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Top Gear Teaser

Two out of three Top Gear hosts have been suspended from driving in France for three months after being caught, somewhat unsurprisingly, speeding.

The incident occurred while Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond were on location, filming the final sequence of a road trip DVD from Venice, Italy to Pau, France.

Clarkson was in an Aston Martin Vanquish Centenary Edition with Hammond behind in a Porsche 911 GT3.

Speeding in France

Under the false impression they were in a 130km/h zone, Clarkson was travelling at 141km/h, Hammond at 143km/h. Unfortunately for the pair, the speed limit was in fact 90km/h.

An on-the-spot fine comprised the contents of their wallets with the two Brits then losing their licences and being banned from driving in France for three months.

Call it convenient timing, but Top Gear’s “The Perfect Road Trip” (the ironically named DVD they were filming at the time) has been teased via a YouTube clip and is now available for order.

Apart from the two cars Clarkson and Hammond were caught speeding in, the DVD also features a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Pagani Huayra, Porsche Cayman S and both the original Jaguar E-Type and its new-age successor the F-Type.


  • Anuj

    waiting for piers morgan to take a bite outta this piece………

    • Phillip

      JC can just punch him again :)

  • Tone

    How did I know it’d be Clarkson and Hammond getting pinged for speeding?

  • Zaccy16

    if this was australia they would be shunned out of society for doing that much over!

    • Cl1ff0

      In Victoria they would almost be put in jail for 6 months for doing this speed

      • LeStori

        Unfortunately the obsesion with so called speediing has lowered driving standards in Victoria. Most drive like children. If they drove in the UK they would wet their ‘nappies’.

        • guest

          So it’s okay to do 143km/h in a 90km/h zone?

          • MattOz

            We have roads with speed limits way too low. For instance, there’s a nice, long, wide piece of road where one can safely do 100, but restricted to 60. We all know the reason for that.

      • chewie the skidlid

        in the nt. it would be just 1 point of the licence and a small fine if the cops even bothered about it

  • DavidWill

    Sod the Frenchies………. they are crybabies and whoopsies anyway

  • Steph

    Every driver thinks they are better than the average driver, and are toootally skilled enough to go over the speed limit calculated to minimise danger to themselves and others.

    Unfortunately when they are wrong, they aren’t always the only ones to suffer.

    They got a fine, they got off lightly.

    • Shak

      So you’re telling me the 100km/h limit on the Hume Highway has been ‘calculated’ to protect me and others? Thats a bit silly,considering the limit was set in the 70’s, and modern cars are monumentally safer than their 70’s counterparts. Sometimes limits are just there as guidelines.

      • Tone

        My understanding is that speed limits were introduced in the early 1970s not as a road safety initiative; rather, they were introduced as a response to the first Oil Crisis as a way to save fuel.

      • Nofears

        Agree modern cars are great but drivers are no better than their 1970’s counterparts & evolution has yet to provided quicker reaction times or countered fatigue. Sections of the Hume are 110km/h,but given most of it is only two lanes wide on duplicated stretches & the traffic volumes,the limitations this imposes are obvious. If you want more, like 130 km/h be prepared to pay for three lanes of super freeway,tolls maybe?No thanks.
        BUT the two clowns in question, pair of tossers, misbehave in a foreign country & expect to be let back in any time soon?

        • kf

          so they were speeding, but didn’t cause any accidents or near collisions and they are seen as clowns and tossers.
          what about those that follow the speed limit but still manage to kill somebody, are they heroes then?

          • Norm

            That’s a ridiculous statement. As infantile and stupid as that god awful show.

          • RangerXLT

            What would you define as a mature intellectual show?
            Gardening Australia?

    • RangerXLT

      Right, because the two leading motoring journalists in the world are no better than the average driver.

      This moronic obsession with “Speed kills” is starting to get way out of hand. Australia could really take a leaf out of Germany’s book and concentrate on improving Roads and driver skill rather than penalizing people for being 5km/h over for revenue.

    • Dillusional

      Oh I disagree – I once shook hands with Michael Schumacher AND Jackie Stewart, so I must be an excellent driver. In fact people often wave at me in admiration as I speed by.

    • s

      They both have racing licences and handle 700+hp cars with relative ease on the track and the road. They *are* better than the average driver.

  • Vti07

    Captain Slow was driving too slow to get fined …

    • s

      He wasn’t there, it was just Hammond and Clarkson on a road trip.

  • LowRezFez

    The Crazy Brits! Serves them right… Vive a la France.

  • Phil

    A better punishment would have required them to drive only French cars while in France. Excluding of course anything GTi, Renaultsport or Alpine…

    • Tone

      Make them drive a Citroen C3 Pluriel with the roof removed. For six months.

  • http://slyck.com/ zbeast

    Wow, I really thought they were flogging it.. After converting the speed

    they were only doing 90mph in a 55mph zone..

    Freeway Speed limits here are 65mph… everyone and I do mean everyone drives at 80mph to 90mph with peaks of up to 100mph..
    The car’s they were driving can roll at 150mph like regular cars roll at 45mph..

    We have cool thinks like Radar detectors (not legal in France) and Waze and Trapers to track the po-po’s.

    • DoNotTread73

      not everyone enough with the sweeping generalities.

      • http://slyck.com/ zbeast

        Your not here.. so it’s not a generality it’s a fact.

        • DoNotTread73

          ah yes ‘here’ being that “everyone and I do mean everyone drives” was so specific about the boundries of here… Everyone, care to cite that fact that EVERYONE in the general area of ‘here’ speeds, not one single driver not a one ever goes under. SIGH some kids.

  • Yeah I speed… so sue me!

    In NZ the limit is 100kph and the authorities tried a new campaign to slow people saying they didnt need to go as fast as was allowed using the slogan “100 is not a target”. I got in trouble modifying one of these signs by adding “…it isn’t even a consideration”. On the open road in the middle of nowhere I only hit 100kph twice. Starting off and slowing down.

    • splooger

      I got pulled in NZ doing 163kph on the new Northern Motorway, a beautiful open road with no traffic and that cost me the car and my licence on the spot for 28 days and over $1000 in court coasts and a fine.
      As I was being driven to work by a German national colleague on the same stretch of road I asked him how fast he would be legally driving if it was in Germany, his reply was “about 240″.

  • Vet_allting

    Lol,in Norway they would be in jail now..
    And BTW they are driving way faster then legal in every stupid “race” they have on Top Gear.Next one coming up: A-race between the fastest slug in the………world against the new porsche 911