A prototype of the upcoming BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe has been spied in Germany, suggesting the new nameplate’s first four-door model could be eyeing a 2014 debut.

Following in the footsteps of the 6 Series Gran Coupe, the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe retains much of the original coupe’s body styling while adding a second pair of doors at the rear.

Snapped by CarAdvice’s photographers while undergoing road testing, the 4 Series Gran Coupe appears lower and sleeker than the current 3 Series GT, featuring a tighter glasshouse and a more heavily raked rear window.

BMW 4 series Gran Coupe - 3

With camouflage concentrated to the rear doors, quarter panels and boot lid, we can see the protoype’s front end carries over from the 4 Series Coupe and Convertible with an identical bonnet, grille, headlights and fog lights. The spied Gran Coupe does wear a mildly tweaked front bumper, however.

The smaller BMW Gran Coupe model is expected to match its recently revealed Coupe sibling’s engine line-up, with a range of turbocharged diesel and petrol four-cylinder and turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engines offered, all partnered with the same eight-speed automatic transmission.

BMW 4 series Gran Coupe - 4

Likely to debut in 2014 as a 2015 model, the 4 Series Gran Coupe could be followed later by a possible ‘M’performance variant, taking a leaf out of the BMW M6 Gran Coupe’s book.

The Gran Coupe’s two-door brethren, the BMW 4 Series Coupe, arrives locally in October, starting at $73,200.

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BMW 4 series Gran Coupe - 5

  • Mark

    Isnt this just a 3 series sedan??

  • pixxxels

    You have got to be kidding me…

  • Exar Kun

    I love BMWs but I know I’m going to laugh when we see the price premium for this over an identically spec’d 3 series.

  • Roadtard

    Stop it already!

  • quivive

    What was the question?

  • $29896495

    Looks a lot like a 3 series to me. What makes it a 4? How many cars doing exactly the same thing are they going to build? no wonder they are having trouble in Europe, they’re all filling nonexistent niches.

  • Sacha Kloostra

    So, what is the 3 series GT meant to be now?

  • nugsdad

    Geat idea next I think we need a three series with only two doors, no wait isn’t that a 4 series, but a four series with 4 doors must be a three series,……. hold on I’m getting a headache…..make mine a C Class I understand that.

    • Hjalle

      No no your right, a 3 series with 2 doors and it will look almost exactly the same as the 4 series but instead of a 4 it will say 3 on it – superb idea!

      Plus because 3 is less than 4, and you are only getting 2 doors not 4 we will charge you more because your two door 3 series is so unique

  • peddy.d

    i was hoping the side profile would mimick the 6 series gran coupe, but it looks like they’ve taken something out of the Audi A5 sportback’s book

  • HJP

    BMW = Branded’s Most Wasted

  • Abcd

    Bmw is doing what Samsung is doing with galaxy s4..Same hardware, same design but different vairants

  • Igomi Watabi

    BMW, as ever, niching a niche. I can almost excuse the 6 Series Gran Coupe, because it is noticeably different from a 5 Series sedan, but it’s a concept that doesn’t translate down. And while we’re at it, the 3/4 Series naked mole rat front end is a styling failure.