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As manufacturers continue to take advantage of the winter months in northern Scandinavia, the latest model to be spied in the freezing conditions is the highly anticipated BMW X6 M variant.

While BMW has still not officially acknowledged an M-division model based on the X6 – unlike the X5 M which was treated to an official spy teaser – these images clearly show the model is definitely in development.

Trademark M-division features such as the side vents and quad-exhaust tips reveal the true identity of this not-so-mild-mannered X6 which is sure to be incredible.

BMW X6 M spied winter testing

The standard version is already a potent machine in both twin-forced six and eight guise, so an M-division variant should be simply staggering.

Current speculation suggests the prototype in these images is powered by BMW’s 5.0-litre V10 engine which should develop over 378kW – almost identical to the engine found in the current M6.

  • Steve-Poyza

    The X6 M will be a very good car indeed. That styling is lovely by itself, imagine with a touch of M…

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Please, no more pictures of any derivative of the monstrosity that is the X6. Let it die in peace.

  • Devil666

    With the release of the 5 Series GT “PAS” (worst acronym ever), I find the X6 even more redundant than usual. It’s the answer to a question that:

    A: Nobody asked
    B: 2% of people could ever tolerate
    C: Just got competition from within its model ranks by a newer, sportier, lighter and allround just better car.

    BMW, time to take (fat) old yeller round the back and put her down.

  • Wheelnut

    Monstrosity..? The X6 looks alot better than some of the other LUVs [Luxury Utiltiy Vehicles] such as the Cayenne and the Q7

    And according to the major BMW Dealer here in Perth are selling better than expected…. I’d definitely have one

  • Wheelnut

    Devil666: You might think that its an answer to a question that nobody asked.
    However; you could say the same about the Merc-Benz CLS / Porsche Panmera / Aston Martin Rapide couldn’t you?

    The X6 looks a s–tload better than the Panmera does..
    I mean who ever heard of a stretched Porsche..? and why would you want to?

  • http://caradvice onepoppa

    Wheelnut I have to take issue with you. Whilst neither the Cayenne or the Q7 are good looking cars – too lardy by half – the X6 can only be described as hideous. I was behind one in traffic today and the three quarter rear view was just awful.

    The departure of Chris Bangle may improve things over time, but at present the BMWs are really off the pace compared to Audis. On a model for model basis – A3 trumps One Series 4 doors – A4 is far sleeker than the 3 Series – even in its cleaned up form – A6 better than 5 series – and Q5 makes the X3 look quite agricultural.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Onepoppa you are right on the money. And Wheelnut, I guess the BMW dealer in Perth expected to sell two and has sold three. All of them to people who would buy a rubbish skip full of camel entrails if it had a BMW badge on it.
    BMW has a serious problem looming, not yet apparent to those in Perth it would seem. In many markets, especially those inhabited by leaders rather than followers, Audi has already replaced them as the leading luxury brand. Nothing wrong with the way BMWs drive, but one eventually gets to the point where if the manufacturer starts taking the p*** out of the customers, the customers go elsewhere.

  • Wheelnut

    That’s your opinion Onepoppa and you’re entilted to it.

    I personally think that if it wasn’t for Audis Quattro AWD system they would be nothing more than an over priced Volkswagen.
    The only Audis I would even consider buying is the S5 [a wannabe M3] and the R8

  • Wheelnut

    Camtn Mainwaring – First of all FYI The BMW dealer in Perth said that he sold 10 X6s last month

    Secondly; You say Audi have replaced BMW as the Leading Luxury brand.. When? Where [in Which Countries]? In which Market sectors? In what areas?

  • Cupid Stunt

    I agree with you Wheelnut – the X6 is out there with the best, a very imposing car. However I do like the Q7 more, it’s has better practically than this.
    Any body know what that is hanging off the rear wheel (top photo) looks like some kinda sensor!

  • o

    I saw a X6 at the train station yesterday next to an X5 the X6 looked so much better and it looks amazing.Ive seen more of them than X5s in the city as well. As for the Q7 although it looks nice in pictures in real life it is jsut to big it is absolutely massive.

  • Frenchie

    There is good reason the Q7 looks so big O. The Q7 sits 7, the X6 sits 4.

    Personally all three cars, on performance are as good as each other. Some have better traits than others.

    The joke of it all is I have never seen more than two people in any of these LUV’s, never seen them tow anything, and never seen them off-road! (Gravel roads excluded).

