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The Mitsubishi ASX has been updated for the 2014 model year, gaining extra equipment, mechanical tweaks and revised prices.

Four of the six available ASX variants are now cheaper than before, with the entry-level front-wheel-drive petrol manual down $1000 to $24,990 and the flagship Aspire all-wheel-drive diesel auto down $3000 to $33,490.

Mitsubishi Australia has added 17-inch alloy wheels, a chrome grille garnish, rear parking sensors and a reversing camera displayed in a 6.1-inch screen to the three base-spec ASX variants (2WD petrol manual, 2WD petrol CVT and 4WD diesel auto).


The updated high-grade ASX Aspire variants (2WD petrol CVT, 4WD petrol CVT and 4WD diesel auto) gain the MMCS infotainment system with seven-inch touchscreen and satellite navigation, as well as black roof rails and, for the 2WD model, a panoramic sunroof (previously standard on 4WD).

All models benefit from a reshaped rear bench seat base for added passenger comfort.


Revisions have also been made to the suspension and the shape of the door mirrors, promising improved ride and handling and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) levels respectively.

Fine-tuning of the 110kW/197Nm 2.0-litre petrol engine has improved emissions incrementally, while the old 110kW/300Nm 1.8-litre diesel engine has now been discontinued and replaced by the 110kW/360Nm 2.2-litre diesel that launched locally last month.


Mitsubishi ASX manufacturer’s list prices:

  • ASX petrol 2WD manual – $24,990 (-$1000)
  • ASX petrol 2WD CVT – $26,990 (-$1250)
  • ASX diesel 4WD auto – $31,990 (no change)
  • ASX Aspire petrol 2WD CVT – $31,490 (+$250)
  • ASX Aspire petrol 4WD CVT – $33,490 (-$1500)
  • ASX Aspire diesel 4WD auto – $36,490 (-$500)

  • Labryz

    Wow. That actually makes the ASX a much more attractive proposition.
    Especially with the new diesel engine.

  • Robin_Graves

    That ad with the bike on the roof annoys the %$#@ out of me. Who drives around with a bike on their roof unless they are driving to enter a bike race or to a mountain bike track? “Look at moi I’m an active outdoor type with an SUV and a bike on the roof”

    • Karl Sass

      “Look at moi I’m an active outdoor type with an SUV and a bike on the roof”

      Hahaha Robin you should get a job as an actor in those commercials!

      • Robin_Graves

        I’d drive it thru a hungry jacks drivethru to order a double cholesterol bypass burger and wipe the bike off the roof.

        • Karl Sass

          I think it’s more targeted at the latte brigade. The ones that go for a day trip in the “countryside”, hence the need for the tough SUV for the sealed country roads.

    • Kampfer

      Not sure where you live but in Brisbane there lot of them during weekend. There’s a current model Porsche 911 I see lot have bike rack on it… :-S Go figure.

    • Mick

      What if he’s driving home from being out riding his bike? I know it’s only an advert but people need to mind their own business. What other people do in their lives is of no consequence to you… unless you’re jealous??

      • Robin_Graves

        Yeah I’m jealous that I ride my bike and he just swans around with it on the roof.

    • par3182

      He’s a bike courier but the ASX is so street smart he doesn’t need to use his bike.

      I can’t believe a thirty second ad went so far over your head.

      • Robin_Graves

        Yeah I just had to get my pea brain onto such an important task.


    I think the arrival of the Nissan Juke has kicked them into action….

  • Samooz

    Mine is on order wahoo

  • jetyj

    Ugly car. Pretty pointless too, it’s $5000 more than a Lancer yet is quite a bit smaller.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, the ASX is average at best, it has a boring cheap interior and boring handling plus the base petrol is unrefined and slow with the CVT

  • Norm

    “..entry-level front-wheel-drive petrol manual down $1000 to $24,990 ”

    I’ll take a Yeti.