by Jez Spinks

The last ever Ford Falcon has been teased a year ahead of its arrival in local showrooms.

Ford Australia revealed little of the new car’s shape – showing only parts of the vehicle including a muscular-looking front end, a stylish set of alloy wheels and exhaust pipes shrouded in an angular housing.

Ford Australia previewed the 2014 Ford Falcon ironically at an event designed to showcase the brand’s future models in Australia beyond 2016.

Ford offered few details on the car, but reiterated previous points that it will benefit from fuel economy improvements.


These improvements will come from areas such as enhanced aerodynamics, low-rolling-resistance tyres, and a lighter, “new high-tech” six-speed automatic gearbox.

Ford says the auto will bring adaptive gearshifts and quicker acceleration.


It’s the second time Ford has teased the new-look Falcon, following an even briefer video graphic shown at the 2012 Sydney motor show.

The 2014 update will be the last for the large car that will cease to be produced in Australia from October 2016, ending a nameplate that has lasted more than 50 years. It means the Ford Falcon launched next year will have only a two-year lifecycle.


Ford used the same event to announce new models for the future, which include the next-generation Ford Mustang from 2015.

Ford Falcon sales continue to struggle, and the model posted its worst sales figures ever – less than 600 – in July 2013.

At the Ford Go Further event, Ford boss Alan Mulally didn’t offer a guarantee that the Falcon will not stop production before October 2016.

“That’s the plan,” Mulally said, when asked if Falcon production would continue to October 2016. “We will always take into account the changing [market] environment.”

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 1.21.00 PM

  • Rav-dogulous

    Too much to hope that this will save the Falcon? :)

    • Robert

      yeah too much to ask. and from the look of the grill they are trying to bury it with 0 sales.

      • Dan

        I agree, the front end is quite ugly. The 50th anniversary FG Falcon front end was miles better than this.

        • Nick

          the front end looks like its based of the American style used on the Fusion and Taurus

        • VF is ugly

          Not as ugly as the Commondore VF < which has korean written all over the front end.

    • Modern Man

      UMMMMM, they ARE closing the plant in 2016. This is the last hurrah for an excellent car. it is not a hope as the fate is decided and will not change. this is to should all the patriatic australians excactly what our engineering and manufacturing teams can do and to show what we will (very soon) be losing to other countries.
      Remember when outsourcing was diabolical? when indian call centres where considered never going to work out and we would not lose jobs overseas?
      Wake up australia, we have lost and are losing even more.

      • Gus

        we do have good engineers and we build vehicles to suit our country, unlike the Mercedes A45 that runs 26psi of boost using a minuscule intercooler by comparison. its just a shame STRAYA is a communist country and striving for excellence and innovation reaps no financial reward, seeing as you can just as easily bludge and have the same lifestyle. I love the redneck responses to comments like mine, they usually chime in with ‘If you dont like it leave’ instead of things like ‘well youve identified the problem, how can we improve?’, and thats the crux of the issue, the general STRAYAN is a moron.

        • $29896495

          True in some respects. Though we aren’t a communist country. If we were our infrastructure would still be government owned and the taxes would be lower so would cost of living. The problem is as you sort of allude to, that A vast majority of Aussies want to sit on their a**es and get paid for doing nothing. Now it’s cool to a degree once you’ve done your work that’s cool, but most don’t see work as a place where you do a job, just where you go to collect money.

        • Tt

          U sound like a liberal puppet trying to kill off workers rights. Let’s copy America where they have killed off even the middle class

    • guest

      There is no hope. The factory will be closed 2016. Nothing can change that. I don’t know why they even bothered with the presentation – people aren’t buying the car already after the shutdown announcement. This is from someone who actually was a supporter of locally made cars.

      • Rocket

        Yes not sure how they can keep the factory running at such low levels for another 3 years. If people are not buying them then they may as well pull the curtains now on it and be done with it. And yes I support locally manufactured cars also but what is the point of making cars that are not selling even if the Falcon is a great car.

        • Karl Sass

          It might be the end of Ford’s local operations, but it’s not the end for many of the local component suppliers. They will supply only Holden and Toyota and will need every sale they can get!

          • Sumpguard

            Holden won’t be hanging around much longer either.

          • Karl Sass

            Down, but not out.

