would not said its the best car out there but its not any worse than other cars either especially for the price you pay for it. Plus what are you afraid of!!! The ute has been tested by the Chinese pulic many times over. Do you think the Chinese will buy it if it does not work??? I think not!!! This is what I know. Not only cars, Chinese friges, aircons, electronics, plasma TVS and computers so on are becoming popular day by day. This is because people (including Chinese themselve) realised you can buy expansive brand like sony but its quality is not much better than Haier(A Chinese brand famous for making electronic goods)and others and the price for sony is way above its value. And all the Japanese and other big brands in China have to reduced their prices for their products such as cars and electronic goods that I mentioned above in order to make a sale. Because, they realised that if they they dont then people are not gonna buy them. They cant rip off people anymore because there are a lot more brands to choose from, both Chinese and foreign. Its time for the big brands in Australia to realise that their products are over price for their value. And they need to reduce the price.Secondly, if you concern about the safety issues, then I got to ask you, what are the causes of most car accidents??? In my opinion, most of car accidents are cause by drink driving, rackless driving such as speeding, chasing other cars and using mobiles while driving and may be weather. Well, weather you cant control but for other cases, you can control. So, if you are not doing any of the dangerous driving techniques then you wont have a problem. And if you are really worry about it. Then I can tell you the safty test are base on the case of a car speeding at 100+km/h and drive straight into a iron wall. What is the chance of that happening to you??? Anyone sitting in any car driving at that speed straight into a iron wall will be gone with the wind. I am pretty sure of it… I think alot of people are bias against certain products. You just have to keep an open mind about these things. Finally, you are the one that is going to make the final decision. I just hope my comment is useful for you.

      If you have other questions just ask, will see whether I can help you with them.


      • Hayzel

        Simply put chinese cars at the moment just don’t care about quality, innovations or safety. All they want is lots and lots of money by selling mass produced cheap crap boxes, which are made by underpaid labour force. Just look at that ute that looks like, actually looks almost exactly like nissa navarra in design. Why would you support company that just want your money but wouldn’t give anything back to society? The cars are not made in Aust like ford or holden so you wont be supporting local industries. They just plagiarise designs produce by other car companies and they mass prouce crap utes under no carbon emission restriction. Why would you support such company?

        @Biggies, you are one naive person. Chinese owne brands have crap quality control full stop. Look at their food products and for god sake have you been to China? For japanese products you actually pay premiums for that extra quality control because for Japanese, making shit product = harakiri methaporicly speaking. About the accident thing….even if you drive right someone might crash into you, which include those who drive under the influence, who drive fatiqued, etc. So safety is important.

        • George


          To say chinese car makers don’t car about quality is not accurate. Look at all the new models rolled out from chinese car makers in the last couple years, the improvement was obvious and massive. The chinese car makers are catching up very fast and now they can compete with the big names in domestic market.

          You don’t need to be red neck when you talk about chinese car. If you like to buy the over priced car, that is fine and you can keep doing it.

          The world is changing fast, especially in other part of the world. You nned to drop your misperception.

  • Biggies

    I would said the value of GWM cars are diffinatly above their prices

  • Bob

    Its new. Its from a devoloping country. So assume its a piece of shit, until proven otherwise.

    • LessQQ

      a developing country who is #3 in GDP

      what rank was Australia again? oh whats that

      doesn’t take half a brain to imagine what China will be like once they are “developed”.

      • deepparanoia

        ur my bro

  • iceman

    I agree with bob. It needs some time to be tested sure, but i’m prepared to let someone else do it. I’ll tell you something whether you own one or not. A 2.4l 4cyl engine in the V240 4×4 that weighs 2.78 tonne is absolute CRAP! you will be going backwards down hill everywhere and the Torque at 200nm is nowhere near enough to take 1tonne in the back and a 2.3tonne trailer or either/or especially up any hills.
    The comment in here about taking the 4X4 off road sounds like a recipe for disaster and not like any Mitsubishi (reliability)(there MIVEC engines are quite good!)