  • Steve-Poyza

    Some of you people have strange distoreted views that only you understand. You can’t accept anything bold or daring! The X6 created a new market that has taken off, not that any other brand has followed (yet), in the same way Merc did witht the CLS. 4-door Coupes are very popular now all because of one car…

    And the X6 has sold better than anyone really thought. BMW planned on very modest numbers and as a result, overachieved. Cupid Stunt, what you say about practicality is true, but the X6 isn’t really supposed to be practical. If you want a practical BMW SUV, go for the also lovely X5.

    As nice as the Q7 is, its just too big in my opinion.

  • John of Perth

    I have seen quite a few of the several X6s sold by the BMW monopoly here in Perth and as a BMW lover of old – yes from the days of 2500s, 2002s and 3.0CSLs, I have to say it must be acquired taste, ie the X6 styling, which unfortunately I haven’t acquired yet.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Wheelnut – Germany and New Zealand for starters.

  • Wheelnut

    Wow…. New Zealand.. really..? and that’s supposed to be some sort of achievement is it?

  • B-Man

    Wheelnut, I’m with you all the way on this one. Some people may disagree with the styling, but you can’t disagree with the sales figures.
    I’m not sure an M-Division model is really necessary, as the turbo V8 is already packing 300kw. It kinda saddens me in a way that BMW are going down AMG’s route of putting a huge engine and massive wheels on every car in the range.
    Still, i don’t see any ‘side vents’ in these pics so hopefuly it’s just an ‘IS’ model like the E53 X5.

  • Grammar Nazi

    Cupid – I think you’ll find that’s a reflection in the top photo, not a sensor.

    And just for my two cents worth: awful. Just awful. Contrived and unneccesary.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Quote Autoblog “AUDI AG: A4 is Germany’s most successful premium model in 2008″

    Thats a model,its the first time in decades its happened

    BMW is still the WORLDS leading luxury MANUFACTURER,Audi are HOPING to be the worlds Premium Manufacturer by 2015,good luck !

    Clarkson now says “Once upon a time you were a c o c k if you drove a BMW now you are if you drive an Audi !”

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Wheelnut, I think you’ll find that NZ is a more important car market than WA. You’ve already proved that it is a more sophisticated one.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Dont think Wheelnut bought WA into who is more important as a market ,but NZ has a population of what 4 million ?1000 Audis sold is hardly worth bringing up when mentioning “Audi now owns the luxury car market” I small country and one series it sold more than BMW in Germany last year{they owned the title for years}doesnt make Audi “The Worlds No1 Luxury Car Manufacturer does it.

    Just because you dont like the X6 doesnt explain why NZ is more sophisticated than WA . Perth has one of if not the highest average incomes in Australia ,kinda explains all those New Zealanders heading over here for work and perhaps all those X6s sold too ! :)

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Wow, nice bite. Objective achieved.
    Wealthy does not equal sophisticated. Obviously our poorer luxury car buyers have more taste.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Hey Cupid the Q7 maybe more practical {something this wasnt trying to be} but you have to admit this will kick arse !!!

    hahaha Captain,touché ! Still your opinion though and your welcome to it! Perhaps they dont import the X6 into NZ cause ……..well……there’s not enough room for the pet sheep in the rear cargo section ………… ;)

  • Captain Mainwaring

    BM(.)(.): Hey, the sheep one wasn’t very nice, and yes, I can report that the X6 is on sale here but the only one I’ve ever seen was at Xmas when I was in Queenstown, a place where bad taste is a local artform.

  • Wheelnut

    Grandma Nazi – its not a reflection it looks more like a cable hanging out the side which looks like it has become disconnected – most likely a sensor of some sort ABS etc.

    There is a reflection or a buff mark [too much detailling] on the lower section of the rear passenger door.
    However; have a look at the rear wheel and you will see a curved black line which is even more evident in the second thumbnail image from the rear 3/4 view.

  • Wheelnut

    I think the main reason that people think the X6 looks weird is because it’s been jacked up…. because when you look at the GT Concept [which is essentially a Dumped X6] it looks more like a Sports car and could possibly become BMWs entry to the 4 Door Coupe market that was created by Merc-Benz with the Bizarre looking CLS.

    Eitherway the body of a car is merely a cover for the engine transmission brakes etc – and you can’t argue with the fact that BMWs engineering is the best in the industry particularly as they have introduced so many innovative features.. I mean look at how many awards their engines have won etc