Toyota Camry Headlight Dimmer Switch Recall

Make & Model: Toyota Camry

Product Model: ACV36R and MCV36R

Number of vehicles affected: 144,589

Model Years From: June 2002 through May 2006

VIN Range: ACV36R. WMI 6T1. VDS 53BK36. VIS 0X000001 ~ 0X107554. MCV36R. WMI 6T1. VDS 53XK36. VIS 0X270001 ~ 0X321501

Whats wrong: The headlamp switch contact points over time may oxidise (corrode) due to insufficient current flow through the switch. This oxidation may cause the headlamps (low or high beam) to flicker without warning and in the worst case may cause the headlamps to extinguish momentarily.

What should you do: All owners of affected vehicles will be contacted individually by letter.

  • Myke

    Interesting no one is commenting on Toyota having a recall affecting > 140000 cars. If it were any other ‘Australian’ car there would be 100 comments.

  • Nick

    You’re right. Holdens and Fords are notorious for dodgy parts and build quality whereas Toyota and Mitsubishi have a much stronger reputation so most would not care. Tho it isn’t really good enough is it?

  • Andrew.

    i shall post this on some of those pages where people crap on about how good toyota is best quality in the world blah blah blah

  • Jim

    Lol yeah you do that Andrew… a very minor recall on an older version Camry…

    Certainly doesnt compare to issues with fuel pumps or seat belts occuring weeks after the release of a new Holden, thats not dangerous at all either…

  • Myke

    minor recall? it involved 144589 cars. It might not be a big problem, but atleast it didnt take Holden four/five years or one generation of a model, to realise their fault.

  • troy

    Like the old age pensioners that drive them would even know where the switch was anyway!!!

  • troy

    ask a mechanic about reliabilty of late toyotas, how many parts, water pumps, power steer pumps etc, die JUST out of warranty…..


  • nick

    Toyota’s have rock solid reliability. my 99 Tercel has 350 000 km on it with all original parts! im trading it in for a Rav4. Compared to GM,Ford, Chrysler etc.. Toyota’s are extremely well built and reliable and thats a fact! Only Honda in my opinion comes close.

    • Ron

      u r obviously not a mechanic

  • Ken

    My 2003 Camry had the recall service performed on it at Oakleigh’s service centre in November 2007 but both my low beam bulbs were blown two days ago. I tried to change the low – high beam relays costing me 91AUD but the lights were still blown. I finally got both the head light globes for 33AUD at a nearby service centre and now I hope my low/hibeam lights will not blow again. Can anyone tell me if I can be refunded for my 124AUD servicing costs of my headlight globes? Toyota
    have refused to assist with this hidden cost! How weird. Ken

  • tony

    all new cars are sub standard in quality, coffins on wheels. one thing toyota are garbage at is making a decent automatic that will last and a power steering pump that doesn,t leak. john laws did a ad for toyota saying toyotas will b more exspensive cause aussie dollar was 42 cents. but were almost dollar for dollar now and the price hasn’t come down. as derrin hinch says shame shame shame toyota and shame shame shame john laws you capitalist yes man.

  • Brenda

    Since I first got my 2004 Toyota Camry, I have noticed a popping when I turn the steering wheel. I’ve been told by Toyota dealership that it is because there isn’t enough greese where that steering bolt is sealed, and that it would be expensive to take the car apart the way it would have to be to put greese in there to stop the popping when wheel is cut. Do you know anything about this defect anybody or do you have the same type of problem. I also noticed my seat belt in the back right passenger’s seat doesn’t work. I was told by Toyota Dealership in Albq. that it was fixed, but to date, it still doesn’t work, and that is how many years? I was also told there is a water pump leak about a year or so ago, but never have had it replaced and know nothing about whether it actually leaks or not–I wonder?