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Volkswagen Golf R On Track

The all-new Volkswagen Golf R has been seen, and heard, on the move for the first time with the release of a new clip.

Released by Volkswagen, the video shows a race track janitor ‘stumble’ across the new Mk7 Golf R flagship before being sprung by the German manufacturer’s World Rally Championship-leading driver, Sebastien Ogier.

Ogier then proceeds to hammer the 221kW/380Nm turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder all-wheel-drive hatch around the track, exploiting its six-speed dual-clutch transmission and ignoring its potential to use 6.9 litres of fuel per 100km.

Sharing its powerplant with the new Audi S3, S3 Sportback and S3 sedan, the Golf R claims a 0-100km/h best of 4.9 seconds โ€“ faster than the former two and equal to the latter.


With new U-shaped LED daytime running lights, smoked LED tail-lights and four chrome-tipped exhaust pipes, the seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf R is expected to make its official debut on September 10 at the Frankfurt motor show before arriving in local showrooms in the first half of 2014.

Sebastien Ogier and his Volkswagen teammates Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen are due in Australia later this month to compete in Round 10 of this yearโ€™s World Rally Championship, taking place around Coffs Harbour in New South Wales on September 12-15.

  • zahmad

    Strange but interesting German ad…

  • Zaccy16

    Amusing add! the golf r looks fantastic in blue and sounds fantastic, can’t wait to take one for a spin!

  • Sacha Kloostra

    Haircuts, rock music and slo-mo understeer – I’m buying one!

  • barry

    The first impression from the floor sweeper was the soft touch plastics.So how does the rolf r do sub 5 seconds over 100m and only slerp 6.9L/100kms.Must be that highly durable 6 speed duel-clutch transmission.

    • Hardy Ha Ha Dual Clutch Kaboom

      Barry, I love your work, you’ve raised Zaccos blood pressure with that bit of truth.

    • al

      All car manufacturers lie about the fuel consumption. Haven’t you noticed yet? It’s good to blame them for that. Just make sure you blame all manufacturers, also the ones you like.

    • Johnson

      What’s a duel-clutch transmission? Something designed by Steven Spielberg?

      • Golfschwein

        One that fights itself at every opportunity? :)

        • Smart US

          thats Thomas Cruise

  • $29896495

    Other than it being possibly explosive. I will admit to liking it (wish it had a V6) Now with Opel gone we’re virtually down to just two cars Renault And that.

    • Tom C

      Focus RS is on its way to trash this

  • Ivn

    My brain subconsiously read:
    “…all-wheel-drive hatch around the track, exploiting its six-speed dual-clutch transmission…” as:
    “…all-wheel-drive hatch around the track, exploding its six-speed dual-clutch transmission…”

    • Smart US

      new DSG on its way for the ..all-wheel-drive hatch around the track, exploding its six-speed dual-clutch transmission…

  • Hector

    holy understeer Batman!!!

  • Tom C

    I still can’t get over VW Wheels as of late. I don’t like the R’s or the new Gti’s.

    • MK

      Looks like something you’d pickup from Tempe for $200 a corner with tires.

  • Focused

    I love the ad. If only Australian ads could show that much enjoyment and passion without creating an uproar. Car itself is ok too!

    • JJ

      The boring POS Commodore should tell you all you need to know about Australian cars and their ads.

  • Smart US

    the most reliable way of transportation in this German add is the broom –
    Harry potter (older than we remember) played his role well ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • R

    interestingly it will be priced from $48990 pretty much fully optioned incl. pan. roof, hid,sat nav adaptive chasis, leather interior. only a few minor options. power will as the S3 206kw and 380nm

    • Josh


    • George Gallan

      Is that with a manual? Wouldn’t bother with an auto.