          • Brian

            Not out, because WE keep propping them up with tax payers money. Every other business that runs at a loss eventually shuts down.

    • matt

      stop going on about “saving” its the last one confirmed, success or not guys, as much as I hate to acknowledge it. the bulge suggests XR8 though… Cool :)

  • Joof

    Don’t you mean ‘Fog Lights’ in an angular housing? At least in the pictures supplied here,they would be some of the shortest rear overhangs for a large sedan if they exhaust outlet. And Damn, those bright white tail lights are a bit much lol…

    • slap

      x2 for the fog lights!

  • Angelo


    • Angelo

      Now, who is Ford is a stupid idea

    • Rick

      Anyone with a heartbeat , that still drives cars for enjoyment

  • Zaccy16

    So far it looks interesting, angular and sharp looking, hopefully it will last to october 2016 for geelongs sake!

  • barry

    Xr6 headlites.xr8 bonnet hump.Euro looking front grille.Front grille looks better than Fg11 from a distance.

  • Exar Kun

    So they’re going to put the same Aston Martin grille on as the Fusion/Mondeo etc It could end up looking pretty good. I just can’t see them having the development funds to make the leap that Holden has achieved from VE to VF.

    • Rocket

      The VF has more tech but everyone I speak to reckon the VE looks better. A bit like going from an EH to a HD…….

      • JooberJCW

        I also prefer the ve design over the vf, the straight cut angular designs make it look tough, the curvature of the vf looks partly resembling something out of korea

    • Ausbloke

      Leap? Methinks you beleive too mcuh media hype. I manage a fleet of these new VF and some VE’s left,and still same same, just a bit smoother and they finally caught up with the competition and added all the tech stuff. Nothing major, looks as though the tweaked front anf rear was done on the cheap.
      The fact remains the current FG still equals the VF in handling and smooth ride, just took years for Holden to catch up.
      Cant wait to see this new Ford after the dissapointment of the VF after all its hype.

      • markee

        The FG never handled as well as the ve, and the vf handles better,.
        What were You thinking.

        • mgoz1976

          what planet are you on? As I said I work with a fleet of 100’s of these and drive both daily, you OBVIOUSLY have NEVER driven them both.

  • Zandit75

    So it looks like they are resurrecting the XR8 for a couple of years with that bonnet bulge.
    Hopefully they do an interior upgrade. While I don’t think there is that much wrong with it, some form of update should go hand in hand with the exterior.

  • Baaron

    too americanized, I’ll keep my FG

    • Modern Man

      looks like an aston,focus,mondeo,fiesta etc.

  • D@MO

    I’m not sure if I will be writing off the Falcon and Ford Australia just yet.. Sure we didn’t get to see much, but from what we have, I think it looks pretty damn good…
    I’ve got a hunch these small snippets we are seeing here and there, as well as this closure talk, might just be a great marketing plan!

    • Paradox

      So telling thousands of workers, their families, suppliers etc. that they will be out of job is some sick marketing plan?

      • Ausbloke

        so we keep pouring money into these big companies so they can laugh all the way to the bank with tax breaks, and send the profits back to the US? What happened to Ansett? An Aussie company with Aussie roots and 16000 people out of work overnight and the country sent into chaos. No bail out for them, so why should an overseas company get the dollars?

    • Bondie

      I do agree the car does look good, and they might just have a great marketing plan to follow!!

  • Any

    Can’t say I liked it I think they have stuffed it again

  • Jarrod

    You can’t judge how the car will look just by seeing a few isolated parts. Anyone with half an idea would know that. All you can really tell is that it looks like the graphics of the front end have really progressed from todays car. All reports from inside Ford say it looks really good. Can’t wait to see the whole thing properly. Hood bulge looks mean as.

  • Tom C

    This looks a lot like what some of the Large American Ford Sedans look like. Are they using it as a half way house so that we are not shocked to see things such as the Taurus in our showrooms as of 2016.

    • matt

      Taurus will never come here, id bet my sper debt on it.

  • nugsdad

    Quality is sure to be good given the high motivation levels of their staff – not.

    • Rocket

      And Holden workers are really motivated at the moment having to take pay cuts and less hours? Good luck to them if they can survive past 2016 as at the moment they are looking right down the barrel.

