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V8 Supercars has announced a six-year, $241 million media deal with Foxtel, Fox Sports and the Ten Network that will shift coverage away from its current home on the Seven Network from 2015.

Comprising $196 million cash and $45 million of advertising, the deal – the sport’s biggest ever – covers all media rights, including digital, from 2015 to 2020.

V8 Supercars CEO James Warburton said the deal was “tremendous and significant” for the sport and will lead to “unprecedented coverage” across multiple platforms “never before seen on such a scale”.

“I would also like to thank Seven and their commitment to the sport since 2007 and of course their continued support for 2014, the final year of our partnership,” the former Ten chief executive and Seven executive said.


Seven – which obtained the rights from Ten following its 1997-2006 broadcasting of the category – said in a statement that it offered a “substantial increase on the current rights agreement”, however, “V8 Supercars declined to build on this relationship beyond 2014.”

“We wish the sport, the teams and the drivers the best,” the statement said.

“We will give the V8s everything we’ve got in 2014.”

Foxtel CEO and managing director Richard Freudenstein said the new relationship would significantly strengthen the sport’s offering, with Foxtel and Fox Sports able to deliver a breadth and depth of coverage dedicated motorsport fans have never seen before.

“Not only will the series be available in amazing high definition on the Foxtel cable and satellite service, fans will also be able to enjoy all the action on the move with Foxtel Go or with the convenience of Foxtel Play,” Freudenstein said.

Jamie Whincup - Lifestyle

Fox Sports CEO Patrick Delany promised to give the sport the “Fox Sports treatment”, pledging to show “every minute” of practice, qualifying, support categories and the Championship races all live and in HD, as well as innovate coverage “to take fans closer to the action”. Weekly entertainment shows will also complement race coverage.

Ten Network CEO and managing director Hamish McLennan said, “We are delighted to welcome V8 Supercars back home to Ten in 2015.”

From 2015, V8 Supercars will join Ten’s existing motorsport line-up of Formula One and MotoGP.

Kicking off in Adelaide on February 27, the 2014 V8 Supercars series will also see the return of Volvo to Australian touring car racing, with Polestar Volvo Racing entering two Volvo S60 racers under the banner of Garry Rogers Racing.

Red Bull Racing Australia’s Jamie Whincup (pictured above) took out this year’s V8 Supercars championship, claiming his fifth title in six years.

  • Roland

    I’m sure any news will cause wormcup to have a sook. Good or bad

  • Zandit75

    So does this mean that the casual fan of V8 Supercars has to get Foxtel to watch the race?

    • Luke

      At the moment it is believed that all main events will be broadcast on Ten but not all of the championship as Foxtel will have exclusive rights to some smaller events. Good way to kill the sport.

    • MattOz

      Normally, the live coverage is local and replays are shown on Speed, a Foxtel channel.

  • Already own the TE Kuga

    On one hand its a good money deal for V8 Supercars, good for those who want to watch it in 720p HD (Fox Sports or Speed what ever they decide to put it on), but will Channel 10 also show it on ONE which is there 1080i HD channel, Channel 10 have not stated whether or not they are gonna switch ONE to SD and have 10 in HD yet (only CH NIne have said they are willing to switch GEM to SD and put Nine on HD and use currently EXTRA 2 channel as a fall back Nine SD supplement channel) … I doubt it very much so its a stupid deal for those who dont have pay TV for whatever reasons … and have no inclination to subscribe to a 2nd rate pay TV service that is full of advertisements that current subscribers pay to watch… .

    So glorious 576i SD it is then for the next 7 years (that includes Seven doing it in SD again in 2014)

    • ixlplix

      You more or less beat me to the punch. Just a few corrections. One and mate Gem are true HD 1080P. 720 is SD. TVs are capable of 1080P, 1080i, 720,P and 720i. TV is broadcast in 1080P and 720P weather permitting. Foxtel by comparison is low def 720i or even lower (your 500 figure on the standard box), which they call HD because it suits them. But as you know, there is a VERY BIG difference in viewing quality. Plus like you, I will NOT under any circumstances pay to have foxtel. So if they plan to run the races on there, and there alone, guess you won’t be the only one they lose for at least 5 years or how ever long they have it. Foxtel is rubbish on all levels and not worth one red cent.