    • Bill

      Um iceman, the engines in the great wall SUV and v240 ARE Mitsu engines! They are only sluggish because they are torqued for passenger cars like the Lancer and Galant.

  • Martin

    I own a new 200 series wagon (diesel) cost me about 90K and it is one of the most dissappointing 4WD’s i have ever owned. In my opinion it handles poorly, looks like a half sucked egg and is certainly not worth the money paid for it. Until recently i also owned a new V8 Landcruiser Ute and whilst both 4WD’s have heaps of power and a reasonable finish the reality is that they are just tooooooooo!!!! bloody expensive. I know the argument is that you get what you pay for, but in my mind Toyotas are just getting into the rediculous price range and unfortunately are turning into road cars. In both cases I owned the predecessor model and SHOULD HAVE KEPT THEM. So I’m all for giving these things a go….surely with some constructive feedback and a bit of pressure on the warranty department, they, that is GW will make some changes and get it right. It bewilders me that I could buy eight of these for the price i paid for 2 toyotas.

  • tony

    HI just wanted to say i have not driven a great wall yet but want to drive the v240 i am a mechanic and have been since 1977 i currently work a toyota dealer and have worked for some other makes and let me assure you there is good and bad of everthing so if great wall want to give people something that is a bit more affordable as long as they have decent warranty good on them i will drive a v240 and make a comment on it and if any good i will buy one regards tony

  • Nick

    I went to see the SA220 at the dealers the other day. It is a spitting image of my 1998 Rodeo on the outside bar the Front. I was wondering if anyone know if you can bolt the newer front end of the SA220 onto the Isuzu body.

    I have seen a Rodeo like mine with the newer SA220 Rear lights (you can tell by the roundness), so I would assume the other panels at least would fit.

  • Ian

    I took an GWM X240 wagon for a test run this afternoon. Can I preface this by saying I have driven cars and the odd 4wd for around 30 years but I am not a car expert.

    I’ve been looking at vehicles in the same class (eg XTrail, Outlander etc) and I thought for $8 – 10,000 less the x240 was definitely worth a look. I was quite disappointed. I thought the clutch felt very light and gears far apart. It reminded me of an old austin 1800 I used to drive – seriously. I felt the vehicle lacked power compared to my 1996 diesel landcruiser wagon (not turbo diesel) that I am looking to replace. It would probably tow my 4 metre boat okay but I would be a bit cautious about the impact on the X240 if I was towing my box trailer loaded up with top soil or bedding sand. Not to mention it is almost $900 extra to have a tow bar fitted.

    In the demo I went out in the lining on the door had already started peeling away under the window exposing the foam rubber padding underneath. The sales rep blamed kids for peeling it away, but I doubted that and you would want the lining to be reasonably kid-finger-picking proof anyway.

    Would I be prepared to buy one for $8-10k less than the more popular makes? No.

    I will go out and bargain hard on other makes and try to bridge that price gap and then see if a vehicle broker can close it further.

    As I said I’m not a car expert, just another driver. If you are interested in these then by all means take one for a test drive.

  • Ados

    I haven’t driven any of the models available in Australia but i can say that these utes in their older models are pretty much the only ute available In IRAQ. THe Iraqi guys thrash them and they still go after dodgy repairs, rollovers,50 degree celcius plus days and fuel runouts. The older models go forever, if the new ones are built in the same vain I can see them being good enough for Australians. I want the SUV, NOW! would love to hear feedback from someone who’s used one (Etither the utes or SUV) for over 200,000 kms

  • chris

    To anyone who buys one of these vehicles, take heed to the quality of the flood of chinese trailbikes. Poor quality will be the flavour of the day until the focus turns to quality and not cheap manufacturing costs. Japanese vehicles cost more because they win market share through quality, although in the 1950’s they were doing just what the Chinese are doing now. So give them 20 years and see what you get. I worked for a vehicle component manufacturer and can tell you that the only manufacturer to choose the more expensive components (Zinc coated vs Complex Teflon coating) was the Japanese (Mitsubishi, while they were here anyway).