      • JooberJCW

        Well time will tell if the complaints start rolling through

  • F1orce

    Falcon is the only good vehicle in the Ford lineup.

    ‘One Ford’ is an excuse for garbage.

    • Joe

      Falcon is the ONLY rubbish vehicle in the Ford line-up.

      ‘One Ford’ has resurrected their range of vehicles.

      • Greenfinger


    • Tom C

      This is rubbish, whilst I completely agree the Falcon is a fantastic car (I thoroughly enjoyed the month I had one for a rental car) ford make plenty of fantastic other cars. Falcon being dumped in no reason to dismiss the others.

    • Igomi Watabi

      So, all the journalists all around the world that heap praise on Mondeo, Focus and Fiesta, among other Fords, are wrong?

    • JooberJCW

      Not really, The fiesta and focus are good cars for what they are. Especially in ST trim

  • turbodewd

    The Falcon 2014 teaser video looks great to me!

  • Wazdog

    Sheet metal looking good as does the drivetrain updates…. Bbbbbuuuuuuuutttttttt what about the interior, word is that little will change?

    Most of the FG switchgear isn’t illuminated, vast amount of small buttons and switches are very dated.

    I would love to buy the final Falcon but I would also like the latest tech and look. Fingers crossed that FordUS give it the send off it truly deserves.


    • Marka

      surely not, how can they not upgrade the interior? It needs it more than the exterior!

    • Zandit75

      Honestly, if you can’t memorise the switches on the Falcons steering wheel in a couple of days, then you should be classed as a moron. They are the simplest and most effective switchgear I have ever dealt with in a car.
      My Wife’s Hyundai has illuminated switchgear, and honestly I find it distracting

      • Golfschwein

        You’re apologising for lazy mediocrity. If a cutlery maker left the middle prong out of their forks, because they’re being cheap and lazy and figure that people should be able to find their food regardless, wouldn’t they richly deserve their drop of sales? People would buy the cutlery sets whose forks had the right number of prongs. By and large they would, anyway. You’d always get a few people who’d say that people are drongoes if they can’t find their food with the deficient fork.

        Sadly, Falcon’s been missing the middle prong for ages.

        • Zandit75

          No, I am not. I look at some of the other cars with the bewildering amount of buttons on the steering wheel, and wonder how anyone can focus on the road with so much going on with the steering wheel controls, especially when they are illuminated, let alone all of the other buttons on the dashes that look like they are from the Starship Enterprise.
          Besides, a fork with a missing prong becomes the dainty little tool you eat your prawn salad with!

          • Golfschwein

            I take your counterpoint, Zandit, and do understand a little of what you say, especially the bit about the prawn salad. My counterpoint is that if Ford ‘bothered’ to give people a little more of what they want and what can be found so readily in other cars (and the non-illuminated switches are a metaphor for so much more of what’s the matter with Falcon), then worldwide sales may exceed the current 600-odd per month level. The only people buying it now are the die-hard apologists bleating “but…but…but…” who like a high driving position. The facelift will be too little, too late.

          • Zandit75

            Well we already know why they are not selling, and that is because people don’t want such a big car, and they are not sold worldwide. Once Commodore sales level out, I’m sure they will not look so good soon, and I don’t believe the US sales will amount to much.
            Admittedly the Falcon spec levels are down compared to other cars in the Ford stable, and other brands, and yes they should be made accountable for it – If this is the whole reason the sales are down then it proves how materialistic we all are now.
            It just really gets on my nerves when people start shouting…Where are the illuminated switches? Where are the Projector Headlights…Blah, blah, blah!

          • $29896495

            Good comment

          • Rocket

            Next people will want a bloody coffee pod machine built in to the dash. Just give me a car that steers, brakes and goes hard for F sake……..

          • John

            I believe VF will put Commodore back to the top of the sales charts. I hold the personal view that its a car thats always changed minds. Now its turning heads. The next all-new Commodore will rock.

          • $29896495

            I believe you are wrong. Many of the current Commode owners I spoken to about it don’t like it (they like the dash). Plus the fact that it’s not the cars tricks and gimicks that are stopping sales it’s its size. World wide Big Big cars are on the outer for the main stream. Where as Big Big cars that are called medium (Camry) still seem to be able to hold some sales.

