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by Matt Brogan

As if Melbourne drivers don’t already have it tough enough already with endless road works, hefty toll charges and ever growing peak “hours”, they’ll now also have to cough up another 50c per hour to park on CBD streets.

Currently it costs $3.50 an hour for on-street parking in Melbourne, but this price will rise to $4.00 per hour under the new scheme. This means an extra $20.00 per week outlay for inner-city workers who chose to park on the street.

Melbourne City Council pocketed more than $73 million from its parking meters, infringement notices and permits last financial year with that figure set to rise again this year.

  • SteveH

    I am sure they will claim it is in the interests of road safety…

  • Cupid Stunt

    Cheap compared to the UK’s capital charges. Least you Guys don’t have to pay to park everywhere. Parking seems to be used as another fund raising exercise for many public and private parties. Rip off Britain I’d call it.

  • AAA

    Everything has risen except my salary.

  • zero

    effing vampires

  • http://mazda James F

    Its been $ 4.40/hr in Sydney for years… Sux, but what can we do???

  • Neil

    We could use that fantastic public transport Melbourne has…oh, but wait, that’s in the toilet as well
    So much for choice right?