      • pro346

        all wrong! sd 576i or480p 7 9 and 10 broadcast in this! hd is 720p or 1080i no pay tv or free to air broadcast in 1080p here or anywhere else get your facts right! tvs are capable of 480p/576i which is standard def and hd is usually 720 or above 1080p being for br discs etc

        • ixlplix

          Well we’re just going to have to agree to disagree, aren’t. If you have a modern TV it will tell you what band width is being used. I suggest you have a look next time you change channel. Make sure it’s not analogue. Just so you know, you are totally wrong.

          • Sydlocal

            I am sorry but Pro346 is correct. Just so you know, you are the one totally wrong.

            I have a 2013 model smart TV and if I don’t use the PVR (which has a 1080p up-scaler built in so the TV always receives a 1080p signal and of course tells me so), the TV tells me the signal from all stations except GEM/Mate/One/ABC News24/SBS HD are SD, which of course is 576i. Well, it tells me the signal is 576i which of course is SD. The remainder show up as 1080i, which is what free to air TV stations use. NONE are 1080p from the native transmission. The bandwidth available makes it difficult for 1080p. Most TVs will convert 1080i to 1080p prior to displaying it anyway, but the raw signal from the TV tower is still only 1080i.

            Additionally my PVR on its info bar corresponds with what the TV says WRT resolution ie 576i for SD stations and 1080i for HD stations. Oh BTW, I can’t have mistaken it for analogue because the signal was switched off here at the start of the year.

            720p is STILL classed as HD (the minimum standard for many countries) with 1080i/p usually known as ‘full HD’. Either way, they are both classed as HD.

            Here is a link from CNET Australia explaining for you. All you need to do is fill in the necessary characters. The Ws dot cnet dot com dot au forward slash digital-tv-in-australia-240000380 dot htm
            Either that or take the 5 seconds required to do a search in Google.
            Then again, I suppose you will say CNET/Google is totally wrong too!

          • DanielR

            Its frightening how many people think 1080p/Full HD is broadcast on TV. Just tonight I flicked across to TVSN flogging TVs. They were telling views you need to buy a Full HD/1080p TV because that’s what is broadcast in Australia. Its a con job, just like every time I walk into a JB/HVN and listen to suckers being told how they need FHD to watch free to air. The new con will be how you need to buy a 4K TV to watch free to air. ixlplix has made a fool of himself here, but he isnt alone on this topic.
            One need to show V8SCs in HD, or I wont bother, the sport has become boring in the last few years, putting up with SD going forward is a good chance to give the sport away.

          • ixlplix

            Your eyes will tell you the difference if you aren’t blind. Next thing you guys will be saying is they don’t transmit in stereo or surround sound sound. Silly boys.

          • Sydlocal

            The HD stations have the ‘ability’ to transmit in Surround sound, however of late they rarely do according to what my AV receiver tells me. I remember a few years ago most movies etc on GEM/Mate and the the other HD channels were transmitted in surround sound (5.1 for eg), however recently I have hardly ever seen my AV receiver display show them transmitting more than 2 channels. SD stations only transmit stereo, no surround sound for them.

            Obviously you didn’t take the 5 minutes to look at the link I put at the end of my comment. I think I know why you didn’t, because then you would have to admit you were wrong and from what I have seen on multiple threads there is no way you are capable of doing that!

          • ixlplix

            Actually, they can and often do transmit surround sound. Go and 9 have a surround sound session, plugging music.

  • NarpasSword

    What I’m getting from this is that the current “New Generation” V8 Supercars will be around until at least 2020.
    What would happen to Australian Touring Cars after 2020? Will it be brought into line with overseas series like WTCC, DTM and/or Super GT, or could the ‘V8 supercar’ format continue?

  • Sydlocal

    I will be happy as long as Matt White doesn’t follow the circus over to Ch10!

    • Barry

      Matt’s ok, is Crompton who gets me, been out of the game for so long, wasn’t much good at it then, and still thinks he knows It all, and arrogant in real life

  • ixlplix

    This is probably an indication that 7, with inside knowledge and speculation, don’t think there will be much of a future once Falcon and Commodore have disappeared from the market. 10s history of this type of racing is a drop in the bucket by comparison to 7. I expect they capped the amount they were willing to pay for those reasons. (they expect a dying sport)

    • Sydlocal

      I think you may have a very valid point there.