          • Ausbloke76

            Turning heads????… know I co-manage a fleet of rental cars….no one has yet to comment on the styling of this. However, when I drove a new Kia Optima into our lot, it turned a lot of heads and everyone came for a look. The VF looks like a cheap assed effort. Oh BTW the park assist is a PAINFUL waste of time. Road rage is on the cards as you wait for it to locate a park and keep the cars behind you waiting forever as it hardly ever locates a park to turn into.

        • Norm

          Ok now I’m hungry.

        • Hung Low

          Funny that is kinda the same as the Golf using awkward wheel bolts instead of proper wheel studs like most other manufacturers. It is also lazy and cheap from a mechanical perspective, and there is plenty more of this type of mediocrity to be found.

        • Robin_Graves

          If the fork was a veedud it would look diamond encrusted but break off in your mouth before the meal was finished and choke the snob eating the caviar.

          • $29896495

            Got a laugh out of that one

          • Daniel D

            VW Execs would also not attend the funeral or return the families calls.

  • Ben

    The headlamps looked really cool in the teaser video as well when they had a close up shot. Shame there isnt a photo up here. Great to LED signature lighting in there compared to the vf which doesn’t have any in the lamps but rather the lower fascia.

    • Andy Whitby

      It’s about time Falcon caught up with headlight technology, they only put projectors in with the FG II update, Commodore has had projectors since at least the VY, that’s over a decade. However I think Holden should have moved HID down the range for VF, Zeta platform and the new global electronic architecture can support it.
      I’m going to argue that VF didn’t put it in there, because they didn’t want to be like Audi, Hyundai oh and everybody else who is sticking them up there. It appears to be a GM trait to put them with the fog lights. Cadillac and Chevrolet do it.

      • Zandit75

        I hear all of these complaints about projectors not being offered in the Falcon…Have you actually been in a Falcon at night? They are among some of the best in the industry without having to resort to gimmicky Projectors or HIDs.
        These new style of lights just add unneeded cost to a vehicle.

        • Andy Whitby

          Yes I have, both Commodore and Falcon have extremely good low/hi beam. However having had a Commodore with out and then with projectors, I prefer the light pattern thrown by a projector.

      • $29896495

        Whats the Zeta platform got to do with electronics?

        • Andy Whitby

          Well I mean that the Caprice has HIDs and the new electronics architecture fitted for VF can definitely support them.

      • Modern Man

        you do know both Ford had projectors in the late 80’s and ford stuck with them only to the point of AU in 98 then brought them back again for the FG.
        do you remember NA Fairlane and EB XR6/8 through to EL&NL XR&Fairlanes?

        • Andy Whitby

          I wasn’t aware, they should have never deleted them then, in my opinion.

          • matt

            ef XR6 lights… garbage, AU on… you could nearly see through time… point proven, projectors are not that great

        • wtf!

          Yeah I remember them because i had a quad headlamp EF XR6.
          Worst headlights ever! Also have had Xenons on European and Japanese cars and none of them come even remotely close to the standard headlights on my FG XR6 which are so bright and clear especially on high beam.

          • Pope

            E series were pretty bad for headlights tho, 2 narrow of a beam

      • Pope

        Andy Whitby, what in the world are the headlights Ford used for the Ford NA Fairlane in 1988???!!! and the EF-EL XR range?…..(edit) i see someone beat me to it lol

    • Igomi Watabi

      God I hate “LED signature lighting”. The most ridiculous, blingy pointlessness of recent times.

  • Dreamer

    Wishfull thinking i know imagine if they did a Monster GT-HO to finish Australian built Fords, think Super Snake engine 500 + KW Roll cage very limited numbers etc….oooh to dream, if ford actually try to do it they would probably stuff it up anyway …..and I am a Ford Fan

  • Karl Sass

    I personally think it looks fairly good, although I’ll have to reserve final judgement. I like the sharper front end and the front guard (behind the front wheel) looks like there could be some sheet metal changes.

    This car can’t come soon enough. The Falcon used to be a bread and butter car, now it’s bought by enthusiasts who like the RWD and driving dynamics. However the enthusiasts are aware that the FH is coming out and that’s the one they want! Lots of pent up demand for the FH, which is causing lots of issues for FG sales.

