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The first official images of the facelifted Toyota Prado have been released, revealing a new front end, upgraded cabin and new safety technology.

Due to arrive in Australia in late October in five-door guise only – the three-door has been dropped from the local line-up – the revised fourth-generation Toyota Landcruiser Prado gains entirely new headlights featuring a tear-drop-style design with LED daytime running lights, which flank a new grille with large chrome bars that extend further into a redesigned front bumper.

At the back, mildly restyled tail-lights join a thicker and wider chrome strip positioned above the number plate (in European specification).

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Facelift - 2

Inside receives a “comprehensive” interior upgrade adding new switchgear and instrumentation along with new second- and third-row seat designs claimed to improve passenger access. New fabrics and colour schemes are also included in the revisions.

Power will again come from the existing model’s 202kW/381Nm 4.0-litre V6 petrol and 127kW/410Nm 3.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel, with both the six-speed manual and five-speed automatic transmissions being carried over.

2014 Land Cruiser Prado Facelift Leaked - 4

Safety has also been upgraded across the range with the addition of trailer sway control and emergency brake signal. The former is designed to reduce the effect of wind and bumpy roads on a trailer when towing, while the latter automatically flashes the brake lights if the brakes are applied suddenly when travelling above 55km/h.

Full pricing and specification details will be announced closer to the SUV’s local launch.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Facelift - 6

Starting at $55,990, the current-generation Toyota Prado has been on sale in Australia since 2009, with the model first debuting in Australia in 1990.

Click on the Photos tab for more images, including some leaked shots of the rear end and interior.

  • Andy

    Yuck. They made it uglier!!

    • Ugly beast

      I think they stole design cues from Great Wall motors

      • Kampfer

        Great Wall’s car look better than this…

    • Zaccy16

      they did! i didn’t know it was possible but they have! the interior looks even worse as well!

      • ugly Toyotas

        Its a common theme, previous model Aurion, RX, RAV, now Poodoo, all look better. now bloody awful, if they destroy the FJ, I’m done with Toyota.

  • Futurama

    Inspired by zoidberg

  • pixxxels

    I think replacing the grill with a storm drain was a particularly nice touch.

    • Backyard Enterprise


  • Exar Kun

    These new Toyota interiors just aren’t cohesive in the slightest. They all look like parts bin specials.

    • Zaccy16

      exactly, new gen toyotas interiors look even lower quality and ugly than the previous gens, the rav 4, corolla and now this look like they have had random pieces of trim glued on

  • Ethel Jensen

    They Prado came to AUS in 1996 not 1990.

  • Kampfer

    Now Japan car manufacturers have the new generation of designers grown up watching Manga. With cars either look something like from Gundam/Voltron (in a bad way…) or cute/boring like from Pokemon…

    • René S

      Exactly why its ‘ugliness’ is so interesting. I see Japanese character! Just look at that outrageous interior in all its weird glory. It’s unmistakably a Toyota, and that’s not something you could say ten years ago!

      • LC

        If they re-located the LED running lights to sit below the rest of the headlights, or above them like eyebrows (a la Holden Capice) no-one would be complaining about the design.

        As it is, I’m reminded of the AU Falcon here. It looks so…sad. This Prado might still be great off-road, but in the looks department it’s taken 2 steps backward.

  • dave

    Is the spare wheel going to be hidden underneath the car or still attach at the back of the car?

    • JD

      most likely attached. In Europe, the previous gen Prado and current gen were all sold with the hidden wheel. Australia is one of the few markets, where we get the wheel on the boot.

      That said, it looks better with the wheel on the boot door IMO

      • $29896495

        If you are actually 4WDriving better to have it on the door. Nothing like beaching and needing to change a tyre when the whole car is sitting on your only spare.

  • F1orce

    It looks almost the same as the outgoing model.

    Just some added updates.

    But I don’t understand why suburban dwellers buy these, as they’re never used for their intended purpose.

    Better off with a Kluger.

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

      Seen the new Kluger????

      • F1orce

        They not out yet? Haven’t seen one in person.

      • JD

        The new Kluger’s interior looks pretty nice actually.