  • Nick

    So has anyone out there seen if the panels (mainly from the SA220) are a similar bolt match with the original Isuzu sub frames? Obviously there may be a lighting mod.

    I would like to know as I want to upgrade my front end but don’t want to trade gold for tin!

  • Stuart

    Its funny how people are ready to jump straight on the “its made in China so it’s bad quality” band wagon.

    Before you type a response to this post, look around you. You can’t escape it!

    People need to know the following:

    Any Chinese manufacturer contracted by an international company has to make the product to international standards. Great Wall is a Chinese based company and therefore doesn’t have to comply with any manufacturing prolicies, only it’s own.

    This company also doesn’t have the usual BASE plant where a final car is produced and shipped. Because of the population size the manufacturing is spread out throughout the country and unfortunately work standards are different in each province so this is why quality is not always the same. International companies may have satellite plants as well but the standards must stay the same.

    I agree however that there needs to be a great improvement in value for money. I don’t know how the SA220 was allowed in Australia as the original Rodeo of the same type had one of the lowest NCAP crash ratings for a light vehicle to date. Maybe airbags have let it slip in?

    If I had a choice, this would have been the Chinese car company to introduce into Australia and not Great Wall:

  • Michael

    If the engine in the SA220 is a version of the old Yota Y-Series engine I really don’t know why people complain about it.

    My 1986 4Runner had no problem in heavy towing or pushing(an old iron balls Corona up a 30 degree slope.)

    Yes in the commercials it was slow, however it was also one of the smoothest engines in its class. Toyota used the Y in many commercial vehicles and saloons like the Corana and Crown. Its also easier to work on.

    In a way Great Wall was smart in not using the original Isuzu P’UP 2600 which can literally shake stuff out of your tray when not tuned properly.

  • John

    nick to answer your question yes they would fit but you would need as you pointed out a kit for the lights.the only thing that might not match up is the actual metal part of the bumper as the newer one would have been designed for an air bag system.

  • frenchy

    Just got to test drive one of the v240 4×4 and can honestly say that the vehicle is fine while driving in traffic in the city but once i went out of town and came to a hill then the bloody thing died and all other cars were passing me doing 80kmh and i was stuggling doing 60kmh ,i wouldn’t like to have to tow anything or would have to get the wife and kids out to get to the top or get them to push. Tried the 4×4 on very gentle slopes and not what you would call a 4×4 track and the noise and under gearing was bloody horrid.All told yea a great car to have if you want to have a laugh and would think that as a price tag it would be much much more reasonable to pay the royal sum of 15k total with full on road price. Great wall indeed,its like pushing one when you are driving it.

  • Publicity machine

    Yeah those chinese are quite hopeless. Only 10 million people last year purchased a chinese made car. Probably only 50 million people purchased a chinese made televison, and a 100 million purchased a chinese made computer Whereas those technologically (non racist) commodore / falcon loving bogan australians were able to sell 223,000 cars to the world, maybe exported 7 second hand televisions to the world via ebay buyers, and whose computer export business consists of scrap material sent to china.

    • George

      Publicity machine, the figure you present here only prove China is doing so well. You are hopeless on the numbers.

      • Frank

        Its called sarcasm George.

  • Tim

    PUBLICITY MACHINE SAYS, you’re on the money with the amount of Chinese goods sold. However I think why a lot of the people here who are “bagging” this particular product is the fact it’s made and controlled by a Chinese company itself. STUART is correct about the quality issue. The manufacturing isn’t governed by a big company by the likes of Apple or Sony. These big companies need to ensure that product made in China is of the utmost standard.

    It’s unfair to say Great Wall aren’t trying – it’s just that their standards at the moment are like when Hyundai first entered the market. Once they figure out what people need out of a car if sold in Australia then they will fix it.

    Like NICK, I have a Rodeo myself, albeit a 2003 model. I’ve also had a look at the Great Wall counterpart and it does look a bit haphazardly made. The window trim is ill fitting and the weather stripping doesn’t sit on the doors properly. Some of the stitching on the leather seats wass already starting to come undone. NICK, I suggest you use proper Isuzu parts for safety sake.