  • Greenfinger

    A message to Mulally, You just do not get it do you. Falcon buyers like their rear drive cars and most will buy Holdens before your imported stuff. When Ford had skilled management, Falcons were updated every couple of years so we replaced our Falcon’s every couple of years. The FG Falcon has been around for years now and you wonder why it is not selling? I plan to replace my Falcon with the next Falcon then after 2016 I will buy Holden Commodores.

    • F1orce

      The problem with corporate Americans is that they’re just so darn arrogant. It’s always ‘about them’ and their pockets.

    • gtrxuone

      You have nailed it Greenfinger.The parent company has been killing off the Falcon for years.

  • Joe

    Well from the look of that front end this is the final nail in the Falcon coffin, that looks hideous !!!!

    • turbodewd

      Subjective piffle! Troll alert!

  • phantomsofthedesert

    if this is the best of what’s to come, maybe you shouldn’t wait to leave. really the boys and girls at the design centre should have had a clean sheet of paper. our design needs are unique to Australia. sure borrow design queues from over seas ,I have been a ford design fan for nearly 40 years and I have seen the decline of our personalities

  • Lorenzo

    I can’t wait until late next year. Ford, can you deliver me one earlier, please?

  • gibbut

    bonnet bulge ftw!!!

  • zahmad

    Just watched the video, and the new headlights are in the same direction as I hoped they would go. However, I’m not too sure about the grill – I hope the keep the current smaller grille on top section and larger grill on bottom section instead of the nee arrangement on Fiesta and Focus…

  • Forced

    From what you can see the front end already looks more futured than the vf. The proportion of the upper grill to the headlamps looks very modern. The XR will look super tough judging by this. Looks great!

  • Sam

    Good job Ford look nice!

  • JJ

    Finally, the last model in a line of terrible taxis.

    Once the current ones all break down, they will be gone for good!

    • $29896495

      Hey, they are taxis because they are reliable. Nothing wrong in that.

      • Sherlock

        Yes but how many Falcon taxi’s do you see with poor groaning suspension, rattles and squeaks from every corner of the car, and they feel like they are about the fall apart on the road, not to mention the ones that smell like vomit – gee I wanna but an ex-Falcon taxi right away

        • $29896495

          You do really? You’d be an idiot to buy any ex-taxi, no matter what brand. But admittedly people do. These days laws required them NOT to have groaning suspension.

        • Zandit75

          That’s got nothing to do with the quality of the car, that is an issue with lack of maintenance. Of course, if a car has close to 500k kms on the clock it is going to sound like s**t regardless of brand, but I can guarantee they haven’t kept up the servicing!

        • Hung Low

          Taxis are like well used rental equipment, what do you expect? Witnessing the total lack of mechanical sympathy they go through day in day out, I don’t expect any other brand to fair much better.

      • gtrxuone

        Just having a guess that JJ is golfmother.

        • $29896495

          Possibly true.

  • qikturbo

    The xr6/8s are going to look great.The front is agressive and modern,unlike the VF commodore ,I’ll give it 6 months before the Vf becomes dated.C’mon!…the Vf(front) looks like the previous Caprice from the outside.GM-H have done a great deal in the interior department and suspension.Their hero car the GTS is very plain.


    dead man walking…

  • Don Quay

    You know, judging by Ford’s recent efforts, this may well be all the marketing that they do for the next Falcon.
    They have a good product with the Falcon, but the level of promotion they give it is pathetic. N/A, Turbo, EcoBoost and LPG, they have a better range of engines than any of the competition, but you wouldn’t know from advertising.

  • Mick

    Too bad they didn’t make it compatible for the American market. An updated 4.0L turbo engine (I6), alloy block with direct injection etc. would look very appetising in the American market, plus the fact it’s bringing back a old name with a rear wheel drive muscle car. It could also sell in Europe (even if in limited numbers) with that engine and with a performance diesel. The same diesel (detuned maybe) thn could be used in the Territory which could also sell in these markets. Since the Territory and Falcon are a shared platform, you could also have an AWD version of the Falcon.

    • falcodore

      Mate, that sounds like a good idea, but you know U.S. car companies are completely void of good ideas so it was never going to happen. Also they couldn’t let the general population in the U.S. find out that Australia makes better cars than they ever could, that would be treason!