    • LC

      More suburban Prado owners probably would’ve bought a Kluger over this if it had a diesel engine.

      • F1orce

        Why would anyone want the D4-D engine over the powerful, silky smooth and reliable 3.5L V6?

        I certainly wouldn’t, besides the greater majority of the Prado’s i see have the 4.0L petrol unit..

        • LC

          Fuel usage. A diesel Prado at 8 combined versus a petrol Kluger at 11 combined, both use a fuel that costs about the same (before taking into account the unleaded price cycle), or sometimes, less. Both seat 7, both are about the same size inside, and the Prado’s ride height is somewhat higher, which is good for buyers who buy SUVs for the improved view of the road. So the Prado wins.

          I have only seen 2 current Prados with the petrol engine, both were on LPG.

          Put a diesel in the Kluger, and watch it cannibalize the Prado’s sales (especially considering *THAT* face).

        • Zaccy16

          they have the petrol unit in the petrol because the diesel is so old fashioned and slow, 127 kw and 410 nm from a 3 litre diesel is rubbish, the skyactiv mazda diesel makes 129 kw and 420 nm from a 2.2!

          • F1orce

            Yeah exactly.

          • Enginerd

            not all about power figures Zaccy…. but you wouldnt know.

            When towing, or under severe conditions, temperatures… Prado’s “under powered” diesel engine will endure and fare better. Engineers who’ve designed engines for durability will know.

          • Zaccy16

            you saying mazda engines arent durable? my mazda 6 has just ticked over the 240,000 km mark when not one problem, the transmission is still smooth and the engine is revs up to the redline as well as it did when new acompanied with a throaty induction growl!, the Toyota engine is just outdated not durable

          • What the

            You are showing your baseless ignorance. Your mazda engine isn’t dragging over 2 tons of vehicle (even before adding 7 people, their luggage and a 2.5 ton trailer).

            They design the D4-D to provide the torque across a wide range on the tacho (starting at just 1600RPM) making it far more useful shifting large mass than the peaky diesels in cars like the 6.

            The KD-FTV 3L D4-D is very reliable in markets like ours where there is low sulfur content diesel. They use this engine in the Hiace, Hilux and Prado and have sold hundreds of thousands of them globally.

          • Zaccy16

            no it hasn’t but it has brought my family of 5 241,000 km without one problem with occasion towing

  • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

    Makes the Grand Cherokee look even better value, particularly with the Prado’s hi tech 5 speed auto.

    • Just an opinion

      I agree. Prado has poor towing and ugly looks. Needed at least a v6 in the diesel range to attract us towers.
      But with Nissan also destroying the pathfinder, it makes the Grand Cherokee easily the most attractive!

    • Kimi

      Agreed. I never thought I would say it, but if i was in the market for a proper 4×4 the Jeep CG (8-speed auto 184kw/570nm) would win hands down. Come on toyota – hilux 127kw/410nm 5-speed auto?

      • ABCDEFG

        It depends on whether one prefer reliability or high KW per litre. I’d go for reliability any day as most of the diesel parts are $5,000 a pop.

        • Rick

          What makes you think the Toyota is more reliable than the jeep? Toyota are living off a reputation they haven’t deserved for at least 10yrs . The days of Toyotas being reliable and class leaders are long gone .

        • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

          So you know that other high KW diesels are unreliable, care to name them?
          Of course you ignore the numerous seal & injector issues that plague the D4D resulting in recalls in Europe & NZ, but Toyota Aust wont acknowledge. Google search & a quick visit to Prado or Landcruiser forums will confirm the issues.

        • 80 Series

          The D4D is hardly bullet-proof. A quick scan of any caravaning or offroad forum will tell you the D4d has its problems. Dont get me wrong – the Jeeps have issues – but they are mainly related to the crappy customer service. Its little wonder you see so many Gradn Cherokees on the road – a few years ago Grand Cherokees were rare – now i see them everywhere – and after testing the Grand Cherokee Limited back to back with a VX Prado – let me tell you the Jeep wins HANDS DOWN

      • Zaccy16

        i agree, the jeep handles alot better on the road also and has a much better interior

  • Richie

    it looks very refined in person

  • Zandit75

    Mahindra wants it’s grill back!