  • david

    Piece of crap, bloody nightmare to drive. I’ve got one of them from work. Its just horrible. Wonder why my boss had to buy one of them for god sake. I will quit as soon as i get a new job with a descent car, wouldn’t mind a ten year old hilux or triton instead.

  • serenityseekers

    test drove the 220 today and what more would you want for the price on road hay…..
    for the second shoppen trolly will be looken at the great wall ute for grandmar and all the kiddies to bash doors at the shoppencenter carparks david best you get a new job then mate since your not happy with your COMPANY BROUGHT TAX RIGHT OFF GWM UTE “LOL”

  • Greg

    People need to understand thats it’s not build quality that is impeding performance but the engines. It is obvious these trucks are based on the Isuzu TF and RA platforms, however the engines are different to their Isuzu counterparts.

    The V240 is on the RA platform. Even just by looking at it one can tell it’s heavier than the SA220. The engine used is the Mitsubishi Sirius 4G64. Even though an extremely well bread motor, it was originally developed for mid size passenger cars. Mitsubishi tried using it in one of their own soft roaders but had to turbo charge it (Outlander turbo).

    Holden and Isuzu aren’t even attempting to sell the Colorado / DMAX versions of the RA with anything less than a 3.0ltr. The original name of the V240 is the GREAT WALL WINGLE!

    The SA220 is on the is based on the earlier and lighter TF. This truck uses the Toyota 4Y engine. The 4Y was used frequently in the Hilux. Even though a small engine it has a better balance of torque and power. It isn’t as powerful as the 2.6ltr originally supplied by Isuzu but it has better idling and fuel consumption. Interestingly GWM make another truck which IS actually based on a Hilux called the GREAT WALL DEER ( The original name of the SA220 is the GREAT WALL SAILOR.

    Hope that clears the air.

  • nick

    Some interesting info – Probably explains the big difference between both of these trucks.

    The V240 uses a 2.4 Litre Mitsubishi engine used in passenger cars like Lancers whereas the SA220 uses a 2.2 Litre Toyota engine which is used in commercial vehicles like the Hilux.

    The V240 looks a lot bigger and heavier (probably safer) as well so it’s a no brainer that a small engine would struggle. The SA220 is about the same size as the earlier Hilux which shouldn’t be a problem at all.

  • serenityseekers

    we have done all the research we can on the web and found nothing that really has a bad name to the gwm gee google navara patrol hilux triton and take a look if we belive all on the net then we wouldnt ever buy car……

    • ABMPSV

      If I buy a new car first I alway check crash test result. If is no good I move to the next car. This car is just can not pass the crash test. Check ANCAP website and have a look Head Injury Criterion (HIC) is a measure of the likelihood of head injury arising from an impact. in USA a value of 700 is the maximum allowed under the provisions of the U.S. advanced airbag regulation (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2000) and is the minimum score for an “acceptable” IIHS rating for a particular vehicle.[5]. This car HIC is 1137 for driver and 722 passanger.

      • Bill

        Good for you ABMPSV but these tests never have accounted for driver ability. You can be in the one of the safest cars in the world like a Saab drive like a moron and of course end up in an accident. On the other hand you could have the oldest crappiest east european piece of shyte yet still be safe and sound because you drive sensibly.

        • deepparanoia

          fair enough

  • Robert

    Serenityseekers I agree. Stuart is also right in the fact that the TF body has one of the lowest crash ratings to date, but look how many have sold.

    Nick I have a friend who actually saw an old TF (around 86ish) with the new great wall front on the gold coast. he said the panels looked fine including the bumper and lights but it looked crap cause the rest of the original body was rusted away!

    Can someone explain why people are thumbs downing? This is especially relating Nicks, Tony and Mads questions and Johns answer to Nick! Was it the fact the weren’t having a cry?

    Serious at the end of the day it’s like Maccas, if you don’t like it don’t buy it. No-ones forcing you. That’s why they offer test drives first!

  • George

    Great Wall SUV has just achieved 4 star ANCAP rating.

