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The Toyota 86 Convertible has been shelved before ever being officially confirmed, according to the latest reports.

Industry journal Automotive News reports that a drop-top version of the 147kW/205Nm 2.0-litre four-cylinder Boxer-powered Toyota 86 sports car has been canned after being deemed too expensive by the Japanese manufacturer.

According to the report, the convertible 86 – and a possible turbocharged variant – was under consideration but was seen as not financially viable for its expected limited sales volume.

Toyota will leave those ideas to the aftermarket,” the report says.

Toyota-86-Convertible-Concept - 2

The reported shelving of an 86 Convertible comes as a surprise following the brand’s apparent keenness for the model previewed by a near-production-ready concept unveiled at this year’s Geneva motor show (pictured) and seen again in patent images.

While never officially confirmed for production, the soft-top 86 was tipped to potentially make its global debut at the Tokyo motor show in November.

  • Phil

    not surprised by this.

  • Baji

    Good news for Mazda!

    This almost seems as if Toyota has admitted defeat already to the MX5. Was so looking forward to an 86 convertible vs MX5 comparison.

  • Pilfred

    Rigidity = expensive

  • Jarryd

    I reckon the convertible would be great. Opportunity for Subaru maybe??

  • Dave W

    According to “reports”… ie. Just a rumour. I’ll wait until Tokyo motor show.

    • Car2013

      Maybe a turbo variant will not be on the cards in the near future, but I recall from awhile ago that there was talk of a higher performance natural aspirated engine (176kW??) for the Subaru BRZ. This would be more viable than a turbo.
      Looking forward to the Tokyo Motor Show in November.

  • crouchy35

    My understanding was that it was designed with a convertible in mind. If so, there wouldn’t be the huge costs involved if it was an after thought. The only credible covertible available in this price range is the MX5 so I think it’s still likely as the sales are there for the taking.

    As an 86 owner, I’d prefer if it remained coupe only. But that’s just me being selfish.

  • Shak

    The fact that Toyota has neither denied or confirmed anything publicly means there is still hope.

  • $29896495

    Frankly, no loss. possibly they are concentrating on a Supra replacement.

  • racrepus

    Oh no, all those hairdressers that were waiting for this are going to be disappointed. lol

  • deshan93

    I don’t know about the convertible model, but I know the forced induction model would have done really well here, if it was sold around 5-10k more than the standard one.

    29,990 current and a 39,990 turbo version would put it in the price range of a Golf GTI, WRX, etc

  • Norm

    Maybe they can use the cash to give the front end look a little more mojo? Really the only plain spot in an otherwise brilliant package.

    What about ditch the convertible version and do a great and similarly cheap little retro 2 door RWD saloon a la EA86/BMW 2002/Datsun 1600? Fun!

  • Norm

    oops…I mean…AE86

  • Guess

    I would like the choice of 4 seats over the MX5. But if the new MX5 looks better then….

  • William Ooi

    I would definitely buy one if they released an Open version, even more so if combined with Turbo/Hybrid version. I don’t know where the too expensive and won’t sell enough if you look at the next competitors ie MX 5, Peugeot 308CC, EOS etc there is a lot of room for price. High volume well priced convertible similar concept to the current 86 it will definitely work. I also agree with previous comment that there has been so much interest in this product and in building a concept and developing videos, I doubt they will scuttle this so easily.