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by Jez Spinks

The next-generation Ford Mustang has been confirmed for Australia to become the Blue Oval brand’s new hero car from 2015 onwards.

Ford Australia announced the expected news at a special Go Further event held in Sydney, where the company reiterated its commitment to the local market beyond 2016 when it will cease homegrown manufacturing.

It will be the first time a Ford Mustang has been sold officially in Australia since the late 1960s, though in 2001 and 2002 Tickford Vehicle Engineering converted a number of ‘Pony’ cars to right-hand drive for the local market.

The 2015 Ford Mustang will be factory-built right-hand drive, however, and is set to be more affordable than those conversions, however, which were priced from $85,000 for the coupe and $89,000 for the convertible.

“Mustang is coming to Australia and New Zealand,” said Jim Farley, Ford’s executive vice president of global marketing, sales and service. “We’ll have more to say on that in the near future.

Custom Ford Mustang Hero Car

“The car has a unique connection with customers. It speaks to who we are – allowing you to enjoy the freedom of the journey like never before,” he added.

“One Ford is opening the door for Australians and consumers around the world to our best-ever portfolio of vehicles and giving them new reasons to look again at Ford. The Ford Mustang is one of these vehicles.”

The introduction of the Ford Mustang to Australia has been enabled by the famous American muscle car joining the company’s One Ford program that sees a single Ford built for global markets not just one.

It’s the same program that killed the Falcon as far back as January 2010, when Ford boss Alan Mulally said the One Ford policy would be applied to the company’s large cars.

Ford-Mustang-50-years-logo - 2

Ford’s large car for the future will be the Taurus, but Ford Australia looks set to use the next-generation Mondeo as a car that will straddle both the medium and large car markets locally.

Ford Australia made a number of announcements at a special Go Further event held at Sydney’s Fox Studios.

This included the reveal of the much-anticipated Ford Everest, the seven-seater SUV based on the Ranger and like the ute designed and developed for global markets.

It also previewed the last ever Ford Falcon ahead of its release in the second half of 2014.

CarAdvice spy photographers have snapped the next-generation Ford Mustang in heavy disguise. The all-new sports car is expected to switch from a live rear axle to independent rear suspension. The next Pony car is set to be unveiled at the 2014 New York motor show in April – a date that will mark the car’s 50th anniversary.

  • Pony Boy ’76

    Yee haw!! I’m saving for one right now! Giddy up!

    • Jack

      Giddy up pony boy!

    • Mustang Muscle

      Me to Pony boy, I will proudly fling my middle finger as much as possible to all Holdenwoo bogan drivers especially the ones who love bow-tie badges and dislike the lion badge.

      I’m saving all my penny’s for the new Mustang, to own and drive arguably the most famous/respected car on the planet, absolutely thrills me to bits, this news is the best I’ve heard from Ford/Australia and hopefully marketing does it justice, galloping off the showroom floor’s in large herds .

      • ZZERo


      • keu

        It’s famous because it’s cheap and looks good. But it’s not actually a good car. Next gen maybe different but so far, it’s only been cheap & nasty engineering underneath the stylish bodywork.

  • Dave


  • j

    Please be retro styled!

    • LowRezFez

      It won’t be sadly. We will get a modern ‘Stang. As a result there will be lots of disappointed punters who really wanted a retro version. I predict it to be sales flop… if it was retro, it would sell like crazy.

      • horsie

        how do you know this ?

        • LowRezFez

          Don’t know for sure, based on previous press.

  • Steve

    Why try and claim those spy pics as taken by CarAdvice spy photographers? One of the professional spy photographers in the US took them and you’ve merely bought the rights to post them and add your own watermark.

  • MisterZed

    Tough luck Holden. No Camaro = fail for you. If Mustang is priced right it will steal lots of SS sedan, ute, and HSV sales from you.

    • Rocket

      Why Holden bring in the Malibu instead of the Camaro is the big question?