    • Don Quay

      It appears that Ford USA don’t want to import cars from outside Nth America, so the Falcon was never going to go to the USA, even though it is probably much better than anything produced over there. Car and Driver and other magazines go nuts over the XR6 Turbo and the supercharged V8s when they have reviewed them. You would think there would’ve been a market for a few tens of thousand of them as a niche model. The shame of it is that the FG was apparently engineered for LHD, so it was possible to do it, though I don’t think any prototypes were made. It seems that in another stunning decision by Ford, everyone looses out.

  • Baz Damn Americans

    Looks bit like the Taurus. But really it doesn’t matter r.i.p. ford Falcon end of 2014, because Ford has already said they could close sooner and the new Taurus isn’t coming to Australia. Message to Ford don’t re badge any cars or suvs as Falcon or Territory aussies know the difference. Holden also looks to be eventually closing doors despite bringing in the Cruze which is not selling anywhere near enough to keep manufacturing here past 2020. Lucky R and D is some of the best in the world.

  • Rick

    Any improvement is welcome . They are getting to the point where they can’t sell much less

    • $29896495

      I’m starting to think these are just mock ups. the likely hood of falcon reaching production seems very slim. Then build it for two years. It just doesn’t make financial sense. Could they have been so naive as to think there wouldn’t be a backlash? I think not. I think they should show the several whole cars running around a test track. Or stop the BS.

      • Rick

        True, you have to wonder if its just a PR stunt

      • matt

        Please, are you josh dowling’s sister? its happening, severe backlash would happen if they suddenly pulled the pin, mulally has said a smooth transition is needed, the 2014 falcon is coming, contrary to your “it wont happen” dribble.

        A quote from the man himself

        “That’s why we’re refreshing the Falcon, because there’s a lot of people that love the Falcon. And why we’re refreshing the Territory too. And you also heard today that we’re committed to the Territory size and to that market, and so we’ll more to share about that going forward also.

        “But absolutely, we’re doing the right thing because of the respect we have for all of the stakeholders, including the employees. But the supply base, the industry, we’re doing absolutely the right thing.”
        please be quiet huwtm

  • Just saying

    They could possibly be taking some styling from the Escort concept. All bet it the grill is the prominent feature.

  • Fairlane

    The worst thing to happen in the history of Australian automotive industry is the stopped production of the Ford Falcon,which is one of the world longest running name plates.
    An excellent car with the longest history in Australia about to be put to pasture because of low sales caused sales growth of SUV’s and by a deliberate anti advertising agenda
    I remember hearing 4 ads for Falcon on the radio and thinking,good there finally starting to advertise it .
    Only for them to announce the next day of stopped production.
    Nice effort ford advertising dept.

  • Kym

    Quote:”Ford Falcon sales continue to struggle, and the model posted its worst sales figures ever – less than 600 – in July 2013″

    Reply: Ford, you actually need to advertise a car in order to sell it – it’s called marketing, something you’ve consistently failed to successfully do in the last few years, especially for Australian models. The demise of Aussie built Falcon and Territory has been planned for a long time by Ford headquarters……

  • Poison_Eagle

    I was sceptical, but after this video and recent comments, I have high hopes for this car. Some of the detailing evident looks simply exquisite!!! I can’t wait am very excited about the 2014 Falcon and hope to be the proud owner of one 😀 😀 😀

  • I used to be a blue blood

    This Falcon will be the seventh and last Ford I will ever buy.

  • John

    Ford are wasting their time bringing this model to market. By mid-next year,Falcon sales will be down to 2-300 per month-hardly sustainable. If they’re locked into manufacturing here until 2016,they should just switch to full Territory production.

    Why build what they’re not selling?

  • Bondie

    Good one Ford :)

  • Doug

    Like the steel peak of the XR6,however disappointed the model comming out late 2014.Would like to preorder this model?

  • Dave

    Here’s a thought gt in the 70s was not an fpv or tickford it was not engineered by anyone else but ford so what a way out the phase 5 Ford GT, come on ford give us what we want and do it well, lets show the General What the phase 4 could have done to them

  • Car_person1

    All i want is an FG XR6 Wagon !

  • nickgt

    There is a big difference between the people making these cars, and the people who love them and want to buy them. We drive fords while they drive merc’s and bmw.