• Positives: steering & handling; interior styling
  • Negatives: turbo lag; visibility

7 / 10

2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test
by Nadine Armstrong

2009 Holden Cruze CD Review & Road Test

The struggle to be noticed

Model Tested:

  • 2009 Holden Cruze CD – 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, SOHC, turbo diesel, six-speed auto – $25,990

Options: none fitted

CarAdvice Rating:

– by Nadine Armstrong

With its homogeneous styling and extensive ‘small car’ credentials, the new Holden Cruze wedges its way into a crowded line-up of disturbingly similar cars.

2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test
2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test
2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test
2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test

More grown up than the Astra, but not quite grasping the maturity of its slightly larger sibling, the Epica, the Cruze suffers from your classic ‘middle child’ syndrome.

Its form, economical engine and respectable price point are not unique selling points. It’s starting on the back foot, but no more so than many of its rivals.

While the Cruze does not leap out and scream, well, anything, it’s far from offensive or disappointing. We’ve just seen it all before; where’s the benchmark?

Its exterior styling is classic, conservative and cohesive. Even proportions made up of large flat panels give the Cruze a solid appearance, while some nice body lines and the occasional splash of chrome add visual appeal and focus points.

Colour-coded wing mirrors and door handles add to a smooth, clean exterior. It looks nice and its design will no doubt stand the test of time.

It’s inside the cabin where the Cruze comes into surprisingly slick form – and well above its competition. Our test vehicle had a leather, plastic, cloth trim combination that worked together beautifully.

The cloth trim wraps in a continuous band from the side doors all the way across the dash. The lines flow nicely and the various interior components blend seamlessly.

2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test
2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test
2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test

This more tactile selection of finishes gives the cabin warmth and added visual appeal. As for cleaning and maintaining an expanse of cloth on these areas, time will tell.

Every element of the Cruze feels well built, from solid closing doors to smooth rolling dials and solid buttons. There’s nothing flimsy or budget about the fit or finish.

The centre console and instrument cluster are simple and easy to navigate or decipher. The centre screen display however, is a little underwhelming and basic.

Powered by a 2.0-litre turbo diesel, four-cylinder engine, the Cruze delivers 110kW at 4000rpm and 320Nm at 2000rpm, but how does this translate to on road performance?

From a stand still, the Cruze suffers distinct turbo lag. On many occasions, where seconds felt like minutes, I found myself willing the car forward in the absence of movement.

On the move, as you creep into the torque band, this is not a problem and auto gear selection feels good and the power at hand is more than adequate.

Overall handling of the Cruze is dynamic and very satisfying. Its steering is firm and turn in is beautifully responsive, and power through the exit is smooth and composed.

There’s minimal body roll and well balanced suspension is quick to diffuse a range of road finish flaws, running the standard 16-inch steel wheels.

The Cruze handled all manner of driving conditions with confidence and ease – the sluggish take-off aside.

On a test cycle that was weighted more to short-trip around town driving rather than long freeway hauls, the Cruze delivered reasonable fuel economy of around 8.5 litres per 100km – a little over the 6.8 litres per 100km claimed.

On the down side, the diesel engine gives off an intrusive, agricultural gurgle that may well be heart-warming to farmers, but I prefer a quiet cabin, unless of course it’s the alluring rumble of something far more exciting.

Although the seats are firm and lack adequate bolstering, the driving position and overall level of comfort is pretty good. The well executed interior design creates a nice, almost premium ambience with ample space.

As you enter the rear seats, there’s a noticeable drop in standards. Seats are slab-like and reminiscent of a ’70s bench seat and heating/cooling is delivered via in floor vents. However, space, head and leg room, is good.

The Cruze offers load versatility you would expect from this segment, with simple to operate 60:40 split folds seats which produce a flat base to cater to larger loads.

In cabin storage is good, with lots of handy storage spaces and cup holders in front and back.

While the Cruze’s large pillars – all of them – are great for safety and build rigidity, they get in the way. Visibility is poor and in some instances completely obstructs the drivers view. I found that I had to be overly cautious with every manoeuvre. At a minimum, rear parking sensors, which come standard on the CDX model, would be a plus.

The Cruze was awarded a five-star ANCAP rating and has six airbags: front, side and curtain. In addition, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, electronic brakeforce distribution, traction control and brake assist all come as standard.

The Cruze ticks all of the standard requirement boxes – and in some areas, such as interior styling, it excels.

However, when you’re the middle child, you need more than the basics to make an impression. Holden has missed a chance to rock the boat and intimidate the relatives. Some gentle, rebellious behaviour never hurt anyone; if only to be noticed.

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2009 Holden Cruze - Review & Road Test
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  • Ryan

    Nice to see Daewoo finally producing some nice cars.
    Hopefully some turbo lag fixes will be in order before it’s produced by Holdenwoo here in Aus?

  • davie

    Interesting review.

    I guess the best way to really review this is to put it against similar small sedans selling for similar money?

  • NotTheStig

    Seriously, if CA thinks there is “nothing flimsy or budget about the fit and finish”, you must have looked at a better built/prepped one than I did. It was just average, at best…

    Give me a Astra any day.

  • zahmad

    Whats with the GM bashing? At least they are trying, even though they are late…and yes – holden should only have one small car and it should be the Astra!

  • DesignEngr

    Exterior styling is growing on me and I don’t mind it, but I find the interior, and in particular the centre stack just plain awfull.

    So, on test it used 21% more fuel than it should have (according to the ADR’s) and the the testers think that is OK?

    Mark Reuss:
    “In two years time we won’t have to apologise for any car in our lineup.”
    Maybe this is the first step in that direction?

  • Absi

    26K Aud for Cruze….. hmm

    If i had to chooze i would buy the Kia Cerato over this one. Though its a petrol (cerato) 8.5L/100Kms for a diesel is hardly worth paying the premium for buying a diesel car, with turbo lag.

  • Jimmy

    If I had $26,000 to spend on a new small – to medium sized car, the order would go something like this… 1. VW Golf, 2. Mazda 3, 3. Toyota Corolla, 4. Ford Focus ….. 1034. Holden Cruz.

    • kelvin

      VW Golf for $26,000??? on what planet?

      • Timmy

        I have a Quote for a Base model Golf (manual) for $26,500 drive away.
        Golf has a better engine/transmission combo, but mainly when comparing the auto models.I only tested the diesel Cruze as the petrol specifications are terrible for a 1500kg car.

  • http://deleted Alex

    No thanks, I’ll have an i30 and I think most others would too. Still, it’s obviously quite a good car and three and a half isn’t too bad but I still stand by my saying that it won’t save Holden and when the Focus is being built here, considering the current one is already better than this and the next generation one will be built here, there won’t be much of a market for this. Not once people know about where the Focus is built and that would be their best advertising line.

  • Ben Richards

    I really would like to buy an australian holden and support the local economy but before I do, I just would like to know when did south Korea become a state of Australia?

  • quiet1

    I would never buy this over a mazda 3……..have nothing against GM but my money would be better spent on a mazda….

    I find the interior to be very ordinary specially when you compare it to a Mazda or a golf…

    I guess we all know which would give a better driving experience between a cruze and its japanese rivals….

  • crouchy

    Im trying to convince myself that i like it and im glad to see they are going to produce it in Aus but im just still unsure. Might have to take one for a drive to find out….

    Nontheless I really think the public will be sold on this one. Most people would have no idea of this car’s origins. Holden did a very smart thing by annoucing that they will be producing it (in the future)

    Now, everyone who saw that on the news assumes that this cruze is a locally produced Holden.

    Very very clever.

  • FrugalOne

    Generous with the 3.5 stars!

    This vehicle really reminds me [in looks] of the new Kia Cerato, of which i think the said Kia is vastly superior in nearly every way.

    Like the Kia its dying for a hatch model [I know its coming to both]

    I checked it out @ the MMS and its “just another car”

    What is vastly superior to this is the new 2010 Astra, we now have a dead/old model in Oz, rather even one of tose to this.

    Real pity, the new 2010 Astra, just released looks/performs better than the new golf and Mazda3 and would be the best hatch on the market…..if you could buy it.

    Another overpriced half-backed job from Holden, just goes to show how fantastic value the Falcodore’s are @$30k!

    Of course matters zero, the blind punters will buy it because it has a lion badge on the bonnet, and because its “Australian” lol.

    What does Nadine look like?…..Curious!



  • Will

    The face and tail need some work…looks too well, er, Korean.

    They will have to bolt this one together well to overcome Korean ghosts of the past.

    The 2 litre diesel and 6 speed auto would be the pick, although from what I’ve read there is some work to be done in engine mapping and turbo design.

    Where is the ‘performance’ hero varient?

    This will make an adequate fleet car in context of Australia’s form dominant auto protectionism…the fleet.

    The marketing boys are going to make a lot of money out of this.

  • Baz

    Going by these comments, Holden is never going to satisfy the Australian market with a small-medium car, just because of the perception that 1) Holden only makes large cars well and 2) This is a south korean car NOT made by Holden.

    Maybe its just the more informed consumers on CarAdvice that have a problem with this car, but I sure hope the general public receive the Cruze well because there’s nothing inherently bad about it, apart from consumer biases, and it’s the first decent medium sized and affordable car GM Holden has come up with. I wouldn’t have good prospects for Holden if Holden can’t even sell this car.

  • Elitist

    Get used to selling out…err I mean buying South Korean and soon Chinese Brilliance for the sedans.

  • HAL

    ^ Alex, a friend of mine bought the diesel i30, and I had a drive of it not long ago. He was chuffed with his purchase, so it was very difficult for to not tell him what I really thought about it after taking it for a spin. Very underwhelming, and harsh diesel engine – yes, cheap-feeling interior – yes, poor quality paint – yes, ‘tinny’ sound when the doors were closed – yes. I definitely wasn’t sold on it.

    Anyway, back to the Cruze – and BTW Dr Nick Riviera, Cruze is actually pronounced Cruise. Cruzz would be, ah, Cruzz?

    I found it funny in the article that it was stated:

    “More grown up than the Astra, but not quite grasping the maturity of its slightly larger sibling, the Epica, the Cruze suffers from your classic ‘middle child’ syndrome”

    Ha, that is nothing to be ashamed of – there is absolutely nothing about the Epica that should be aspired to whatsoever.

    The Cruze look good, the turbo lag will be a massive turn-off. But the interior is a winner by the looks of it.

    • Lisa

      please tell me more about the Epica! i know you wrote this a while ago but i’m looking to buy a car now and i like the Cruze but the Epica was roomier and seemed okay. Have there been problems with that car?

  • ScottB

    Still not taken with the exterior design, though I quite like the interior. There’s nothing dynamic or attention holding about the exterior, GM have played it far too safe, though i understand they have good reason to.

  • HAL

    ^ Vid_Ghost: I guess the same could be said for anyone who buys a Hyundai Accent, Getz, Kia Rio, Nissan Tiida, Holden Barina, Epica etc…….but I’m sure most of those people will be reasonably happy with their purchase, as I suspect most buyers of this car will be with theirs.

  • ChineseDriver

    Not a too bad car.

    But given the price is $2,5990 how can this thing compete with rivals like mazda3, corolla or civic, or even lancer? Yes i know it’s a turbo diesel but the other japanese rivals are also very economical, and the resale value is going to be a totally different story.

    I’d say even the current Astra is more attractive.

  • Supply & Demand

    Great review. After seeing the car in the flesh I’d also like to point out that the boot hinges are of the load-crushing variety, the boot space is large but the opening is tiny, so you have ample bootspace but no way of meaningfully utilising it and the fake chrome featured in the interior of the CDX is the sort that is likely to reflect onto the windscreen on a sunny day – further obstructing the drivers view. Also, to the person that said “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all” I think you should move to Iran or North Korea – they’d love you there. This car is a major disappointment, but what else could Holden do?

  • Golfschwein

    Hmmm. Kinda not convinced by the Cruze. It’s a combination of its awkward double-decker Chevy left-over grille, weedy petrol engines and beam axle that does it, I think. It reeks of Holden’s long-standing habit of building cars down to the Australian market, where a drivetrain or suspension set-up that’s pensionable either now or in two years’ time will be JUST good enough.


    Seems way overpriced when u can get a Hyundai i30 for $19990 driveaway! And it’s a better car

  • Toxic_Horse

    If holden did import the new astra, there is no way they would be able to sell it in this price range.

    The general public does not care that the car is made in koria, nor should they.
    A factory in Koria is just as capable of making quality cars than one in Germany. Its just marketing and stupidity that makes people here think otherways.



    drive all five cars you stated,like i have,then report back with your REVISED lineup…

  • dylanmg

    well it came out better than i thought it would (i being a holden fan), could have been alot worse for something Korean (i.e. epica, old cruze, your mom)

    My main issues with the exterior are all to do with the back end, reminds me of an older civic sedan rear end.
    GM/Holden really need to step up a bit more when it comes to being succesful in this segment…Opel seems to have got it recently as will Ford

  • Danman2

    The problem as i see it is ‘do we really need another competator in this price range?’ This does not bring anything new to the table. The Kia Cerato and the Mazda 3, hell even a Corolla or Focus are all better, safer, bets. The dealers wont make any desperatly needed cash on these either.(small car,small margin).
    The Turbo diesel may have been a USP but sound like you drop the ball there as well.

    Predicably young women will love it.

  • Ben N

    Is it just me or does the rear tail light design scream current generation Honda Civic?

  • Andrew

    I think it’s a great effort compared with the Viva, all that can be said about that car can be summarised in 2 letters:

    P U!

    As an aside, I reckon when Holden start producing the local model, they should bring back the “/” in model designations eg. Cruze CD/X, so old school.

  • DGS

    The interior looks better than the Kia Cerato’s, at least the doors are not just one slab of plastic, The diesel is definatly the pick of the two motors. General design looks good.

    But $26,000? Sorry, where is the value? Daewoo might have turned the corner, but buyers will be taking that on faith and will only find out with time if that is so. $25,000 drive away would be more appropiate, at least for the first generation Cruze while it proves itself.

  • Toxic_Horse

    The old cruze which was clearly a peice of crap (I had the misfortune of driving one for a week). was made in Japan!
    Hang on a minute, I thought all cars made in Japan were suposed to be superior to that made in koria??

