2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test
2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test
2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test

Holden’s Calais has always been the ‘bee’s knees’ of the Holden sedan line-up (aside from long wheel base models). The Calais was always jam packed with the latest goodies, along with a silky smooth ride to complement the drive.

The new Calais still lives at the top of the range, but the Calais moniker has been segmented into two guises – the regular Calais and the Calais V. That has yours truly a bit miffed.

The regular Calais I drove felt a bid sedate and blasé in comparison to the loaded Calais V model. Although the interior featured the new Holden LCD screen and Calais branding, it missed out on leather seats, flip-down LCD screen for the rear, heated mirrors and many other features the Calais V calls standard.

Putting my qualms with the model denomination aside, Holden’s new VE Commodore really is a good thing. I was astounded at just how much room is available throughout the cabin. Compared to Ford’s Falcon, there is acres of room available in the rear, even exceeding that of BMW’s 5-series and Mercedes’ E-class. That’s not bad when you consider the respective price differences.

The drive is good when you factor the vehicle’s weight. The steering and brakes aren’t anything to write home about, but the response and 5-speed gearbox are commendable. The gearbox always seems to be in the right gear and ready to respond. Rearward vision is average due to the high boot line, but reverse parking sensors aid parking.

2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test
2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test
2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test
2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test

Fuel economy is one of the VE’s downsides. Holden still trails its main competitors – Ford and Toyota – when it comes to fuel use. The high-output V6 motor fitted to the Calais range consumes 11.3-litres/100km. During the test, this figure was achieved with around 70% highway driving and 30% city driving.

Under the hood lies a 195kW, high-output V6 engine which produces 340Nm of torque. The Calais can also be optioned with a 6.0-litre V8 monster which produces a hearty 270kW and 530Nm of torque.

Standard features common to the Calais include: Six way power seat for driver and front passenger; leather wrapped steering wheel; cruise control; rear parking sensors; power mirrors; auto headlights; 6-stack CD-player with 9-speakers; dual zone climate control; power windows and central locking.

Safety features include: Dual stage front airbags; side impact airbags for driver and front passenger; side curtain airbags; active front seat head restraints; ABS brakes with EBD and BA; Electronic Stability Control and engine immobiliser.

The Calais range is available in two guises – as mentioned earlier – the Calais and Calais V. The Calais is priced at $45,490, whilst the Calais V retails for $53,990. The 6.0-litre V8 is available at a $5,000 premium.

2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test
2007 Holden Commodore VE Calais V6 Road Test

So what’s the verdict on the new Commodore? In my opinion, it’s a good thing. Aside from a few build quality issues in the test vehicle, the power on tap, along with the masses of room really make the new Commodore a great option. Fuel consumption is slightly higher than its competitors, but it’s much of a muchness really.

With the new Falcon still around 12-months away (see spy shots at caradvice.com.au), Holden’s new Commodore has the edge. At $45,490, the Calais is good value for money when you consider the features on offer. Don’t take my word for it though; take one for a test drive. You will be surprised at just how roomy the all new Commodore is.

– by Paul Maric

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  • Damo

    It lacks a few features, the seats are a bit hard, ut is still 1000 times better than any other bomadore. Still cannot compare with any Euro or even many Jap cars. The main problem with Holden is they now have no cars up to European standards (Astra excluded as it will soon be deleted). They actually had it good a few years back with the barina/corsa (I actually liked the last model), vectra, and now the astra to be replaced by crap you can’t even call a car.

    • Mick

      Are you joking mate. Here you are claiming Barina and vectra are good cars. Grow some balls you pussy. My 6L Calais is ALL TIME.

      You’re a dick

  • Myke

    Who ever said the Astra was getting replaced????

  • CJ

    I couldn’t agree more, regarding the fuel usage, I had one for a trail last December for a week and just driving back and forth to work (10klms each way) for 4 days it cost me nearly $60 to fill up. Ok I admit I did have a tendancey to boot it when the lights turned green, but hey who wouldn’t?? This car can GO! I must admit I would buy an European or Japanese made car over this one for the same money, why? because they give you more bang for your buck!

  • Lisa

    TOTAL agreement with Damo, Holden & Ford need to pick up their quality and service to customers .