    • Doctor

      I wonder if the next “Japanese Mahindra” aka Hilux will get the same grille?
      Judging by Ed Zachary’s recent efforts I expect it’ll be on the Lux and all Tojo SUVs.

  • Garl

    Centre stack console looks like a karaoke machine

    • Rick

      Don’t insult the karaoke machine

  • MisterZed

    Huh? The Prado debuted in Australia in 1996, not 1990.

  • 42 = The Answer

    It looks mighty depressing! Those LED DRLs look like tears and with the black lip in line with the number plate make it look like a sad face. Once again, designed by the accounting team

    • Zandit75

      It’s unhappy cause the Everest looks much better!

      • LC

        Even though by the time that’s released (2017) there will probably be a brand new Prado already out or very close to being out.

        • Rick

          The Toyota will still be the same car as it is now and will be even further back in the pack. They haven’t updated the running gear in one in decades

          • LC

            The extra ratio in both transmissions, the improved power/torque output and the improved fuel economy since the Prado of 10 years ago says you’re wrong. Pity the looks have gone in the other direction since then (or even since 09).

          • Rick

            My mistake I should have said 7 yrs ago and regardless in comparison to its competitors it is at the back of the pack . It still uses more fuel to create less power and torque than all the other competitors

  • Karl Sass

    More like face drop.

  • Henry Toussaint

    I know they dropped the three door due to poor sales, But keep it as it is the only interesting Prado.

  • Cars

    My eyes!!!!!!!!

    The most important thing was to upgrade the diesel efficiency and output. I guess they sell enough not to bother. That may well change given how ugly this thing is. More than ever it needs a bullbar!
    Mitsubishi would be rubbing their hands together.

    • Rick

      Toyota will still sell thousands , because of the badge on the front and not because they deserve too

      • no farken change

        Exactly, the people who buy these things don’t want too much to change and Toyota are masters on capitalizing on this fact.There’s nothing ground breaking, nothing to offend. Maybe the grille.

      • Bill

        Exactly. Like all Toyotas. Dated rubbish that sells because people think it’s reliable.

  • Cars

    I bet towing is still 2500Kg – the competitors are all 3000Kgs. I guess that’s part of the reason why they went to 7 seats. If you want 8 seats and 3000Kg towing you need to buy the Landcruiser……….

    • Rick

      Nah they found that the underpowered prado couldn’t pull itself along with 8 passengers , so they went back to 7 . Now on a downhill run you can get it into 5th gear

  • LC

    The front end would look fine if they only put the LED running lights directly underneath the headlights, rather than extending from the headlights down the sides of the grill.

    The bigger shame is the loss of the three-door. Very interesting piece of machinery, built the way SUVs used to be when they were called 4-wheel-drives. Better off-road performance from the good break-over angle and increased towing capacity are both benefits from the shortening of the Prado’s wheelbase.

  • Fraser B

    Still no independent rear susoension?

  • Rick

    Toyota must be the laziest car company in the world , it’s easy to see why people are buying the grand Cherokee over this underpowered , under engineered and overpriced 1990s vehicle

    • farken toyota

      Lazy, no fear, complacent, yes. If you take the time to research and learn about “The Toyota Way” you’d see why they appear lazy and why they engineer the way they do, they’ll always be the last to adopt the latest technology, but will always be at the top of sales and quality charts and you might dispute it, but the facts are well published. All the others factor in obsolescence, Toyota always looks to improve, not always to innovate. I’m not a big fan because they are very boring, average cars with very long lives.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, but in aus people think anything with a toyota badge or holden badge must be fantastic when cars like the yaris, corolla, captiva, barina etc… are below average and rubbish cars compared to rivals

      • lolwut

        You’re the biggest Toyota troll here in this site Zaccy.
        The only thing rubbish is your opinion.

        • Zaccy16

          you have your opinion and i will have mine, thats the point of this site is it not?

