The record-setting Renault Megane RS275 hot-hatch could soon be targeted from an enemy within, with a new Nissan Pulsar Nismo model expected to tackle the recent Nurburgring record.

Just a few weeks ago a specially developed, road-legal Renault Megane RS275 Trophy-R set a new front-wheel-drive record time of 7:54.36 at the famed German circuit – and a new Nissan Pulsar Nismo hot-hatch may make a bid for the top spot for front-spinners, with a company spokesman suggesting at least 184kW (250PS) is what is required to “seriously come across”.

While there’s little concrete detail on what the European-spec Nissan Pulsar Nismo model will pack under its bonnet, there is a chance it will borrow some bits from the Renault hot-hatch as part of the long-standing Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Nissan corporate vice president of product planning Keno Kato confirmed to CarAdvice that the front-engined, front-drive (FF) hot-hatch is going to aim high.

Nissan Pulsar EU rear

“An FF quick vehicle would be really serious – like a Civic Type R,” he said of Honda’s upcoming hot-hatch which will produce at least 206kW and 400Nm from its 2.0-litre turbo engine.

“A fast hatchback is under development by Nismo,” Kato said. “Nismo is from racetrack, so it is aiming at a lap time. That’s the meaning of a serious car.

“Nismo is always very serious. Nismo stands for Nissan Motorsports International, and that’s for the competition. So we will not have any plans to offer a kind of fake Nismo,” he said.

When asked if the brand will be targeting the Nurburgring record specifically, Kato hinted it was possible.

“It’s one of the racetracks,” he said. “It is for the GT-R. For any other vehicle, Nurburgring or any other racetrack. But any way, we have to prove the performance of a Nismo on track. There is no question about that.”


Kato said that the FF performance model would play in a very different section of the market to any possible production version of the iDX rear-wheel-drive coupe (pictured in concept guise above) which he stated had to be “fun and affordable”.

He reflected upon the brand’s previous affordable and fun rear-wheel-drive coupes, such as the first-generation Silvia.

“Silvia on the mountain road in Japan was a joke. Far behind the Civic Type-R, but nobody cared,” he said. “Whereas iDX, that is no discussion. Like Silvia. For Silvia, probably there was no discussion of a lap time.”

When the point was made that Nismo has no current presence in Australia, Kato was frank.

“That’s an issue,” he said. “I hope you will see Nismo in Australia shortly.”

The Japanese brand’s recently appointed chief, Richard Emery, stated in recent weeks that there are big plans for Nismo locally, suggesting the brand is missing out on potential sales by not offering performance-oriented models in a revhead-heavy market.

Emery also confirmed the brand is looking at offering the European Pulsar, possibly as soon as 2015.

Nissan Sentra NISMO Concept

Nissan has previously shown a Nissan Sentra Nismo sedan for the US (above). Its 1.8-litre direct fuel injection four-cylinder turbo produced an estimated 179kW of power and more than 325Nm of torque.

  • henry

    give it 208Kw and 420Nm it will sell.. Pulsar SSS Nismo

    • Guest

      …and put it on the juke’s 4wd platform with 4wd,torque vectoring and independant rear, that would do me.

  • Observer

    Nismo is for racetrack? Nismo Juke is for who then…??

    • TRAV

      I Don’t get it they make a statement like that, but produce the Nismo Juke, they think people are idiots.

  • mcl334

    Hahaha! pulsar getting anywhere near the Megane! funniest thing i’ve read all year!!

    • guest

      I think it’s funny that a 20 year old Pulsar Gti-r is far more desirable than any Megane will ever be.

      • Jeff

        To who exactly? GTiR redefined the meaning ‘chocolate gearbox’.

        Only JDM tragics care about an old Sunny with a half baked drivetrain

        • guest

          At least gtir owners would know how to fix/upgrade a gearbox and at least have the potential to make the power to break them. Face it the Megune is a massive poser/girls car.

        • Martin

          This seems like you’ve never actually owned a Gtir .. and all your doing is regurgitating what has been a ‘popular term’ for the Gtir’s Gearbox… It is true that some of the earlier models suffered from poor gearboxes but this was fixed in later models, my own 94 Gtir was running over 410bhp on the standard box and it coped just fine, i guess it just depends if you drive like a spanner ?
          The Megane seems to me, to be a great all-round car, but in terms of sheer grunt, acceleration and potential for power, the 20 odd year old ‘Sunny’ would and does murder it and hopefully so will the new one…..

      • Sam Stratten

        I think it’s funny that you would make a ridiculous statement like that. Have you been banned from JDMST and need a soap box?

    • Harrington

      The GTiR had AWD and as such was a real car not a FWD shopping trolley.