    Word of advice-if your a fussy person and like perfection with things ,dont buy a Ford or Holden you will never be happy !!!!!!!! For every fault you take back to repair you get 1 more back and normaly the same it came in for too.

  • Franz Chong

    I would buy a Honda or a Subaru or anything from Europe over Cars like this for similar money.The Quality is there and when you sell them they are worth several thousand more.

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    OK for all you Holden lovers out there,in case you have missed this ,there is repeat of the Monaro drifters on TOP GEAR this week. New series of Top Gear due to come Mid year still,DAM !!!
    Here is the review from SBS:

    Richard test drives the Vauxhall Monaro and we are introduced to the D1 Drifters – the world’s greatest power slider drivers, who make taking a car into a corner an art form. Next up, James takes up Jeremy’s challenge of playing the engine noise of a car as a musical instrument and recording the various notes from different engine sounds. James test drives a £420,000 Ferrari to get the perfect high-D. Next up, he drives the Alfa SZ to 3,500 revs to get an F and he continues to find all the notes for the Top Gear theme song. Richard travels to Spain to experience the running of the bulls with a hidden camera and he believes that the adrenalin rush that he experienced would probably match that of driving a Lamborghini Roadster.

  • Sam™

    that episode old as! i thought they the new series was already underway

    clarkson loves the monaro

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    NOPE! We are watching repeats,this episode Richard drives it . I think we are 12 months behind the UK ?If you go to the Top Gear Site http://www.topgear.com/content/tgonbbc2/
    I think you can see where we are up to compared to them {THE UK}. As you know Richard had that BAD stack last year and that hasn’t been mentioned yet . Have you read any of Jeremy’s books Sam ? I have just finished one and have started the next he has. VERY,VERY funny man. He too thinks BMW are over rated as you do Sam but does own an M5 ! Have you seen any of his Video’s ? We have a great shop here in the West called PITSTOP BOOKS.One of the best automotive book stores in Australia they have a website have a look .http://www.pitstop.net.au/view/about-us/ Cheers

  • Tim

    Everyone seems to crap on about better quality euro cars, but fact is they are designed for European roads and European weather conditions (read COLD). Check out a 20 year old BMW and how the plastics are holding up (or for that matter, the entire car), i have a friend with an 86′ BMW that has been looked after, and still i cant see where people get this idea of ‘Euro quality’. Not too mention their inability to absorb australias infamous potholes. Fact is $50 000 gets you a top of the line Australian built car designed for Australian conditions, not some poser vehicle bought purely on the badge snob factor that has a comparitively piss weak power outputs and standard equipment. I’m not a holden/ford nut, but i cant see the logic in bagging these cars when their Euro counterparts are lacking in just as many areas

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    Mate you have a mate with a 20 year old BMW thats all you have to form an opinion on EURO cars? Have you looked at 20 year old Holden’s and Fords. Take the VN Commodore 1990s the roof linings fallen down door panels have disolved steering wheels looks like a dog ate it and the seats? Well they dont even resemble sitting objects any more. EA Falcons not much better. Not to mention the panel gaps a truck could drive through. Give me a 20 year old well looked after EURO car anyday thanks. And as far as dollar value ,hey its not the EURO car manufactures that put the taxes on them that makes them more expensive in Australia its the Government cause if they didn’t Holden and Ford would not be able to sell against a FAR SUPERIOR product. Its nothing to do with SNOB value ,they are a better product. I resently attended the Perth Motor Show and sat in a VE Calais, what a piece of JUNK!!!Already the drivers seat was showing wear from people getting in and out of it,not to mention the hand brake that looks like it will break of in your hand if you reef it on. Why do you think Holden and Ford are constantly comparing their products to EURO? Cause thats the bench mark they have to try and meet !! You clearly have no experience of either ranges of makes or models other than those owned by someone else. Come back when you have more idea of what your talking about.