      • Zaccy16

        yep the malibu is a korean POS

        • bd

          The Malibu was designed/developed by Detroit with some development being carried over from the Euro Opel Insignia.

          Korea is only the point of production for the Australian market.

    • Patrick

      Doubt it, this will be a niche novelty at best that will wear off very quickly once people slam the poor Amercian build quailty they are famous for

    • Shak

      I highly doubt that. The new Mustang will probably be a great product but if its priced north of 50K it will be a niche seller like the SS and HSV products. Holden made the right choice to not import the Camaro. It would be a very niche product indeed if they had.

      • Car2013

        It would be good to have the Camaro here as a niche vehicle, and I’m pretty sure that Holden would sell more Camaros than Volts. It will be great to see the new Mustang here and it will be important that the pricing is sensible. I suppose a case in point would be the Toyota 86/BRZ which is a niche vehicle, but due to sensible pricing the sales have been good.

        • Shak

          I totally agree, but as we’ve seen GM internal politics often results in many stupid product decisions. The Camaro here would be an awesome decision, but it probably isnt going to happen.

          • Car2013

            You’re probably right, as much as I would like the Camaro to be part of Holden’s product line, it won’t be a happening thing.

  • Rocket

    At least it has some Australian engineering and design influence which means it will be awesome…………

    • Zaccy16

      yep if it has used a falcon rear suspension set up it should be great! mush better than the primitive leaf springed last gen!

      • Lucky Eddie

        Current/Last Gen. Mustang has/had 5 link coil-sprung [on diff. assembly]

        rear suspension.

    • jetyj

      As in using leaf sprung, live axles on a passenger car like the 2011 Ford Falcon?

      • Doubt it

        –Grow Up– jetyj

  • Henry Toussaint

    Holden Should do the same and Bring the Camaro. And Hyundai can have their Genesis and compete with the V6 Mustang and Camaro

    • bd

      The next Genesis coupe will be competing against the likes of the Infiniti Q60 and Lexus RC coupes and not the Mustang or Camaro.


    If they could sell the previous RHD Ford Explorer in Aus for $40k, there’s no reason why they can’t sell the factory RHD Mustang for $35k.

    • Tom C

      I would be extremely surprised. Considering the historical position of this car I would imagine it would be placed at the top of Fords Performance range. Currently the Focus ST retails for around 40K, I would imagine a RS would be around 50-60K based on Golf R. I would imagine Mustang would start around 70K+. I suspect Australia will only get the high end.

  • Charles

    American pays US$22,200 current model for an entry Mustang we pay $85,000. As much as I like the Mustang got to say I’m more incline to the 86/BRZ.

    • asdfghjkl

      The 86/BRZ are a bit too small don’t ya think?

    • Zaccy16

      for outright handling the 86/brz will be better than the mustang but the mustang is a different segment

  • Mat

    Can’t help thinking this will be one big anti-climax when it arrives, people always wet themselves in anticipation only to be disappointed after the few cars arrive, this is nothing more than a publicity halo, by the time the car arrives it will be too little, too late and too expensive and with Ford you can almost guarantee stuff ups or mishandling of the whole exercise.

    • Bob

      No doubt Ford Australia will bring in the 2.0T EcoBoost version.


    What would you do now if you have a A$150k RHD custom converted Mustang?

    • jsth

      Anyone who did that would be a bit of a noob considering you can get a M3, F type, Cayman etc for that price with factory RHD.

  • Steve

    No thank you. The new Mustang looks nothing like a Mustang. More a like a rebadged “S Coupe” I’ll probably steer toward a T86 and supercharge it. More expensive probably, but it will be the real deal.

  • DarrenParkinson

    2015???……dump those FPV,XR8 plans for 2014 and fast track this car asap!!!Next to nobody wants FPV now,nothing is going to change that sentiment next year,so why prolong the agony and embarrassment for another eighteen months.