    • Bullet 69

      Once falcon and commodore go in a few years . I wont be watching anymore .

      • bart

        Once Falcon and Commodore go in a few years, I will be watching

        • horsie

          Whats the difference. the car will be the same with a slightly different looking body and called a malibu

      • MattOz

        Out with the Falcodore, in with the Stangmaro!
        And stop voting for yourself.

    • Exar Kun

      Seven have said they offered a considerably increased sum of money for the rights beyond 2014 so they didn’t just let it go.

      • ixlplix

        I think they still wanted it. But only to a certain amount. That’s why I think they were hedging their bets.

    • mh2408

      My thoughts too

  • Jake

    A bit of a shame in some regards. Despite some teething issues with channel 7 (especially time zones etc) they have shifted the quality of broadcast leaps and bounds ahead of the old channel ten era. Granted, technology has picked up huge amounts since 2006 too, but even air time is much greater. That said, past V8-F1 support broadcasts on One have been top notch (as good as can be without being the full time crew anyway). Let’s hope Neil and Mark both make the jump as well.

  • Rocket

    Will be interesting to see what support this series gets post Falcon and Commodore? Will we see Mondeos and Malibus or Mustangs and Camaros battle it out? Big opportunity for production car racing to return to the top in the near future I reckon.

  • 888 197

    Bar the amount of ads, I’m very set and happy with how the broadcast is now on 7. All I hope for is that Ten broadcast quali and all races and it’d be nice for the commentator team to stay the same, without Tom WIliiams. If Ten don’t show all the races… well I guess I’d just have to get Foxtel after years of watching and loving the V8s I won’t know myself without it. Bugger. It feels complex. Come on Ten don’t kill it for me.

  • nugsdad

    I hope the deal includes a cliche banning clause.
    ” He’s had a tough day at the office” is particularly annoying.

  • poshbogan

    Yesssssss……can’t wait to see a V8 merc v a V8 Volvo…….that will get the Bogans coming to watch in their thousands

  • Guest

    The only real HD FTA channel at this stage is ABC News 24 which is 720p (1280×720 progrssive 25fps), 7mate, Gem and One are all 1080i (1440×1080 interlace 25fps).

    Anyway from the looks of it if CHANNEL 10 don’t switch 10 to HD (1080interlace) and thus put ONE back to SD (576interlace) then all FTA viewers are screwed over by V8Suoercars for doing a dud deal making viewers have to pay for a subscription to to Foxtel and then Fox Sports (as Fox Sports is not in the base package).

    So 7 more years of SD broadcast for those who don’t want pay TV ..


    One thing for sure is that Bathurst 1000 is on the anti-siphoning list which is a good thing, it must be broadcast live by the FTA rights holder and yes that includes the top 10.

  • Goodfa

    This is bad news If the rumours are true that channel 10 will not show every race. V8 Supercars have always stated they are a family sport. I guess money quickly makes them forget their roots. They will lose a lot of fans if only limited people get to see every race live on Foxtel.

  • Zany

    Who wants to watch euro boxes we can’t afford. Now that holden and ford are out its a waste of time. I couldn’t afford their basic models and if I could I wouldn’t buy one anyway.

  • Alex

    I’m wondering how many people will want to pay $1000 a year to watch V8s or will this be the death of V8 Supercars. Might be a good chance for CAMS to start a production touring car category on free to air

  • Chris Mc

    Does everyone not get what “selling out” to Pay TV does to Sport. It means that you lose the Next Generation of viewers. We all grew up with V8’s and all Sport Free on Free to Air. Our Dad’s watched it, we grew up watching it with them. When sport goes to Pay TV, the Next Generation of fans are lost forever. Sports will quietly die as their Future fanbase dries up over the next generation(s). Sport is something handed down from Generation to Generation. A lot of people are leaving Pay TV. I will not be forced to pay for what should be free. Sport will quietly die, and those Television Owners that Sold their soul will wonder why their Fans dwindle over the years. Free TV = Fans at the events that watch it week after week. If you cannot see it every event, then people start to lose interest as they cannot see who wins every week.