  • Tim

    where do i start, you have missed my point entirely.
    Yes old commodores have roof linings falling off, but so do the bmw’s that costed twice as much, wheres that brilliant euro quality?
    And wear on a seat, great bit of detective work there champ, i went to a motor show too last year, and sat in the new Audi TT that had the same problem.
    And yes i do have experience in driving both makes, the german cars are very nice, but $30,000 more than the equivalent competition, i dont think so. So you can take your $51,000 BMW 320i, with its HUGE 110kW of power. But considering you could get a performance monster like the SS or XR6T for less? That BMW badge must really mean a lot to you, because clearly equipment and performance dont.

  • Bavarian Missile

    i dont really know shit about cars anyway

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    Alborz how do you stop your site from others using your name? This guy is out of line. I did not write the above!!! Lisa .

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Tim

    Sorry Bavarian Missile I am a 12 year old bogan who has an IQ of room temperature.

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    Mate and you wern’t F***** listening,shall I speak slower for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A ………BMW……………IS …………..NOT……..EXPENSIVE……..IN…………GERMANY………AS……..IT………IS …………….HERE………IF……….YOU………..SOLD………..AN………..M3…..IN……..THE………..UK…………..IT…………….WOULD…………..COST………….THE………..SAME…………AS……. A……..BOGAN ……..VE……..HSV………HAVE………..YOU…………GOT………..IT………..YET…….?????? and buy the way I drive an M3 YOU WANKER SO GO LOOK THAT UP IN YOUR FUNK AND WAGNALS!!!!!!!DON’T F…….. WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!That’s reserved for smarter people than YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    hahah, go off mate.
    i dont care how much a BMW costs in the UK. or america. or north korea. I was and will always be talking about the price in australia, dumb ass.

  • smokin’R32

    Bavarian Missile:
    According to the topgear site an M3 is £49,680 and the HSV coupe (Vauxhall Monaro VXR)is £36,995. So they arent the same price at all

  • http://www.pedalcar.com.au Bavarian Missile

    Smokin R32 ,BUT price and target price are different THEIR MAGAZINE SAYS.


    BMW M3 price 42,450 pounds TARGET PRICE 37,780 POUNDS

    TARGET PRICE IS WHAT THEY WILL SELL THEM FOR,THE PRICE IS ADVERTISED JUST AS IT IS HERE. Who pays the advertised PRICE. Oh Commodore drivers APPARENTLY!!!!!!!! Oh and TIM ,YOUR still not understanding what the point is I am trying to make !

  • smokin’R32

    i dont understand your point either, you’re all over the place

  • Bavarian Missile

    I am tired of talking slow to bloody Holden owners. So I giving up on you both……

  • Cozza

    If BMW’s are so great how come calais V was voted better than a $100000 more BMW In every way.

  • Bavarian Missile



  • zum

    P76 V8, not every P76. Is your driving as good as your reading, spelling and grammar?

  • Unbiased Car Lover

    Tim and Bavarian Missile

    The two of you should agree to disagree. You will never make a point that the other appears willing to concede.

    Having been a person who has had the opportunity to own and/or regularly drive recent offerings from BMW, Audi, Saab, Holden and Ford, I can see validity in both of your statements.

    The fact remains however, that for a like to like comparison (size, passenger capacity and comfort {read as room – measured in millimetres, not perception}, power and the like, the two have vastly different price ranges for similar specification and therefore your argument BM, is flawed.

    To compare a 3 series BMW (regardless of variation) with a much larger VE Commodore and argue the virtues of quality for price bears little relevance, regardless the market you are purchasing it in. Using that logic, you may as well compare a BMW Motorcycle with a Holden Astra and argue the virtues of BMW quality for a similar price.

    The comparison should be made with similar specced and size vehicles, which at a minimum would be about a 5 series BMW v the Calais, despite the BMW giving up size to the Holden.

    The prices in this comparison are markedly different, and to suggest the inflated price of the BMW is entirely at the behest of an over-protective and taxing government is naive to say the least.

    Further, to laugh at WHEELS magazine, with years of collective and professional motoring journalism under their belts and dismiss them as Rank Amateurs only heightens the obvious Bias and immaturity you bring to the argument Bavarian Missile – I seem to recall wheels magazine has always praised the M3, though I guess having not won an Car Of The Yeat award (coveted as it is by vehicle manufacturers that sell within australia), you probably despise the magazine and feel justified in your making your unlearned sentiments.

