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The Nissan Juke crossover is gearing up for an Australian launch, with the quirky Japanese vehicle set for Nissan showrooms towards the end of the year.

Nissan Australia’s website has a dedicated Juke page, which says the vehicle is “coming soon” with details and pictures of the car and the ability for potential owners to register their interest.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 5.06.23 PM

At last year’s Sydney motor show, Nissan Australia CEO Bill Peffer changed the company’s stance on the Juke and confirmed the car’s Australian arrival for later this year. That timeline is now getting closer and Nissan is expected to launch a comprehensive Juke range that will include front-wheel and all-wheel drive variants, with three engine choices.

We believe the Nissan Juke will be offered in two 1.6-litre four-cylinder petrol engines locally and the 1.5-litre turbo diesel, which is available in Europe, will not make it down under. The petrol turbo has 140kW and 240Nm of torque, followed in outputs by the diesel (81kW/240Nm) and the standard 1.6-litre petrol (86kW/158Nm), which will be the heart of the base model. Pricing is set to start from low-to-mid $20,000s.

The Nissan Juke has been a great success in Europe and Japan with the mini SUV already on sale in New Zealand as well. It’s currently being produced in Sunderland, United Kingdom where Australian delivered vehicles will be sourced from.


The Juke’s popularity has led to numerous variants and special editions of the car for different global markets, including Nissan’s performance team utilising a Nissan GT-R engine for a Nissan Juke R.

Will the quirky Nissan Juke work for the Australian market?

  • Tom

    Looks like a fun car. I am very interested.

  • Likmibals


  • crouchy35

    Awkward. Kinda cute though… too bad we’re the last market in the world to receive it.

  • Swe-Got

    Looks really wired in metal. Seen plenty here in SWE.

    • $29896495

      Do you mean weird? Cause it sure looks that way in the pics

    • MisterZed

      What is SWE?

  • Douglas

    I was extremely interested until I discovered the Volvo V40. Now I don’t plan to drive anything else for years.


      Yeah they are cross-shopped, those 2 so close to equal specs…WTF?

      • Douglas

        They’re both unique. :)

        The reality is still the same. The money I was going to spend on a Juke was spent on a V40.

  • TheRealThomas

    Saw many in France, fell in love with the look. I must admit.

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

      yeah but you are a bit nutty though

    • matt

      well considering renault and peugeot are the top sellers there …. i guess this .. “thing” would do well there.

      • TheRealThomas

        And everyone knows how much I love my Renaults. This car is just awkward enough to make it interesting. Like the previous model Megane which I loved.

  • yvo84

    I’ve been hanging for this to come to Australia since 2010. Day one purchase.



      • yvo84

        Are you sure it’s October? I thought it was December.

  • Tone

    I’m almost certain that Nissan knew how much of a fugly thing they had on their hands when they named this car. Surely ‘Juke’ is a portmanteau of ‘joke’ and ‘puke’ …

  • Noely

    Put the same AWD system in Pulsar SSS please!!

  • F1orce

    It Definatley has potential.

    But too much Renualt influence for me..

  • Gus

    No awd diesel in australia? FAIL!

  • m1n1s1n

    Juke-R too maybe?

  • Sarah

    Interesting to see this pop up after I emailed you guys yesterday about it
    Either way it looks like an interesting concept and after looking at pics on the usa website it seems like it may be a cheaper seller compaired to a 3dr range rover evoque – similar styling and suv with a 3dr catering towards young single’s maybe?

    • Sarah

      Update* Just realised it’s a 5 door – my bad

    • Greg

      The Juke will compete with the Holden Trax and Mitsubishi ASX not the Range Rover Evoque. The Range Rover is about $20-$25k more expensive than the Juke will be in Australia.

  • Ostrich

    Driven these in Japan. They’re comfortable and smooth. Didnt drive the turbo version but Im going to make sure that I get the turbo version.

  • JOKE

    kill it with fire.

  • koolerking

    No diesel, WTF??!!

  • AG

    How come Nissan has a factory in UK, and not here? Is production cheaper there?