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by Alex Gibson

Mercedes-Benz’s global sales outstripped premium rival Audi last month, on the back of the luxury car maker’s success with its new range of small cars.

Mercedes-Benz sold 133,441 vehicles in November, just ahead of Audi’s 132,050 sales. The figures represent an 11 per cent and seven per cent increase on last year’s figures respectively.

Despite the sales rise, both Mercedes and Audi were beaten by BMW, which retained its leading global premium sales status, with 149,663 vehicles sold in November, a three per cent rise.

Mercedes A-Class sporty cornering

Mercedes-Benz still sits behind BMW and Audi for total vehicle sales this year. BMW has sold 1.49 million cars and SUVs so far, compared with 1.44 million for Audi and 1.32 million for Mercedes.

However, Mercedes’ sales growth percentage is greater than both BMW’s and Audi’s, and has been for five months in a row now. The Daimler unit has recorded a rise of 11 per cent for vehicle sales in 2013, compared with eight per cent for BMW and seven per cent for Audi.

Mercedes has attributed its sales growth to the success of the new A-Class and CLA-Class compact vehicles, as well as the revamped E-Class and all-new S-Class ranges.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class - 2

“The current model cycle is very beneficial for Mercedes,” said Commerzbank AG analyst Sascha Gommel.

“Audi and BMW have to invest in new production capacities and the development of new models. Mercedes’ investment cycle has peaked and they are entering a phase of outperformance.”

The positive results for all three manufacturers are largely attributable to the resurgent US market and the booming Chinese market. Even Europe’s car market appears to be recovering, according to BMW head of sales and marketing, Ian Robertson.

“Although conditions remain challenging in a number of European markets, we expect sales to continue to develop positively over the coming months. Our target of record sales for 2013 is now within reach,” Robertson said.

  • Gouged by Germans

    never considered Audi to be a premium rival in the first place, regardless of how much they charge us for their metal and service. Good on MB though.

    • Joe

      …..agreed…..German Toyota……..A4 = Corolla, A6 = Camry/Aurion, A8 = not worth the effort……

      • Markus

        Lol Audi is weirdly very respected and desirable in europe. I think its because BMW and Merc have really dropped their ball in the last 5 years while Audi has slow and steady improved in terms of design and model range.

        I think maybe their all rounder (do everything very well but not anything remarkably) and understated persona mean over there they’re more like buying a subaru/volvo is here. Less look at me but still expensive for what they are.

        I put BMW’s overall lead down to Asia where the number one prestige choice is almost resoundingly BMW.

        I’d say it’s probably the same in Australia too. BMW then Mercedes and Audi battling for second place – Mercedes has really fallen behind with their SUV sales/models which make up such a large part of the prestige market after the entry level models.

        • Patto

          Mercedes has sold roughly the same amount of passenger vehicles in Australia this year as BMW and Audi combined. MB first, daylight second.

        • Josh K

          Audi in Europe? If we’re talking global sales, it’s definately China

      • The-Mega-Audi

        Makes me think you are strong supporter of Holden. Funny kiddo!

    • The-Mega-Audi

      Never considered well obviously your knowledge of car industry is limited to the maximum, if you knew the history of it all you will know that Mercedes started the process and Audi was inventor for entire which is 90% of technology starting engines exterior and interior design and first manufacturer to actually built luxury cars, Audi creator was a CEO of design engineering and design department for Mercedes first then moved some 15 years later to create Audi. So the fact Audi invented all we drive today you would have to be pretty dumb to go differently against simple reality.

      • guestzzz

        Historically & presently Benz are the leaders and Audi the wannabes…that’s why Benz holds 90% of the works automotive patents…Google it and then you’ll understand.
        Audi do make very good cars though.

        • The-Mega-Audi

          Want to be? A car production that invented what I mentioned above or simply created a car details as such is car engine 2 4 5 6 8 10 12 16 cyl car body car transmition double clutch, manual single clutch all wheel drive front wheel drive mid engine some 30 years earlier before was used in racing light weight aluminium led lights perfected diesel in 1930 achieved speeds of over 400kph BMW did not exist at the time, not to go any further in racing off or on road a manufacturer who created it all to be a want to be, sorry but it’s other way around every car production has taken Audi invention today and implemented into their, why is this because Audi made it all, so how can that be a want to be. I know the inside of the car industry firstly Audi Mercedes BMW and then the rest, for example BMW is not even a true heritage brand it is owned through shares by people who do not care about the quality of the product itself but quantity of making money, Mercedes and Audi do come under the same topic they both make amazing cars however Audi is on another level and it can’t be beaten, it may be short in sales but it has the biggest profits and on top of that massive impact on the group of VW Audi owns and saved existence of Lamborghini and it is smashing arch rival Ferrari with their models today then Bentley Ducati VW itself and other manufactures who do continuously take amazing technology already developed and used by Audi for decades and is new in Mercedes and BMW such is all wheel drive system, light aluminium body weight double clutch led lights just to name few. And the funny thing is Audi A8 has just been selected and is chosen over new S class by the clients and drivers itself as the best luxury limousine beating all go other. Not only that but continues models of Audi especially R and RS models as the best in their category world cars of the year performance best interior and exterior designs and best engeneering technology such is winning words toughest races that no one had ever achieved before and constantly being world number one in endurance racing with their diesel hybrid 6 12 24 Le Mans DTM series and on top making electrical cars that brake world records on track like R8 e tron with such power and then Mercedes places already failed SLS as prduction as an electric SLS and BMW started to rush ugly and ever so ridicilous i3 and i8 while Audi suprised them with briliantly designed and perfectly engeneered g tron models, I mean where in the world is that fallowing? As I said you would have to be a dumb bum to believe it and go against reality.

          • MattOz

            Don’t you believe what this Audi dealer says.

          • The-Mega-Audi

            Which One?