    Your brand bias fails to dispel the commonly accepted fact (by many motoring journalists, both here and internationally) that have praised the efforts Holden have gone to improve the quality, and therefore value for money, of it’s product.

    The mere fact that the variations of VE commodore/WM Statesman do so well in the Middle East, where money seems to be no object, is a testament to that. Holden makes no secret it looked to BMW and Audi for strength and quality of it’s product, which in many ways, it has bettered and in other areas, it has not.

    Please Bavarian Missile, if you must continue with you ramblings, go away, do some much needed research outside of the In-House BMW Owners Magazine, and come back with a coherent argument comparing apples with apples (so to speak) and leave your arguably overpriced nice car out of it {So it can excessively de-value over the next three years}

  • Bavarian Missile

    GEZZ mate sounds like write professionally for someone , wow don’t I feel special you had the time to dribble on at me!!!!! You have made it quite clear that you are not a supporter of BMW’s but of Holdens from those comments! They are only YOUR points of view so as this is not your site let me have mine. God knows if I wanted a Mediator it wouldn’t have been by someone soooo serious.Please remove the plumbs from your mouth next time ,if you can?.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Oh and also by the way,it really doesn’t bother me how much it de-values by .It goes of my TAX BILL ..HAHAHA
    Who seriously pays that sort of money for a car unless you can claim on it.

  • Cozza

    So what u are saying is that u wouldnt pay that much for a car anyway.
    If that is the case why do you like BMWs or any european car for that matter

  • mil 62

    The last new Holden I had was a VK Calais V8 in 1985, when my employer’s company policy determined that you had to have an Australian car. As soon as I was able to choose my own cars, I bought European or, sometimes, Japanese.

    The best quality Euro car I’ve ever had was Audi. Compared to any Audi, Holden’s were rubbish. Any criteria you liked, fits and margins, mechanical refinement, interior quality, mouldings, detail design, tactile aesthetics, the Audi left the local stuff for dead. BMWs drove better than Audis, but could never match them for quality.

    Over the years I kept driving Holdens, rental Calais mainly. They always drove well enough, in fact they were a better drive on an interstate trip than any of the European cars I owned. They were effortless, handled well, were relaxing over long distances and economical. But I still wouldn’t buy one. Too scruffy, too coarse, too poorly finished. No class at all. Then I rented a new VE. Scales from the eyes. Nothing like any previous Holden, but a lot like a German car. Beautifully pressed body, nice detailing, particularly the glass finishing (a traditional Holden weakness), tight, consistent margins, lovely styling, a body built like a brick shithouse and a classy interior. Looking underneath, everthing engineered, thought through, done properly. Not like a Holden at all. On the road, the Holden drove as well as anything from Europe. Quality as good as an Audi? No, but near enough, certainly as good or better than any of the second string Europeans. Drive as well as a BMW? I think it does. After 23 years, when the time’s up for my current Euro, I’ll be going back to a Calais.

  • Peter

    I did leave comments on this site, how superior the rear panel fit [side panels onto bumper moulding],were on a Commodore against the new Statesman, but they seem to have disappeared, wonder why?
    I have some beautiful pictures of aerodynamics at work, gathering exhaust soot on the bumper moulding, but not on the up 2mm outward extended side panels of the Statesman.
    If you don’t want to keep cleaning that soot of your chamois, buy a Commodore Caprice with a V8 instead of a Statesman.

  • john

    How do I say By.

  • Shane Harding

    Um Bavarian, I would have to go against your views here mate. I OWNED a BMW and became sick of a suspension problem that took my dealer 6 TIMES to bloody fix. This on a M3 that was only 2 years old. My neighbour shortky after purchased a FPV F6 Typhoon. I would have to admit its a very nice car that drove better than the M3 and was a very nice change. Sure it lacked the tricks and treats of the M3 but I wanted a spirited car and this thing delivered. I can now proudly say that I am the owner of a 2006 FPV F6 Typhoon and couldn’t be happier. Already hit 45000kms and NO ISSUES. I guess the point I am making is that all new cars can have issues and all cars begin to fall apart after 20 years. I know many people with Commodores and Falcons and have never complained. I also agree with Tim, I now feel RIPPED OFF spending $150000 on a car when a $70000 car satisfies me more.