    See link:

  • Noely

    I’m a Chinese,studying here in sydney,but i recomand all i aussie friends never to buy a Chinese brand car…holy sh*t~Great Wall don’t even have ability to design their own cars…all their cars are copys from other brands(like doing facelift)…

    • LessQQ

      lol, thank god Australia has strict immigration laws and you wont pass the IELTS English exam and quality for Citizenship, and will be sent back to China.

      wonder where you’ll get sent to next, hopefully the middle east.

    • deepparanoia

      you should be sent to prison for talebearing

  • Noely

    i feel so sorry to see the nagative things exporting here from my country…sh*t all fakes and copys…

    • LessQQ

      I agree.

      But you forgot to include yourself as a ‘nagative things’ exported from China.

    • deepparanoia

      hey man, copy is good, everyone copies, not only in china.
      No copy no guns; no copy no paper; no copy no compass, then no oceangoing voyage, then no Australia, then no Aussie,lol.

  • Noely

    I think NISSAN and HOLDEN should of accused GreatWall…

  • Steven

    Um Noely, are you really chinese? for any future idiot to make a comment about the quality of chinese products, first check and even write down what you own that is made in china. And i mean check everything. these are just a few items i have that are made in china- LG TV, Brother Printer, Compaq Laptop, Telstra cordless phone, austar box, nintendo wii. Turn your keyboard or mouse over and 9 times out of ten it will be made in china.

    If you are still retarded and don’t get it go to your local kmart, good guys or even myer and look at where the stuff is made. Almost all the clothing in Myer and David Jones is made in china.

    Seriously why is it so hard?

  • Roger

    NOELY, the truck bodies are licensed copies only from Isuzu. The Nissan front on the SA220 is not actually being made anymore and is being phased out – the copyright infringement is not being breached. Toyota allowed GWM a few decades ago to completely replicate the Hilux (the same engine is being used in the SA220). For further info go to the GWM website – this vehicle is still being made.

    If these vehicles were not legit copies, Isuzu and Nissan Australia would have stopped any importation immediately and any dealer would be fined (or even jailed) for selling counterfeit goods.

    STEVEN, I think Noely was refering only to the vehicle quality but yes there are some very special people who make a comment only to be heard. Retard is a harsh word though brother!

  • yayaer

    I am in Melbourne. have seen some V240 cars running on M1 freeway, southeast industrial area in last a few weeks. Only saw SA220 twice on the road and NONE X240.
    It seems people like V240 more than another 2 modles.

    I think to judge a car should based on what is it for. A ute is mainly for industrial works,need to be reliable, low cost of maintenance, low cost of petrol, not too urgly. that’s it~!

    • Bill

      I think though even the V240 is a tad sluggish, having a Mistubishi motor in it MAY make it a better fuel efficient option. I would like to see what actual owners have to say. Actually I don’t see ANY owners opinions at all!

  • deepparanoia

    Facts are stronger than arguments.
    It is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times.
    Don’t be a person with a very limited outlook.
    Australia needs talents not tongue.
    Are there any engineers here?
    These discussions reflect that Australia has no future.

  • George

    It was not published the first time. Try again.

    The Great Wall SUV has achieved 4 star ANCAP rating.

    See link:…..announced/

  • Kevin

    I think people are really referring to the trucks as they have already had their rating in Isuzu form.

    The SUV does look nice (well better than a Ssangyong!) but could have done with a bigger engine. The Mitsubishi Outlander actually used the same engine but it was Turbo charged. Perhaps this may become an option?

  • What The

    I’ve read through this whole page and wonder why people are getting a negative response for simple questions.

  • Queenslander


  • T.O.Y.O.T.A

    For the latest info on all our models vist

    Oh what a feeling!

  • Kym Jung Pill

    Huge Savings – Ssangyong Turbo Diesel Dual Cab From RRP $24,990!

  • Need a quote

    Hello, I need to repair the front of my Rodeo. It is an early model 98. I want to know if it is worth my while getting the parts from great wall instead of going to holden or isuzu.

