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by Daniel DeGasperi

Photos of the Honda Civic Type R Concept have been leaked before its Geneva motor show official debut tomorrow, a first preview of a production hot-hatch the Japanese manufacturer says will be the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring.

At the front wearing a beefy bodykit featuring bulging lower air intakes flanked by horizontal LED daytime lighting blades, and featuring high-mounted reverse bonnet ducts, the Civic Type R Concept also runs aggressive Brembo brakes behind 245mm-wide, 30-aspect 20-inch tyres and alloy wheels.

2014 Honda Civic Type R-8

At the rear, quad sports exhaust and a bulging rear diffuser to match the front bumper are matched by a giant double-decker rear wing incorporating the brake lights in the lower section and a stop light on the roof-tall highest spoiler blade.

The rear photo, in particular, almost identically follows a sketch of Honda Civic Type R Concept released by the brand last month.

2014 Honda Civic Type R-6

Due in 2015, the production Honda Civic Type R will be powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine producing around 206kW of power and 400Nm of torque. CarAdvice has driven a prototype version of the car Honda is calling a “racing car for the road”.

We’ll bring you more details about the Honda Civic Type R Concept as they come to hand.

2014 Honda Civic Type R-5

2014 Honda Civic Type R-4

2014 Honda Civic Type R-3

2014 Honda Civic Type R-2

2014 Honda Civic Type R-1

  • trp



    Asian dudes will be going gaagaa

    • Awesome Hot Hatch

      Sounds like a semi-racist V8 dinosaur lover here…(we all know what happened and is happening to the dinosaur..) or maybe a he’s Honda insider as he seems to know the price already.. Credit where credit is due, quickest “FWD” around the Nordshlieffe is quite an achievement and it looks awesome. This is in no way is a “Fail” it’s just Honda returning to form… :)


        I LOVE PUSHRODS!!!

        • Awesome Hot Hatch

          Thought so… :/

          • matt

            he also likes SOHC mitsubishi’s, the less valves and cams the better for this special one. dieing breed… like thatcher.

      • Observer

        I don’t think a time has been published though?
        Seat Leon Cupra (R?) has been unofficially released on youtube doing a time of 7:58…

        • AUSDAVIDZ

          Is the the new Nurb. word “unofficial”
          New Porker and McLaren hypercars have done “unofficial” between 6.30s and 7.00s
          Why can we not have a OFFICIAL time, average of say 6 laps

          • Exar Kun

            Because then it would become (every so slightly) more valid and marketing departments wouldn’t want that.

      • Sig Adams

        Pretty big claim for a car that isn’t even built yet.

        Faster than the 350hp Ford Focus RS500?

    • sleepsy

      Aussie dudes going Boohoo over the demise of their RWD V8s. You assume “FAIL” without knowing all the facts. The real FAILS are Falcons and Commodores, and the bogans who will be driving discontinued, second hand 8 year old cars, pre-paying $20 worth of fuel each time.

      • Paradox

        Now we all know AUSDAVIDZ is the new resident troll here, and his comments are fun to read, but if you think the current Commodore is a fail, then you my friend, are a moron.

      • Aussie’s are suckers

        When you can get a Mustang in the USA from 22,510 and you end up paying over 50k for the Honda, we are all missing out…

    • Dave W

      Funny you should say fail with your iron lady pic… considering this car is from the UK.

  • Pauly

    Well done Honda! With this and the new NSX being released next year, heres hoping they have more of this kinda stuff in the pipeline.

    New S2000?
    New Integra?
    New CR-Z but with a larger petrol engine?

    Keep it coming!

  • Pauly

    Honda Australia make sure you don’t overprice this thing and fool yourselves into thinking its a VW Golf R, Audi S3, BMW M135, Merc A45AMG Competitor…

    You have already ruined the CR-Z in Australia by thinking its a Lexus CT200h competitor, which is also heavily overpriced compared to the Merc A Class and BMW 1 series which are close to $5000 cheaper!

    Keep it around the $38K – $43K hot hatch sweet spot and it will sell in numbers :)

    • Pauly

      And while they are at it, they can finally drop the price on the CR-Z to compete head to head with the Veloster around the the $25K mark.

      Which will benefit Honda in many ways:

      – CR-Z will finally start selling in numbers
      – CR-Z can compete with the Veloster and 86 in terms of price.
      – Honda Civic Type R can slot in just above the CR-Z old stupid pricing, around the $40K mark.

      Dont forget that Honda will not be offering an automatic transmission with this car. Which will keep sales low when compared to the likes of Golf GTI, Merc A250 Sport etc etc etc. Adding a stupidly high price ontop of that will be the nail in the coffin. You will have the hardcore fans buy up initial stock, but then sales will just plummet.

      Honda Australia have a shocking track record with overpricing their cars. With Honda Japan reinventing the car company with much more exciting cars, I just prey that Honda Australia see this as a chance to finally start offering their cars at responsible prices.

    • Rocket

      If it is as good or better than the Euro hatches then it will be good buying below 45K. Will be interesting to see if it will be the quickest around the Nurburgring against the likes of the A45AMG.

  • 40k

    40k driveaway and this will be a winner


      Think it will be closer to $50k, they want $40k for orphan CRZ

      • Pauly

        That is my gut feeling too. But it simply wont sell at that price.

        They should be learning from the CR-Z that pricing it at $40K when it should be in the low to mid $20’s.

        $40K has always been the price for hot hatches in Australia. They need to be competitive with price it just wont sell.


    AUSSIE dudes will be going gagagag, priced to suit Bogan

  • Backyard Enterprise

    Sweeet maaaate…. the new 12am street racer from Honda!

  • Morph3us

    Just so long as they don’t do what they did to the Civic “Sport” and make it only available with a 4 spd auto slushmatic. :S

    Looks cool tho!

  • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

    Finally…a Honda the get excited about..its been more than a bit lean for a few years now

  • Rick

    @ $40k driveway with a manual trans , it’d be a good buy and worth a look . It’s a shame it’s not AWD or better RWD

    • Yetiman

      I hope it has a mechanical LSD.

  • sleepsy

    I’ve outgrown such cars. Give me my new S2000 already…

  • Neil_Way

    Flamboyant design but the market for these will absolutely love it. Should be interesting to see a hot hatch showdown!


    Hold up guys this is the concept, remember what happened last time a Japanese maker teased a concept sports car? COUGH…SUBARU…COUGH…

    • Pauly

      Honda have a good habbit of keeping their production cars as close to their concepts as possible.

      – Look at the last generation Honda Civic Type R Concept and the production model. They were basically the same.
      – Look at the Honda CRZ Concepts and then the Honda CRZ Production Model. They were basically the same.
      – Look at the Honda Vezel Concepts and then the Honda Vezel Production Model. They were basically the same.
      – Look at the Acura RL Concepts and then the production model Honda Legend. Again they were the same.

      No doubt that the Honda NSX Concept we have seen over the past couple of years will also end up looking basically like the production model too.

      Honda are NOT like Subaru in that department at all.

  • Drum Brake

    Fastest FWD around the ‘ring is a very bold statement. I’d be surprised if Honda can pull that off.

  • Liam Sullivan

    Just yes. Wow that looks so cool. Yes I’m a youth, do I care? No lol

  • Zaccy16

    Looks good, hopefully its a sign of thins to come for Honda!

    • Lyle

      Also, things.

  • Wilbur

    Hoons will live it.

  • Richo

    Thats a heck of a lot of power for the front wheels…

  • Autoholic

    If one wants a practical and relatively affordable car to get attention in then this may be the car for them, or the Focus or Megane RS.