  • atomicgreensv6

    it seams to me like a fine base, will be a great car when holden start making it in hatch and 3door versions in Australia, with GM’s new 1.4L and 1.6L engines as well as an improved turbo diesel model.As well as better styling it looks good bout to much like a civic from the back.

  • The Greens

    Nice car and quite fuel economic too.

  • KC

    I wonder how annoyed Honda are with their stolen taillights from a civic and headlights from an accord. Rofl.

    I looked at an Epica at the most recent motorshow, and my god that thing is flimsy. There isn’t a panel inside the thing that doesn’t flex when you press against it. Parts of the trim came off as well lol. I can’t see this being any better.

  • Aussiecars

    Am I the only one put off by the grill sitting higher than the front lights? It actually would not look half bad from the front if the grill was an inch lower.

  • D

    Where is this “Koria” that Toxic_Horse keeps going on about?

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    I was far more impressed than I expected to be when I looked at one recently. Very well finished and built. Loved the interior of the front. Back seat was bad.

    I think it will come into its own when the 1.4 turbo arrives.

    I’ve already seen 4 on the road, which bodes well for Holden sales. I hope it’s a hit – Holden need it.

  • FrugalOne

    107.50FM, JJJ FM i see Nadine!

    I think C/A need to do a back to back test of this class sedans, or around the same spec. and price, i think its near 10 vehicles to compare.

    Then we can see eho is the real star of the field/class?

    How about getting some of *us* dudes to help?



  • Chris

    Saw one @ the dealers last week. Had 8kms on the clock and the worst key scratches around the barrel. The interior plastics make a Jeep/Chrysler look good.
    Diesel/Auto powertrain a step in the right direction though.

  • Tony

    I have the distinct impression that people like Alborz (?) and the other reviewers are thinking “glad I’m not reviewing the Cruze”…

    This car would be the very last car on my shopping list even if I had to drive a Tiida… that isn’t a good car either but at least it’s an honest design and literally thousands cheaper.

    I really have no liking at all for the new “global GM” look. To me it typifies the difference between a commitee design and something like even the Kia Cerato and the Mazda 3 which at least try something new and fresh.

    The Cruze is the worse of American and Korean mashed together.

    “Koria” hey? Nice of us ‘Austrians’ to get other places correct. I think someone else spelt Korea korrectly just above.

  • lazybones

    Its hideous and no match for the Astra or new Focus. But having said that i’m curious enough to take one out for a test drive before passing judgement.

    Whats funny to me, is the amount of PR Holden has put into this average car.

  • lazybones

    “Cruze delivered reasonable fuel economy of around 8.5 litres per 100km – a little over the 6.8 litres per 100km claimed.”

    Well this is becoming very common from all the manufactures, its about time the ADR was independently tested rather than allowing the manufactures the freedom to claim what they like.

  • Tony

    Holden have no choice. They have been sold a pup and worse still, they will be making these soon in Melbourne.

    They will be able to revise the metal a little bit but I suspect it’ll be a hard couple of years.

    You can tell Ford have it going on right now with ‘hero cars’ like the Focus RS being made and the XR5 turbo still around. The fact the standard Focus is pretty decent looking helps.

    That puts the ‘sex’ into small cars which is sorely missing from Holden.

  • Yianni

    Argh… Holden is going the wrong way with their cars it seems.

    GM as a whole has produced nothing but crap in the last decade or so. I guess this shows with their recent money woes.

    Who in their right mind would buy this over a Jap/Euro/Korean rival considering it costs a fortune for what it is. It’s a cheap Korean built car. Nothing more.

    It’s real world economy seems pathetic if the figures Ca quoted are true. That’s over 20% more fuel then what Holden are claiming.

    You might as well get a cheap Jap/Korean petrol model over this and get a better car in the process.

  • Tony

    to give you an idea of the fuel economy of this car…

    i drove a diesel Holden Rodeo (nee colorado)

    this thing weighs 2.0 tons and has a 3.0 litre turbo diesel motor… around town i was able to get well under 10 litres per 100km

    now you are telling me that a 1.4 ton car with a 2.0 litre turbo diesel gets only 8.5 per 100???

    that’s hardly impressive – i don’t see the savings at all

  • Mumble Duck

    Don’t see how its terrible to some people. Oh, well. It is a little bit overpriced though.

    I quite like the interior and the exterior styling…and I don’t see how it looks like a Kia Cerato.

    I wonder if the rear seats are that bad????

    Well done GM, finally something to cheer you up and the customers! Can’t wait till they start building the Cruze here in Australia!!!!!!

  • D

    I think the front looks great, same can’t be said about the rear though- why copy a Honda Civic?

  • Dr Nick Riviera

    The advertising slogan will read, \”The new Holden Cruzz, its a Buzz\”
    Buzz refers to its engine noise.
    $10,000 driveaway should be the retail price.

  • Snowman

    Toxic_Horse: “A factory in Korea is just as capable of making quality cars than one in Germany. Its just marketing and stupidity that makes people here think otherways.”

    My thoughts too mate! Well said

    I think it’s time some people got over their prejudices and actually went out and tried these so-called dodgy cars!

  • http://skyline The Salesman says Culture “is” the problem

    Holden has missed a big opportunity to BLAST the competition out of the water. And what did they do? Gave us a ripple instead. Where’s the value in this? Holden is meant to be looking after us Aussies like a caring and loving parent. This is like buying a car from your Mum and Dad who rip you off with a high price. Well, thanks Dad but uncle Kia and Untie Hyundai look after us better you do you drunken jerk. The only reason this will sell is because someone stuck a lion badge on it, other than that it is about as Australian as sushi. “Won Ton —–Dim Sims—– Hite beer—– and Holden Cars” should be the new tune.
    If Holden want to win back the Australian market then the Cruise should be able to do it. Just bring the price down to earth, extend the warranty and get a hold of a two litre engine. Now that’s generous

  • HAL says The Salesman is the Problem

    Just kidding :-)

  • Tony

    Holden had an opportunity to blast the competition out of the water?

    How? It’s not like Holden have any capability to make their own small car.

    The Cruze is the amalgam of everything that is wrong with GM.

    It was designed by an Koreans/Germans on the orders of Americans to fulfil and American demand. It is merely coincidental that they sell them here and in the UK/Europe.

    The Ford Focus on the other hand was designed in Europe for a European audience. I think that such a “focussed” design (so to speak) is more inline with what consumers want.

    I’ve said before I am a bit disappointed that this car has been championed by Wagoner and now Henderson as some kind of ‘breakthrough’ car to Obama’s “Presidential Task Force” when it is in fact, a very ordinary car.

    It needs to be something special and it’s not better than something the Koreans (eg. Hyundai/Kia) could come up with because it is CLEARLY as good as those other Koreans (Daewoo) could up with.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    I see the interior suffers from 2 major “GM/Holden” issues of late. Please note this is only my personal opinion. The cheap and dodgy looking centre display and one of the most ugliest/cheapest looking steering wheels fitted to a modern car. Both of these detract from what is otherwise a relatively nice looking dash. IMHO this is exactly the same issue with the VE Commodore, except the Cruze looks to have better quality fit/finish and plastics compared to it’s bigger brother! Time will tell….. :-)

  • Byron

    I feel sorry for Holden. I know its made in Korean & the exterior/diesel is a turn off, but i think the aussie model will clear all this up.I hope they still bring the 1.4 Turbo here this year. A tad overpriced, but i think once it isn’t selling then they’ll drop the price.

    My opinion, it looks great 8/10.Its funny cause the Photos of the Cruze look good on the ads/Holden website but some of the reviews it looks crap. I have seen one around, but its just started selling.

    I really want Astra 2 come still. Dissapointing if it were axed. Lets c how everyone reacts to Cruze first & then make unsumptions. Go Holden!

  • Realcars

    This thing looks good in my opinion and way more stylish than Corolla, Mazda and Focus. Sounds like quality is similar to these and better than Hyundia/Kia and price is spot on.

    Find Holden badge reassuring because they do more development for Australian conditions than anyone else.
    Fix the lag on the Diesel like many others and will be jake.

    Take a Hyundai/Kia on a dirt road and u will see what I mean.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Must be a lot of one-eyed Holden admirers and detractors out there if such a boring product can engender so many comments.
    All I can say is that if Daewoo continues close the gap on Hyundai/Kia at the rate they have over the last 5 years, then it will only take them about 150 years to get in front.
    Somehow I suspect that the Holden brand will be long dead by then.

  • Variable Cam Timing

    Realcars……holden do more development than anyone else? you really dont know anything do you? by importing daewoo’s that is exactly what they havent done ! thats why they import most of their cars so they can get out of doing any development and ripping people off even more !!!!!

  • max


  • figjam

    This is not in the same league as corolla or mazda 3 it’s only another daewoo/holden but at $12,990 drivaway it wouldn’t be bad value!

  • Realcars

    For our unique local conditions VCT!

    Holden have nearly always done an excellent job at this.

    Funny but it’s not as if anyone else is setting particularly high standards in the class and at this price point. This thing actually looks good in/out which can’t be said of most of the rest.

    Holden do extensive testing and tuning for Australian conditions and one drive down a dirt road will convince any doubters.

  • Tony

    gimme a break

    who cares how it drives on a dirt road?

    and does anyone truly beleive that Holden do anything at all but contract someone in china to make a some chrome plated plastic badges of a lion playing with a basketball?

    their past ‘engineering’ (I use that term very loosely) on the Epica, Cruze and Captiva will tell you all you need to know about how much Aussie input there really is

    The car is about as “Australian” as putting tomato sauce on kimchee!

  • Pablo

    Too heavy, too thirsty, too slow

  • Realcars

    How valid are these consumption figures anyway over a couple of short trips?

    This is more like a first steer and not as claimed a full review.

    Some consistency please CA!

  • max

    Who cares real cars, after all, you are not going to buy one.

  • Realcars

    A drive on a dirt road will certainly reveal the build quality and also suspension tune and IMO how long before u develop squeaks and rattles on tar.

    If u are in the market for a new car just try it and u may be surprised.

  • Evan

    Guys you have to give Holden a chance. This is a great car compared to the competitors. You have to remmember that this is an AUTOMATIC TURBODIESEL. So comparing it against a MANUAL PETROL Kia Cerato or Hyundai I30 is not fair.

    I reckon the petrol CDX is a good value for money.

    Also Danman2: What do you mean by Cerato, Mazda 3, Corolla and Focus are safer than this car?

    There are no other small cars that is safer than Holden Cruze. Check ANCAP website. Get your fact straight before making comments.

    Do you realise that this car is a 5 star safety car with 35.04/37 score? That is a hell lot better than Honda Civic (which cost $2000 more). And also a lot better than Audi A3, Mini, even BMW 3 Series and Merc E Class. So get your fact straight first before making comments.

  • Realcars

    Should be given a fair shake of the sauce bottle though!LOL.

  • Realcars

    IF Holden can take a Korean built car and make it go,handle and steer like a Holden then they have my vote.

    Even better if they build it here in the future.

    Holden have a lot riding on this and believe they deserve better than a half baked half arsed test that’s all.

  • Staggers

    Considering that GM Holden hold a 50% stake in GM Daewoo, it could be argued that Holden did 50% of the development work for this car. I really want to like this car and think it looks great in the T.V commercials and in the ‘real life’ shots taken here. I’d consder one, but only the hatch with the 1.4l turbo engine thats meant to be fitted to it. My only real concern would be how well it will hold together once it is built in Australia, if anything the Korean built cars will be better built. And as the reviewer states, the fuel economy of the diesel was from mainly city driving, a diesel does its best work on highways, so i’d expect the fuel economy to drop with more highway driving.

  • Mike

    Well done Holden, nice looking car. At least it isn’t smiling at me..Mazda3 anyone. Will probably be looking at purchasing one

  • Shak

    Its good to see that Holden has produced a car for people who are not badge snobs and who are buying with their heads. I’ll definetley buy one bcoz 1. im a holden man ,and 2.its stcked with equipment. When are you really going to accelerate to 100 or go around a corner at the speeds that this car was tested at. Its the right car for Holdens image.

  • Tony

    the VW Golf scores a 35.72 out of 37… perhaps some people should take their own advice?

    therefore is safer and I’d probably say a wayyy more sensible buy for the money ESPECIALLY when it comes to resale time

    the bottom line is I doubt you will get out of the door with much change from $30k for both of these after you’ve done all the paperwork

    anyway this is largely a moot point… driving a 5 star 36 out of 37 point car is like driving a Prius or Insight… it’s a means to an end

    there’s no point driving such a car if the package doesn’t work in the vain hope it’s a little safer than some competitor in the event of an accident

    would you drive a Prius if it saves you $10 a week in petrol? I doubt it it drives like crap and costs you a heap more at purchase time.

    This car strikes me as being as unattractive a sales purchase as a Prius or Corolla or Epica. It’s just doesn’t seem to me to be any particular drawcard for audiences, just like it’s big brother the Epica.

  • DGS

    “Holden do extensive testing and tuning for Australian conditions and one drive down a dirt road will convince any doubters.”

    Some how, I don’t know why, I just can not see a dealer letting me take a demo Cruze down a grvel road to see if it behaves any better than my Elantra.

    For the benifit of country car buyers it maybe interesting to do an assorted road type test / comparison of the Cruze vs 3 simularly priced small sedans ( maybe a road trip? ). If Holden has refined the handling for Australian conditions it will pay off, if it is only lip service, Holden will lose market share. The regional market is a smaller one than the cities, but there are fewer brands contesting it.

  • Realcars

    No logic to your argument Tony. Suggest u redo the sums on the Golf comparo as well. What u said of the Golf is true when compared to any of the other Cruze rivals.

    All I see at the moment is a lot of Holden bashing.

  • Realcars

    DSG it goes to quality.

    Dirt road drive will show any car for what it is.

    U could watch your Hyundai dash try and shake itself to bits for example.LOL.

  • http://integra spade

    Should have just called it camira , brings back so many fond memories of a beautiful GM product of the past , ah the good old days , when holdens where holdens .

  • Tony

    VW Golf is $25,990 which is the same price as this.

    Also uses less fuel:

    Quoted: 6.4 litres per 100km (ADR)
    Fuel Consumption: 7.4 litres per 100km (As Tested)

    and last time i checked diesel is a lot more expensive than petrol

    so yes, you could not be any more correct. Comparison is VERY VERY much invalid.