  • Danm…

    China makes a car???

    I do not want to die!!!!

    Show me the safety record please.

    • George

      Danm, The great wall SUV is 4 star now.

      • Shak

        They are also selling very well. I have seen at least four at my nieces school. At the end of the day, families will buy with their wallets, and why not when you get all the features of a 40k SUV for 30K Driveaway.

        • Tsk Tsk

          Damn, did you also know that China also makes TV’s, iPhones, Playstations, XBox’s, Wii’s, Aircons, Shoes, Shirts, Pens, Computers (and components) and probably more than 50% of all the things in your own house hold?

          Wow – this must be new information to you!

  • Biggies

    I dont care what the red necks said, I am gonna buy a X240…Its 4 STAR ANCAP. FACTS ARE STRONGER THAN WORDS…

  • Valettas

    I am going to have a test drive of the ute,I wont need it for heavy towing.Does anybody own one and can they tell us what they think.

  • Know you facts

    For those who don’t know, air bags were only invented for americans that didn’t use seat belts in the 1970s.

  • col

    Dont some people remember the influx of chinese motor bikes, i bought one for my son to ride, they were so badly built that they were unsafe. the quality of these cars is highly suspect.. As they always say ( you get what you pay for ) I wont waste my money again buying these un-tested imports.

  • Laura

    Well what can we say about our 8 month old Great Wall V240….well one word – LEMON! At 23,000 kms the Clutch pads burnt out – this car has only been driven to work and back – never towed anything, never had the chance to have gone 4wdriving, in fact its lead a very dull life!! After been told by Great Wall ‘there is no way in hell you will ge that covered under our warrenty’ we are at our wits end as guess what – its their road side assistance mechanic that burnt the darn things after he tried to get the car moving after the wheels locked!

    • nickdl

      Yeah that sucks Laura. Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll get far in asking them to replace a burnt out clutch because it’s usually a result of poor manual driving. Try writing to fair trade however I doubt they’ll help.

      As much as I hate to say this you’ve ignored the advice of most journalists, experts and others on sites like this in buying a Great Wall. A three-year old Rav-4 or even the Ford Escape for an extra couple of grand would have been better for the money. Good luck with your fix though.

  • Haha

    Is it just me, or has anyone else just realised that the Chinese have pulled off the ultimate scam with these piles of crap – They have figured out how to sell scrap metal to us at huge profits!!

    All I can say to anyone who buys one and has it fall apart, have you never bought a chinese motorised non famous name product before??? It is common knowledge that their cheap motorbikes, lawnmowers etc fall apart within a couple of years.

  • Mark

    Just got a great wall dual cab 2 x 4 as a work car.
    2 days and 170 kms later on the side of the road I was why anyone would buy this junk.
    I have worked for 15 years in the motor industry.
    The ride is overly hard, the gears wine and the pedals vibrate. It is under powered as well.
    It dose the job but very unrefined or enjoyable to drive.
    Great wall Brighton wouldnt give me a loan car because it wasnt off the road for 48 hours.
    It had only done 225kms and two days old..the service was/is a joke.
    Avoid these cars at all cost…you get rubbish for your dollar.

  • Mark

    Oh it was off the road for 3 days-clutch slave cylinder leaked and failed driving down the HWY.

    • Tyson R Owens

      3 days? In your original statement you sajested they wouldn’t give you a loan car because it failed under 48 hours. Just me, but isnt 3 days 72 hours?

      • John

        I am guessing in saying 3 days includes the ANOTHER day when the clutch slave cylinder leaked, plus the original 48hrs before hand.

        Using basic preschool maths this equals 3 Days of the car being off the road. There is no record of Mark saying the days were consecutive.