  • Bavarian Missile /

    That’s ok you can have your opinion ,I don’t have a problem with that. I guess we all have issues with cars at some time. I was simply saying after owning 6 BMWs they have all been great ,One I kept for 130,000 clicks and did nothing except service it. I am not saying the M3 doesn’t have faults . I know the ride in them just about makes the fillings in your head fall out,the clutch over heats in traffic in traffic , the pedals are off set and too close together for most blokes to drive ……but I love the fact BMW can extract 100 hp for every litre and keep it normaly aspirated. Husband hates driving it, he’s 6 foot 3
    And has problems getting in and out of it. I love the fact you sit in it not on it like the GT he has. I feel its like driving a bus after getting out of my car.You sit so high in the car and have a huge steering wheel in front of you, but hey it suits him and he still loves it !

    I’ve driven a Typhoon and I have to agree with Sam ,it needs twin turbos to over come the turbo lag. Your lucky to have had no issues with the Typhoon our 2003 FPV GT has been back to the dealers 22 times,mate we had so many issues we had a direct number to the the second in charge at FPV in Melbourne . Car has now done 85,000 klms. Enjoy the Typhoon and I will continue to enjoy the M3.

  • Unbiased Car Lover

    Hey BM, its me again. The serious one.

    No one, and certainly not me, is stopping you or even asking you to stop having an opinion.

    I just make the point that you rant about the brand bias exhibited by everyone else here (myself included), yet fail to acknowledge your own…

    It seems like you don’t want anyone else to have an opinion that is conflict with yours – You label them a Holden Lover, or seem to go out of your way to knock them and/or their choice of vehicle.

    No-ones trying to mediate, certainly not me, just asking you to grow up and throw some unbiased debate into the forum.

  • Bavarian Missile /

    The serious one HAHAHA .Mate I don’t have any problem with anyone else having their opinion and don’t expect them to agree with mine . But don’t expect me to agree if I think its wrong!! If you read more of my posts than Holden ones you would see I am not that bloody one eyed. And thanks for removing the plumbs!!LOL. So who’s Alias do you operate under . I don’t see you on other posts than this. And you think I should grow up…..RIGHT.

  • Unbiased Car Lover

    No alias. I have only posted here because I thought i’d read the calais article and readers comments. Your’s just smacked of bias. Thats all.

    I haven’t posted on other threads yet. Haven’t got round to it. Don’t normally post comments to tell the truth, just had something to say when i read yours.

    I have read your other posts (and those by your son under your name) in other threads, but you seemed to be fairer in those (maybe because it was about the new falcon and you own a GT – who knows)…

    Just because i dont post on every forum does not mean I need to grow up. Restraint also shows maturity, you know… …or I guess you don’t.

  • Stephen H

    Guys, guys, guys – just take a chill pill. The VE (in all guises) is a car designed for the general mass market(of Australia!!!) and some niche markets overseas. If you want to compare then please compare it to another 1750kg car that sits 5 people, has @200kw and get 11ish l/100 and then make your comments – if you include the price in your thought process I think you will be hard pressed to find a car that is vastly better.

  • Lazybones

    “If you want to compare then please compare it to another 1750kg car that sits 5 people, has @200kw and get 11ish l/100 and then make your comments”

    Yup, if we can just add to that list cars who’s name rhymes with “whatabore” we could safely say the VE is the best car in its class :)

  • StephenH

    Hey Lazybones – believe it or not you just helped make my point. I dont see anywhere that Holden said they were making the “best” car in the world (how would you assess that anyway as it depends on your criteria). What they have done is identify a market/s that they feel they can compete in and enter a product into there.

    It is product marketing at it’s most basic – as an example Jan 2006 Holden had 16.4% market share in OZ and BMW (chosen only because people keep using that as a benchmark car in these debates)had 1.9% of the market. So is the Cdore a better car that a BMW 7 series – no but it certainly appeals to more of the buying public in our market and that is all that really matter to the car companies.