    Only a fool would consider a Cruze based on those numbers alone. And I suspect there’s a lot more cachet in a VW badge than a Holden. Any way you cut it, there’s better buying anywhere else.

  • Realcars

    Same spec Jetta should be the basis for your comparison although really half a class smaller.

  • Realcars

    Guessing Jetta/Golf would pass my dirt road test given how solid they feel generally.

  • Al Juraj

    6.8l/100km ADR consumption, same as a BMW 330d?! Holdaewoo’s diesel aren’t relatively economical. The 8.5l/100km is something I can easily do in a petrol Corolla.

    The interior though is nicely thought out and build quality is anything but Korean. It’s at par with the Japs now, which is a plus, and the dash is way better than the Commodore. The 6-speed auto also shames its bigger ‘sibling’ by two gears.

    But overall, I’m not paying the same price as its already proven rivals.

  • DGS


    I have owned my automatic Elantra for 6 years and have spent a lot of time driving long distances, Driving on gravel roads and occasionally driving in snow. I have mostly lived and worked in country areas and agree that a 2002 Hyundai is not the best car at times, but it is holding together quite well, there are no problems with the dash or any other part of the interior or drivetrain for that matter.

    In the last year I have noticed a bit of noise from the suspention on gravel roads which maybe a symptom of cheap build or age. Either way my Mechanic says all is well.

    I am intrested in the turbo diesel auto Cruze as it looks to be a useful package. My only concern is wether Daewoo has got its act into gear or not. I need to know if I set out on an 800 km round trip I will make it. If there is uncertainty about that the car is useless. It also must be able to last up to 10 years.

    I hope the Cruze is up to it. Time will tell. I will be watching with intence interest. As it happens I think the hyundai could have anther 2 – 3 years reliable service left in it should I need it.

  • zahmad

    It seems to me that the main problem is price and the need for a hatch…Holden and GM are after the conservative “corolla buyers” who couldn’t care less if they were a sporting drive! Only problem is that it means it has no soul, but then it can’t match the perceived quality of Toyota in people’s minds either….

  • zahmad

    Speaking of prices, I just checked that its rivals are Mazda 3, Impreza, Corolla, Cerato, Tiida, Focus, Civic and City. So in terms of that, can only be regarded overpriced compared to Cerato, Corolla and 3!

  • http://gminsidenews Proto

    Dr Nick Riviera is an idot.
    GM product is as good if not better than most of the vehicles out there . Mis management for 30 years had little to nothing to do with current (2006-2010) product. Hey Doc, stick to meds and leave the auto industry to the pros, you suck!

  • kds

    Over priced? LOL!

    $1000 cheaper than mazda 3 but with 6 airbags, not two, std cruise and auto lights, 16’s not 15’s, full spare not space saver, 12 mth servicing instead of 6 month.

    And you think a Cruze is over priced?

    If i don’t fall off my chair with laughter then someone please push me off

  • Confused

    The real price for this car should be 16000 driveaway.

    26000, uh, more than i30 diesel? Holdies are daydreaming.
    But perhaps there are enough nationalists who don’t know who are really making this car and where.

  • eh179driver

    You all need to compare like for like when discussing price. cruise comes with a full quota of airbags, standard ESC, option of 6 speed auto, an auto diesel option. The standard petrol manual (and auto for that matter) is around $1000 cheaper than Corolla, focus, Cerato, I30 and around $2’700 than Mazda 3. By the time you option these cars up to match Cruze like for like, the price gap grows. Yes some of these cars might have a better re-sale, but you are paying for that at the time of purchase. None of us know how the durability will be. You all comment on cheap plastics but I have seen 6 and 7 year old Mazda’s Toyotas and worst of all Hyundai’s and KIA’s and they are all much the same. Yes an Epia is no world beater, but a quick check of some of the motoring clubs (NRMA, RACV, RACQ) shows that they are reasonably reliable, so the Cruze should be better. The section of the review discussing fuel economy is just rediculous and shows the writers total lack of understanding of engines. ALL diesel (and petrol) engines need a perios of running in. My guess is that is a couple of thousand k’s, the fuel economy will drop at least 10% and on a good country drive (where diesels work best) it will drop a minimum of another 15%. I drove a VW Golf in Germany earlier this year. Around town it was in the range of 8.5/100. On the Autobahns it dropped to 6.8/100 and on country runs (restricted 100kmh) it dropped to 6.1/100. My final point is that the new 1.4 DI turbo should be a big improvement on the current petrol. Everything I have read about it here in the USA is very very positive.

  • Tony

    comparing a cruze to a honda civic or mazda 3 is like comparing a korean made LG TV to a Sony or Panasonic LCD

    you can understand why Sony costs so much due to their overhyped name and ‘design’… so you buy a Sony or Mazda for that reason alone

    the Mazda 3 is very very much overpriced… $24k for a basic automatic? sure but at least it’s a trendy mazda (I hate trendy mazdas but I understand why people like them)

    $26k for a Cruze? yeah it’s a korean car with dumpy styling with some throwaway addons… but at the end of the day it’s still a Daewoo… and you’re still watching an LG TV and not a Sony

  • binladen

    This is a family car! If u have a kid, u r not going to buy 3 or golf. Their back seats are pathetic, very small. Smaller than city. It is more safer than 3,corolla,civic,etc. the petrol version is reasonally priced. The killing point is its durability. resale value will be poor. rear suspension is torsion bar rather than independant. So the no-kids will buy golf or 3. the have-kid will still buy corolla sedan. It is not going to be successful. made-in-japan will still beat made in korean for the foreseenable future.

  • Tony

    with all due respect have you ever been in a golf or mazda 3?

    once four of us in our section department went to lunch in a Golf GTI… this is four large grown men in the 6 ft tall averaging well over 85kg

    we have also done the same thing in an Audi A3 (the Golf’s richer cousin) and the older Mazda 3.

    If four men can get in these cars with little loss of performance they would function fine as a sole family car.

    gone are the days you need a Falcon wagon or a 4wd.

    I have no particular love for hatchbacks (I own a large aussie sedan and a japanese coupe) but I would choose a hatch any day of the week for a family car over a small sedan.

  • safer

    Korean built cars are world class especially in terms of safety. You guys should know that Genesis beat BMW 5, MB E, Lexus GS for safety test conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with big score. Yes big score…Can’t you believe?

  • safer

    The Genesis has achieved five-star crash-test ratings all around. In fact, the Genesis received five stars in both frontal and side-impact crash tests which something the BMW and Mercedes could not achieve.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Just some food for thought and living up to my name. Safety is not just how it stands up to a crash. It is also how well it can avoid it in the first place. As an example you only need to look at WASP from Wheels mag. If the car has good dynamics etc etc, you can avoid the crash in the first place. Something that Mazda has proved over the years in WASP winning it with both the 3 and the 6. I am not saying the Cruze is bad, far from it, but there is more to it than some people are saying.

  • Andrew

    Toxic Horse: “A factory in Koria is just as capable of making quality cars than one in Germany. Its just marketing and stupidity that makes people here think otherways.”

    Fundamentally you’re correct, but the reason German cars are better quality is because they are made with better materials and have better design behind them. This is facilitated by the high price you pay for a German car, in relation to other cars in a size class.

    If people would buy a $32,000+ base model Cruze, sure the factory could make a better quality car. But the fact is, the cars are designed to appeal to a different demographic than premium German cars. Their entry price is nearly where these models (and Japanese, too) top out. They want to spend less on the purchase and running costs (insurance, servicing) and some falls in perceived quality and engineering are the result. These cars are made to satisfy a particular target, and their needs can be summarised as “accessible”.

  • Hagar

    I have no problem with Korean cars but I do think Hyundai and Kia are first and second position in Korean quality and Daewoo a distant 3rd. My main grip here is that the good Australian doing the right think to buy Australian made is mislead. Dito for BMW 3 made in South Africa a few years ago or Renault Koleos made in Korea. Most people would be happy to buy Korean car (me included) but will be disappointed when they find out they were lied to and deceived.

  • safer

    Ha Ha Ha German built quality car? That’s a simply a myth. There is no such thing as European built quality cars…

    Sydney Morning Herald stated that “European and Australian cars consistently lag behind their Asian competitors in quality, according to confidential industry figures obtained by the Herald. The figures confirm similar surveys overseas, which have shown that US- and European-built cars largely lag behind Korean and Japanese cars on quality.”

    Wake up guys…!! European built cars are certainly better than Aussie and American made car but much worse than Japanese and Korean built cars in terms of quality..


  • safer

    I would rather buy Cruze over Astra, even if Astra is CHEAPER !!!

  • safer

    For example, Unlike Japanese and Korean built cars, European built car’s Air-con compressor do not last long. They often fail within couple of years…

    Actually, I own 1997 Hyundai Excel and done over 300,000 KM…Air compressor? Still like new…It still blows icy cold air…

  • safer

    You guys should know that why MB has commenced to use Korean made parts…

    I say again.. There is no such thing as European built quality cars…


  • Andrew

    Safer, I referred to perceived quality (ie material quality) and engineering. I own a Japanese car and agree with you on German cars, but the reason people crow about quality is because of the feel of the leather or attention to detail of the gauges.

  • safer

    As you know guys, Korean or Japanese made TV are much better than European made TV on quality and price…

    The cars? Exactly same as above…,

    I say again I would rather buy Cruze over Astra, even if Astra is CHEAPER !!!

  • http://caradvice onepoppa

    What a strange bunch we all are on this blog.

    A whole lot really just lust after whopping 4 litre sixes nd V8s not realising that these cars are on the way out – they never were in anywhere else but Oz and North America. Another group lust after the Europeans which are great around the alpine passes, but nothing special on freeways on cruise control (if they have it)which is where most of us drive. But did any of them ever own a beautiful Alfa which self destructed as it neared 100,000 Km like my wonderful Alfa 164 did?

    And everybody slags off at the Koreans just like they did with the Japanese 25 years ago. But look at Japan now – they are the benchmark in so many ways. Toyotas may be like appliances but they are rolled gold for resale.

    The world has changed, but most of us have not.

    On the topic – why no diesel Cruze in the upper spec model?

  • Andrew

    Haha, we’ve got a JVC TV made in England. It’s only got SCART inputs with the exception of the front. And it’s a 2003 widescreen TV! So I can agree, Safer, the European TVs suck.

  • nobody

    I’m sure this will be a popular car here. I’m not a fan of the civic+commodore love child styling, but I do like the interior. I don’t really like Holden ads of late, like somehow they’re flying the aussie flag and helping aussies buy great aussie cars…lke Viva, Captiva.

    This is a good car for what it is but as most have pointed out it’s not as accomplished overall as many of it’s rivals from Europe and Japan. It’s a good start from GM though, hopefully they’ll have the chance to fine tune this model in future generation releases.

  • safer

    You guys should visit this site


    Most of owner of Hyundai Genesis states that Genesis is an incredibly capable car..One says as follow..

    “I’m a huge car fan and the biggest BMW fan. Test drove everything out there. Being an Insideline.com fan, was reading on the Genesis and how impressed everyone was. Went to test drive it at the Dealership & that was it. I was hooked like a drug. Could not take it off my mind. Waited a couple of days went to test drive it again and was still stunned how well it drove and how great it made me feel. I just had to have it, a total no brainer for me – got the 4.6 Tech. If you can test this car and go buy something else for the same money or even more, good luck. Bravo Hyundai, what an amazing job you guys did with the Genesis. Thank you!”

    No car company in the World can produce such a capable car at that price range…It is simply impossible..

    Please Bring the Genesis here..I am sick of overpriced crap…

  • Mumble Duck

    Tony, that post didn’t make any sense………….”comparing a cruze to a honda civic or mazda 3 is like comparing a korean made LG TV to a Sony or Panasonic LCD”.

    Most Samsung TV’s are better then Sony’s and Panasonics, specially for their price. And it’s Korean!!!!!!

    So what’s your point Tony?

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    For those wanting value, the base petrol model is only $20990, with significantly more features than any of its competitors for that price.

    None of its competitors can offer a diesel with 6 speed auto for any price, so it does have a point of differentiation at least.

  • Byron

    I love the Holden Cruze. Exterior alot better than a Corolla & just better than a Mazda 3 but i agree. back end is korean/civic. Interior. Wow! I’m speechless.Its one of the best small car interiors on the market.Didn’t expect this for a Korean car. Better than Corolla/3. Engine wise, diesel is a gem, petrol is average.Should import 1.4 Turbo asap. Hatch should be interesting, but i do think Cruze will sell because of its feature, engines, styling etc.. The australian version will be interesting i think. I seen one last friday at school & it looked very attractive. I think everyone, should just go & check it out & make your opinion up then :)

    BTW are they going to axe Astra form the lineup?

  • Shak

    hahahaahahahaha spam word FORD. anyway its really amazing to see how many people post on a Holden or Ford article. shows how much support the locals get.

  • Mumble Duck

    Are you saying thats good or bad, Shak?

  • Andrew M

    Actually, not true.

    The Focus has a deisel with an Auto and it has been reviewed to be a cracker of a drivetrain.

    8.5L for a small car diesel???
    Petrol equivalents can pump out under 8’s on official figures and dont demand the premium.

    8.5 seems very high

    Cant wait to see if the much larger Mondeo diesel does under 5.0L’s as claimed

  • Andrew M

    Some more photos of the vehcicle actually tested would have been nice Nadine, particularly of the interior.

    Press release always look different

  • SAM


  • roberto1699

    I drove one of these in a petrol auto last night and I Must admit I expected the worst ,,, I have driven lots of Kia’s over the years and I must admit I hate them with a passion , This thing wasn’t quite as horrible but I must admit it wasn’t special either .
    The koreans have come ahead in leaps and bounds ,I remember doing Pre delivery services on 98 kia rio’s and they were without a doubt the most horrible car you could ever hope to drive. they still in 2009 don’t have the amazing chassis that the Golf or the focus or even the fiesta have and they certainly don’t have the amazing build quiality and reliability of the civic or the mazda 3 .

    For me and most people who have ever been involved with a Japanese franchise, I would much rather own a 2 year old higher series jap car than a brand new korean car You can just about be certain that it will have less problems and a better warranty. If you want to spend mid 20’s on a mid size car look at a second hand Honda Euro ,,, still twice the car this korean thing is .

