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The first images of the all-new second-generation Chrysler 200 have surfaced online just days out from its official debut at next week’s Detroit auto show.

Leaked by US website Motorward, the images show a sleeker and more sporting design compared with the first-generation US-market Chrysler 200, with a narrower grille and headlights up front and a heavily raked windscreen.

The rear end is home to unique LED tail-lights, a flowing rear bumper and two chrome-tipped exhaust outlets.

Chrysler 200 Leaked - 2

Inside, a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel joins a large tablet-style touchscreen and a Volvo-esque floating centre console that houses the rotary shifter for the 200’s nine-speed automatic transmission.

Based on the same Fiat-Chrysler platform that underpins the Dodge Dart and 2014 Jeep Cherokee, the new Chrysler 200 is rumoured to offer two powertrains: a 137kW/234Nm 2.4-litre Tiger Shark four-cylinder and a 220kW/355Nm 3.6-litre Pentastar V6.

Expected to come in front-wheel-drive guise as standard, speculation suggests an all-wheel-drive variant will be available, featuring a rear axle able to be electronically disconnected when not required in an effort to save fuel – claims of 6.7 litres per 100km have been reported.

Chrysler 200 Leaked - 10

Early US speculation suggests a starting price of around $21,700, though full details and specifications will follow the four-door’s January 13 Detroit unveiling.

Fiat Chrysler Australia says it currently has no plans to bring the 200 to the local market, and at this stage it’s unclear if the new model will be produced in right-hand drive or remain left-drive-only like its predecessor.

The new second-generation Chrysler 200 comes just four years after the introduction of the original, which itself replaced the Sebring sedan.

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  • 3D4

    Too much of Hyundai going on IMO..

  • Andy

    Looks very nice

    • Phil

      It does, but with that styling why didn’t they just make it a hatch?

      • ixlplix

        I agree with both of you. US don’t like hatchbacks for some reason. All the cars with similar styling and they have moved to boots (trunks) rather than the more practical hatch. Maybe the hatch is seen as cheap?

        • Phil

          Yeah, SE Asia is the same. Maybe if they borrowed the twin hatch idea from Skoda, works well on the Octavia. Best of both worlds.

          • suomi95

            You mean the twin hatch on the Skoda Superb I presume. In the orginal it was fiddly to operate. The new Superb later this year is supposed to be better thought out operating the boot/hatch combo.

          • Phil

            yes I did – my mistake.

      • MisterZed

        Why don’t they make a hatchback Mercedes S-Class while they’re at it?

        • Phil

          now you’re being silly. The CLS maybe 😉

  • 42 = The Answer

    I like

  • MK

    It looks like it just needs to be squashed down vertically about 1.5 – 2 inches. Other than that its pretty good looking.

    • suomi95

      Wonder what the full side profile looks from 90 degrees as from the front side angle the rear looks a little squashed. Otherwise a good effort. Hope they have given it some quality soft feel plastics inside too.

      • pal

        you should see some pics now if you search for it. That was the profile i wanted to see myself and i wasn’t disappointed. To me it looks nicer than any in it’s class. But that’s my opinion.

  • Rick

    The best looking mid sizer on the market and with 220kw and all wheel drive it’ll deliver something that no one else does in Australia an affordable fast mid sizer .Hopefully Chrysler will see the light , but I doubt it


    SRT model should be interesting

    • Rick

      It’s surprising that SRT don’t have a performance smallish car in their catalogue

      • Phil

        Dart SRT4 is supposed to be released this year.

  • awal

    Wow very surprised at how good it looks, a lok of Audi A7 in the profile (a good thing) – it all ties together nicely. I’m suprised at how well Fiat seems to be doing with its American brands products wise – everything theyve released has been pretty well received reviews wise.

  • Kennyboye

    Looks like the passant cc had a dalliance with cousin Audi… Not sure what dna the interior is from but clearly the shallow end of the design gene pool…..

    • falcodore

      The dash, steering wheel and seats look like they’re lifted straight from the Jeep Cherokee which isn’t a bad thing. From all reports it’s a nice place to be, very high quality materials apparently.

  • JHP

    the overall design of this car somewhat reminds me of the old chrysler neon…!
    especially from the front

  • Zany

    Looks ok but do we need anther dunger?