      • barry

        Really Zaccy.The Corolla is average and rubbish compared to its rivals..Corolla is a superior to rolf,by a long way.

        • Zaccy16

          have you ever driven the new golf? it drives 1000 times better than the dull corolla and the interior is in a different league

          • barry

            Lets start on the interior,one has hard plastics the other soft plastics.There both plastic.And how long is the rolf going to drive better than the Corolla for 3 or 5 years.
            What happens in 5 years time when almost every part has been replaced on the rolf.Where will you sell it,Vw dealer wont trade it,auctioneer will say no,redbook don’t even know how to value Vw any more.

  • Rocket

    Pajero is still the best in this class and it looks miles better.

    • Rick

      Was the best. jeep is now the class leader in their price point

      • farken Toyota

        Rick, I can’t deny you and zaccy are spot on. I’m forced to own a new RAV4, we’ve always had crvs, we still prefer our crv, Hondas are just a better package in terms of design, but lately have lost that Hondaness and gained some Toyotaness, thank the yanks, which blunts Hondas, my point is I just don’t get the Prado, why people buy them eludes me, Jeeps GC have been top shelf for ages now, reliably has improved, maybe Its true, most people in oz are slow and just follow the mob. “Nanna had a corolla. Had it for years and only put tyres on it”, that’s the bulk of the Market, keeps Toyota there, did I mention 99% of dealers couldn’t give a stuff about customers, now that’s a common theme.

  • marc

    Coming Soon.. to a school near you!

  • Captain Nemo®™

    The first time i saw pics of this a few days ago with that front i thought it was some Chinese knockoff.

  • $29896495

    Ugly piece of tin and the three door has never been on our market. So who cares.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      I think you will find your incorrect with your statement. the 150 series included a 3 door version.
      But the rest of what you said is pretty much spot on.

      • $29896495

        Thought later the 3 dr thing might have been over the edge – but have never seen one.

        • LC

          You see your fair share out in the sticks, where people who actually use SUVs for off-road stuff prefer the shorter wheelbase for better break-over angle.

          That said, it is still a niche vehicle in the Australian market.

          • $29896495

            ‘m in the sticks. Never have seen one. Unless you mean the back of Bourke?

  • Phil

    Not surprised they’ve canned the 3 door. Hopefully Toyota will see sense and replace it with a FJ Cruiser based model, which should have been swb all along.

  • pol

    This and nissan x trail are probably the ugliest SUV on the roads

  • Sam

    can i please have details on a new hilux now?

  • Dieseltorque

    The headlights are designed to hold a total of eight golf balls-nice!

  • Andy

    Stevie Wonder could have designed this mch better!

  • Cars

    No Barn Door! Where is the spare???

    • johnny vu

      the euro spec version doesnt come with the spare wheel on the back but the aus version does

  • RangerXLT

    Look out Toyota, Everest is coming…

  • kings

    5 speeds auto!! engine carried over!! did i see it wrong????
    ooh what a joke…toyota!!

  • kings

    toyota australia is treating us (Aussies) like a fool. They knew we will buy it no matter what. No doubt they have proven to be reliable for the past and most aussie buy them because of the reliabilty but come on aussie!!! They are bullshits!! Carried over the aging engine!! We want innovative so our next generation can be creative. We not going to live in the cave forever!

  • Jack Doff

    They used Dame Edna to style the front!

  • Arup


  • Platypus

    Wonder if you could get a panel beater to extend the ugly “noddy car” like bulge above the rear wheel to the front of the vehicle. Don’t know how or why Toyota destroyed the reasonable Prado looks prior to 2009. And waht is the alternative to Prado ?? A Discovery 4 ? Then the reliablity goes down the drain. Sorry Toyota, you might well be losing me.

  • Jonas

    Yes, yes, new PRADO, but what about a decent new turbo-diesel and Auto. tranny?!

  • Babak

    The toyota motor is the best but the design of the car is very ugley,why toyota cant made a beatiful car?pls look the kia design and change your designer team.the new camry,ourion is worse.i have the previous and the new prado but the new is uglier,i,m sorry for toyota