  • david willo

    they keep on. Their adds on t.v about the calais it is the wheels car of the year.what about the new toyato aurion 1at year they won the car of the year& the drivers car of the year you dont see them advertisingthe awards they won this year.why would you buy one when most japenese cars are more relieable than most cars built in this country.their is a saying if you want to travel around australia you buy a TOYATO it is bound to make it

  • Azza

    Bwah ha ha! First T-O-Y-O-T-A may be Japanese but the Aurion is not. It is made here in the land of Aus.
    However I agree with you, Holden have actually won an award and are milking it for everything they can.

  • rm

    I am the proud owner of the new holden VE SV6, and have had it for one month, being a Holden fan, I am now converted to any other model out there as this car is a bucket of sheet, Ive nothing but problems with it, requiring more than weekly visits back to holden servicing or needing road side assistance.

    Problems. Computer Problems, Accelerator problems, battery problems

    Tottalllly farked off with my holden

  • rm

    Id actually like to know if anyone else has had problems with the VE 07, Ive heard two other people I know needing to send there new car back weekly for problems!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Guys on the Ford Forum have just posted the next wheels cover,with the pics that we all got last week of the Phoon and GT, 320kw !!!!!!!!!! So stuff that in your pipe Holden and smoke it

  • Lotus 111R

    Hi there,

    I came across this thread and have enjoyed reading through it – very lively!

    Just returned from the UK after 9 years and had no problems coming to terms with laying down the $ for a Calais V V8. I have worked in the automotive industry both here and in the UK. I am impressed with what Holden have managed to do with the miserable volume they have to work with. Ave car sets per day in 2000,01,02 and 03 for the Ford Focus were 2,700 per day compared with 540 per day. It makes a real difference.

    My Calais V is definately not perfect, but it is like nothing else for the money in the UK. From a country where the 3 series has outsold Ford Mondeos, and Audi’s a pretty common, I don’t find them special…just very well made and well finished. I feel very pleased that I can come back to Australia and buy a spacious car that makes no appologies about its performance in many areas.

    By the way, the Calais is the slow car – I use the Lotus for putting a grin on my dial!

  • Brad

    hey guys this is my first post on this site

    first up Bavarian Missile you’re an idiot, although you probably won’t read this.

    i am a fan of the VE commodores, we have a sv6 and i love it. no troubles with it whatsoever. we will be upgrading to a calais next year probably and i can’t wait.

    it’s already been said here but for what it is the commodore is unbeatable. it doesn’t have the prestige of some bmws but they don’t cost anywhere near as much so they’re pretty much in a different market.


    Ive recently purchased a calais V V8, had it 24 hrs and had a problem with the trouble lights activating for no apparent reason, they eventually stopped blinking but not before it eventually drained the battery.Holden replaced the battery, apparently have had problems with this in other vehicles. Also replaced the front console.

    Also when looking for a new vehicle road tested the v6 model but couldnt stand the noise in the front seat from the engine, particularly as I currently had a 1998 Fairlaine V8 which is extremely quiet. Settled fro the V8 which is a little quieter and the sound is more at the back of the vehicle.

    Anybody else notice this problem?

  • Berry Thomas

    I recall reading an answer from someone who wrote to Graeme Smith some time back at Cars Guide in Melbournes Herald Sun with a query re the 380 Mitsubishi in relation to I think slow sales of that model and whether it was any good. Graeme answered that the 380 was a bloody good car, and that Mitsubishi’s biggest problem was that they couldn’t get people to drive and consider it. Having bought a Magna 3.5L V6 earlier this year, after being a dyed in the wool Commodore man for years, I just want to say to all the Commodore/ Falcon buyers out there, unless you want to pull heavy loads such as in boats etc. do yourselves a favour and check out the 380.I could not believe how much better the Magna is compared with the last 2 company cars that I have driven,(Commodores & Falcons)
    My next car is going to be a 380 for sure.

  • JT

    Country SV6 owner,
    Happy overall, especially on the open road and often rough road surfaces (very positive in corners). Wife loves the room inside and I like the handling and price.

    Some build quality issues which are an inconvenience even if they are covered on warranty. This is a sacrifice I am willing to live with for now, but holden must improve the quality control of components sourced for their cars!!! You can’t just blame PBR for a rattly front brake, ultimately the buck stops with the manufacture of the vehicle.