    Being from SA I want holden to do well, I have friends who who work at the plant . Just hope they decide to do something slightly different. The issue I can see them having is that they will be going up against manufacturers like Honda and Mazda and Toyota ,they won’t have a hope . These guys have invented and perfected the small car market .

    Maybe building the new Astra here would be a better alternative .

    Ps the transmission in this car is among the worst of any car I have driven … But I am yet to drive the new focus diesel powershift ,,,

  • Confused

    Sam, so you got it for < 20000?
    Just wondering coz that sounds right price for this car.

  • Confused

    I asked that because this (1.8 L petrol version) versus i30 goes like this:

    * i30 is 2.0 l yet eats less fossil and fa*rts less carbon.
    * Drive the two cars back to back and you know that Cruze is a stupid dull lazy obese. When the traffic light goes green Cruze won’t know when i30 took off out of sight.
    * i30 is priced <20000 :)
    * i30 comes with generous 5 year warranty, and by that time you would have to change 2 Cruzes to remain on the road I guess.
    * i30 has won more awards than probably the number Cruze has been sold (to unsuspecting customers). It means that i30 will hold on to its worth even better than many Japanese cars, perhaps.
    * You will be equally Aussie buying i30 coz it comes from the same country anyway.

    I do not see any logic behind Cruze cruising along our roads. A big slap of NO would wake up Holden, but alas, too late as it is dying of its own nonsense.

  • eh179driver

    Confused, you certainly have an appropriate name. Your rambling nonsence does the name justice!

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Andrew M,

    The Focus diesel is strapped with a 4 speed auto. At the moment the Cruze is the only car in the class with a diesel and 6 speed auto combo.

    Whether it is actually the best drive train is another matter. Theoretically it should be, but at least it is a point of differentiation and a strong marketing punch.

  • focus fan


    sorry u are wrong Focus Diesel has a 6 speed Powershift Auto = not a 4 speed – the Diesel focus has never had a 4 speed auto

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    Focus Fan and Andrew M

    I stand corrected.

    I just checked the Ford website. The “current” petrol Focus has a 4 speed auto which is where I was getting mixed up. The diesel only comes in 6 speed manual, with no auto option at all.

    The “new” model which is now on sale has the powershift 6 speed auto as you say Focus Fan. I wonder how much it is?

    So it’s the 6 speed auto petrol that is unique in the class as the petrol Focus still has the 4 speed auto.

  • Confused

    You say that coz you can’t disprove what I said.

  • Mumble Duck

    Are the rear seats that bad in the new Cruze?

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Any reason why you were yelling Sam?! 😉

  • Andrew M

    once again, not totally true.

    Mitsubishi and VW have a 6sp auto box on their petrol small car offerings too

  • MK

    It was an accounting descision, sell the new Astra at $5,000 profit or sell the Cruz at $10,000.

  • Tony

    slightly less that 100% complementary review of this car on goauto

    i think that one of the worst things about this car is that it’s hyped to be something it’s not

    it’s supposed to be a car that is the new face of Holden and GM worldwide and it just isn’t hitting all the shots out of the park

    and the problem is it needs to… not for Holden’s sake but for the sake of GM worldwide

    is it a good car? it is a ‘good’ car just like pretty much every car sold today (apart from Protons and the leftovers from ‘old’ Hyundai/Kia)… it’s just not an exceptional car and certainly just another also ran that’s come at a time when GM really needs a great car

    too many people will buy it because it’s a Holden and for me, it’s gonna be last on the list of cars i’d look at

    nice interior though

  • Allergic To Nuts And Missiles {} {}

    Goodness me there is a lot being posted about this car.Did you all go home early from work.
    I liked the post by onepappa a while back.He’s right about lots there.
    Big cars are history,get used to it.They will be for the chosen few like in the good old days.
    The global economy caught up with Oz years ago,some of you dont realise this yet and are living in dreamworld
    ( that would be fun….living at Dreamworld )
    I love the big 6 and 8 cyl cars,so dont take this the wrong way,it is the fault of greed and bean counters that their demise is on the way,no matter how much we bury our heads in the sand.
    Lets hope they find tons more fossil fuels somewhere soon eh ?
    I want to drive my 3 yo son around in a V8 when he is older,and I want him to drive me around in one when I am older :)

  • http://caradvice Ron

    The issue with Holdens, is that the name, particularly with imports donot hang around for any period. Unlike the Corolla, Civic or even Lancer, these names have been with us for so many years, I cannot remenber and are good products and hold a resonable resale value. Holdens, like the Cruze will only be a blow in for a number of years and this is why the Corolla appears to have so many followers.

  • M Carney

    The Cruz is a wonderful option because of it’s 5 star safety, fuel economy and quality engine. We test drove an automatic Cruz today and it drove quiet camly but not lagging. When the revs went up the engine sounded sounded beautiful much better than the Corolla. A car dealer and One place told us they sold 14 Cruzs yesterday.

  • http://www.littlepixiegifts.com.au Gift-Ed

    I went back to a local dealer to have another look at the Cruze today, they had sold out of them all. I’ve seen four on the road already. Early signs, but it could be a hit.

  • FrugalOne

    How many Nano’s could Holden sell if they put its lion badge on the bonnet?

    Holden could sell a polished dog-turd if they put its badge on it.

    From the great man himself “The masses are blind and stupid”

    NO WAY is this a class leader, the way its selling says what a great job Holden have done brainwashing!



  • Karl

    1506kg!?!? Holy crap thats the same as my VT.
    Automatic diesels(not DSG) look good on paper but they never acheive good consumption in real world conditions.
    Autos ALWAYS use substantially more in a diesel
    They use about 10% more in a petrol and about 20% more in diesels. Its the same with EVERY brand/car. Thats why so many diesels cant be optioned with an auto.
    If you must have an auto, go with a petrol. Even better, learn to drive manual.

  • Tony

    yeah 1,506kg is ridiculous

    that means you are 1kg over the 1,505kg limit and pay $382 rego same as a Falcon/Commodore

    i used to drive a 3.0 litre V6 magna wagon for work – that car was something like 1,450kg and in my opinion was fast enough around town but suffered on the open road especially on bulli pass and the road up to katoomba

    so there’s no way on god’s green earth you could get me to drive a Cruze for any length of time let alone pay after tax money for one… no way, no how, that’s a joke

    if i want a small car i want it around about 1,300kg at best… like the competition

  • Andrew M

    Falcon with the ZF6 auto uses less fuel than the manual 6sp which sort of ruins your statement

  • Shak

    just beacuse its heavy doesnt mean anything.
    its competition dont have half the quipment this has for the smae price. a 25000 golf does not have heated leather or even parking sensors. it also does not have rain sensing wipers which the cruze does have. You shuold all stop criticising the Cruze and see it for what it is the car that will saveGM Holden.

  • Andrew

    Mumble Duck – “Most Samsung TV’s are better then Sony’s…”
    Most Sony TV’s feature Samsung panels.

    Also, for the 6spd Auto/Petrol argument, the Lancer has the INVECS III CVT rather than conventional auto. It also features ‘Sports Mode’, introducing 6 defined ratios to the shift program when selected. It is perhaps more unique in the class (do not confuse with better, that’s personal preference)

  • Devil’s Advocate

    You have to give the Cruze one thing, it is the safest car in the “Holden” catalogue. Commodore included!

  • http://skyline The Salesman.

    So the small car just got serious? Maybe for you! It hasn’t “just” got serious Holden. You just haven’t been playing ball with the other kids and now you want to come onto the court and be captain? Over priced, over weight and too late………GAME OVER

  • Andrew M

    Why does everyone only compare the equipment versus price with the Mazda 3 and Golf????

    Sure spec for spec the golf and 3 work out a little more expensive, but you get a better built car, with much better resale along with a better driving experience.

    If you want to compare specs for price please make sure the Lancer, i30 and Cerato are factored into the argument.

    IMO the Lancer is the best value for money, and it looks miles better than the korean entrants.

  • Mumble Duck

    Andrew are you agreeing with me?

  • Andrew

    Well, I have a Samsung LCD, but I can’t say it’s any better or worse than a Sony. I can say the pricing is impressive.

    I own a Lancer and I would put it above Korean competitors and not much further behind the new Mazda3, and at the same level as the last Mazda3. It goes hard and steers well, doesn’t drink much and looks good. It was the right price, with the right spec, and the only letdowns are the front seats and the lack of soft touch plastics. It has developed a few rattles in the dash and around the interior door trims/B pillar trims which really annoy me but otherwise there is little to complain about.

    Having said all that, I am considering trading back into a 380 as they have a more solid interior, are quieter and go even better!

  • Alan

    I don’t think it’s valid to bring LCD into the argument of japan vs korea, some country might be good at building certain things, but doesn’t mean they make great cars.

    Personally i think the koreans are still a bit behind honda, toyota and mazda in terms of interior quality, but i would say they are at least on par with subaru and mitsubishi with the new i30. Both the lancer and the imprezza has rather average interior quality.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    I would almost go to say that the interior of the i30 is of superior ‘perceived’ quality to the Subaru Impreza. I had a look in an Impreza a month or two ago and was shocked at what I saw. IMHO it is even worse than the hard plastics in the Lancer an much worse than the i30. Such a stark contrast to the classy interior of the Liberty. Even the new Tribeca that was sitting in the showroom had an interior that didn’t fit the price, in a negative way.

  • SAM


  • Devil’s Advocate

    Turn your caps lock off Sam. Caps mean you are shouting! :-)

  • Andrew

    Leave the P76 alone!

  • Noway

    I had a chance to test drive the Cruze the other day. I thought it would change my mind about the i30 Diesel version (Sam – under 20,000 that must have been what all the reviewers said avoid)
    However, I was disappointed. From afar it looks good, the interior does have good aesthetic appeal but I got a Maxwell Smart feeling about it. (“Missed by that much”)
    The review said lots of storage….hum…. well ok if you say so. No sunglass spot it has a panel cover where one should go but alas nothing just a bit of plastic. I found when you opened the glove box and arm rest that the cheaper side cracks appear. Very much like everything US. Looks good on the surface but millimetres behind its cheap & it’s no substance truth appears.
    The overwhelming disappointment for me was yes the turbo lag and what a lag it is. To exaggerate the fact it’s kind of foot down count to 3 and then bam it decides to move.
    Secondly the noise. I remember reading all the first drive road tests out there that mentioned all the marketing departments hype about rubber seals for the engine and windows to keep the cabin quiet. When I drove it I thought to myself how loud would this thing be without all that crap. Road noise was quite loud and the diesel sound reminiscent of diesels 30 years ago. Even with the music turned up (to 11) I still heard it. It was disappointing. After a day of driving it you would be deaf and or irritated.
    Although, eventually when the turbos do come on line it feels like it moves and handles well, I still prefer the quite ride, the seating position and interior feel of the i30 test drive. But that’s just me

  • Roddy

    So, Sam the caps man…you’re telling us that the VT Commodore and the Magna were lemons, yes?

  • CarlT

    Finally a small car that has both a turbocharged diesel engine and an automatic transmission has been offered to Australians.
    I took only how many years?
    I am going to take a close look at the Cruz and may well buy one.
    I would have bought a VW Polo a couple of years ago, but VW will not offer an automatic transmission with the diesel.
    The diesel Cruz produces significantly more power than the petrol version and uses much less fuel. The choice of the diesel engine is a no brainer.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    If I’m not mistaken CarlT, the i30 diesel has an automatic option and it has been available for well over a year now. Not to mention the Golf TDi DSG has been out for quite a few years now and could still be classed as an automatic. Both of the above cars are more of a competitor size/class wise to the Cruze than the Polo as it is more a compact car than a small car(however it is more a price competitor to the Cruze). Then you could also mention the Fiat Punto dualogic diesel. There definitely has been a choice in Australia of small automatic diesels, you just have to look a little harder! :-)

  • Andrew M

    Dont forget the Focus has a diesel option Devil.

    We went through all that before when it was claimed the Cruze was the only one to offer a diesel Auto

  • sam

    I owned both the original Magna and a VT SS ,many good points in their day,but unfortunately they both left me stranded on many occasions and proved to be lemons.Lucky they were both company cars so they went back after 3 years.

  • Motorhead

    It’s a huge leap over the previous Daewoo/Holdens & is better then the Astra which I wasn’t convinced it would be before driving it. Overall I still don’t think it’s the best car in it’s class but it isn’t the worst by any stretch either.
    The diesel is a bit too vocal at idle but has a lot more poke then the petrol & with a manual the lag isn’t really that noticeable.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Thanks Andrew M. I knew there were some others but I couldn’t put a finger on it at the time! I also just remembered the Astra was available in an auto as well.

  • when will holden get the hint

    I still can’t understand why Holden don’t bite the bullet and build a RWD small / medium car on GM’s Alpha platform around the size of a 3 series BMW! Call it a Torana, give it a small capacity version of the commodore’s v6 (say 2.5L) and watch them roll out the door to a hungry public. They could build a 1.8L omega version targeting fleets and a 2.0L diesel. You could then bring out your ‘hero’ version without having to worry about engineering for high power through the front wheels.

    This would give them their point of difference vs. all other cars in the small / medium class.

  • http://h32467/2009-holden-cruze-road-test-review/#comment-139697 Hans

    When will holden get the hint Says:
    “I still can’t understand why Holden don’t bite the bullet and build a RWD small / medium car on GM’s Alpha platform around the size of a 3 series BMW”

    “This would give them their point of difference vs. all other cars in the small / medium class”

    1)The alpha platform is engineered for FWD only
    2)General Motors has limited financial means… it is going through bankruptcy after all
    3)The majority of new car buying public are not car enthusiasts and won’t care whether a car is FWD or RWD
    4)The new Opel/Vauxhall Astra is a much better car in this category than the Cruze but is also more expensive.

    Holden should make the Cruze a replacement for the Viva only and bring on the next generation of Astra as well to sell alongside as a premium product and a higher price tag. Ala Honda with its Honda Civic sedan v Civic Hatch and Honda Accord v Honda Accord Euro strategy. The now superseded Astra is still a solid performer for Holden and I think it’d be a great pity not to import the next generation Astra down under. I know they have limited finances and what not but as they say nothing ventured nothing gained…

  • http://skyline The Salesman.

    When will holden get the hint,
    Because Korea dosent have a line set up to do it.

