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The Holden Commodore International special edition has been released to mark the 35th anniversary of the iconic Australian-made large car.

The VF Commodore International is available in $36,990 sedan and $38,990 Sportwagon body styles, making it $2000 more than the entry-level Evoke on which it’s based. LPG is a $2500 option on both variants.

The Holden Commodore International is distinguished from the Evoke by its 18-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, dark bezel headlamps and ‘International’ badging. The cabin gains leather across the seats, steering wheel and gear lever.

The inclusion of blind spot alert and reverse traffic alert further enhances the Commodore’s standard safety package.


The bonus International features add to the VF’s impressive standard equipment list, which includes auto park assist, rear-view camera, dual-zone climate control, and the MyLink infotainment system with eight-inch touchscreen, embedded applications, Siri Eyes Free compatibility and Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming.

Commodore sales have been strong over the past three months following the launch of the latest VF generation, averaging 2835 units per month in that time. Holden’s large car still remains on track for its worst year in history, however, with year-to-date figures down 19 per cent compared with 2012.

Almost three million Holden Commodores have been sold since the homegrown nameplate launched in 1978 as the replacement for the Kingswood.


  • Drew

    Looks pretty good IMO, seems like good value too!

  • Golfschwein

    I like it too. One special edition opportunity that came and went three years ago would have been a ‘white hot’ edition to commemorate the boggo white HT that came with a 4.2 litre V8. I imagined a white Omega with 6.0 V8 and red leather seats in lieu of the de rigeur vinyl of 40 years prior, with few other features. It’s probably too scary to contemplate, in more ways than one. :)

    • Norm

      Was there a special edition of The Brougham or is the name itself enough to invoke special?

      • Golfschwein

        Great idea, Norm. You’ve got me thinking now: A Caprice V with frosted alloys and brocaid cloth upholstery…mmmm….

        ….and don’t get me STARTED on how Ford would have a hit on their hands with a Territory Squire :)

        • Norm

          The Brocaid?

    • Westie

      They could use the fake leather (vinyl) from the top version of the Trax.

  • Leigh

    Who cares? Just a very tarted up taxi…….the end is near.

    • Paradox

      You do obviously, such emotion in your comment.

    • Des KSA

      Mercs are Taxi’s in alot of the world.

    • NarpasSword

      When was the last time you saw a Holden Commodore taxi? Nowadays they’re usually Toyota Camrys and Priuses (Prii?), never mind the Ford Falcon. Besides, if cars are used as taxis doesn’t that give them some credibility with regard to reliability?

      • Igomi Watabi


      • Golfschwein

        No. Not Prii. Just Priuses. Don’t become a fashion slave to Toyota’s silly little word game.

    • guest

      I’ve been in an E-Class taxi actually. You know, those things that people pay an awful lot of money for and call “prestige cars”. It had a fare meter in it and was just as trashy and crashy as any other taxi.

      And I have to admit, I’ve not seen a Commodore taxi in a very long time. They are getting rare. The taxi I used today was a Camry Hybrid. So just remember, when you think of wowing your neighbours with a Camry, it’s a taxi too. As is the Prius.

      • Sumpguard

        I rode in an E-class taxi in Brisbane last week. So much nicer than being squashed up with 3 drunks in a prius.

        We hailed it because it was a merc so it made good business sense too. I’d hail a commodore cab given the chance too. No shame in that. I doubt Leigh is old enough to drive. If he was he’d know this commodore is a damned fine car and it’s a shame high fuel prices and ever shrinking council parking bays will be its demise. It certainly won’t be because of the quality of the car. Don’t be such an ignorant tosspot Leigh.

    • barry

      Rolfmother you where Charlie and willie yesterday, and Robin Graves on Carsales.Now your Leigh.You are doing some overtime.

    • repus008

      Holden decided many years ago not to do a Taxi pack as taxi always look rundown and give a poor image of a vehicle

      • Rocket

        True to a degree but the Taxi market preferred the low down torque of the Falcon 6 and were more economical also. The Falcons were also roomier than the early Commodores so the Falcon became the ” Taxi ” of choice.

    • Cobrajet

      Taxis are just regular cars painted yellow with some stickers on them. Most people don’t care if the cars they have are used as taxis, because most cars are used as taxis someplace in the world. Do you expect every car should have gullwing doors or something.

    • the boss


    • Damian

      You should be happy about the tarted up taxis because they’ll eventually be cheap enough for you to afford!

  • Dave W

    If it’s international edition, it should come with the bigger engine that the Americans get.

  • zahmad

    A good looker with proper sized alloys compared to the evoke….
    Been on Holden’s website for a few days I think…

  • subeylover

    Really? A special edition so soon in the life cycle of the new model? Very concerning for the nameplate and Holden in general…..

