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by Jez Spinks

The Ford Everest concept has been revealed to preview Ford’s new seven-seater SUV that’s related on the Ranger ute and expected to go on sale in 2015.

The Everest boasts an uncanny resemblance from some angles to the Ford Territory SUV that will disappear in late 2016 along with the Falcon large car when Ford ceases local manufacturing.

Ford Australia designed and developed the Everest production version as part of the T6 project that initially created the Ranger ute range released in 2011.

Ford insiders, however, have told CarAdvice the Everest production version “only shares elements of the Ranger” and is not as closely based on the Ranger’s architecture as had been anticipated.

Sources also say the Ford Everest won’t be a direct replacement for the Territory from then end of 2016 onwards, saying the Everest “will be a true off-roader”. It will compete directly against models such as the Holden Colorado 7 that shares its underpinnings with the Colorado ute.

“This is our vision for a large, seven-seat off-road SUV to allow our customers to take on the world and it was created by our world-class design team here in Australia,” said Mark Fields, Ford’s chief operating officer.

Ford Everest concept

“We believe our customers will love the distinctive design, which clearly showcases the Ford Everest Concept’s exceptional off-road capability and toughness.”

The Ford Everest will form part of an import-only range of vehicles that will number 11 by 2017 in Australia.

The Ford Australia showroom from 2017 onwards will include at least three SUVs in total, also comprising the Indian-built compact Ford EcoSport due in December 2013 and the mid-sized Ford Kuga launched in early 2013.

CarAdvice has been told by insiders the Explorer is unlikely for Australia and believes the next-generation Ford Edge is in the pipeline to become a replacement for the Territory as Ford Australia’s large road-biased SUV. Due in 2015, the Edge will switch from being a US market only model to a global vehicle also built in right-hand drive.

Ford Everest concept sketch

Ford sources have already indicated the Explorer SUV is not on the agenda for Australia despite the model being spied driving in Australia.

Ford Australia made a number of announcements at a special Go Further event held at Sydney’s Fox Studios.

This included confirmation that the next-generation Ford Mustang muscle car will return to the local market for the first time in nearly 50 years. There was also news about the new Ford Mondeo and Ford Transit.

It also previewed the last ever Ford Falcon ahead of its release in the second half of 2014.

  • Matt

    I like it… it looks a bit like the current Dodge Durango, but that’s not a bad thing :-)

    • MisterZed

      Agreed, very similar styling to the Durango. Looks nothing like the Territory.

    • Pal

      Agreed too. first thing i thought of when i saw it

    • Bruce

      durango back and Ford’s version of Aston Martin front used across their model line these days (ie, Fiesta, Mondeo, taurus…).

      I hope we get this plus the Explorer.

  • peddy.d

    Definitely a much better car than what Holden offers with the Colorado 7

    • bg

      Yes i agree with you, Colorado 7 and the Malibu are once again another failed attempt by Holden

      • Dave

        This will knock the colorado 7 out of the park. Very handsome looking machine. At least we can proud of the Aussie engineering team going forward

      • Zaccy16

        i agree, all of these korean built holden are rubbish, bring back the rebadged opels holden!! the commodore is easliy the only decent holden still

        • MRL

          The Colorado and Colorado 7 are built in Thailand… Just around the corner from where the T6 Everest will be built.

          • $29896495

            Designed by GMD though

    • Andy Whitby

      Well that’s a given, considering it based on the Ranger, which technologically and quality is better.

      However I prefer the aesthetically I find the Colorado brothers more pleasing.

      • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

        Even the 7???

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, this looks 10 times better than the horrible Colorado 7, if it drives like the ranger it will be 10 times better to drive then the colorado 7 as well

    • falcodore

      Makes the Colorado7 look like a cheap, nasty afterthought…..

  • Buzzliteyear

    I love it, what the Territory should have been. Also looks so much better than the Colorado 7.

    • Tom C

      The Territory is good at being a car. This will be good at being a 4×4. Ford should have just had both for a long time.

  • quivive

    Ford nose on a Mitsubishi Challanger. Shows just how good the Territory was back in 2004!

  • Jase

    Expect a price tag above $60k

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man


      • Zandit75

        Just look at the price difference between a triton and challenger, and there’s your answer

        • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

          Just did
          Base Challenger 4×4 $41,490
          Base 4×4 Dual Cab Triton $40,490
          Not a big difference.
          Most expensive Challenger is $58,000

          • Zandit75

            OK, probably a bad example to use as I did not look into it before recommending it, but when they were first released, the top of the range Challenger was over $74k.
            They have had ridiculous specials on the Triton and Challenger recently, probably trying to get rid of excess stock before the new model comes out next year.

  • Zandit75

    Damn that looks sweet!!

  • Matty Meow Meow

    There’s no way in the would I’d ever buy one, but that looks quite nice.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      Who cares what you would or wouldn’t buy, an irrelevant comment

  • Doctor

    A good effort – looks better than Holden’s C7.

  • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

    From the pic’s, its a very purposeful looking 4×4 with what appears to be good ground clearance too.

  • James

    Look’s great! Just a shame it won’t be built here too!
    I wonder then if this also showcases the facelifted Ranger, if there is one in the works? Or maybe Ford will try to separate the Everest and Ranger with different looks, something Holden has failed to do with the Colorado and Colorado 7.

  • Zaccy16

    looks great, muscular styling with clean lines, it smashes the horrible colorado 7 and challenger!

  • zahmad

    I for one don’t like how it looks. The enormous grille is too American. I for one love the way the dated to some Territory looks – even when ford had such a low budget!

  • LC

    If the car is built with this front-end, are we going to get a facelifted ranger, too? It leaves the Ranger ute looking quite dated by comparison.

    • Crush

      I think the idea is that Ford want’s us to visually see that although their platform is the same, they are totally different vehicles. Not unlike the falcon and the territory sharing the same underpinnings.

      • LC

        Still, one can hope. :)

        I always thought the Ranger was a tad underdone at the front, compared to their American offerings or the ATLAS concept. If they can gaft this front-end on, problem solved.

        • Crush

          I agree. But Ford also knows that people see the triton and then the challenger and realise they are almost the same (except for rear suspension). For many females (often the one’s driving week in week out) this is a bit of a turn off. They want to keep the two separate from a marketing perspective so that if you knew didly about cars you wouldn’t know the Ranger and Everest were cousins. Mum’s generally hate driving trucks and if they want a shot at the Pajero/Prado market they have to distinguish it. It has to be different and a cut above the Pickup/ute upgrade SUVs out there.

  • Neil_Way

    Ford are definitely planning for the end of local manufacturing a hell of a lot better than struggling Nissan or Mitsubishi ever did with the end of their Australian days.

    Massive shame to see the Falcon depart, but a heap of new product such as the Everest will keep them chugging along.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan


  • Bryan

    I wonder how big it will be? The Ranger is a long vehicle at about five and half metres so this could turn out to be a big SUV! This might be a good thing though because they could put seven adult size seats in and still have a usable amount of luggage space in the back [with the third row up]. I agree that the Colorado 7 isn’t the best looking car around but at about fifty grand for the top of the range LTZ it is very competitively priced; people are willing to overlook the looks if it is going to save then ten or twenty thousand dollars.

    • http://www.bryanbyrtrenault.com.au/ Modern Man

      no prices launched as yet???

    • Rick

      And the Colorado is only available in auto . Hopefully ford won’t make the same mistake

  • Harry

    Yuk. Looks like something a gangster in Detroit would drive. Classless comes to mind. Doubt anyone except the lower end of society would aspire for something hideous like this.

    • Campaign

      Gangsters in Detroit have fallen on hard times like everyone else in Detroit so they probably are struggling to hustle hard enough for a nice new whip like this, more likely Detroit gangsters are rolling in 90’s chevy impalas. Harry its a 4×4 so its for people who like to get out of town and have space for all their kids and fishing rods etc. Its not competing with a Q5 which is merely a high lift station wagon which i see the financed to the hilt upper middle/middle class is so keen on these days…

  • WJG

    I want one such a great looking SUV. Shows off the design talent at Ford.


    so wait, ford to scared to call it the the explorer (or exploder as it’s commonly referred to in the car game, after the number of big time fails with it)

    • Zandit75

      The Explorer is still in production in the States, and since they are preaching the “One Ford” Line, why would they call two different vehicles the same name?

    • Crush

      Current Explorers have less and less off road capability. Ground clearance is lower and they are becoming more and more like a territory as a soft roader than a serious 4×4.
      The Everest is Ford’s version of a serious 4×4 to fill that end of the market and will not be shipped to Europe or the States. They want to have a crack at the Challenger, Colorado 7, Pathfinder and even the Prado. The T6 platform is solid but from there up, it’s a new beast. Will be most interesting to see whether they stay with the Ranger’s power plant line ups or look for something newer again.
      At concept stage, we’ll have at lease 6-12 months wait before we know the answers…..

  • Crush

    If it keeps the rear diff locker, can tow at least 3 tonnes and they get the supply issues right (granted they had terrible floods in Thailand just as the ranger released) I’ll definitely be talking to treasury about one.

  • Golfschwein

    Quoite noice, also.

  • Rick

    Just have to hope they have it in manual form as well

  • Don Quay

    I hope Ford market this as a semi heavy duty model, to compete with the Prado and Pajero market and towing for the grey nomads and keep the Territory and it’s successor for those who want a car based vehicle with the better dynamics and comfort. There is surely a market for both. Kluger/Prado, Pajero/Outlander and so on.

  • adelaide john

    front end looks a bit Kluger like

  • Alli

    Has great ground clearance and road presents I want one of these tomorrow as long as they keep the 3.2 Diesel (Top Engine) It ticks all the boxes, Please NO 4 cycl Diesel