  • Freddy C

    I don’t get it. Corolla is butt ugly and dull both inside and out with the feel of the cheapest, hardest, blackest and greyest plastics you can find in the history of motoring. Mazda 3 is a very nice package (relative). But the 3 is in another price league. Arrogant dealers wont let go of a plain bottom of the line Neo for anything less than 28K. i30 is in a slightly smaller league size wise. And if you want to go Civic or French, you’d be thinking the mazda is a good deal. The Cruze aint all that bad. Only drawbacks with it is its questionable quality/reliability and rear end styling. But the interior and front end (ala cadillac cts and honda accord) sure are winners.

  • http://fpv CarlT

    Devil, all the cars you mentioned were on the high side of $30,000.
    I was referring to small cars on the low side of $30,000.
    The Polo and the Cruz are competitors. The i30 and the Golf are another notch up the ladder.
    I looked and then I looked some more. There was zip in the affordable small car market until the Cruz appeared.
    To Andrew M: the Focus diesel is not offered an automatic transmission. The Focus is a death trap anyway. Ever had occasion to find out where the fuel filter is?
    I had one as a company car a couple of years ago. I would never, ever, want to own a Focus.
    The fuel filter is under the floorpan, about half way along. I cannot think of a place where it would be more likely to be knocked and leak. It is also impossible to get at without a hoist.
    The Focus I had as a company car went through three fuel pumps in nine months. There is/was a problem with the component supplier, apparently, and Ford continued to supply the crap quality fuel pumps when warranty work was done.
    One of my staff was stuck by the roadside in my company car with a leaking fuel filter and fuel pissing all over the road from beneath the car.
    I suggested to her that she should drop a match an run like hell, but she declined.
    I can think of no better end for such an idiotic piece of design.

  • Andrew

    I think sadly Holden perhaps have done their best with this car with the resources that they would of been provided with (which no doubt isn’t anywhere near enough). The problem is I reckon, when you are trying to compete in the market the Cruze is aiming for, you cant rely on old loyalities or charming simplicity. This market demands sophistication, quality, flexibility at a low cost. Like anything you need to learn the task before you can be a master at it. Holden should continue to pursue this, but its a gamble and they cannot be surprised if they find its a bit of a flop. Once Holden have learned the task and refined the car to a competitive level (let alone a dominant level) then maybe they’ll get somewhere. Its a fight for them and its going to be a hard one. Also, just on a side note ‘Cruze’ appears to be just another name they (Holden/GM) pulled from their shed of old product names which also shows lack of imagination.

  • Mumble Duck

    In the new edition WHEELS July Edition Magazine, In the Small Car Test……..these were the positions of the cars tested………………………………….

    1st. Volkswagen Golf 90 TSI Tredline
    2nd. Mazda 3 Maxx hatch
    3rd. Ford Focus LX hatch
    4th. Holden Cruze CDX
    5th. Subaru Impreza RX sedan
    6th. Mitsubishi Lancer VR Sportback
    7th. Honda Civic VTi-L
    8th. Kia Cerato SLi
    9th. Toyota Corolla Ascent hatch
    10th. Hyundai i30 SLX hatch
    11th. Nissan Tiida Q hatch

    (And yes this is posted on the other article about the ‘Cruze’).

  • Robin Graves

    Mumble Duck, do you not realise that Holden PAYS MONEY to Wheels magazine to give them good reviews? Some people say the same about CarAdvice but I reckon they seem the most unbiased of all the motoring websites.

    Only ignorant redneck retards will buy this car because it has a Lion on the grill, just like they have done for the past 20 years.

  • Roddy

    Robin Graves,

    The fact that the Focus, Mazda and VW placed in front of the Cruze would seem to contradict your statement about Wheels magazine being paid by Holden to give favourable reviews.
    One would hope that you will follow up your claim with proof of bribery?
    It would seem, also, that other reviewers in websites and magazines who describe Cruze as being not bad but not superb would also contradict your staement regarding bribery, and would also seem to support the placing of Cruze in the aforementioned comparison in fourth place as being valid and accurate.

    Additionally you have my sympathy for having such low self-esteem as to come onto this Forum and specifically call purchasers of Holden product of the last 20 years as ‘ignorant redneck retards’.

    One would sincerely hope that the moderators of this Forum will act in an appropriate manner in dealing with such inflammatory remarks.

  • Mumble Duck

    Robin Graves, do you realise that you are wrong?

    Oh, and good work Roddy.

  • Robin Graves

    Roddy and MumbleDuck, If you wont or cant see that Wheels is ‘lubricated’ by Holden then maybe you should have your eyes checked. The ‘fact’ that Focus, Mazda and VW placed in front of the Holden is purely a smokescreen to prevent the obvious being visible to all those who have the wool firmly pulled over their eyes. I mean come on – look at the vehicles the Cruze placed in front of? Hello?

    And my self asteem is fine thanks Roddy, I drive whatever car I like and I dont care if rednecks scoff at the badge on the front or in what country it was made, I drive them and compare them on their merits not some schoolyard mob mentality.

  • Wheelnut®™

    Why do so many people on here have a problem with Motor and Wheels magazine – and the fact that in almost every issue there is an article/review of a particular Holden let alone seeing one on the cover

    I mean you look at a similar auto magazine form the USA UK Japan or Europe etc and they would have a locally built car on the cover just as much as Wheels or Motor has a Holden or Ford.. Its exactly the same

    They have a number or supplementary articles or reports about what’s going on overseas just as wheels and motor do]

    However their primary focus is the Local market They often compare the locally built cars against each other or against something from overseas just as does Wheels or Motor do because it instills a sense of national pride to see how good their cars are

  • Wheelnut®™

    The magazine publishers are in the business of making money therefore they need stories that sell and to do this they need an image on the cover of a car which people recognise or love – In Australia its generally either a Holden or Ford whereas in America it would be a Mustang or a Corvette or a Challenger etc

    Then they eed a major article on how the Cover car goes against one of its traditional rivals.. once again In Australia its generally either a Holden or Ford whereas in America it would be a Mustang or a Corvette or a Challenger etc

    Because they know the majority of their readers have a particular favourite and that the result will always be contentious or controversial and will help sell future issues as people will want to see if their favourite can defend its title or improve next time round.. it’s that simple

    • Carfanatic

      I subscribe to both Car and Driver and UK Evo Magazine, both these mags have a good variety of international cars that grace their covers on a regular basis, infact Car and Driver seem to put more Euorpean cars on their cover than home grown cars. Evo is not to dissimilar, quite often showing both Euro and Japanese cars equally, with the occasional American car and lo and behold even an HSV on the cover.

      Wheels and Motor need to spread the covers out more, it’s called appealing to a wider reader base.

  • Wheelnut®™

    I mean look at how many comments the Holden v Ford articles on this website get compared to those where the Topic is either a VW or a Nissan etc.

    I know its a bit hard as we often end up arguiing about the supposed superiority etc of a particular japanese manufacturer – but it shows what cars most car enthusiasts in Australia are interested in.. So what’s your problem

    No one is making you read or buy Motor or Wheels magazine If you are sick of reading about Holden or Ford there are a number of newsagents who sell car magazines from the UK or USA etc if not you can subscribe to them over the internet.

  • Jason

    Drove one the other day. Without a doubt the worst car I’ve ever driven. The engine is terrible. Don’t make the mistake of the year by buying this car.

  • FrugalOne


    WOW big call, i checked it out on Sat., not my cup of tea design wise, i would not buy a car that does nothing for me or no excitement, would be like forced to drive it.

    Would drive ~ the same as a Cerato/i30, all Korean tar-n-feathered the same?

    The issue i see is that you can buy superior Made In Japan [ie Lancer Sedan/Sportback] for around the same coin.

    Holden are doing heaps of promo on it, they have big expectations for it.Meanwhile over at the Ford camp the superior Focus is a bit of a orphan…FCC “Falcon Car Company”, near totally ignored?



  • Glen

    The Cruze diesel is a great car for towing.
    The opposition can’t match its torque at low revs and with traction control a FWD has much better grip.

    Cruze, 320 Nm at 2000 rpm, Towing Capacity with Brakes 1200 kg, Fuel Consumption 5.7 L/100

    Corolla, 175 Nm at 4400 rpm, Towing Capacity with Brakes 1300 kg, Fuel Consumption 7.4 L/100

    Mazda 3, 182 Nm at 4500 rpm, Towing Capacity with Brakes 900 kg, Fuel Consumption 7.9 L/100

    • Carfanatic

      You can’t compare Diesel to petrol for towing.

    • Al Juraj

      Mazda3 diesel and Ford Focus diesel would eat this anytime. And don’t you believe the 5.7l/100km claim; the actual figure is way more than that.

  • Trudie

    Robin Graves, I would like to sue you for your remarks about me. It is defamation of character.

    I just took ownership of my brand new Holden Cruze.

    This in fact, in your world makes me an ignorant redneck retard.

    I believe that I might be a bogan, no wait, I am definitely a bogan, but I am in no way ignorant nor am I retarded. I believe you are also insulting the rednecks of this world as well as people who are mentally challenged.

    If something as simple as a New Holden brings you to the point of disgraceful insults, aimed at people you have never met, nor will ever meet, luckily for them, then I think you may need some professional help.

    So my New Holden Cruze CD petrol is beautiful. I love the style it has, its very nice to drive, has all the creature comforts I desire in a car. It also has above standard safety features which are very impressive. It is perfect for me and I love it. Looking forward to putting some Chrome Rims on it soon.

    This car may not be to the liking of everybody, which is fine, but please dont resort to kindergarden name calling. Actually, if you want to …. go for it! You’re only making an arse of yourself anyway.

  • mad max

    Robin Graves, a lot of people have made the same stupid, uninformed comments about Wheels magazine for the past 40 odd years. I read the comment like your idiotic rant on a regular basis. NOBODY has been able to prove anything. EVER. My advice for you is to seek professional help. Soon! It will help you to overcome some of the personal problems that obviously effect your ability to reason and interact with others in the wideer community.

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      Robyn loves to rant on about anything GM, it’s a bit of an obsession with her

  • Robin Graves

    OOhhh A little open-minded thinking outside of the sheep mentality that seems to plague so many of the masses, and its labelled as idiotic and in need of professional advice. Neither are correct – and my money will be wisely spent on quality, value packed products that aren’t built for consumer puppets. People like you Max and Trudie are eventually going to be weeded out from the gene-pool – just like GM will be.

  • Andrew M

    you are comparing petrol models to the diesel Cruze.

    The Focus comes with a diesel that peaks torque at 340nm and comes with low fuel consumption that is actually achieved in real world conditions whereas the Cruze diesels fuel claims are a little…….hmmmmmm.

    But anyway, if you are saying a small car of anysort is ideal for towing, then ill be off the roads when you are trying that theory out

    Just for one more laugh…….
    FWD more grip for towing????? ha ha ha ha ha say no more

  • Freddy C

    Bought a new mazda 3 over the cruze. Base model 3, Neo cost me 26500 with safety option, reverse sensors, window tint, premium plates and mats. Great deal from the dealer (dont think anyone will go lower than that) although not sure if it was worth it over the cruze cdx which would have topped at no more than 27000 with alot more packages than the neo. Test drove both cars and there’s no question that the engine and transmission is superior in the mazda. But the cdx cruze’s interior beats the neo’s easily. I reckon both cars are pretty much equal and their prices cetainly reflect that. Guess it just depends on which brand you’d rather be in. In this case, mazda.

  • http://benmay.org Ben May

    Thanks for the review, looking at getting the CD-X. Keen to see your review when it comes out.

  • Rich

    So, Robin Graves, let me see if I understand.

    If a Holden wins a Wheels comparison it is a sure indication of Holden bias.

    If a Holden doesn’t win a Wheels then it is a sure indication of Holden bias.

    I think I need you to run it past me again.

  • Stephen Hampson

    This Cruze prices up really well in NZ. Here a 4 speed Cloth Corolla is $39,990, A cloth Honda Civic Sport is $40,300, and the LEATHER HEATED seats SIX SPEED AUTOMATIC with 17 inch alloys and park radar is $31,490 !! Its way ahead in price, and for those people looking for a fuel efficient sedan I can’t see how these other brands can compete. Even a cheapo Kia Cerato 4 speed cloth LX is $32,500, the luxury Cruze is smashing everything. Well done Holden

    • Shak

      Mate wat r u smoking, none of the prices you quoted are correct. even in NZ those prices are absurd. C’mon if that were true then a base commodore would be 50 grand stock.

  • Doc

    There might be something in this Cruze. They are selling like hot cakes in Australia. There is already a two month waiting period. Fleet buyers will especially like the diesel. I’m predicting it being Wheels car of the year in its class next year. Aparently, its already winning races in motorsports.


    Following a WTCC triumph in Marrakech earlier in the month, the Cruze won both races of the Race of France that took place on the extremely demanding streets of Pau in southern France, extending the team’s winning run to four.The Cruze race car cuts a distinctive presence in this year’s WTCC.

    This is what it looks like in Chev racing colours



  • Robin Graves

    Hey Doc, your right it probably will win Wheels COTY. Just like the Camira did in the ’80s, and plenty of people bought them too….

  • Hello

    I must be one of the few that think this car is a class act… a little conservative on the outside maybe but still very pleasant and FAR from ugly, and inside it’s superb. It gives you a smooth ride, I didn’t feel like the engine noise was in any way significant, plus you can get it in a diesel which may not be as economical as an i30’s diesel, but still puts a little extra under the bonnet without punishing you at the pump.

  • pino

    Drive a holden vectra cdx and drive a cruz.Cruz is a cheap copy of a classic german vectra cdx.

    Vectra and astra were the best imports for holden

    • Shak

      yeah and ur probably one of these people who didnt want to fork up the cash for the Vectra and Astra.

  • larry

    Well lets look at what you get for your money.
    1.Leather seats & heated front seats 2.front fog lights
    3.rear park sensors 4.17in alloys 5.6 air bags and the list goes on. All these features and more are standard in the CDX.The design is european and so what if it looks like other cars out there.I bet you live in a house that looks like your neighbours down the street. I have never been a Holden man but i think this time Holdens have come up with the answer. I have driven one and for what it is the Cruze is great value. Only draw back if you order one now you have to wait till Jan 2010.