    • Mr Irony


    • Shak

      Its to commemorate 35 years. It has little to do with the VF model.

      • $29896495

        It’s also a sign of struggling sales.

        • c3vzn

          It’s the 4th best selling car at the moment and I’ve seen quite a few around.

          • $29896495

            You have to look at it from Holdens point of view. As they say in that mixed up paragraph, down 19% on 2012 – that’s the reason.

          • Tim

            It’s so low because most of this year has been VE in run out, if VF had been on sale all year with about the same amount sold each month, there’d be growth of around 10%. Holden also had a special edition ‘V-series’ about three months into VE so it’s not an entirely new thing.

          • $29896495

            Actually, you usually get an increase in sales on run out, because they are clearing cars at much lower prices. Something to think about.

          • Karl Sass

            They lower the prices because people don’t want to buy the old model. By your logic, sales would go down when a new model comes out because prices are highest. The VE is 7 years old.

          • $29896495

            It’s not my logic, it’s what happens. Haven’t you noticed. Can be cars, TVs hot tubs (maybe not hot tubs) reduced prices to clear stock and reduced price special runs increase sales. When the new model hits, they hope that momentum carries across. Doesn’t always though. In fact, most cases these days it doesn’t.

          • Karl Sass

            That’s not how it happens at all. You’re confusing selling old stock with a runout sale. They’ve been ‘on sale’ for years. Discounted prices increase sales above what they would’ve been anyway for a product at a given point in the product sale. Rarely do they increase sales so much that the sales increase to beyond what they did when the product was first launched, unless the sale is substantial.

      • jryj

        Who else commemorates 35 years? I’ve never heard of a 35 year mark being a special cause for celebration.

        It’s just another excuse to try flog models. Vacationers, Olympic edition, Anniversary, International. Equipe.
        So many special editions.

        In fact, I specifically remember they had a 50th anniversary edition a while back, I think on the VT. So from a 50th down to a 35th hehe! Desperate times.

        • Paddles

          50th year of Holden… 35th year of the Commodore you seemed to do a lot of research on the special editions may not quite enough

  • Phil

    Should offer this in the ute as well. That interior looks better than the SV6.

  • Rocket

    Missed opportunity to bring back the Vacationer.

    • Robbo

      Maybe they’re waiting on kresta to make the Venetian blinds 😉

  • Declan Collins

    Who’d have thought some nicely placed chrome, dark headlamp bezel, bigger rims and DRL could add so much to the exterior appeal of the Evoke. Looks 100x better then the non-international package. Still happy I purchased my Calais though, smile everyday.

  • Fleet

    It keeps the workers going as the end is getting closer….

    • Cobrajet

      Have you got any proof that Holden will shut down? Don’t just say the end is coming, its not funny

  • Sydlocal

    Looks good, however I still can’t say I like the look of the steering wheel. I know, FWP!

  • Captain Obvious

    This is effectively the Berlina that was chopped out of the range with the VF changeover. Part of the purpose of this could be a clever ‘suck it and see’ by Holden to determine what sort of demand is around for something a bit better than an Evoke but don’t need / appreciate the 3.6 litres of love in the Calais. It also doesn’t have the spew magnet white suede that makes the Calais impractical with kids.

  • $29896495

    CA Interesting Paragraph, on one hand the sales are strong, yet the numbers are down, indicating just the opposite “WORST YEAR IN HISTORY”. Each way bet?

    “Commodore sales have been strong over the past three months following the launch of the latest VF generation, averaging 2835 units per month in that time. Holden’s large car still remains on track for its worst year in history, however, with year-to-date figures down 19 per cent compared with 2012.”

    • matt

      yes hwtum we know you cannot educate yourself on the matter, rebounding from 11th position to 4th is sucessful, the story the media fails to tell is even if the commodore had corolla sales it would not be anywhere near the grand old days, even corolla used to sell 5000+ a month in the 90’s and it wasnt even in number 1 position back then.

      • $29896495

        You still can’t spell.

  • peddy.d

    Those wheels are out of the VE Series II parts bin, from the Calais (non V) model. Just pointing it out

    • NarpasSword

      It’s happened before. For instance, the wheels on the VY Series II Calais reappeared on the VZ SVZ. If you’ve got the tooling you might as well make good use of it.

      • Sydlocal

        Much like when they had some Pontiac front bumpers/grills left over so they made a ‘special edition’ SS. May as well use up left over parts, especially with such a small manufacturing base.

        • Shak

          Nothing wrong with that. The Pontiac Commodores looked pretty nice on the road in red or black.

          • Sydlocal

            The ute in black looked quite nice!

  • John

    An anniversary model to mark…….35 years? Must be getting desperate! Your tax handouts hard at work there………
    Why can’t Holden make cars people actually want? I doubt one of these would even fit in my garage.

