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The new-generation Subaru Liberty appears to have been leaked ahead of its official reveal at this week’s Chicago auto show.

Images purportedly showing the new Liberty have been provided to CarAdvice just days ahead of the sixth-generation version’s reveal – and if genuine show the Japanese brand has again dialled things down on the styling front, following the bold-looking Legacy Concept (bottom image) shown at the 2013 LA motor show.

To be revealed in Legacy guise later this week, the new car adopts Subaru’s more modern design language, with familiar headlights, a prominent grille, more rounded bumpers and sleeker roofline. 


The rear is more shapely, too, with more stylised tail-lights and a sloping deck-lid topped by a spoiler-like lip.

Inside, the new-generation model sees a complete rethink, with a more modern integrated touchscreen media system, uncluttered dashboard, tidier steering wheel layout and revised instrument cluster.


No official details have been made available as yet, but potential buyers should expect the Liberty to carry over the 2.0-litre and/or 2.5-litre four-cylinder boxer engines as seen in the Impreza and Forester ranges. A turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine – similar to that seen in the new-generation WRX – is also a chance.

The new Subaru Liberty is expected to land in Australia in 2015. A wagon version of the Liberty and an all-new Outback are expected to be revealed in the coming months, with the latter likely to show up at the 2014 New York auto show in April.

Click the photos tab to see more pictures of the 2015 Subaru Liberty.

Subaru Liberty concept 2013

  • blahblah

    looks nearly identical inside and out as the old!.. shame…

    • rollerboy1

      How do you figure that out?

  • birdseye


  • D987

    Subaru’s have become so boring… might as well just go and buy a Toyota instead.

  • Liam Sullivan

    Well. It’s not as interesting I thought it would be, but at least it isn’t ugly. Embracing a level of blandness might just be a smart movie for Subaru to get people into their often oddball looking cars.

    • Roller Boy

      Toned down, as ever, but it sure looks better than before!

  • stevo

    This company is a joke. Keep playing it safe and you will get left even further behind your competitors.

    • Hsushs@yahoo.com my

      LOL but you do know that Subaru with the recent ‘safe’ design has managed record sales numbers?

      Besides its a mainstream mid-size car. Nothing in this segment has a WOW factor. At least this has the advantage of AWD (which is a necessity in some parts of N.A) and the interior looks classy.

      • Diz

        Nothing in the segment has a wow factor? Even a sporty Camry has more visual wow factor than this. Let alone a new Mazda 6 and dare I say even a Kia Optima?

        • Hsushs@yahoo.com my

          After having a second look yeah I agree it’s quite bad. What happened to Subaru? They used to make high quality exteriors & interiors.

          The Kia Optima or a Hyundai Sonata would be amazing if they offered the 2.0t motor and the beige interior like the USA models do..

  • matt

    You could have told me that interior was from the new camry and I would have believed you

    • Phil

      Toyota is a significant shareholder aren’t they? Toyota have a better design sense than FHI, so that’s ok with me. Exterior is pretty plain jane but inoffensive, which is ok given the conservative buyers it will sell to, but the Tribeca size grille is a bit out of proportion. Spoils it imho.

  • Shea Quinn

    Whilst the exterior looks like just a facelift of the outgoing model it’s a nice change. The big bonus is the fact that the interior actually looks nice, getting rid of the wood grain thou.

    • m1n1s1n

      …nice change

      pick one…

  • Zaccy16

    An improvement, but thats not saying much, still looks super frumpy

  • George Gallan

    Seriously – here is a suggestion to Subaru – STOP MAKING CONCEPTS!!!!!!!!!!!
    That new Liberty is again just yuck.

    • Guest

      I guess they got a little help from Toyota for that design

  • ixlplix

    Honda and Subaru must be using the same school kids to draw their cars.Accord Liberty, Liberty Acord. Ho hum.

  • Johnny J

    Too many haters…. Keep complaing that Subaru has gone bland. So if there cars are so “bland” why for the past two years the have been making sales records each month??? And do you realize this is the base model? What else do you want them to do? I figure people wants all subaru cars to look like an STI….

    • Carlos

      Even the STI looks bad…

    • blandlboy

      hang on …the only cars that are selling are the XV and a few Foresters….

    • Phunken

      It just shows theres alot of aesthetically blind challenged ppl out there…

  • Tibs

    An AWD Camry.

  • klowik

    The front looks a bit better but disappointed at the rear end and the tail-light.

  • amdyy

    I think it looks a bit boring, sorry. But I loved that concept

  • Shak

    Well it isnt ugly, but it looks so far removed from what the gorgeous concept promised. I guess that’s what we have come to expect from Subaru. Boring designs, and hard scratchy interiors.