    There is truth to all the comments posted here, and hey, irrespective of make or model they might all become replaced with vehicle that can meet stringent emission reduction targets. Where anyone that can get above 80kl/h is the envy of everyone else on the road:)

  • Duck

    it’s better than fords fairmont!

  • John

    Calais V V8 owner for 10 months.Fantastic vehicle and have had 0 problems so far.Previously owned Mitsi ,Mazda and a Cruiser and can’t fault the Calais

  • Spit Fire

    Hi all,

    I bought a new CALAIS VE V6 two weeks back (full options) for $52,000 as buying a new BMW here is not worth the price and the standard 320i sucks….it looks like cheap crap… from the front without round lights. (I know that the projector lights is the way to go in a new standard BMW).

    Although I owned & drove BMW’s for more than 10years (3/5 series, the recent one I had was 330I 2006) and love them as they have the best road handling but I was also surprised when I drove the Calais for the first time. They are almost as good in road handling like my BMW’s but I do agree that the build quality in Holden needs to improve but it is not fair to compare with the BMW quality for which you pay more. All I can say is the more money you pay…you can expect the best but just paying half of it and trying to compare with other expensive brands makes no sense for me. I can say that the Calais is a good car with good handling / HP for the money you pay. No car on this earth is perfect…just be happy with what you have and be proud of it…regardless what you drive.

    Good day to all of you……… drive safe…


  • Duck

    Good for you Spit Fire im glad your happy!

  • Roudy

    Calais-V 6lt owner, Love the thing been blessed to not have the little niggles that some have had with the software, But holden still nicely did a update for me :):).

    Handling and comfort is what has done if for me, Performance aside i love just driving highways local doesn’t matter to me just happy overall.

  • Duck

    Good on u Roudy!

  • John

    Had a Calais V6 V for about 2 years now. 40,000km.

    No European car of the same class comes anywhere near it for value for money. Have a sister with the latest 5 series. Yes it is better, but it cost $100,000 more.

    One point I would like to make about marketing. I think there is a place for a “soft riding” non sports suspension, Calais V.

    I suggest that the Calais be upgraded to all the V features except the sports suspension. Old farts like me want the luxury with a soft ride, but not hve to go to the Statesman which is too big for me.

    Also fuel consumption. Around town does 14.5l/100km mostly in heavy traffic, but out on the open road it is fantastic.
    No more than 8 l/100km when cruising along the Moonie Highway.



  • franz chong

    that BMW costs Australians their jobs and feeds a family in Munich for a year

  • franz chong

    You Buy a Mercedes or BMW in the same price range and no matter how much you upgrade it It’s still a Compact German 2 Litre at the end of the day.

  • radar

    I own a vz sv6 2007 it is a beautiful machine drives great on the highway especially in 6th gear, the only problem i have had was the I.R.S you know what it is already “if you love holdens” aparantly they have “re” designed the ve’s rear ebnd to counter this problem, other than that it is great,oh and also i have a vl 88 model and it is fairly well lokked after and it is in good condition all cars or most if they are looked after they will hold together after 20 odd years, if you don’t then you will notice the difference just look at the walkinshaws they are in mint conditon because they have been babied, look at the end of the day all cars have problems and break down and deteriate it can also happen from brand new manufacturing problems, but they are all just have there own sets of problems, and also i am a holden nut but if you close your eyes to other brands and models you can’t improve on what you get, i love the commodores and i know they have some issues like “irs” but if i really want one i put up pr shut up and go try other car. but i agree total with “Unbiased Car Lover” but also with some thing with missle, and if u look at the v8 super cars they all have restrictions on both cars they keep them the same mostly it is like comparing facebook and myspace they are the same !!!!! anyway enjoy guys have a good one.

    • Shak

      It is impossible for you to own a VZ SV6 from 2007, as any models produced in 2007, would have been VE’s.

      • peddy.d

        Probably a VZ SVZ Wagon, they built those up till 2007

  • jason j

    Hey everybody I’m an avg aussie guy. 2.4 kids etc and I just bought a beautifulv6 calais v its done 120 k. Andii paide under 20g