      • blue

        I fancy the Megane would chew up and spit out your GTiR on a track. This is coming from somebody who owned a GTiR and loved it.

  • crouchy35

    Such a shame we dont have the Euro Pulsar

  • zahmad

    All the running gear should drop straight in from the Renault…

    • FocusST lover

      They would need to rebuild from the ground up to have a decent pulsar that could take the record. I am more interested in the proposed CIVIC Type R.

      • Jeff

        Why? It is built on a very similar platform as the Renault Clio, which is a fantastic handler in RS form. A bit of tweaking with Renault Sport’s expertise could have it flying.
        Civic Type R now delayed until 2016 – ROFL.

        • Crownleyian

          Why would Renault Sport’s Expertise help Nissan and Nismo to beat there own record and make their sister company be quicker than their RS brand?
          Won’t happen Renault might share some part’s makes sense but that’s where it stops, Renault Sport are very proud to go and help Nismo without Badging the car as a Renault Sport.
          And be sure of one thing when it comes to G Forces it doesn’t get better than Renault Sport.

          • Sam Stratten

            Agreed. There’s no way RenaultSport would be offering any expertise to Nissan for this car. That’s like Red Bull providing data to Lotus GP.

  • LOL

    Is the Nismo variant even coming to Oz?? And if so, will it cost $45000? The standard Pulsar “SSS” engine is about as powerful as a 20 year old clapped out v6 commodore.

    • Jeff

      V6 Commodore of that vintage made around 130kw at 4800RPM(ROFL!!) and 295Nm – from 3.8 litres capacity a 6 cylinders in a car weighing 1400kg. It was bloody lethargic and very slow.
      In comparison, the Pulsar SSS makes 147kw and 240Nm across a broad rev range in a car weighing 1200kg.
      So it is more powerful, lighter, with modern drivetrain and technology.

      • pro346

        Would be faster in a straight line than the pulsar! Definetly not slow…if warm hatches aren’t any faster than a 20 year old v6 commodore they are a failed concept

        • Harrington

          Even the “hot hatches” of today are still slower than a base model Falcon to 100 which always gives me a good chuckle.

          but…but..the handling…crow the losers.

          • Ecoboost Falcon

            0-100 in 6.9s and cheaper than a SSS and handles like a proper rear wheel drive car not like a electronic controlled FWD Hatch

          • blue

            Don’t you mean it handles like a Falcon? Australia has never produced an acceptably well handling car. Some of you Aussie car fans live in the most romantic little bubble. In fact the Falcon is so good that the are stopping making them.

          • FocusST Lover

            I owned a BF Falcon……… and yes it was great for cruising, but that was all. Forget about throwing it around corners as it became a lumbering oaf with so much body roll and towards the end became tail happy in the wet even though Ford said there was no issue with the TC. I will take my FWD Focus ST any day. FWD hot hatches are brilliant cars and I am so glad I joined the club.

          • Golfschwein

            My old BA, now happily residing in someone else’s garage, was a treacherous thing in the wet. It had no TC. I can fling the newbie around in ways that were impossible with the Falcon.

          • blue

            Ah yes, Harrington, that’s the kind of logic that has gotten the Australian car industry to where it is today. Very clever.

      • Karl Sass

        VS Commodore also makes 147kw and over 60Nm more torque. To be fair it’s only 19 years old.

        • pro346

          Just checked pulsar makes 140kw and weighs more than 1200kg….and looks like a melted dog poo

        • blue

          What’s your point: to do this it needs nearly twice the capacity and was revolting to drive at the time: wasn’t the live rear axle a delight? One could only imagine what they are like now. What we have hear is a bunch of deluded Australians, partly through marketing, partly through the “my daddy drove one” syndrome making fools of themselves. Better get in quick i suppose, they have been that good that they will soon be history.

      • What has 155kw and 300nm

        was made in 2003, weight around 1400kg and was made in 2003 ?

        Opps and has more features than a SSS…

        • blue

          Yep, i loved the “no wet traction pole seeking death handling” the best. I wonder how many people would be alive today if Australian cars handled safely.

    • blue

      yes, and it is about a third of the size and uses approximately half the petrol. That’s called progress, LOL: something the Australian car industry has made very little of in the last 20 years. Aussie Joke cars. Always have been, will continue to be (for a year or two)

      • LOL

        Doubt your half the petrol comment. Law of physics, more power more fuel. Only saving is in reusing some of the heat generated to spin the turbo plus some extra savings due to modern tech. The 3800 v6 gets great fuel economy for what it is…look it up.

      • Blitzkrieg

        why aren’t you proud of Aust ability to build cars here blue?
        we’ve been doing it for more than 60 years. Those cars have served us pretty well over that time span.

  • Alex Martini

    I think a 300kW supercharged Altima. Cool.