    Subaru Concept cars are like the town bus: They’ve taken everyone for a ride…

  • Paul

    Honestly think the production liberty is pretty close to the concept. Certainly way more than the WRX concept was . Obviously the concept is sexier, as it sits lower on those huge wheels, flares seem more pumped and has a shallower glasshouse and schmick headlights. Otherwise it seems pretty faithful to the concept, most if the forms and creases etc are carried over. Think the photographer should go back to tafe, terrible shots

    • Backyard Enterprise

      Really?…. the concept at least had design flair in the front – in some ways it looks a bit like an Opel – this production model looks like a bloody Camry. In fact the current model is a more interesting design than this one.

      I will agree with you on the photographer though…

  • Brayden Cresswell

    And the yawn award goes to subaru

  • Paul Yank

    I like the old one better! I was a fan of the flared fenders and side sill exensions!

  • Kangbekho

    Proud owner of a 2012 Legacy. I got it mainly because of what’s inside and I think most Subaru owners feel the same way. If you’re looking for a flashy car, get a Porche.

    • Subaru owner

      Amen to that…I worked for Subaru for 11 years…one thing these highly critical but yet unknowledgeable car enthusiasts need to keep in mind is that Subaru as a company compared to Toyota, GM….etc…are about 1 to 2% the size of these much larger manufacturers. So in reality Subaru does very well for their very small size as a company. What you are forgetting or don’t realize is Subaru characterizes its vehicles on safety, engine reliability….plus I’ll take any AWD or 4WD vehicle on any day…these Subarus can drive thru anything. They may not be flashy…but they got class and last and last!!! Proud owner of a 2000 Legacy and it’s still on the road today!!!

    • K20A

      Have to disagree re:Porsche.

      For what it represents (a proper sports car), Porsche is one of (if not the) most understated, practical, everyday usable sports car out there.

      Ferrari, Lambo, Astons are flashy.. never a Porsche. But then again it’s how you drive it that matters :) You can make any car looks flashy by the decibels pumping through the opened windows / incessant revving and burnouts.

  • Daniel D

    About as close as you can get to a Camry without actually buying one.

    • Backyard Enterprise

      So spot on there Daniel!

  • Anthony Mindel

    It looks better than the current model,but still seriously ugly.

  • Zany

    What are they doing? They have the potential to be better than BMW which they are in quality reliability . They need Aussie designers!

  • Jeff

    Looks better than the ugly slab sided outgoing model but not by much.

  • MichaelLock

    OMG, how nose heavy do they want to go, the last model was bad enough.

  • NarpasSword

    Not going to lie, I honestly thought this was a facelifted (U.S market) Ford Taurus when I first saw the pictures.
    At least it’s better looking inside and out than the previous generation, although that’s only a very minor achievement. As with the WRX concept, but on a lesser scale, Subaru have taken a decent concept car and dulled it down.

  • StealthyA

    The panel gaps look very inconsistent..

  • Clement Ngai

    even toyota has had better success with design recently

  • Tone

    Subaru used to make ugly but interesting. Now they just make ugly.

  • Fuglycarman

    ahahahahah you’re kidding Subaru. It looks like the same car as the current model. It will sell bugger all because you made another fugly car. After 4 Subarus ina row and hanging on anticipation that a new decent looking vehicle will be produced and at least looking to consider. Subaru is not an option anymore

  • Fuglycarman

    The morons should just produce the concept car and be done with it.

  • vins

    At first glance, I thought it was previous gen Honda accord…

  • Barry Hamburger

    shocking interior, but all subies do.

    • K20A

      Not the BL generation.

      Google it.

      Angled centre console.. superb blackout instrumentations.. clean fascia lines.. and tasty McIntosh head unit that doesn’t look like a Toyota slapped-on unit.

      I remember first time I saw the BL interior back in 2003 and thinking it actually looks like E46’s, but better!

      • Barry Hamburger

        True, I mean the ones as of late :)

  • Phunken

    Knew it!!! They dumb down from the not so good looking concept, its once again hit by the conservative slack jaw stick, admittedly less fugly then the current slab sided model but not as nice as the pretty still good looking 2003 model. So frustrating Subaru.

  • Phunken

    I knew it!!! Subaru fuglified their car again… The concept car was already bland and outdated and as predictable Subaru give us a uninspiring car… Why!!! Shouldve just recycled their last only good looker the 2003 era Liberty

  • K20A

    I wonder why two generations on and they still can’t relive the glory of BL Legacy/Liberty (2003-2006). That car had everything.. sleek lines, understated elegance, low and wide stance.. but most of all, it possess a genuine visual identity for Subaru.

    Reminiscing the 2.0GT ‘tuned by STI’ or the delicious flat six rumble from the 3.0R-B makes me feel all warm and fuzzy..

  • Spewmanti

    Please pass me the bucket

  • Martin

    Man bring on a Liberty coupe! Damn that thing would be so sexy! Plonk the Rexxy motor in out and you’re onto a winner (BRZ big brother).

  • Mitch8

    Ugly, no wagon about as stupid as having no wrx hatch. Where is the Levorg and the WRX concept. So disappointing, bring back 2008 Subaru is going backwards.

    • Cobrajet

      It’s been ruined for the Americans.