The BBC’s Top Gear television program has been denied the opportunity to drive a V8 Supercar around a Gold Coast driver training centre due to “issues related to noise”.

News Limited reports a plan to have Jeremy Clarkson, one of the program’s three hosts, drive an Xbox-sponsored V8 Supercar around the Norwell-based Holden Driving Centre’s 2km circuit has fallen through due to issues surrounding noise restrictions.

Given only 24 hours’ notice to approve a temporary relaxation of the driving centre’s existing noise restrictions, the centre’s boss Paul Morris – a former Australian and V8 Touring Car driver – said the Gold Coast City Council told him it could not be done in time to meet Top Gear’s strict filming schedule.

Triple Eight Xbox V8 Supercars

Morris told the publication the council should have moved heaven and earth to attract the show.

“It’s an unbelievable lost opportunity,” Morris said.

“Clarkson was going to drive the car himself.

“The guy cutting cane next door makes more noise with his harvester than the V8 car.”

Holden Driving Centre Norwell

Deputy Mayor and Norwell area councillor Donna Gates said the council offered to move forward on lifting the restriction but said it would have taken a few days.

“I’m disappointed in any opportunity like this that we miss,” Gates said.

“Top Gear obviously has a really big viewing audience and it would have been great promotion for the city. But there are issues related to noise from the driving centre and my job is to ensure the residents of that community are not too severely impacted.’’

The Top Gear V8 drive, brokered by Australian racing legend Mark Skaife, is said to still be going ahead but in Warwick, about 180km south-west of Norwell, itself located approximately 30km north of Surfers Paradise.

Based around a temporary 2.96km street circuit that runs through the heart of Surfers Paradise, the V8 Supercars Gold Coast 600 will see an entire field of V8-powered race cars hit public pavement between October 25 and 27.

Note: Satellite image courtesy of Google Maps.

  • Chen Wu

    Dear Sirs,

    We are disappoint in local municipal councils for not acting with reference to swift action to relax all the green tapes and red tapes blocking roads. Hopefully, we get this one out of her way and sorted so soons!

    Now with a new election just so quickly past us, Tony Abbott can get on with job of makes a “one-shop stop” to get green colour and red colours tapes approve so quicks by one man with reference to immediacy!

    While climate changes is real (but not sure how bad it could be yet), economy is getting hurt by planning law that too tightly control by council / municipal. Need to take inspired from communism with Chinese characteristic which is good for economy as government always intervene to promote good business and good economy.

    Well will hopes to be getting better economy managing with new governments.

    But so to be remains as a fair and balanced, praise for Labor Party need to be done too. Labor Party did good job with BetterSchool / Gonski reform as education so lucky for us to have and needs to be his best educate! My family pays many a lot of moneys to get me (the son) best educated!

    Good days,
    Chen Wu

    • Roadtard

      See Clarkson’s face in the pic above. He’s just read the above comment.

    • Joshua

      I don’t understand if you are joking in your posts (including previous ones) or if you are serious. No offence to you if you are serious.

      • Edward

        If he’s joking, then the man is a genius.
        But i think he is probably for real. I wonder if he realises a lot of people are actually making fun of him…

    • Grantly

      Chen Wu, Your comments are a breath of fresh air.

    • JG

      You crack me up, you cant be for real can you ?

  • kf

    just jealous that they lost to the UK in the Ashes Challenge

  • sege

    Precious meets Australian Bureaucracy – LMFAO

  • Darryl

    Do the issues related to noise refer to the cars or Clarkson himself?

  • O123

    Hahah, typical council, so clogged up it struggles to get anything done. The cane mowers would make more noise, such a loss

  • Dave W

    It’s a test track ffs…

  • Marka

    24 hours notice? really? Instead of blaming the council how about getting your act together and doing some work in advance like the rest of us.

  • $29896495

    OK a bit last minute, but, come on. day time drive. You don’t have to send letters to all the neighbours for an event like this. Probably wouldn’t be more than an hour of filming. You blew it.

  • Igomi Watabi

    So many mixed emotions. 1. Clarkson is unlikeable, so I don’t care. 2. It would actually be pretty freaking awesome to see him doing this. 3. I’m not sure I agree with Paul Morris that these things make less noise than a cane harvester. 4. It’s hard to believe that the Council could be this petty (agree with motiiv8), but 5. Yeah, poor organisation from the producers of the show.

  • Zaccy16

    this is pathetic, no wonder topgear haven’t made an aussie special yet!

  • Neeko

    It’s a shame about the noise restrictions. I’ve been on there 4 times now and after the previous track day it all changed :(

  • Phil

    Too noisy? Well you wouldn’t want to ruin the bikie’s afternoon nap. They might be too tired to wake up, start a brawl then shoot a few police officers…

  • Someone

    It’s Australia deal with it.

  • Tony Da Premier

    Female Deputy Mayor. NOW, you know why i dont had females in MY cabinet! Nuff said.

  • Gold Coaster

    Deputy Mayor Donna Gates just blew her chances of EVER becoming real Mayor. Bad move, Donna, baaad move.

  • Ted

    Well, QLD is 20 years behind the rest of Australia, especially NSW and VIC ..