    • ohsotorque_

      You forgot the incredible reliability that comes with being Made in Korea with a Holden badge.

  • Don J

    I really dislike the styling of the Cruze… front is unattractive, the grille is ugly and elongated lights are not attractive either; rear end is dull and looks like at least another 2 or 3 cars on the road. This is a car with a serious identity crisis. Holden should’ve stuck with the Euro designed cars – e.g. Astra and Vectra – rather than the uninspired Korean ones (even if the styling is trying to be European). On a positive, the interior looks quite nice. I would never buy one of these – give me a new Lancer or Focus (or Mondeo) any day.

  • Rob

    Good Morning All,
    I purchased a CDX {Auto} Cruze about two months ago now. I must say, I’m very disappointed in the performance {power}. I’m sure I have a problem within the fuel injection system or some other setting.
    When driving on a flat road, you can feel and hear the revs die. Then, after you put your foot down, it will pick up.
    I was heading towards Sydney last week so, I set the cruise control at 110 klm. I started climbing a steep hill then, I noticed going by the speedo, I was only doing 80klms.
    Has anyone else had this problem ? or, is it just me or my car. Apart from this, it’s a beautiful car. I will say, for the size of the car, I feel it should have a two litre motor.

    • Golfschwein

      An ordinary two litre, or a 1.4 with better power and torque? The latter’s rumoured to be coming.

    • Jim Jones

      Hi Rob,

      I think you should have a chat to your dealer, i know there was an issue initally with the auto and it just had to be reconfigured on some cars. Ours is fine.

    • Bill Casey

      I’ve had trouble with my CDX cruise control on uphill runs. Set on 100kph it sometimes slows to under 90kph before it seems to “wake up”. On a few occasions it has died completely and I have to take over the accelerator. Reported to dealer but they said all checked out OK whereas it certainly isn’t OK.

  • Bill Casey

    Hi again Rob
    Further to my earlier commen, I took the Cruze back to the dealer today and they did a software upgrade. This seems to have made quite a ♠difference to the car’s ability to hold cruise control speed on a steep upgrade.
    I’m a much happier person!

  • messinaboy

    Hi,we drove our cdx to Sydney and had no problems with power going up hills,we had a full load and at the speed limit and sometimes + and it showed a return of 7.1 L/100 klm.The only glitch was you could Feel the auto change down when the car was slowing down but the up grade to the software fixed that.We are very happy with it.

  • alyce

    geez i wanted a cruze review and all im gettin is people calling eachother red necks etc…..rrigghhhtttt suppose ill just have to buy one to find out myself then…thanks anyway i guess???????

  • http://AUDI Senor Vega

    I test drove a Cruze today.
    Must say I was disappointed with the lack of power.
    I went up a steepish hill. I thought I would have to get out and push.
    The best thing about the car, apart from plenty of internal space, is the coffee cup holders.
    I don’t want to spend $27k to hold my coffee, though.
    Gearbox and ratios are wierdly off-putting to say the least.
    I would drive one if someone else forked out the dough, but I would probably feel slightly annoyed as the umpteenth cyclist passed me by.

  • Ruze

    Our company stupidly bought a small fleet of these on the advise of an internet comparison with the Corolla (our current fleet car) and one females (no offence – she herself admits she doesn’t know much about cars) test drive.

    This car never fails to disappoint me and is down right dangerously underpowered. A colleague was nearly pole axed by a tram today after flooring the accelerator and it lagging 2 seconds. These cars (and I’ve driven three different ones just to make sure mine wasn’t a lemon) have a flat spot when taking off and could not be relied on if you had to accelerate out of trouble. The gearbox is terrible either under revving or nearly red lining.

    The cruise control is easy to engage but lags when adjusting, simply won’t accelerate above 100kms and alters speed + or – 5kms for no apparent reason. I’m not a fan of the interior, it seems, well Korean and cheap.

    Other issues include, the headlights (set on auto) staying on once the car is locked and display lights in buttons for climate control working sporadically. All this in a car that has just clocked up the 1000kms!

    This car is all style and no substance. Looks good inside and out, roomy for it’s size but due to its performance issues is an accident waiting to happen.

    If I spent my own money on this car I would be terribly disappointed.

    A cheap piece of crap – Do not buy this car!

    • Shak

      mAte what were you expecting a hot hatch. It only has 110 kw max what were you expecting. Dont bag the car because it wasnt tailor made for you. And i highly doubt that ur company bought these on a single test drive. Any company stupid enough to fork out that much cash on a single test drive deserves a much worse car, such as the Kia Rio

      • Ruze

        Our CFO does the purchasing mate. Vehicle leasing comes down to cost to him. The Cruze must stack up better than it’s competitors I guess. We are a small company and I guess he doesn’t know much about cars. Previous to this we bought four Vivas with the view to replacing the Corollas. The Viva just sat there and people literally refused to drive them. The Cruze is definitely a step up and I have to admit that when I first saw the Cruze and sat in, I was impressed with its style. In my initial review I stated that the car has style – it does look good, no doubt. I’m no car head mate and I wouldn’t waste my time writing about the fleet cars at work unless i felt strongly about it.I stand by everything I wrote previously. I didn’t expect a hot hatch or sports performance. All I want is a car that I can trust if I ever had to power out of trouble. I simply feel unsafe in a Cruze and many of my colleagues share my view. These cars are the talk of my work. Just buy a bloody Corolla and be done with it. The Holden Cruze is a dangerous, well styled, dud car.

        • Shak

          but the corolla has even less power and torque, is less safe and has less equipment, ans IMO is just downright fugly. again what small car in this price bracket is going to have enough power to “get you out of trouble”?

    • Pumpkinpizza

      Mmmm… yes i find it strange too that he’s complaining about the power and calling it a “accident waiting to happen”!

      Dose this mean any car with 110Kw or less is a “accident waiting to happen”

      And the Cruze has more power than the Corolla anyway.

      Tho i am a Corolla owner, 6 speed, and i find it takes off fine, can’t imagine the cruze would be worse it should be slightly better unless the 5 speed causes the extra 10KW to go missing which i doubt.

      Also the Corolla is not ugly, well mine isn’t! Sedan that is, don’t like any hatch really. (Mind you i’ve added dark tint, 17″ Alloys, and lowered it so looks much better than a standard one)

      I also think th Cruze’s styling is quite similar to the Corolla anyway?

      But really beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    • Pumpkinpizza

      Mmmm… yes i find it strange too that he’s complaining about the power and calling it a “accident waiting to happen”!

      Dose this mean any car with 110Kw or less is a “accident waiting to happen”

      And the Cruze has more power than the Corolla anyway.

      Tho i am a Corolla owner, 6 speed, and i find it takes off fine, can’t imagine the cruze would be worse it should be slightly better unless the 5 speed causes the extra 10KW to go missing which i doubt.

      Also the Corolla is not ugly, well mine isn’t! Sedan that is, don’t like any hatch really. (Mind you i’ve added dark tint, 17″ Alloys, and lowered it so looks much better than a standard one)

      I also think th Cruze’s styling is quite similar to the Corolla anyway?

      But really beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

      I like the look of the cruze, but i do worry about it’s build quality and reliablity. One reason i got the Corolla was you can’t really go wrong with Toyota there, and now it’s 2.5 years old with 100,000k’s + on the clock i can vouch for it. My Pulsar befor this was definantly lacking in refinment over the Corolla which is what i would fear for the Cruze.

      My mother likes the cruze and unlike me she probably wouldn’t notice the dif in build quality anyway, so if she dose get one i just hope it’s built well enough and not a lemon.

      • Timmy

        It is an “accident waiting to happen” Drive one and you’ll find out! You can floor it from take off and it just won’t move! It’s not 110kw from idle it’s 110kw once the turbo kicks in and the stall converter/auto stops soaking up all the power. (about 2000rpm+)


    i’ve owned holdens and know people who own fords. only if you could grown them on trees in your back yard and make a refreshing drink out of them or squeeze them as an accompaniment on you favorite dish. Mmmm it would better for the price you get for it when you wanna trade. I’ve made the change to a corolla sportivo and it was the best decision ever. 4yrs old with 120000km, trouble free motoring and still going strong. I’ve booted it a fair number of times and the little 1.8litre is still holding up. Previous commodore bigger motor, 160000km blah blah blah, oil leaks; transmission problems and the list goes on. My tip is if youre gonna waste your money waste it on a jap car! Takashi knows his Sh!t!!

  • lola

    a 5 speed manual 2.0L JE holden camira $250 can beat this crap out of this 0-100km/h beating it by one full car length !


    i see some idiots in my street driving such cars …… paying $20000+ for a piece of crap, where in fact they can buy a nice Omega 2006 V6 3.6L a real deal for less , or a Falcon BA/BF for less with a monster 4.0L that does not sound like a piece of crap when you turn it on in the morning!

    • Pumpkinpizza

      OMG LOL is this guy for real??? I’m guessing he lives in Mt Druitt

      A Camira!

      I don’t care if the Camira can do 0-100kph in 2seconds,and cost $50 I’d pay $20,000+ for ANY of the cars in that price range rather then be seen DEAD in a Camira!

      Also my mate had a “Omega 2006 V6 3.6L” ie a Vectra, and yes it was Fast!, but it used more petrol than my brothers 92 V6 Pajero, and he had a bunch of electrial problems with it, and the paint cracked all up and it was only 4 years old! His Miss’s has a Barina’s (Opel built not the daewoo) paint did the same.

      Don’t buy a Euro Car in the Australian Sun!

      Anyway, go the Camira! lol

      • haha

        your a dreamer mate. i think my mum owned a camira like 12 years ago and they were still basic. pull your head in.

  • DH

    Buy a Corolla and get it recalled, foot pedals made in China and getting stuck on the floor, no wonder acceleration is quick lol. Toyota shares tumble, ‘Ah what feeling’

    Chinese proverb say: buy a corlla and buy a lemon! 😉

  • Saman

    I purchased a Cruze CD, Diesel Auto, and it will be available next week, in Adelaide. I want to know if the spare tyre could be requested for free upon collecting the car!

    May I call the dealer to ask them about tinting of windows and have floor mat now?, of course for free!

    I tested the Cruze before purchasing and it was acceptable. Of course the acceleration was less than my previous car, Aurion with 3.6l engine power, but I prefer to have a less thirsty car!!

    • Robin Graves

      Good luck buddy – cant see any extras coming your way once you signed on the dotted line but they can only say no!

  • Saman

    What about spare tyre. I ve heard its an optional and free to have it in addition of inflation kit.

  • Saman

    does anybody know how many days take to release the car from port and aqis?

  • Saman

    I called the dealer and asked about the spare tyre, and they accepted to give me for free.

    Its an optional equipment which is free for all of those have CD Diesel turbo. Dont forget to request it!

    • Shak

      They leave it out to save weight. My CDX diesel didnt have it when i picked it up, so i went back after two weeks and the dealer gave me one for free.

  • Gerry

    Well 4 mths with the Cruze CD and I wish I had bought something else.
    38 degree air coming in the fresh air vents any time and day even if 12 outside or 25 which means you have to use the aircon. Holden say it is normal to get 38 degree fresh air, I think not. The ride is bumpy ad every tiny imperfection on the road is felt through the steering and seats. They are tinny as they say you should close the bonnet by dropping it to close as pushing it can dent the panel. If you are thinking of buying really take it for a real long test drive. The external temp readout is always really wrong 21 outside can show 35 all day. Not worth 26000 for sure. Vision is bad pillars too thick and view is blocked badly. Glass on windscreen is too thin you can hear every bug hit. etc etc

    • Geoff Stephenson

      Gerry, you have always been supposed to drop a bonnet the last few inches. I’m 57 yo and never pressed a bonnet closed. The dealer will fix your outside temp gauge. You can hear the bugs in any car. Birds are louder again.Most cars these days have thick A pillars, it is a strenght issue for ancap rating.My 2 cruzes are far quieter and better riding than my previous SP 23 Mazda.

  • john a

    gerry,you sound like you wouldnt be happy with anything,if you dont like it sell it,quite simple realy.

    • Gerry

      Well how would like to have to use the aircon everytime you go for a drive and waste expensive petrol. Also I was nor aware mant Holden Cruze have this problem and Holden shoulkd fix it not me sell it.

      • Shak

        Itsnot a problem, you are just picky. My cruze blows fresh air perfectly. and how would you know how hot the fresh air is, it does not show as a temp. Unless you got a thermometer and measured it. Weirdo.

  • Goodfa

    A friend of mine has had his Cruze CDX Manual for about three months now.
    He is happy with the styling and the way it drives/handles and loves the interior.


    He also owns an AH Astra which has a 90kw 1.8l engine and 7.8l/100km ADR fuel economy whereas the Cruze is 104kw and 7.0l/100km ADR fuel economy figure but in the real world over the same roads with the same driver the Astra kills the Cruze in acceleration and fuel economy. He feels that he has almost been conned by Holden as the fuel economy for the Cruze should be better than the Astra and power to weight is line ball with the Astra but it feels gutless compared to the Astra.

    Once Holden get a decent petrol engine in the Cruze then they maybe onto a winner.

  • Holden Buyer

    I bought a Holden Cruze CDX petrol Two weeks ago. I have done 1050 KMS i am only averaging 11.5 Liters per 100 KMS. No were near 7.5 l/100 advertised. Not happy. Any one else have similer issues???

    • Goodfa

      My friend is averaging 12l/100km with his CDX Petrol Manual.He bought this car to cut down on his running costs.He took it to a Holden Dealer and they said there was nothing wrong with it.He is not happy.

  • hmmm

    well looking at this car. i think it looks alot like the 2008 toyota corolla.

  • Gerry

    I get around 7.6 lit per 100 and a bit better on a trip. Cruze 2009 CD petrol.

  • Gerry

    Well when an Automobile Club says they would not think of recommending or buying a Cruze then Holden need to lift their game,now!!

    • Shak

      They base their decision pretty heavily on driving dyanmics and sporting prowess. That is not the Cruze’s intention. Its a value for money small car that is capable in all regards.

  • Jimdog

    I’m gonna buy one of these. Taken a diesel Cruze for two test drives and I loved them. The Cruze is a GOOD car.

  • Pat

    I have been landed with a Cruze from the fleet, and it would have the most uncomfortable driving seat and position of any car I have ever driven. It is very awkward to get out of. Definitely not a winner.