  • Matt

    Everyone here has to realise that these cars are cheap for a reason, they ARE cheaper build quality than the larger brands but in my mind, they’re BETTER value for money overall.
    To everyone complaining about lower working standards in China and saying that they’re the main reason for a cheaper car, stop, firstly because if you actually cared, you’d do something about it and secondly, they get paid less because everything is cheaper in China due to the fact that there is less tax on everything and also because they make it all and therefore have no transport levies on it.
    It just annoys me to see everyone bagging out a car that they haven’t driven in ways that don’t make sense (ie the reasoning that because it’s Chinese it must be dodgy). For a car to be sold in Australia, it must pass certain regulations such as having a warranty and for a car to remain roadworthy it must meet certain requirements. So i don’t understand how people can still question the safety of something where if it causes harm to people due to manufacturing or design faults, Great Wall will be directly responsible. All I’m trying to say is that no cars will be made these days that are piles of scrap metal on wheels.
    Great Walls in general are extremely kitted out for their price with real leather seats (NOT VINYL) for anyone that’s doubting and in my mind are very worth the money you pay for them

    • Tyson R Owens

      I agree with every word.

      Most of the people that have complained may have never owned, nor known of any one whom has owned a chinese or indian car for that matter.

      Sceptics afraid of change and some traditionalists doubt these products but we only have to look into the past to see whats comming.

      Japan releaced great cars some 40 years ago, and in the beginning they met the same critisism. A great example of this is LEXUS, or LUCTURY EXPORT US, why would toyota rebadge a car like that if they didn’t take critisism?

  • Tyson R Owens

    The V240 Ive bought is a great car with good features.

    Everything is electric, the new shape looks great, it starts clean, runs good and drives firm with ultra soft power steering. I particularly like the ajustable head lights, for those long drives, its made the roo spotting so much easyer.

    On the downer, its got no power between 1.5 and 2.5 thousand rpm, if you need to go quicker the engine responds a lot better at 2.5 to 4 thou. This is because of the way its geared, so technichally if you drive like a grandma between 1.5 to 2.5 k you will be ecconomical and meet the 10.7 feul rating. If you want to actualy get to your destination, its more like 15.3.

    Ow I wish the radio had blutooth! Its a modern example of a ute, with no hands free.

    All in all, ive had a lot of cars, but when it comes to what you get for the price, a comparison would be like this – merc fetures with a beer budget!

    Its a great car and I will get it again in four years. Im Sold! lol

  • Sean

    I would not buy a ute or car from china unless they have known brand names but i profer japanese or european vecheles and thats the same with tv’s

  • Chery Motors Inc

    NEW CHERY SVU IS HERE NOW! Test drive one now!

  • Genio Pushoffopopoulous

    You do know that most of the European and Japanese brands have their majority of components made in China. Some of them complete units.

    Most notably; Panasonic, Sharp, Sony, Lowe, Grundig, Telefunken, Bang & Olefsen, Thomson and even Philips (Although there are idiots that think Philips is an asian company!).

    Teac were the first to move the bulk of manufacturing to China in the mid 90’s – We all know what happened to THEIR quality controls!

    • Genio Pushoffopopoulous

      Sorry that was in reply to Seans stuck under a rock comment.

  • Helena

    does these utes come with a hard canopy like the rodoes?

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  • fossey

    110,000 kilometers on the clock in less than 30 months, v240 dual cab 4×4, and i have put it through its paces off road,towing a 1.9 tonne ski boat over 400 Ks sat on 100-110 kph no problems,towed an industrial compressor weighing over 2.2 tonnes across a mountain range and on dirt roads for 230 Ks and it only took about 20 minutes longer than it does when I do the same trip and not towing. Now I ask! would you go out and buy a Holden Rodeo/ Isuzu D-Max or a mitsubishi outlander  and if you answer yes you just bought a V240 because they are a rodeo shell with a outlander power plant and chances are they are not even put togeather in china ( most of the australian walls are put together in  Indonesia .Dakar rally 2012 one of the toughest ever held 78 cars of 171 finished 2 of them were great walls in 7th place and 20th outright not bad for (what was it someone said) piles of crap.Most of the faults with the great wall as with most new cars stem from bad driving habits or misuse.Now I that I have said that I must say the paint finish is not good and neither is the finish on the interior, but for around 28 grand what the hell do people expect. I have a saying Toyota starts with T and so does Trouble but Toyota has 2 Ts