A detailed and comprehensive video against speeding laws in Canada has gone viral online. The video title “Speed Kills – Your Pocketbook” has received more than 1 million views in just a week and continues to gain momentum. Although specifically made for Canadian audiences, much of the video implicitly applies to Australian road conditions and speeding laws as well.

Please watch and please share! If you feel strongly about the subject, sign the petition our friends at Wheels Magazine have started to raise the highway speed limits to 130.

  • David

    Awesome video – makes so much sense and is very relevant in Australia too.

    But no matter how much evidence the government and police get, they will not make any changes that reduce the amount of dollars our current speed traps generate!

  • John

    Watched it. Totally relevant for Australia. It’s a pity that the policing of speeding (to the detriment of real road safety initiatives) is so important to consolidated revenue that speed limits are more likely to go down than up.

  • Cl1ff0

    Total Brainwash – Speed Kills

    • falcodore


    • Cl1ff0

      Brainwash from the media/Cops to clear that up 100 % agree with the vid!

      • falcodore

        Ok then. please disregard my previous comment and accept my apologies, cheers.

  • falcodore

    Well that made waaay too much sense so it’s guaranteed no gov authority will ever take any notice of it.
    And Simon Baker is right, it’s extortion, pure and simple!

    • Brett

      State sanctioned extortion. But if people keep voting for governments that criminalize ordinary people for revenue then I guess we are stuck with it. Test it this way; if governments were truly concerned about road safety then they would concentrate on measures that are more effective than negative reinforcement but which cost money rather then making money. For example offenders could sent to traffic school (as in some places in the USA) or actually improving the roads however that would cost money so they aren’t interested.

  • Jacob

    Great video. So the places that increased speed limits saw an 11% reduction in crashes. And the places that reduced speed limits saw an increase in accidents.

    The same thing happen in NT, they used to have no speed limits, then they put a 130km/h speed limit and accidents went up.

    No surprise at all.

    • NarpasSword

      Not only that, but manufacturers such as Porsche stopped going to Australia to perform high-speed hot weather testing. From what I recall Porsche went to South Africa instead.

  • insane

    The mantra that “speed kills” is just so wrong. Speed has never killed any person ever. If that were the case supersonic flight or even flight aboard a rocket would be impossible.
    The planet earth is already doing 108,000km/h around the sun, so actually they need to book us all including all the politicians and the police.
    Oh wait the police are exempt from speeding fines. This must be because the laws of physics works differently for them, So the mantra should be “speed kills except people in police cars”. This must be obviously the case because they will speed to deliver a $300 ticket to somebody. I am sure that they would not risk the lives of themselves for the sake of $300.

    • insane

      Wish they would get it right, it is “extreme inertia kills”. They don’t even understand the laws of physics and then set our road limits.

  • insane

    BTW well researched video and well done