    • Gerry

      yes I agree hardest and with no shock absorbsion it is not comfortable with the extremely hard suspension which transmits all tiny bumps to your rear. Still needs muany improvements.

  • Andrew S

    My other half bought the Cruze CD manual petrol and i need to be absolutly honest here… For $23,000 approx, I would say that this is a pretty mundane car compared to the i30, Lancer, Toyota and others on the market…

    I just noticed that the Glove Box is smaller than my Jimny’s glove box and that there is no boot lid lever anywhere to be found other than the key, the boot cant be opened when the keys in the ignition and that means that if the cars on, it needs to be turned off and ket retracted and then opened…

    This car is pretty inside at night, although I cannot get why such a modern vehicle doesnt use L.E.D’s inside as vanity lights or for exterior lights…

    After test driving a lancer the other day thats only $21,000 I cant say that a Cruze is anything like the Lancer or a Corolla thats based on an old 2003 chassis…

    I agree that Holden is blowing its own horn with their cars, this isnt even a Holden built vehicle, its Korean, and Holden gets Tarrifs for sales within Australia… This car’s quiet agerage and alike to the Camira will be upsetting to see its resale within a few years, for the sake of the Holden badges… Its not that well fitting either with its interior plastics, I can deal with small gaps in the plastic, but miss aligned plastics really show me what the car is really like. If you look at the front bar of the car, you can easily see a metal sub structure ‘whimmy bar’ that runs behind it, at no time did GM try to disguise that – for god’s sake paint it black!!!

    In all honestly its “just another re-badged Korean import”… And thats really boring coming from a supposidly really upp to date Australian Vehicle Manufacturer!!

    Think Smarter!

    Andrew S

    • Shak

      The Gov get the Tariffs from Vehicle imports.

  • Timmy

    I test drove the Auto Turbo diesel and was shocked at how much lag it has. Not acceptable, not drivable in the city and should not have been released until it was sorted.This problem is a combo of slight turbo lag and a terrible auto transmission.It takes about 2 seconds to really start moving!That seems like forever when trying to merge etc. I don’t understand why people have bought it??? Did you not test drive it?

    *** Also test drove the manual and it was a totally different car***
    No problems with lag at all, heaps of torque (3 men in the car going up hills + entering freeway) but if you need auto then this is NOT the car to get.

    • Shak

      We bought the car because it met our criteria. My manual CDX diesel has more than enough torque and power, and still manages to return good economy. Also the mornings are much nicer wtith the heater and the seats heated up. Its simply an all round good car, and the sales charts show exactly this.

  • Steve

    Bought manual CD diesel about a month ago, have done 2400kms so far.
    For a 50 litre tank I get 700km a tank around town, havent done long distance highway travel yet.
    Great car overall except:
    1st gear is a VERY short gear, maybe its the way with diesels I dont know. The problem arises when you slow down to say 5km/hr (not in any gear) and say the traffic light turns green. You put the car in 1st and it revs too high and you need to put it immediately in 2nd. However, if you go straight to second the car has NO power and as other cars shoot off in front of you, the Cruze crawls up to speed. VERY frustrating, and a stupid flaw of the vehicle. I should have bought an auto.
    Other than that significant very annoying flaw, the car is fantastic.

    • Geoff Stephenson

      It’s a 60 litre tank Steve.

  • Halena

    ^ HAL – What is your name? I really want to know! This is not for personal reasons I just want to know. And other people, I am about to buy a car and I wanted to know which car you would like to suggest for me, that would be very helpful and I would be very grateful if you did. Thank you, goodbye.

    • Lisa

      hi Halena did you end up getting advice on this as i am about to buy a new car looking at spending between 20-25 and i am so confused!

  • jade

    hi guys i need some help….my mrs wants to buy a holden cruze, or a holden cross 8 with lots of customised accessories….cross 8 is selling for 25000….what shall we go for??? please help

    • Jabba the Hut

      Two completely different vehicles. One is a crew cab ute in the large car category and drinks fuel at a massive rate, is heavy ,has high rego and insurance fees and is basically an afterthought.

      The other is a sedan in the small car category ,has smaller engines, uses less than half the fuel, is cheaper to register and insure and will come with a 3 year warranty. if you don’t need a large car it is a no-brainer.

      The Cruze is a very reasonable car and you should be looking at the diesel option. The petrol donk isintended for town use under a light pedal. It will struggle with a full load of passengers. The diesel CDX can be had for around 30k with the 6 speed auto. It has a good ride, tonnes of features and more than enough get up and go.

      I’d be buying the cruze. Not someone’s hand me down fuel guzzler.

  • gerry1945

    Holden Cruze 2009-10 Well so many problems with this car, a friend has sold his already as he got stuck in Adelaide 4 weeks waiting for a spare part, not good then he tried to continue his trip and it died again.
    Hot air continually enters the car 10-15 above the outside temperature. Major problem with all 2009 2010 Cruze’s. roughest ride ever, underpowered, tinny bad designs I have more than 28 faults so far. I wish I had not wasted so much time to get info from Holden about the hot air problem , 6 months later they tell me to use the air con to keep the heated air temperature down. They never returned any phone calls or emails from Customer Service.
    seats are like sitting on concrete, every tiny road ripple is transmitted to the steering wheel and seat. My advice is get a real car like a Nissan Dualis nice ride powerful and quiet. Think hard before buying a Cruze.

    • nickdl

      I guess what we’re all wondering is why you bought the car if it’s so horrible to drive and uncomfortable and underpowered?

      There’s no way you could have predicted all the faults but still surely all the negatives you mentioned would have turned you off a Cruze.

      • Jabba the Hut

        I doubt he has ever owned one. The ride is above the class average as mentioned by pretty much every tester abd the seats are very comfortable. I test drove one recently. It was only the salesman’s attitude that turned me off.

        I weas actually ready to sign up and had done heaps of research on the car. There is nothing on any forums to back your claims. maybe you were just extremely unlucky. Or maybe as I already said, you never owned one.

        • The Other Brad

          They never did own one. Their friend did.

          • Jabba the Hut

            You need to read his post again.

        • The Other Brad

          By car tester you mean car reviewer?

          If so, I think you’ll find that the manufacturers ensure their test cars are up to scratch. A car review with faults like the ones gerry pointed out would cost them countless sales.

      • nickdl

        Just to clarify I never said anything bad about the Cruze, I think it’s great value and suits most buyers’ needs. I was just wondering why someone would buy a car if they hated it so much from the start. It seems to me that you should test your second-biggest asset quite thoroughly before buying it.

  • Lisa

    So confused!!! Thought the holden cruze looked like a great car to buy but there are so many negative comments on here! Would love some advice, i have about $25,000 to spend on a new car i have two kids so safety is very important. Am looking for automatic petrol car.

    • nickdl

      Have a look at the i30cw. It’s got all the safety equipment and it’s a wagon for the right price. Plus Hyundai are building really reliable cars nowadays with 5 year warranties. Otherwise a Mazda3 is safe as well and you should be able to get an auto for under $25000.

      • Jabba the Hut

        I tested the i30 the same afternoon as I tested the Cruze. The Cruze was a better alround package for slightly more money. Better ride, more get up and go in the diesel and a 6 speed auto to boot. For my eyes it is better styled also.

        Be careful when choosing Lisa because if there’s one thing you will learn in here is that there are numerous people that write crap just to sledge a brand.

        • Jabba the Hut

          Oh and I am a fan of hyundai’s vehicles. I intend buying an ix35 in coming weeks so obviously my post regarding the cruze is n unbiased one.

          One of the clinchers for me was that 5 year warranty.

          • Lisa

            thankyou for the advice. i’ve never brought a brand new car before and am only able to do so now due to an inheritance so i’m nervous at wasting it. am still interested in the cruze and as my mum will be buying one too hopefully we can get a great deal?!?

          • CA

            Lisa, if I were you I’d be looking at the class leaders in the segment: The Mazda 3 and Ford Focus. Both run rings around the others in all of the expert reviews. And reliability is likely to be far better than the Daewoo Cruz (with NCO Holden badge).

          • filippo

            Lisa: These latest Daewoo-sourced Holdens – like the Hyundais and Kias – are improving all the time. Just 5 years ago all cars coming from these Korean factories were pretty shoddy, but finally they are creating some half-decent cars. From what I hear the Cruzes are pretty well screwed together and offer a lot of features for the price, however they are more a ‘good car for the money’ rather than a ‘good car full stop’. Some owners have noted that the fuel economy they get is much worse than what is reported, so be aware of that. Also, the petrol/automatic combination is likely to be a bit of a slug.

            My advice: go for a Mazda 3, Hyundai i30 or Ford Focus. Even the Toyota Corolla or Nissan Tiida (despite being rather plain to look at) are better cars for the money.

          • Jabba the Hut

            Lisa ignore the rubbish about the Cruze being a Daewoo. It is not. It is a GM product. You can also strike the focus off too. The “experts” don’t sing it much praise. The mazda 3 is a good car and available in a diesel but for a lot more money than the Cruze. It also still suffers from a lot of road noise and a harsh ride around town

            CA go do some research rather than drag up tripe for the sake of it. The lady is trying to buy a car with sound advice. Not that of some kid that doesn’t like holden. I’m not a big fan of holden and yet was considering the Cruze until the salesman decided to have an arguement. The car is very good for the money. Google faults with it and you will be hard pressed to find a page.

            Just make sure it is the diesel. The petrol is a little underwhelming.

          • Jabba the Hut

            …and the fuel figures that Filippo is referring to are also for the petrol. It was intended ace a city engine and designed for conservative fuel misers. If you put the foot down it will drink.

          • Reallity

            Lisa, don’t mind Jabbamouth, he’s a notorious Holden fanatic – you wont get any sound advice from him.
            Oh and the Cruze; Designed and built in Korea by GM Daewoo – absolute undisputable fact.
            Not that some people have a problem with that, you just need to be aware that you ARE buying a Daewoo if you buy a Cruze.
            GM have been rebadging them all over the place, hencs Jabba’s fanboi miss-information.

          • filippo

            Re the comment “ignore the rubbish about the Cruze being a Daewoo. It is not”, go to google images, search for ‘Daewoo Lancetti 2010′ and tell me what you see.

            Also, the poor economy figures I was speaking about were for the Cruze diesel. Like it’s younger sibling the Holden Barina (aka Daewoo Kalos), the real-world fuel economy figures are nothing to write home about.

            Go for the Mazda. Not only is it the most stylish of this segment, the level of road noise that ‘Jabba the Holden Dealer’ mentioned are exaggerated. If you are on a tight budget, you won’t find more car for the money than with the Nissan Tiida. If you want a good all-rounder, go for the Hyundai i30 or Focus.

          • CA

            Lisa, please take a breath and take your time to spend your money wisely. Read some real reviews and go test drive withou any intention of buying on the day. Don’t be pressured.

            Class leaders are the Ford Focus and Mazda 3.

            The Cruze is a rebadged Daewoo, the i30 the latest generation of Hyundai’s Excel.

            Shop around and buy what YOU actually like, rather than listening to extremists like Jabba.

            Look back for some examples of his rants under some of his numerous aliases:

            “The Oracle’s Master”, “(FORD) F… O… R… D..”, and “Jabba (sometning)”. Sorry but some peoples opinion on bloggs like this just need to be ignored for your own sake.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            CA, the i30 IS NOT the latest generation of the Excel. It is the next size up and closer aligned to the Elantra than the Excel. Don’t let the fact that it is only a hatch back/wagon fool you.

            Lisa, all the cars mentioned (Focus, Mazda3, Cruze, i30CW (as it has the most space for the kids), Corolla and even the Tiida) are good in their own different ways. My best advice is to COMPLETELY ignore what brand the car is, go and test drive each one, crawl all over it, press all the buttons etc etc and pick the car that best suits YOUR requirements and makes YOU feel better. Which one has enough space, the type of features you want and gives you a smile when you drive it etc. Don’t just get the car because it is a Holden or a Ford or a Mazda, get it because it is the car that does the most of what YOU want it to do, not some stranger on the internet or because a friend etc says it is.

            Best of luck and keep us posted. Above all, have fun!

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Oh, I forgot to mention. Please don’t take this the wrong way as I mean no malice etc in this comment at all. DON’T let the fact that your mum wants “car A” influence your decision in getting the same. She may have different requirements in a car that may not suit you personally. If they do happen to align at the end of it, all well and good, but DON’T simply get the same car as her because she is you mother. You could regret it down the track.

        • Jabba the Hut

          Lisa, I posted recently in this thread that after owning a VU series 2 Holden ute that I’d never own another Holden. I then took the Cruze for a drive and was mighty impressed. I then read numerous reviews and pretty much every one of them was singing the Cruze’s praise.

          The Cruze was designed by GM not daewoo as suggested above, or rather he twisted his words to make you believe it was. The majority of testers also feel the Focus is dated and lacks the standard kit of the other vehicles in this class.

          Daewoo have a loyal following in Korea and so the name has been retained despite the company being majority owned so of course the car will be badged as a daewoo over there. Again the facts are being twisted by one of the ford fan boys above. Read this whole thread and you will get a clearer picture. Or simply take the advice of “car advice”. They rate it highly and have much more lnowledge of the vehicle than most of these clowns.

  • Jabba the Hut

    CA in particular has shown he has little idea about what the Cruze is. It certainly is NOT a rebadged Daewoo. It is a daewoo badged GM designed product and very good car. Ford’s Mondeo ,Fiesta and Courier/ Ranger are built by Mazda despite massive imput from Ford. Does that make them Mazdas?

    Lisa start researching and look at the vehicles as a whole as suggested by the devil’s advocate. Pretty much all that he listed are food vehicles. Don’t discount the Cruze because of the ill infnormed crap from CA . It is as worthy of you consideration as the rest listed above.

    Filippo is trying to ram the Mazda down your throat and suggests that I am a holden lover despite the fact I think the Commodore is crap and so are the craptiva and Barina yet here I am in support of the Cruze.

    These tossers are just upset because I won’t join the Ford Bogan club.

    • CA

      Jabba, stop with the fanboy exteremist behaviour.