    Special wheels and badges just don’t cut it anymore. Build a new type of car that will sell-and do some bloody market research!!

    • Daniel D

      I purchased a VF and yes it fits in my garage. Its the Redline with special wheels and I purchased it as a first time Holden owner after driving it and realising Holden had built a car I actually wanted.

      Other than that you nailed it.

      • Golfschwein

        Hope you enjoy it, Daniel D.

    • Shak

      Well what would you say people wanted? SUV’s? Small cars? Medium cars? Guess what Holden sells all of those and even makes one here at a very competitive price, and it currently sits in the top 10 cars in the country so i guess you could say they make and sell cars people want. Oh, the Commodore is also doing quite well so approximately 2500 people a month must want those as well.

      What people like you keep failing to realise is that a factory as advanced as Elizabeth, and with such high costs of production needs large export numbers to be long term profitable, and our high dollar, coupled with GM internal politics means that Holden really cant export all that much anymore. I discussed on this post elsewhere that of the new platforms which will hopefully come on line soon, the DX22 platform can support cars as diverse as small hatchbacks to mid sized SUV’s. This could mean that Holden keep churning out the Cruze, and high margin low volume Commodore variants for local consumption, but also build an SUV which could be exported. That is my hope at least.

      • john

        Shak,look at the sales figures-small cars,SUV’s and twincab utes-none of which Holden makes in-house. The VF’s current success is die hard Commodore buyers who patiently awaited the VE’s replacement-there was a seven year backlog. These numbers will soon bottom out.

        The DX22 platform does sound good-I’m talking as someone who wants Holden to survive.

        • Shak

          Overall, small cars, suv’s all sell in huge numbers but when you break down the individual models no one tonners regularly features in the top 10, and to make a car and sell it here it needs to be a mass market top ten kind of car. Thats why a three pronged approach with Commodore, Cruze and hopefully a Captive replacement should be built here, and if possible all should be exported.

          There are reports that the Cruze will no longer be built in Korea soon, and this may open a small but lucrative opportunity for Holden. Another avenue they might look to pursue could be the potential FTA with China where large sedans are still a status symbol, and a Commodore engineered as a Buick could do wonders for both Holden and GM.

          These are all potential ideas, but as we know GM in the US is odd in the way they deal with their foreign subsidiaries.

          • wk

            Pointless building Crude and Craptiva here, why bother when they can do it overseas for less cost and with better quality?
            As for China exports, they already do a Buick Park Avenue there, it’s a Holden Crapice but it hasn’t t exactly been establishing itself as a status symbol.

  • Zaccy16

    Looks better than the standard evoke but i would still get a SV6 with its much better less torqueless V6 and better looking exterior and interior, the SV6 with a manual is up there with one of the best bargains currently on the market in australia IMO, i would buy one if i was in need of a sedan, but i would also love a black G6E turbo!!

    • XperiaZ1

      The Commodore engines are a wonder. Not only are they so weak despite contemporary technology. They sound and feel very gruff and unrefined.

      290Nm from a 3.0L DIRECT INJECTED V6 is just pathetic

      Holden should just use Toyota’s smooth, strong, refined and efficient V6’s

    • Karl Sass

      For some reason I like the look of the Evoke interior better, not sure why. Although I’d still pick the SV6 too.

  • Phenhis Envy

    I thought about a Sportswagon instead of an SUV. It didn’t take long for me to buy an SUV. Why? If the commodore was a bit more compact, had a seven seat option, offered integrated rear seat boosters, had a roller net that could separate the luggage area capable of load bearing and offered diesel, I’d buy one.

    • Dave S

      Make up your mind. Do your want a 7 seater? a compact car or an SUV?, or a dirty diesel? An SUV will have less floorspace than the sportswagon, The sportswagomn is already roomy enough for families without needing 7 seats.
      Oh the sportswagon will always look better than an SUV. most SUV’s have that cheap looking grey plastic all over them. But i guess some people like that.

  • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

    I have not long come back from some time in NZ & interstingly I saw a heap more Malibu’s than VF Commodores on the road.

    Could this be Holden’s each way bet?

  • For the Rd

    Our company makes the brakes and other chassis components for the VF range and im glad to see the car a success. I know the end is near for Aussie car manufacturers which most likely means the end of the suppliers. Shame in a way as there man smart and talented guys and gals sitting around me and many hard working men and women on the production floor who give it all everyday. I’m a realist, and as much as it pains me, in the end it will be a case of a “don’t whip a dead horse”. Global economics rule in the end and you can’t just keep burning tax payers money but till then, we will keep at it.
    As motoring enthusiast who has a dislike for large heavy sedans which cant go fast around corners, I’m actually looking forward to test driving a Redline or even the HSV GTS. By all acounts, they are carcking cars even in the mountains.