      At no point did I say the the Cruze was a bad car, nor did I say that the fact that it IS a Daewoo is a bad thing. I merely presented the facts to someone who is looking for information.
      Daewoo is a GM owned affilliate. Daewoo were/are the lead design/engineering division responsible for the Cruze – FACT. The Cruze IS a Daewoo – FACT. That is important to some and not others – their decision.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Just to clear up some of the facts. You are completely correct, the Cruze is a GM Europe design and is a hybrid of the previous and current model European Astra underneath (the new Astra has multi link rear suspension and not the torsion beam of the previous Astra and the current Cruze). It just happens to be built in Korea due to being able to make it cheaper.

      The Fiesta/Mondeo (Focus can be added to that too) comment is not totally correct. The Fiesta and Mondeo are still Ford designs that, depending on model, use Mazda designed engines/drive-trains but they are still all made in Ford factories by Ford. Using the Focus platform as an example, Ford was given the chassis to design, Mazda given the drive-trains and Volvo given the duties to make it safe! With the European Fords the 4cyl petrol engines are Mazda designs, the 5cyl turbo is of course a Volvo engine and the diesels is a PSA engine and is not related at all to the Mazda diesels. For info the current 6 is still based off the previous 6/Mondeo platform and not the current Mondeo.

      The Ranger is different again. There are 2 types of Rangers until the new model comes along. There is a US model, which is a Ford design/built for themselves and Mazda for the North American market, and the other version we get which is Mazda designed and built.

      • Jabba the Hut

        Thanks Devil’s Advocate for clarifyibg my comments regarding the Cruze. Now if only CA would get it. As you can see Lisa the Cruze is not a Daewoo. FACT.

        • Jabba the Hut

          …and CA thinks he is car advice but is a fraud …FACT.

      • CA

        DA, the Cruze is NOT a GM europe design, that is completely false. What you are refering to is the chassis design, that the Astra shares. That was mostly designed by Daewoo engineers in Korea, however they completed aspects of the task in Germany. BUT it was the Korean Daewoo engineers who travelled to Germany to do this using the German facilities.
        Geee give a fanboy a scap of information and they turn it into the gospel according to GM.
        The fact is that Cruze IS DESIGNED AND BUILT BY DAEWOO. Any disputing this fact is either desperate fanboy missinformation or ill-informed.

        Jabba, my initials are CA, why can’t I use that? I’m not claiming to be anybody else. Of cause we all know that your initials are DH. If you want to talk about fraud, just look at your numerous aliases and self congratulations.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          So are you trying to tell me the new Euro Astra, Chevrolet Volt, Chevrolet Orlando etc are engineered by Daewoo as that is what you are implying with that comment…

          To clear something up, what do you exactly mean by design? The look of the car’s exterior etc or the engineering of the main structure underneath?

          The Cruze is based off the GM Delta II platform developed by OPEL. That is F-A-C-T and not fanboy miss-information. I am not even a GM fan and couldn’t care less about them, unless someone is not letting the facts get in the way of a good story!! The platform is the main structure/backbone of the car. If you mean by design as superficial exterior body work then yes, you could say that “Daewoo” engineers had a hand in the design of the car, but the main structure underneath (what makes the car ride/handle etc etc) is still from GM Europe.

          The Cruze is as much a Daewoo as the Chevrolet Camaro is a Holden Commodore or a Mazda3 is a Ford Focus/Volvo S40 or the Peugeot 4007 is a Mitsubishi Outlander, Aston Martin DB7 a Jaguar XJ-S, Nissan Tiida a stretched Renault Clio etc etc (you should get the picture!) :-). As a matter of interest where do you place these cars and the many others that share platforms amongst brands/models?

          Yes, it is built in a Daewoo factory, but GM isn’t the only large manufacturer who builds cars in Korea etc to take advantage of lower production costs. What about the Mazda2, Fiesta (about to start manufacture), Accord, Civic, Jazz, Hilux, BT50/Ranger and all the other cars built in Thailand?? :-)

    • mmmmmm

      mazda hasn’t built fords for about 10 years.
      there is still platform sharing in the fiesta and focus, and the mondeo uses an old mazda motor.

  • Jabba the Hut

    …and Filippo lost any remaining shred of credibility when he told you to consider the Corolla. Every test I ever read placed it dead last. Overpriced and outdated. Not to mention it doesn’t go near the Cruze in crash testing. If you value your life you’ll skip over that rubbish.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Once again playing “Devil’s Advocate” here and presenting the FACTS without emotion. Whilst I personally don’t like the Corolla much and as you said think it is over priced for what it is and no longer the car it used to be, the Cruze did not obliterate it in crash testing. On the ANCAP website the Corolla scored 34.96 out of 37 where-as the Cruze scored 35.04 out of 37. Looks pretty close and negligible when comparing the safety of the two to me. Having said that I would still PERSONALLY have a Cruze over a Corolla if they were the only 2 I could choose from.

      • Jabba the Hut

        ANCAP’s crash testing is flawed and currently under revision. A dashboard seatbelt light currently earns one star which is a bit of a joke. In the USA tests the Cruze demolished the Corolla.

      • filippo

        If I only could choose between the Cruze and Corolla I’d probably choose to walk. I don’t like the Corolla personally, but then I’m someone who shops more with their heart than their head. I recommended it to Lisa because it seemed that she is the opposite type of shopper.

        I am old enough to remember the 80s well, when car reviewers were falling over themselves in praise for the Holden Camira. Because Holden is a nameplate that exists only in Australia and NZ (and hence has strong working-class appeal), it is the first brand that will be given the benefit of the doubt. I’m not saying that the Cruze WILL be a heap of junk just like the Camira, but if you look at previous Daewoo Lancettis/Vivas the signs are not promising. All I am saying is keep your eyes open. Consider a Cruze as much as you would consider a Ssanyong or a Proton.

        • Jabba the Hut

          The auto world has changed dramatically in 30 years. You need to try and catch up. Proton still to this day build cars with Mitsubishi tooling and engines/transmissions from obsolete cars. Ssangyong do the same with mercedes old tech.

          Putting the Cruze in the same class as those two really does show your ignorance. Most people know this car is the first all new model under GM’s majority ownership of Daewoo. Apparently you do not.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1285962287 Declan Collins

            Honestly, I don’t understand the mentality of people on this blog.

            Filippo, do you understand that Chevrolet is about to start building this and selling it as one of their most important vehicles EVER.

            You need to realise that GM has changed Daewoo and tat HOLDEN own Daewoo. So basically, every Daewoo is actually a Holden and Holden is just selling cars from an overseas company that they own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1285962287 Declan Collins

    It’s hilarious how hard people are trying to not make people buy the Cruze. GET ovet it people, the Cruze is a good small car no matter how much you wish it wasn’t.

    It is better then the i30 in nearly every aspect.

    • Jabba the Hut

      Thank -you.

      Lisa go and test drive them all for yourself. Stack up the features, safety and how it suits you personally and make a decision from there.

  • filippo

    All I am saying is approach this car with an open mind. If you like it then good for you, but be aware of its origins. Don’t forget that every month hundreds of Barinas and Epicas are sold to people who would never consider buying anything except a Holden, and it’s this blind brand loyalty which irks me. I know it exists with Ford and Toyota too much not anywhere near the same extent. Sure, the Cruze is better than the Barina or Epica, but it’s just Daewoos first step in building anything but horrid cars. Be warned.

  • Jabba the Hut

    You still don’t get it. It isn’t a daewoo. It is a GM car. It is merely built in the old Daewoo factory. Are you really that thick?

    • Reallity

      Are you really that brainwashed, or are you really just the Holden PR dept. stooge?


      Lets look at some facts:

      Cruze IS A DAEWOO! This IS the REALLITY, it IS the FACT.

      Denying the FACT repeatedly does NOT change it.

      • Lisa

        WOW, so much to consider! I really appreciate all the advice and i must say the best response to come out of here is to go and test drive all the cars and compare all the options and safety features they have to offer.
        Thanks for the concern about buying the same car as my mum, it was more that she thought the cruze was the best and safest car out there (from holdens own ads) in our price range and thought if it was the best then we both should get it. Now i will take more time, and go look at all the cars we are considering before i decide. I just want a good, safe, reialble car that i can drive happily for the next 10 years. The badge on the bonet doesn’t faze me.

        • Jabba the Hut

          The Cruze was designed by GM globally with input from Asutralia ,the USA and Europe ,engineered by GM and is built in Daewoo’s factory. It will also soon be built as a hatchback designed by GMh and built by GMh in Adelaide. Does that make it a Daewoo too?

          I personally wouldn’t trust some one who doesn’t know how to spell reality let alone report it. The Ford brigade are talking crap yet again. The fact that ten people agree with your dribble shows just how ill informed you galahs are. The car is a GM product and the had the brains to build it where it was cheapest to do so.

          • Jabba the Hut

            Do a google search on “Holden Cruze Wiki” and open the first link for the truth. Wow you guys are either really thick or just so deceiptful that you would rob this woman of the truth just to feather your own nests. Shame on you morons. She is trying to purchase a car and the Cruze typically rates on or above the class average.

          • filippo

            Dear Jabba, all us morons wanted to do is to suggest that Lisa shop around and not believe the marketing campaign coming from Holden, or indeed any other manufacturer. When buying a car it’s important to do your research, check more than one web site for advice, and have at least three different makes/models in mind.

            The points we have brought up about the Cruze are valid. It may be a good car, but it comes from a manufacturer (the “D” word) famous for awful cars.

            I hope our discussion hasn’t cost you a commission.

          • CA

            Jabba the Hopeless says:
            June 24, 2010 at 3:02 pm
            “… the Cruze typically rates on or above the class average.”

            Well gee, silly of us to suggest that Lisa go look at the cars that are at the “TOP” of the class rather than believe cr#p from an internet tr0ll, like you, about the middle of the road “average” Cruze.

        • Jabba the Hut

          You’ve already shown you’re a stupid as “reallity” so no need to repost. He probably got the idea that it is a daewoo from youroriginal tripe. Try and keep up clown. I already posted that after owning a VY series 2 from new that I wouldn’t own another holden until I test drove this car. Hardly a glowing endorsement but as you are still writing in crayon I shouldn’t expect you to understand that.

          • Jabba junior

            Jabba i followed you link and cliked thru varyus paiges and it says its daewoo.

          • filippo

            So let me get this straight:
            – You test drove a Holden VY
            – You were happy enough to buy it
            – You perhaps had a honeymoon period in which you recommended the VY to everyone and launched insults at anyone who disagreed with you
            – You then became unhappy with it
            – Your problems were significant enough that you completely swore off the Holden brand

            Fast-forward a few years:
            – You test drove a Holden Cruze
            – You were happy with it

            You’re not really someone who learns from their mistakes are you?

  • Jabba the Hut

    Clearly you read as well as you spell. It says “global design”.

  • Lisa

    update on the car search…. my neighbour brought a cruze, brand new and had it one day before having to take it back. I know all cars have their problems but this car seems to have way too many. It also doesn’t have removable head rests in the back so child seats don’t fit properly. I’m no longer looking into the cruze. Thanks again for all the advice.

    • Shak

      Lisa can i provide some insight from a Cruze owner. My Cruze CDX Diesel has done no wrong for me, not a single bit of trinketry has failed. Fuel consumption has been bang on my expectations (around 6-6.5 l/100km). And it still drives like the day i bought it. I still recommend that you shop around depending on what you want. The Cruze is reliable, fuel efficient, loaded with kit and safe. It is not sporty however. As with all cars out there, you will get some cars of the same model that break down or a built badly, but so far mine has been a gem.

  • lolita

    you people are funny

    i own an AUIII Falcon XR6 and would never trade it in for a new SV6 since its quicker and smoother than a new SV6

    my wives Astra 2.2 2003 model is a better driving car than Cruze

    if you want a real FWD car , get a Toyota Aurion, if you want a real rear wheel drive six cylinder get a Falcon, a BA is a minimum or an FG or a decent AUIII 2002 XR6.

    you people are funny once more

    and no Cruze is not safer than a typical Commodore or a Falcon, anything from a VT to VZ to VE, from EF to AU to BA and FG is safer than anything mid size

    because they are bigger, more meat, more metal

    if a typical EF 1994 had four airbags it would be rated at 4.5 stars, if a stock BA XT with two airbags had 4.5 stars until 2008, now 4 stars, imagine what a 4 airbag variant has? 4.5 stars, while 6 + make it a 5 star encap rating vehicle.

    you people are funny ah ha ha

  • plough

    Well after 7000 km and 3 months owning the cruze CDX turbo diesel auto I can tell you the following
    Average fuel economy 7.8 litres per 100km on a mix town and open road driving well over the manufacturers estimate
    Car has turbo lag from standstill its a definate safety issue.
    A pillar is too thick causing a blind spot
    Dash reflects on windscreen (fixed by buying a cloth dash cover)
    High beam blue indicator light is on bottom of dash and hard to see
    Would I buy another one-definately not prefer a used legacy or new cerato.

  • Ashley T

    The Cruze is one of seven cars I’ve recently test driven while shopping for a new small-medium car. Six of the cars were good with, of course, the odd quirk. The Cruze was straight out AWFUL. No heart whatsoever and the seats were like being prodded with a pole.

    The others I’ve driven are; Suzuki Kizashi, Mazda 3 & 6, Accord Euro, Corolla, Lancer.

    Shame about the poor driver comfort with the Lancer! Leaning is for the Corolla (but will probably get Auto, as got sick of stalling at the lights) or the Mazda 6. Haven’t ruled out the Kizashi.

  • Helpful

    I am not a car expert AT ALL, and i do not know anything about them!
    All i know is that i test drove a Holden Cruze today.
    I LOVED the features and the look of the car. I loved everything about it, until i drove it…
    It would not ‘go’. I would put my foot down, and it would rev anything from 5000 to 7000 just to get up to 40 to 60ks! It was such a disappointment.

    I will no longer buy one simply for the fact that it had no guts and revved so much! I am a previous Holden owner and loved my Holden, so my opinon is not biased.

    Hope this helps anyone looking to buy!

Holden Cruze Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$7,370 - $8,380
Dealer Retail
$8,790 - $10,450
Dealer Trade
$5,700 - $6,700
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
176Nm @  3800rpm
Max. Power
104kW @  6200rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
7.5L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1200  Unbrake:695
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/60 R16
Rear Tyres
205/60 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats, Side Front Air Bags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
On the cross member LHS
Country of Origin